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Ship Template

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Ship Template

Post by Docile on Thu Dec 26, 2013 8:59 pm

Building a ship

Fancy sailing the sea in a custom built ship? This is where you will find the ship template. So let your creativity flag fly & lets see what you create. Remember when purchasing ships Marines get their ships half price due to it being the soul object of travel and bringing justice to the world.

List of ships

Ships of the Blues

Raft With Sail - This is a simple ship, its as it sounds just a raft with a sail, no rooms, no cannons not really anything just a means of floating in the water and transportation from A to B.

Sloop - This is a small fragile boat with a single sail. Very fast & maneuverable, normally named a 'cutter' due to how it cuts through the waves. Upon using the cannons this'll slow down the speed due to the kick back

Ships of the Grand Line

Caravel - The Caravel is a small ship the same type as the Going Merry, in which it will be able to move at a decent speed due it being a speed demon class and give sufficient fire power, but not the greatest ship for war as its most likely to take more damage than give.

Merchant Vessel - The Merchant Vessel is more of a commercial ship, large but not built for battles but more the transportation of goods from A to B, with a little reinforcements maybe its got potential to go far, but otherwise not so much as its mainly just a delivery ship.

Frigate - A simple war ship big enough to keep a crew along with some weaponry & ammunition. The frigate is a humble ship, nothing spectacular about it, but nothing too boring either. A simple frigate is the average war ship. A fighting fit boat with its weak points like any & all ships.

Marine Frigate - Classic Marine ship armed with cannons, ammunition, lots of rooms & training facilities on board. This ship is perfect for war created specifically for it and stands a great chance going in to any death zone causing pain & agony and is expected to escape again with little to no ease.

Ships of the New World

War Brig - Clearly made for death & destruction, the War Brig is a ship of catastrophic size & determination in a war upon the enemy. More like a tank upon the sea as opposed to a ship, this is one to watch out for as not many can take one a war brig and live to tell the tale.

Navy's Delight - As the name would suggest this is a ship big enough to obviously delight the Navy in their conquests due it being of great size & stature. Glaring down over the penniless reprobates & gutting them alive six ways form Sunday, this is another ship to beware of and keep an eye on if you encounter one.

Here you pick out a template and work up from there! All you pay for is canons and rooms, the rest of the decoration or crazy weapon attachments are all up to you.

If you wish to add more rooms or cannons, you may, however take this into consideration.

Extra Cannons
• 5,000 Per Cannon
• 750 Per Swivel Gun

Extra Rooms
• 10,000 Per room
• 20,000 Per bigger rooms
• 30,000 Per larger rooms
• 40,000 Per connecting rooms (Kitchen that connects on to a dining room.)

Ship Materials
• 5,000,000 Per ships made out of Adam Wood

Ship Cannons Rooms Cost
Raft with sail 0 0 10
Sloop 4 2 10,000
Caravel (Speed Demon Class) 4 1 15,000
Merchant Vessel 6 5 20,000
Frigate 8 5 40,000
Marine Frigate 12 6 1,000,000
War Brig 16 7 50,000,000
Navy's Delight 20 10 100,000,000

[color=Dodgerblue][b]Ship's Name:[/b][/color] Put here the name of the ship.
[color=Dodgerblue][b]Flag:[/b][/color] Put here the ship's flag.
[color=Dodgerblue][b]Type:[/b][/color] Put here the type of ship it is.
[color=Dodgerblue][b]Crew:[/b][/color] Put here the crew who owns the ship.

[color=Dodgerblue][b]Appearance:[/b][/color] Describe the appearance of the ship at least 5 lines please.

[color=Dodgerblue][b]Cannons:[/b][/color] Put here how many cannons the ship has.
[color=Dodgerblue][b]Rooms:[/b][/color] Put here the rooms the ship has & what rooms.

[size=15][color=Dodgerblue][b]Additional Weaponry[/b][/color][/size]
[color=Dodgerblue][b]Weaponry Name:[/b][/color] Put here the name of any additional weaponry.
[color=Dodgerblue][b]Weaponry Description:[/b][/color] Describe what it looks like & does.

[color=Dodgerblue][b]Cost:[/b][/color] How much does this ship cost?

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