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Taurus Harlow

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Taurus Harlow

Post by Docile on Sun Feb 23, 2014 5:01 am

General Information

Name: Taurus Harlow
Epithet: "Psycho Stallion"
Age: 44
Gender: Male
Birthplace: West Blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Right Handed
Theme Tune: The First Cut Is The Deepest

Crew: N/A
Ship: N/A
Occupation: Doctor  
Bounty Collected: 0
Allegiance: Pirate
• Become the Number One Brawler in the world

Character Information



Taurus stands at a height of 6 feet with a weight of 13 stone and an almost zombie esque appearance in terms of skin colour. His face is slightly wrinkled due to old age and stress. But his eyes are large and show his true age. With a small bit of dark facial hair sitting on his chin Taurus has no hair on his head as he is bald. However he is incredibly muscular more so than most would expect. although his clothes do not show this. Wearing a teal shirt & a dark forest green trench coat from his days as a soldier Taurus has a few markings over it along with some signs dictating which area he specialized in. Wearing a black belt his shirt is tucked into his cream pants which reach down to his black steel toe capped boots.

With deep scaring over his the majority of his body, Taurus has a deep large scar over the bottom half of his back reaching up from his left hip to his right shoulder where the skin is lighter from a serious attack from a stealthy swordsman during an assault as a soldier. Thankfully though he'd been in the company of a medic who had been able to patch himself up. As for his torso it is made up of many small scars here the skin is slightly lighter.


Overly confident & egotistical Taurus always tries to think he is the toughest of the tough and the best of the best. Always ready for a fight and willing to throw himself into harms way he is fearless but some have rumored him as stupid. He loves proving his strength over others but despises losing with a passion. When he is able to prove his strength over others he tends to show that he is a bad winner. Taurus tends to swear allot as he spent allot of his life around soldiers who were like minded and never really had the chance to put up a filter of what he could & couldn't say around certain people. Although he is egotistical and always looking for a fight he knows that he has an ace in the hole which is his devil fruit a mythical zoan. Taurus knows he is incredible fortunate to have found one so rare, but to him its a pain in the ass seeing as it just makes him weak against water.

Ungrateful for the devil fruit that now plagues his life, Taurus would rather not have on and be a normal brawler, but knows he cannot be one, this enrages him and if people tend to take the mick out of him or tease him about his devil fruit he gets angry and begins smashing things up. The best way to deal with Taurus is to not show any explosive emotion, if a person were to do so he would happily attempt to smash in his face without remorse no matter who they were. He cannot and will not ever accept defeat because defeat is not who he is, but when he is unable to move or down for the count he refers to it as giving his opponent the chance to catch their breath. Taurus is stubborn as hell to the point that he will never back down from an argument and accept when he is wrong even if its been proven that he is wrong by numerous people or hes looking at direct proof of how wrong he is.

In short a hot headed meat head with little patience is the best way to describe Taurus, however he does have his uses as he spent 12 years studying to become a doctor before his military career, although he did not pass exams to become a doctor and never really became a qualified doctor, he still remembers all of his training and is capable of performing as a doctor which he does tend to do when the money is right and there's someone in need. But seeing as his skills as a half trained doctor, part time psychopathic ex-soldier aren't exactly transferable to normal day life he struggles with life.

When it comes to something he doesn't know if he can't understand it or doesn't know how to do it, he tends to get incredible frustrated and angry throwing a tantrum like a five year old. Romantically he has all the expertise of a caveman. His approach to dating is very much so bulldoze through the chasing just pick up the girl do your business then leave in the morning or dead of night. So a real romantic This is mainly because hes never found anyone hes been able to trust enough to open up to due to several bad experiences through his life.

Although all around when someone helps him out with something he hates it because he feels he's been weak & unsuccessful in doing it himself he always feels the need to pay them back for their help no matter how big the job is he will do everything he can to pay them back. It was once rumored that Taurus scared a dog up a tree because he was afraid of the dog and when a small boy taught him not to be afraid of dogs Taurus paid the child back by getting his dog down from the tree. It didn't much help that the dog bit him and brought back his fear of dogs, but he had been happy to repay the favor for the child. Until he sent him running down the street crying after a string of curse words shot from his lips because the dog had bit his hand.


