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Josh Wynter

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Josh Wynter

Post by Docile on Mon Feb 24, 2014 9:37 am

General Information
"People like me depend on dumb luck"

Name: Josh Wynter
Epithet: "Dog Eared Wynter"
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Birthplace: East Blue, Louge Town
Species: Human
Orientation: Right Handed
Theme Tune:  
Crew: The Dog Ear Pirates
Ship: Playful Griffin
Occupation: Captain
Bounty: 0
Crimes Committed: N/A
Allegiance: Pirate
• Begin the new Pirate Era
• Collect a strong crew
• Get revenge on the pirates who beat him up & starved him
• Explore the Grand Line
• Become a Yonko crew
• Become the Pirate King

Character Information
"I will have immortality"

Dog Ear Jolly Roger:

Josh Wynter Traditional Attire:

Josh stands at 5ft 7 inches tall and weighs 9 stone, his skin is olive colored and he has hazel eyes. Looking into them they look like sunflowers. Wynter's hair is a mousy brown and messy with a waviness to it, his face he has freckles from cheek to cheek reaching over his button nose. His body is well toned but not hugely muscular. He has very little in the way of facial hair as he grows it badly. He has facial hair which grows down his neck in the middle mostly, side burns and a slight whisper of a moustache too. However it does not all join up and he has strip down the middle of his chin which grows none at all. Wynter has minor scaring all over his entire body from his recklessness, which show up as pale white scars on his slightly olive toned skin. He also has hairless arms and very little in the way of hair over his legs too. On his feet he has the second toe longest which helps slightly with agility. Josh wears a smart white shirt with black bands around the biceps, blue waist coat with black lapels, buttons and pocket flaps along with a thin black tie, white gloves, pinstripe pants white trainers and black & white belt. His posture varies from standing up straight to look his best in his clothing to slouching when feeling lazy and uncaring about his appearance to others. From time to time he may take on a more relaxed demeanour in which he will also roll up he sleeves of his shirt.

Often due to his clothing he will stand up straight. Other times however if his shirt is stained he will take it off if given spare time and only wear the vest as Blue vests are hard to find these days. In colder weather he wears a long trench coat which has a grey, white & black cross-hatched pattern stretching all over it.


Following the tradition of fellow One Piece Characters Wynter follows this tradition of character specific laughs: Heh. (Hehehehehehe.)

Wynter The Child
Wynter is like a hyper active child at times as he gets easily distracted and often loves plunging himself into the heart of adventures. He loves new experiences and learning new ways to improve his strength. Although he doesn't always understand things he doesn't always make a point of trying to understand it unless it is something that catches his attention. He is rather blunt about some things too and often gets his words muddled up. But he loves to laugh, he will and has been known to laugh at almost anything. Loving adventure he always seeks it out along with trouble which he tends to find himself in more times than not.

Wynter The Intelligent
Despite his comical and often clumsy actions, Wynter is actually much smarter than one would think. His brain is in constant over drive and always working away, just allot of the time he doesn't acknowledge the information he has taken in. But when he does he can often be an opponent to fear and a man that is full of surprises not just to his crew members but his enemies too. Proving that he's not just a one trick pony who can just fight, Wynter has a brain on him and quite a good one too. Just a shame he doesn't use it that much.

Wynter The Romantic
Wynter is an awfully romantic man when he has found the right person or who he considers to be the right person. Once he has found a woman who seems to accept him despite his short comings, Wynter will push himself to the brink to romance the lady off her feet. He is like a puppy in the way he likes to be cuddled up and petted but loves to protect that special lady important to him. Just as much as he loves to protect though, he also admires them for their natrual qualities and often shows them just how much when it comes to showing them with gifts of the physical to the emotional & even the sentimental. Also he's quite a demon in the bedroom.

Wynter The Captain
Leading the pirate crew, Wynter is a very laid back and happy go lucky leader. He has no general plans for the future other than deal with it as it comes. But he always manages to lead the crew into some variety of trouble also known as the adventures they encounter. He understands people have pasts just like himself and will always do what he can to help them deal with their past especially if it returns to haunt them. No matter how much his crew mates love or detest him, he's never far away trying to help them or make them smile. Or in the cases of those he pisses of annoy them. But his crew mates are the most important people to him in his life and not just a crew, but a family he strives to protect with every fibre of his being and aside from his true family are the only other people in the world he would sacrifice himself for without hesitation.

