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Vigil "Savage Skull" Kane

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Vigil "Savage Skull" Kane

Post by Vigil on Thu Feb 06, 2014 4:40 am

General Information

Name:  Vigil Kane
Epithet: Savage
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Birthplace: North Blue, Ice Nine island
Species: Human
Orientation: Ambidextrous

Crew: The Savage Skull Pirates
Ship: N/A
Occupation: Pirate Captain
Bounty: 0
Bounty Collected:
Allegiance: Pirate
Dream(s): Tear down the world government, rise in fame, flip the world upside down.

Character Information


Appearance: To start it off, Vigil has messy green hair, with the bangs falling down to his eyes, and light brown eyes to go with. He wears glasses with a black outline as well that cover his brown eyes. He wears a brown suit over a light blue dress shirt with a matching red and brown tie. Vigil is a pale individual due to the cold and cloudy island Ice Nine in the North Blue. When in half human and half acid mode, he looks as though his whole body is outlined in a light green color. When in full acid mode he looks exactly like his acid, light green gooey substance with almost barely see able light green fumes that come off of him.

Personality: Vigil is a very calm and collected individual. He likes to keep his wits in pressuring situations and then decide what steps are needed after calmly thinking about the situation. He would think over the situation he was currently in, and then the best possibilities he could take that would ensure he benefits. Vigil is not always calm though, when angered, and only by certain things like his family, he begins to become more irrational and desperate to vent his anger. Because of this he likes to use his fists and his devil fruit capabilities for weapons instead of weapons. If you do find out what his buttons are, you'll notice how short a fuze he has until he explodes. On top of that, he likes to think of himself as a lady's man I you will. He likes to strike up conversations with women and flirt with them. When intervened by someone of the same sex while speaking to a woman, he begins to become irritated. He ignores the first few comments but then grows agitated, being one of his pet peeves.

Character History

The Family
Back when Vigil was around 6 years old he could remember his brother Caesar, who was 23 years of age, going on and on about finding something legendary called the Devil Fruit. His brother left at long periods of times over seas. He said he was going to something called the Grand Line, an area that was dangerous and teeming with pirates from all over the world. His brother said all of them were searching for Devil Fruit, whether it be for power, or good, or anything else. His brother said that he was searching for the San San no Mi. A fruit that allows you to change into an acid form. His brother left once more coming back with a bunch of other men at his side. He said they were his crew mates. They formed a pirate crew called the Savage Skull Pirates. Vigil was now 12, his brother a pirate and still searching for the alleged fruit. His brother left once more in pursuit of the fruit, with his father, his mom, and Vigil watching him go.

The Incident
Vigil's brother returned 6 years later, in his mid-life of 35 years old. He held with him a small treasure chest, his brother wouldn't tell him of what, but only said he had found his most prized possession. Vigil had completely forgotten of his brother's quest to find the Devil Fruit, he was only happy his brother was back for good. His brother left the treasure in his room and locked the door, he said he was going to have it for desert after the celebration of him returning home with all his crew mates. All night they partied and sang to their hearts content until a knock rang out from the door. A marine squad arrived and announced that Caesar Kane was under the arrest for piracy, punishment of death. Vigil couldn't believe it, his brother being killed because of him being a pirate. They were all lined up, each and every one of his crew mates, lined up and shot on by a firing squad. They were dead, and his brother was next. He was blind folded and lined up as well, and yelled out, "Vigil, you may have my treasure. It's yours now." Shots rang out and everything turned to black.

The Fruit
Vigil woke up with tears on his face, and a pained expression. His glasses were gone and he remembered the one thing his brother told him he could have, his treasure. Vigil went to his brothers room and jingled the knob, however it was still locked. Vigil kicked and slammed against the door until it finally caved in and broke. On the bed was a brown and gold lined chest sitting there. A key lay right next to the chest. Vigil trembled as he opened up the very thing he though his brother got into trouble for. Inside was a neon green fruit with a purple stem that swirled and purple swirls that was on the fruit as well. He picked it up and remembered all his brother told him when he was young, all about the San San no Mi. He bit into it and choked down the sour fruit. It was nearly unbearable but he did it. Years passed and he finally figure how to activate his powers. He was now 20 years old and decided to rebuild his brother's crew. He was going to make the World Government pay.

