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Re: SITE EVENT: Escort

Post by Vaetric on Mon Apr 28, 2014 9:41 pm

Kick successful! Alexis grinned as she smacked the guns out of his hands. “Cheatah’s nevur prospah dick’ead!” She taunted, though… He looked a little bit strong, and he looked angry as Charlesworth if someone took his moonshine.
He took out a knife, perfect. She needed to find something to counter it. Then she remembered… She had her rifle, didn’t she? She jumped backwards, reaching out before wincing. She then used the uninjured arm in order to grab the rifle slung around her back. Just as Mayson was about to slash her she brought her rifle to bear, blocking the flash. She would attempt to counter with an attempted two-handed strike to the head with the butt of her gun.
Even if she should not be successful in the attack, she would move on to the next phase, which the first one was really just a distraction. She would attempt to kick him in the groin multiple times, he was fast and probably strong, and she needed to use dirty tactics to actually take him out, the knife dented her rifle, and she doubted she could use it.


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Re: SITE EVENT: Escort

Post by Guest on Thu May 15, 2014 7:32 am

Tilting his head with a slight grin at Aran's comments before wiping his face with the sleeve of his intricately decorated kimono.

"Well, I wouldn't disagree with you" remarked Akira with a chuckle as he formed his two blades into a cross like shape as the air slash travelled towards him and sent him a back a couple of yards as he dug his heels into the floor to provide some drag reducing how far the Captain was sent back. After the slash had dissipated Akira eased his swords off before coilng back in pain as the blunt impact soon began to register on his muscles as he felt a large bruise emerging over his chest.

Grinning Akira sprouted another pop green before leaping into the air and launching seed to the right hand side of Aran.

Mosa Mosa : Midori Boshi Devil

In a sea of smoke emerged a large venus fly trap plant that aimed it's snapping Jaws at Aran Mayfield trying to plunge into any shred of flesh it could. Whilst the Venus Flytrap was busy distracting Aran, Akira had used a Trampolia Plant to launch himself up above the prate where he aimed his two blades at the pirates two arms and wouold pierce them and trap them to the deck of the ship where he could fiinally finish Aran off.


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Re: SITE EVENT: Escort

Post by Docile on Sun Jul 06, 2014 10:52 pm


Climbing the wall of the ship, Scallion made his way up it with a grin on his face and calculations in his mind, he just needed to get hold of the prisoners and get them off of this ship to gain his merry little fortune. Once he had his hands on that he would be free to do whatever he liked.

Watching as the front portion of the ship caved in on Captain Ran, Scallion smirked. He wouldn't be a bother now. Motioning to the third floor, Scallion arrived the window and peered inside.

"Bingo" he muttered. He could see the exact men he had been looking for. Moving around to the side of the ship he needed to get to the platform so he could make his way in through the door. This would mean a little more combat, but it was necessary combat.

Finding the flooring, Scallion motioned towards it and climbed over the railings. Landing on the wooden deck he looked over the rest of the ship below and could see the naval soldiers going about their business just trying to keep things running smoothly. Connecting eyes with one recruit Scallion was met with a bullet speeding his direction. Leaning to his right he avoided it and turned as his coat caught the wind catching the air it fluttered behind him as he vanished down the hallway into the prisoner section of the ship.

It was time to get his hands on some delightful prizes.


Watching as the captain held his own against his attack, Arin looked on shocked and horrified at the same time, when Akira revealed the bruise over his chest however he felt his confidence grow until a sudden Venus fly trap type plant sprouted from no where. Or what seemed like no where to Arin and attempted to bite him.

Snapping its jaws once, Arin found it too close for comfort as the jaws barely missed him, using his blade to slice towards the plant however Arin used a technique of his that was a sure fire way to bring this plant to the ground.

Ladder Dice

Placing a hand on the back of his blade towards the tip and holding it horizontally, Arin quickly sliced several times towards the plant's stem after each time he pushed the blade forwards he brought it back and then moved it down a few inches before repeating this action. This action was repeated five times and sent off five severely sharp projectiles which shredded the stem causing the head with an open mouth to fall over the top of him. As the head came crashing down Arin leapt up tearing the back of the head open and emerging free out of the back in time to see Akira crashing down with his two blades.

Unable to react quick enough due to how close he was already Arin found himself on the receiving end of to razor sharp blades that pinned him to the ground. Blood spurted from his arms as one blade dug into the bicep and the other shattered the bone in his right arm and went through it.

Howling in agony Arin looked onwards towards Akira with tears in his eyes.


To anyone with a brain it was clear that Arin was in pain.


Feeling the pain in his side still hurting Mayson looked at Alexis angrily especially after his knife had dented her rifle, the only thing which caught him off guard and by surprise was the sudden foot which met his groin. Tearing up and feeling his boys crawl up inside him for safety and comfort, Mayson let out a high pitch scream that all could hear.

Falling to the ground clutching himself he peered towards Alexis in agony laying perfectly still never wanting to move ever again for the sheer fear of any more pain coming his way again. His knife hit the floor from the sudden attack as his fingers had struggled to keep hold of such a thing with such pain surging throughout his body.


As ash entered the hold he was in Manfred cast a few drops of water up towards the ash which only evaporated the further it went into the ash.

"Shit" he muttered as he noticed how little it did for him. Reaching around him, Manfred panicked a little as he slammed away at the ground trying to break the hull of the ship and escape into his element. Hammering as the grip on his waist and that the ash had on his lungs only grew more and more.

Struggling to breath and losing his strength, Manfred was hoisted from the hole by Colton and into the air. Landing back on the ship, Colton held Manfred in his ashy hand restrained and in agony. Lying in his grip, Manfred seemed to be struggling to breath and grunting in pain trying his best to ignore the burns that he was receiving over his body. Thanks to Colton burning him though the was an overwhelming stench of fish now lingering over the ship. Bashing him into the ground Colton knocked Manfred unconscious and brought about a cut over the right side of his head where blood streaked from.

Looking over the wound Colton landed beside him and looked at the wound.

"Whoops. Medic!" he shouted as he sat down on the air floating just above. Seem's he'd beaten Manfred, but also done some real damage to him. Guess that's the price you pay when you don't pay so much attention.

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Re: SITE EVENT: Escort

Post by Vaetric on Sun Aug 31, 2014 9:37 pm

Alexis walked over and sat on his chest, attempting to pin him to the ground. She took up the knife that had fallen onto the floor and inspected it. "Pft, weepans oor fer sissehs." She muttered, remembering that she should probably put some handcuffs on him and trying to roll him over, put his hands on his back and lock 'em up.

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Re: SITE EVENT: Escort

Post by Sponsored content

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