Character History
"Its the bad things in life which define who we really are"


Josh grew up in the East Blue, Logue Town the town Gol D Roger was born & executed in, he loved hearing the stories about Roger as a child. His parents told him the tales to frighten him and stop him from ever going into a life of piracy but instead to him these stories only glorified piracy. Josh loved the sound of it all and went in search of more of Roger's stories hoping to learn more about such an incredible man.

As Logue Town was the birth place of the former King of the Pirates they received all of the latest news about his exploits, hearing more and more about the dangers and wondrous creatures which plagued the Grand Line Josh simply found all this unbelievable. He wasn't sure if these creatures were real or not but couldn't wait to find out for himself and experience all that Gol D Roger had in his travels as he traversed the Grand Line.

At the age of 14 Josh attempted boarding a Marine ship heading to the Grand Line so he could see what awaited him. He wanted to follow in Roger's footsteps. Climbing aboard he was seen sneaking aboard and thrown off. Josh wasn't ready to give up just yet and tried climbing aboard a Pirate ship that had stopped off here for supplies like many pirates did. But to his dismay instead of heading for the Grand Line the pirate ship went another direction away from Logue Town, towards the rest of the East Blue. Josh revealed himself as a stowaway and was questioned his existence aboard the ship by the Captain. Josh replied he wanted to explore the Grand Line and was laughed at. To teach him a lesson about sneaking aboard people’s ship the captain cut him down his left eye leaving a very bad scar down it which over the course of time did heal and is no longer visible.

When they reached the next town Josh was cast aside as he was a child still they didn't want to leave him at sea as it was considered too harsh. Josh hated the pirates aboard that ship as they treated him like shit and left him for dead on the next island they reached. He had been starved and beaten up pretty badly but still his dream of exploring the new world remained. But more dreams were added on he heard their Captain mention becoming the new Pirate king and whilst he was aboard tried telling them he would be better. Every time he said something he was beaten but he began to get used to the beatings and when he was out of the crew’s grasp he promised himself he would get revenge on those pirates, explore the Grand Line and become the Pirate king.

Throwing him over board at the dead of night near to the island he was left to swim to the shore. He spent the next 4 years working as a courier and doing some odd jobs on and around the island to gather enough money together to look after himself and squirreled away a large portion of it so he could buy himself a ship. Once he had enough money, he chose to begin his journey to the Grand Line. As he set off on his journey towards the Grand Line he found it difficult travelling such a far distance in his little row boat and after being shipwrecked on an island he spent time there attempting to re-build his boat.

As he attempted to re-build it he was approached by a man on the island who said he’d never get anywhere in the current state he was in. As he spoke to Josh he offered to help him by teaching him something he had learnt years ago when he was a member of the World Government Cipher Pol organisation. Josh refused his help till he saw his strength and watched how he broke down a tree for him to use, with that he leapt at the chance to learn what he had to teach him.

The technique known as life return was taught to him, the basics just so he could survive though as well as the principle behind the arts. What he decided to do with the knowledge of it was up to him.

Months later Josh had managed to very roughly learn Life Return as the man refused to teach him other forms of Rokushiki out of respect for the World Government. With the knowledge of what he’d learnt from the old man Josh managed to make his ship quickly and head back off into the seas in the direction of Logue Town. One last stop before heading to the Grand Line. There were something’s he had to do first to announce his start into piracy.


Dealing with the daily beatings from the pirates who made him suffer for being a stowaway aboard their ship, Wynter suffered at the hands of brutality which allowed him to build up a greater tolerance and become much stronger in terms of the beatings he could handle.

Life Return:
Spending time learning how to gain the most from his body to help him to survive and get the most from his food and more, Josh discovered more abilities of Life Return and how to really push his body to the limits allowing him to use it to cause devastating damage to his foes at the price of harming his own body however.

Yose Combat: Moon Hound Combat:
During his time spent on Vorderville Walk, Wynter discovered secrets to pushing his life return capabilities further Wynter has created a fighting style which allows his body to reach greater limits strengths and allows greater speed. This fighting style pushes him into a much more primal state whilst allowing greater forces to battle with. However it shortens his life due to the great need of endorphins and body manipulation which takes place within the usage of it. Wynter has taken on board one of the many variations of the fighting style known as Yose Combat known as Moon Hound Combat.