Ambidextrous: Vigil is both dominant in his right and left hands. As he was growing up he was originally dominant with his left hand but started to use his right hand to do many other activities. He soon became able to use both his left and right hands extremely well and now has no preference as to which he would rather use first.


Weapon: None

Weapon Description: None

Weapon Special Abilities: None

Weapon History: None

Power Level Information

Character Strength: Proficient
Character Speed:  Trained
Character Resilience:  Average
Character Dexterity:  Proficient

Devil Fruit Information

Devil Fruit Name: San San no Mi
Devil Fruit Type: Logia
Devil Fruit Mastery Level: Mastery Level 1
Devil Fruit Abilities: Allows the user to generate, manipulate, and turn into an acidic substance.

Devil Fruit Weaknesses: Extreme heat, extreme cold, regular weaknesses.

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat: None

Weapon Based Combat: None

Devil Fruit Based Combat:

San San no pH Adjuster: The user adjusts their pH levels of their acid which in turn, gives the user more corrosive and burning potential. This may also change how dark the acid gets, the lower it becomes, the darker the acid seems to get.
Mastery Level 1: The user can burn through flesh and bone and some metal, like iron.
Mastery Level 2: The user can burn through flesh and bone and most metal, like iron and steel.
Mastery Level 3: The user can burn through flesh and bone and all metals, like iron, steel, and titanium.

San San no Ripper: The user begins to turn his hand into his acidic substance and then proceeds to form them into sharp claws that are 4 inches long. The user gets close enough and slashes into the foes body and leaves the acid on the body to eat at the for for 3 posts.

San San no Acidic Coffin: The user turns his hand into his acidic substance and grabs hold of the opponent. If the opponent doesn't get out, the user keeps generating more and more acid until the whole opponents body is encased in a coffin of acid. The coffin lasts for 3 posts of burning.

San San no Acidic Field. The opponent turns his legs into acid and then covers the ground in acid, continually covering the field in acid until satisfied, then whoever touches the acid other than the user is being eaten away at for 3 posts.

San San no Acid Whip: The user changes any part of their limbs into their acidic substance and forms it into a whip. The user cocks back and slings the whip at an opponent. If the opponent is caught then the acid eats away at them for 3 posts. If it hits anything else then the acid falls from the users limb and eats away at whatever was struck.

San San no Acid Bomb: The user gathers a glob of his own acidic substance and then throws it at the opponent. Wherever the glob of acid strikes, it will explode upon contact in a 10 foot area, leaving acid to eat away at anything it touches for 3 posts.

Haki: None[/color][/color]

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Re: Vigil "Savage Skull" Kane

Post by Docile on Thu Feb 06, 2014 5:04 am


Where is Ice Nine? What Blue?


Can you write a little bit more, at the moment if it wasn't for the picture I'd have no idea what this guy really looked like. Please add at least two more lines to this.


This is where you put any abilities the user has such as navigational abilities, eagle eye accuracy not techniques. Techniques go in the technique area. Under the topics of which they fit into.

Unarmed combat: combat the character uses which does not require anything.

Weapon based combat: Any combat that uses a weapon goes in here.

Devil Fruit based combat: Any combat that requires the use of the character's devil fruit goes here.

Devil Fruit Based Combat

With your techniques can you explain more about this and also additionally can you write the range of some of these attacks, how long the acid will take effect for since it doesn't burn away forever. (Burnt acid on my finger once in school and didn't burn forever. Just few hours.)

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Re: Vigil "Savage Skull" Kane

Post by Docile on Thu Feb 06, 2014 6:17 am

Unless stated otherwise

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Re: Vigil "Savage Skull" Kane

Post by Docile on Wed Jun 25, 2014 5:21 pm

Fruit Removed
This character has had his fruit removed due to inactivity

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Re: Vigil "Savage Skull" Kane

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