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Shinku Shinku no Mi

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Shinku Shinku no Mi

Post by Docile on Fri Feb 21, 2014 11:07 pm

Devil Fruit Name: Shinkū Shinkū no Mi

Translation: Vacuum Vacuum Fruit

Appearance of the Fruit: The Shinkū Shinkū no Mi is a pear shaped fruit, purple in colour with a black stem reaching from the top. Soft to the touch its skin is comparable to that of a teddy. The fruit bruises easily although it is hard to tell due the fruit being of a rather dark colour. Coat over the fruit are a variety of swirls which reach to the top where the stem splits in two and droops left & right. Inside the fruit's colour is that of a brilliant white without a core and is entirely seedless.

Type: Paramecia

Abilities of the fruit: The Shinku Shinku no Mi turns its user into a Vacuum Man/Woman. The user is able to create controlled regions of airlessness outside of their body and are immune to a lack of air (space) but not a substitution of air (gases, liquids, etc). The effect of any vacuum depends on the user-controlled shape.

Standard Devil Fruit Weaknesses

Devil Fruit Progression:
Level 1 - Level 2 Requires 3 Threads
Level 2 - Level 3 Requires 5 Threads

Mastery levels
1st Level
At this stage, the user's body is granted immunity to the effects natural/artificial vacuums such as vacuum cleaners, tornadoes, and space as well as the effects of wind and asphyxiation. The user's body is not immune to the effects of air replacements such as gases and water. In fact, irregular consumption of gases and water will cause the user to succumb to their effects faster than would a normal person. At this stage, the user is able to create vacuum circles on any part of their body. These circles are 3 inches in radius, transparent, lack a physical presence, and possess the ability to draw objects toward the user. The strength of these will be determined by the user's strength. Whilst using the vacuums created on their own body, the user may create a simple vacuum leading to one specific object or a certain area on the object such as the hilt of a blade and draw it towards them to avoid getting harmed via the blade. The user can not actually store the sucked objects into his body and so is not immune to the movements of the objects being drawn toward them.

*A free object is one that is not directly connected to a permanent fixture or is not actively trying  to resist the suction.

2nd Level
At this stage, the user is granted all abilities, strengths, and weaknesses of the first stage. The user is now able to create vacuum spheres from his hands. These spheres are 3 inches in radius, transparent, lack a physical presence,  and contain a vacuum inside. Anything except the user that the sphere touches suffers from explosive decompression** and fluid attacks are disrupted. The user can throw these spheres or freely enter his body into them to augment physical attacks.

**In simplest terms, to suffer from explosive decompression means to be suddenly sucked in a direction with explosive force.

3rd Level
At the final stage, the user is granted all abilities, strengths, and weaknesses of the second stage. Vacuum spheres are now much more mailable than before and can be used to create larger objects such as walls or if all spheres are combined the user may even create a tornado due to the massive pulling force in the air.

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Re: Shinku Shinku no Mi

Post by Fin~ on Fri Feb 21, 2014 11:25 pm


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