"Pieces from my past hold a place in my heart"

Family Fob Watch

Object Description:
This is a small silver pocket watch which hangs from a silver chain that Wynter always keeps on him. The numbers inside are in black and hold a classy tilted font. The pocket has Wynter's initials inscribed upon it so Josh would always know it belonged to him.

Object Special Abilities:

Object History:
The silver pocket watch of Josh's was bought for him for his birthday by his parents. They felt their son should have a nice watch so he could tell the time and something that would fit to his attire. However during his childhood Wynter used to always have it stolen by his little sister and they would fight over it. Eventually Josh decided to hide it away beneath the loose floorboards in his room. This way she couldn't ever find it. As the two grew up, Wynter forgot about the watch and wound up getting caught up in a life piracy. With all the stories of the pirate life drawing him into the belief of wanting to take it for himself, Wynter headed off to become a pirate. After misadventures Wynter found his way back to Loguetown and his old family home where he found the home deserted, but still beneath the floor boards of his old childhood home he found his pocket watch that his parents had given him all those years ago.

Without a chance to see his family again he took this as a token of their love for him and continues to hold on to it even today as s sign that his parents loved him and wanted him to do well in life and follow his dreams. The way Wynter sees it is as long as the clock tick tocks, so will he, but he won't ever let the clock stop ticking.

Weapon: N/A

Weapon Description: N/A

Weapon Special Abilities: N/A

Weapon History: N/A

Power Level Information
"I'll rely on you as much as you can rely on me"

Character Strength: Advanced
Character Speed: Advanced
Character Resilience: Advanced
Character Dexterity: Advanced

Devil Fruit Information
"No time for curses"

Devil Fruit Name: N/A
Devil Fruit Type: N/A
Devil Fruit Mastery Level: N/A 
Devil Fruit Abilities: N/A
Devil Fruit Weaknesses: N/A

Combat Information
"I'm as big a threat to myself as I am to you"

Unarmed Combat

Life Return

Life Return: Body Heat
Using what he learnt with Life Return he learnt how to increase his body heat to ridiculous temperatures of extreme heat and coldness. He can freeze liquids upon touch and melt anything except from Black steel. He however due to using this technique will lose his life if it is used too excessively due to cooking/freezing his insides.
Life Return: Body Heat: Flaming
Increasing his body temperature drastically Wynter can melt through metals of all kinds except for Black Steel with ease in a matter of seconds. However the crushing effect this has on him is it cooks his organs. Due to the damage it causes to his organs this technique can only be used for 5 rounds of posting before it becomes a problem to use and starts to do his body damage. If Armaments haki is used then the damage is lessened dramatically.
Life Return: Body Heat: Frozen
Dropping his body temperature drastically Wynter can freeze any liquid upon touch from water to poison. Upon touching poison he can freeze it to the point where its effects are slowed right down and will take twice as long to take effect but not stopped & if in contact with another person, it will cause their joints to stiffen lowering their speed by one below their original stat. Due to the damage it causes to his organs, this technique can only be used for 5 rounds of posting before it becomes a problem to use and starts to do his body damage. If Armaments haki is used then the damage is lessened dramatically.
Life Return: Body Heat: Fire Fist
Using his body heat technique Wynter heats up only his hands to extreme temperatures his hands can even burst into flames due to how hot he can increase the temperature in them.
Life Return: Body Heat: Frozen Fist
Using his body heat technique Wynter cools down only his hands to extreme temperatures his blood freezes and knuckles even become ridiculously stiff that his hands are like solid slabs of ice but cannot be shattered.
Life Return: Body Heat: Fire Foot
Using his body heat technique Wynter heats up only his feet to extreme temperatures his feet can even burst into flames due to how hot he can increase the temperature in them.
Life Return: Body Heat: Frozen Feet
Using his body heat technique Wynter cools down only his feet to extreme temperatures his blood freezes and feet become ridiculously stiff that his feet are like solid slabs of ice but cannot be shattered. However this technique allows him to walk on water by freezing it when he comes into contact with it. This means his feet will be slightly under water and stuck in the ice but it is not horrendously think or strong like that of a Hie Hie User.

Life Return: Energy Storage
After studying under the former Cipher Pol agent living out his days on a tropical island in the East Blue he was taught how to get the most out of his food as to reserve his energy and save every last bit of it for the journeys he had ahead of him.

Life Return: Nervous System Shocker
Using his nervous system he can replicate small electric shocks and shock foes. However if a greater shock such as from lightning or a Goro Goro No Mi user touches the user they can absorb the shock and contain it in their body for a later date like a battery and deliver the charge out to attack will only be close contact and not allowed to be fired from his body at all.