Character History


Growing up in the West Blue as an orphan Taurus never knew his birth parents, but he was raised in the middle of a war which is how he was caught up in it in the first place. His real parents had died in the war, whilst his foster parents tried to raise him as far from the war as they could. But it was difficult as the war seemed to follow them. By the time they escaped to the shore they were out of sight of the war for a good few years which gave Taurus time to grow up properly. He started school late and was always the biggest and oldest in his class but as he got older he begun to shoot through the classes understanding the subjects with greater ease. Finally graduating school Taurus wanted to follow in his father's footsteps and become a doctor. Studying medicine he received much help from his father.

He managed to get into a good education scheme which allowed him to work alongside his father in the local hospital, but working in the hospital he did encounter allot of people being brought in who had been hurt in the war. Doing his best to help and learn Taurus discovered he had a talent for this. Taking pride in him Taurus felt he was doing the right thing with his life until a few heavily wounded soldiers who came into the hospital muttered a few words about how he looked just like a soldier they'd fought alongside years ago.

Ignoring it believing it was just delusional rambling. He spoke to his parents about it and laughed it off but they in turn paused with shock on their faces.

Aries Realter had been his father and Taurus was the spitting image of him.

Explaining this to Taurus it threw him into a furious rage in which he attacked his father and asked why he'd been raised to believe they were his real parents. Refusing to spend the night with his parents he headed to the hospital and spoke to the old soldiers who'd once fought alongside his dad. They even said he was the spitting image of his father.

Talking with them  throughout the entire night Taurus started to think about spreading the fear his father had into the enemy. From what he'd heard his father had been a demon and even collected a bounty. Heading to join the local island's military force Taurus was questioned every couple of seconds about Aries and each time he explained it.

When his parents went searching for him they discovered his choice to join the military and were upset but understood it was his attempt to follow in his real father's footsteps. Taking his first steps into war, Taurus was terrified but quickly found his feet just like his own father had the very first steps he took.

In 4 short years Taurus was suddenly rising through the ranks sending the fear of god into his enemies, not only because they really believed he was his father reanimated, but because his medical knowledge helped him in his combat. Using it to aid himself and bring down his enemies he showed them that he knew what he was doing and how to bring down a man with his bare hands.

During his years serving Taurus became much more confident, stronger & gained a series of gnarly wounds which pained him to think about, but he wore them as medals of war. Leaving the military due to feeling he'd done all that he could Taurus headed out to sail the seas and learn more of the world as he felt the time he'd spent was merely stuck in one location. He wanted to discover more of the world and live.

After arriving on four islands and exploring them for all they had to offer, Taurus was abducted before climbing aboard his small ship again and thrown into a bare knuckle boxing match. Using his skills as a soldier in the cage to win every match and every opponent who came his way, he quickly attracted the attention of pirates who wished to pay a price for him. Taurus was bought by a notorious pirate who had been known throughout the West Blue for taking over a large variety of islands.

Meeting the Captain, Taurus quickly got on with him when he saw his raw power. Taurus explained that after the war he'd thought he just wanted to see the world but the boxing had ignited the flame he had for fighting once more, the taste of blood had made him smile and a life at sea with the promises of treasures like this man seemed to make were too good to be true. Accepting the invitation to join the crew Taurus agreed to become a pirate. Spending years travelling through the seas as a pirate Taurus enjoyed his time drinking, fighting & counting his treasures. After one of the raids Taurus had gotten hold of a devil fruit. Although he'd never heard of such fruits, he didn't know the consequences, so when he did eat it and spit it out, he was shocked to suddenly discover a weakness in water and to his Captain's sword as well as the ability to tun into a bloody unicorn. Understanding full well what had happened, Taurus was told everything by his captain and even explained why his sword made Taurus weak. Learning about devil fruits, sea stone & water Taurus cursed the devil and finally his life. Growing used to it he started to understand it was luck of the draw with devil fruits Continuing his journey with the captain, he started to notice something in the Captain which slowly seemed to kill his passion for piracy. Growing close to the Captain due to their love of booze, fighting & treasure Taurus was told about the illness he'd contracted that was killing him. Understanding this, Taurus stayed with his captain until the end and watched him pass on to the next world.