Life Return: Stomach Acid
Stressing his stomach in an attempt to regurgitate the user can allow himself to bring up stomach acid into his mouth for him to spit out to injure foes. This technique will only be able to be used though once every 5 posts. The stomach acid will burn and sting the foe, if it gets in their eyes then it may cause permanent blindness and if it enters the body through any other means this will cause even more agony than if it comes into contact with skin.

Life Return: Clot Band Aid
Increasing the cells in his body Wynter increases his life return capabilities to act almost like a regeneration ability with the exception that small wounds such as cuts, scratches, pricks etc... All clot almost instantly reducing blood loss.
Life Return: Clot Band Aid: Shrapnel Body Pop
Using his muscles around any shrapnel that may have entered his body Wynter heavily focuses on them to aid in removing the shrapnel from his body directing them towards either the open wound that the shrapnel entered via or an open orifice to provide Wynter with less discomfort and decrease chances of infection from the foreign object embedded within.
Life Return:Clot Band Aid :Like New
Further increasing his cell count in the body, Wynter is able to pushes his life return capabilities to heal him of much greater wounds. Gashes, gunshot wounds, and any amount of bruising no longer last long at all, thanks to Wynter's improved heal factor which allows him to continue fighting with little to no problems.

Life Return: Circulatory
Focusing on the organs held within his body Wynter manages to strength his heart, capillaries, veins, and arteries. This allows prevention any blood vessels from bursting due to overexertion and allows the user to move at a slightly increased speed. To use this technique it takes 1 post to charge up but lasts 5 posts. It is a weaker version of heart beat. Wynter gains a speed or strength boost of one stat.
Life Return: Circulatory: Acceleration
This is a slightly stronger version of Circulatory in which the user is able to increase their heart rate to at least 30 beats higher than normal increasing their speed by two stats above their current speed. However it lowers resilience by one stat for every posts it is used for as the technique is very draining.
Life Return: Circulatory: Heart Beat
Josh increases his heart rate and adrenaline levels which results in bursts of increased strength, speed, and reflexes. This technique however takes one posts to charge up and will only increase the strength & speed of Wynter by one stat above his original for only one attack. He can however charge up this technique for longer periods of time to launch off more attacks. In order for him to launch more attacks of this calibre he must charge up for 1 post for every attack he plans on making. Depending on the current level of resilience Josh has depends on the number of times he can use this technique per thread. The time he takes to charge up is to slightly alter his body allowing it to manage to accelerated rate at which his body will be working without causing major exhaustion or problems with exerting all of his energy from one portion of his body to another.

Blue - Can be used 5 times per thread
Grand Line - Can be used 10 times per thread
New World - Can be used 15 times per thread

Example: Charge up for 12 posts can attack at this increased strength & speed for 12 posts.

If used in conjunction with armaments haki then the technique changes.

Beginner - Charging up takes 1 posts for 20 attacks
Unstable - Charging up takes 2 posts for 40 attacks
Advanced -  Does not require charge, does not have limit
Stable - Does not require charge, does not have limit
Master - Does not require charge, does not have limit

If at any point he goes beyond these limits he will become unconscious until treated and die if not treated within 3 pages.

Life Return: Methane Breath
In the same way that the body creates flatulence, Wynter uses the suction of his lungs to reverse the direction towards his mouth instead and breathes out methane gas.
Life Return: Methane Breath: Hellfire
With a mouth full of methane gas Wynter uses his hand as a match. Lighting up a single finger he places it in front of his mouth and breathes out the methane gas towards his finger. This gives off the impression that he is breathing fire.

Life Return: Pain Release
Focusing on the source of pain in his body Josh can release endorphins into his body to lessen the pain.
Life Return: Pain Release: Sleep Defense
Josh lets his body go limp so his body is much more flexible and susceptible to being thrown around and attacked this makes any attacks on his body weaker so he takes less damage. (Whilst using this technique the user cannot use any offensive techniques)

Life Return: Howl
Increasing the vibrations inside of his Larynx, Wynter fills his lungs with air and howls launching out a thick projectile into the air which is able to shatter glass due to vibrations, temporarily deafen people (for 3 posts) in the vicinity (15 feet)
Life Return: Howl: Wolf Pack
Increasing the vibrations inside of his Larynx, Wynter fills his lungs with air and howls launching out a thick projectile into the air which is able to shatter glass due to vibrations, temporarily deafen people (for 9 posts) in the vicinity (30 feet)

Life Return: Senses
Using this technique Wynter can increase the body's senses the human body naturally has by focusing on the certain body parts needed for each sense to work. He increases the sensitivity or alters parts of the body so they work better in different situations.
Life Return: Senses: Smell
Increasing the number of olfactory receptors in the nose Wynter gains an increase in a sense of smell and can smell with increased precision. Including telling the difference between people due to their stench. Perfumes & flatulence make this technique awkward for him to use.
Life Return: Senses: Hear
Using kinetic energy in his body & minor control over his ears Wynter is able to move his ears in a way where he can bend them and shape them like a tunnel. (Curve them.) His hearing will increase if he can lock on to sound waves and curve them to properly to provide a sufficient echo.
Life Return: Senses: Taste
Increasing the receptors on his taste buds & olfactory receptors in his nose this aids in helping Wynter determine all of the ingredients to anything he consumes, given he knows what they are.
Life Return: Senses: Sight
Disabling cells in the retina Wynter loses colour from his vision and gains simple black & white vision which helps him see in the dark due to seeing a much clearer definition between all shades from black to white
Life Return: Senses: Touch
Allowing his body to increase the receptors all over a certain part of his body only a limbs or torso. Wynter can feel a heat signature only over the certain part of his body being used however, this technique makes that certain part of his body incredibly susceptible to damage & if attacked he will feel triple the pain he normally would due to an increase in receptors.

Life Return: Replenishment
Wynter replenishes the blood in his body as it takes up to a day to replenish a litre in the human body Wynter pushes his body to replenish a litre of his blood every 10 posts.

Yose Combat: Moon Hound Combat

Moon Hound Combat: Twisted Bone
Using his life return powers to manipulate the calcium in his bones and alter the shape of them, Wynter reforms the structure of his bones from the waist downwards into those similar to a wolves allowing his legs to bend backwards giving him a greater means of propulsion similar to that of an actual werewolf.
Moon Hound Combat: Twisted Bone
Manipulating the calcium in his body and speeding up the growing process of his nails, Wynter grows his nails long like claws and hardens them with the calcium he displaces in his body, upon hardening them, the nails become tough like steel. Wynter also does this with his teeth to increase the length of his teeth as he sharpens them allowing him a much greater amount of damage to be dealt out via biting opponents.
Moon Hound Combat: Twisted Bone: Crimson Claws
Using his life return powers Wynter heats up his claws creating scorching hot claws which will have the effect like a hot knife cutting through butter when it comes to facing opponents.
Moon Hound Combat: Twisted Bone: Cobalt Claws
Using his life return powers Wynter cools down his claws creating solid freezing claws which will have the effect of a frozen blade impacting upon them and slightly stiffening the area attacked when it comes to facing opponents.
Moon Hound Combat: Twisted Bone: Ten Way Inferno Slash
Using his life return powers to heat up his claws Wynter slashes with both of his claws towards his opponent and launches off a heated slashing projectile which cuts & scolds the opponent within a matter of moments if it comes into contact with them.
Moon Hound Combat: Twisted Bone: Ten Way Icicle Slash
Using his life return powers to freeze his claws Wynter slashes with both of his claws towards his opponent and launches off a frozen slashing projectile that freezes any moisture in the air. This attack sends smaller frozen particles towards the opponent along with the two slashes causing 10 claws to attempt to cut up the opponent and dozens of smaller icicles to brutalize the opponent as an after effect or even pierce their skin.

Moon Hound Combat: Fur Coat
Speeding up the follicles in his body Wynter forces hair to grow from his body at an advanced rate. This hair grows at such a rate it entirely envelopes his body. The hair however is so long, thick & rough it acts as a pillow absorbing most of the blow when it comes to blunt attacks. This hair however can not be shrunk down and to get rid of it, Wynter will need to shave | burn it all off.

Moon Hound Combat: Luna's Kiss
A clotting technique where Wynter clots blood around one of his injuries to form a clot bandage, this prevents further bleeding and closes the wound. In some cases can also cause shrapnel which has been embedded in his body to pop out via the wound. Thanks to the hair that has been grown, this hair acts as a cushion to fill in the wound and patch the skin up quicker to stop the bleeding.

Weapon Based Combat:


Bringing Josh Wynter Across & using his threads
Josh Wynter

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Re: Josh Wynter

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