He'd spent 10 years travelling the West Blue with him seeking out adventures and making a name for himself under the name of Aries Realtor. It was time to be his own man and make a name and reputation for himself like his father had. Growing a small bit of facial hair and shaving his head he set out on his own journey hoping to become the world's best bare knuckle fighter since it was all he was good at. Although after shaving his head his hair never grew back.


Brawler's Body
Spending years in the military he had trained himself up over the years so he knew that he wouldn't find himself facing an enemy he couldn't beat. Training every chance he got he always tried to boost his strength and prepare for anything the enemy could & would throw at him so he could throw it back twice and take twice as much as they could.

Bare Knuckle Boxer
Working alongside soldiers he spent time fighting and pounding his enemies into the ground. This allowed him to learn more ways to deal out damage to his enemies and bring them down quicker with more efficiency and less effort being expended on to each foe to conserve energy for when it was really needed.

Medical Prowess
During his time training to be a doctor Taurus gained allot of knowledge in the medical field and although he never became a qualified doctor and even pursued it he retained the knowledge and after joining the military it came in handy to look after himself and others but never turned into something which he felt like seriously pursuing since it had been more of a dream of his foster fathers than his and a dream to work alongside the man he'd felt as his real father till the lies came tumbling out.



Weapon Description:

Weapon Special Abilities:

Weapon History:

Power Level Information

Character Strength: Trained
Character Speed: Average
Character Resilience: Proficient
Character Dexterity: Average

Devil Fruit Information

Devil Fruit Name: Uma Uma no Mi: Model: Unicorn
Devil Fruit Type: Mythical Zoan
Devil Fruit Mastery Level:  Stage One
Devil Fruit Abilities: Allows the user to change into the mythical unicorn. A large white horse with a single swirled pointed horn jetting from the forehead a goat's beard & cloven hooves.

Devil Fruit Weaknesses:
Standard Devil Fruit Weaknesses

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat

Bare Knuckle Three Point Punch
Attacking the target with a right hook then a left hook Taurus uses this as an attempt to distract the foe whilst he deals out a series of punches to their abdomen.

Bare Knuckle Haymaker
Swinging a hook with all of his strength to the opponent's head as hard as he can, Taurus attempts to knock his opponent unconscious.

Bare Knuckle Headache Punch
Smacking his opponent with both fists on either side of the head at the same time, Taurus attempts to crush their head between his fists to cause a pained sensation which rings through their head.

Bare Knuckle Peddle
Launching out a series of punches towards his opponent Taurus begins to spin his arms as if he is peddling thus his fists keep spinning around picking up speed and thus much more power.

Bare Knuckle Dizzy Punch
Spinning himself around Taurus launches a punch towards his opponent after spinning around rapidly building up momentum in the punch.

Weapon Based Combat:

Devil Fruit Based Combat

Uma Uma Charge
Once Taurus has changed into one of his forms with a horn he charges towards his foe in an attempt to impale them.

Uma Uma Buckaroo
Kicking off with his back feet Taurus launches a fully loaded horse kick into his opponents in an upwards fashion attempting to launch them into the air.

Uma Uma Hoof Headache
Using his headache punch in hybrid form Taurus attempts to crush his opponent's skull between his hooves/fists.

Uma Uma Rib Shatter
Aiming for his opponent's ribs Taurus attempts to shatter his foe's ribs.

Uma Uma Jawbreaker
Slamming a hoof into his opponent's jaw, Taurus attempts to break his opponent's jaw.

Uma Uma Pegasus Fist
Leaping into the air and spinning himself into a rapid few flips Taurus builds up speed & momentum in his flip so as he spins back around above his opponent he is able to deliver a much more powerful punch to his opponent smacking him into the ground.


Using Raife's  thread to upgrade stats
The Tomahawk That Stopped The Ship

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