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"Diamonds" Bonnet

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"Diamonds" Bonnet

Post by Anarchy on Sun Mar 02, 2014 3:33 am

General Information

Name: "Diamonds" Bonnet
Epithet: The Diamonds Pirate
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Shells Town, East Blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Right

Crew: N/A
Ship: N/A
Occupation: Cook
Bounty: 0
Allegiance: Pirate
-Explore the Grand Line
Ever since Bonnet was a child he loved to adventure. He thought he was too old, but his mind changed when he became motivated to simply have fun. Adventure is his only passion.

-Become a Supernova
What type of adventure doesn't have adversity? Bonnet would love to fight challenging people rather than lie low. Becoming infamous can help that.

Character Information

Flag: N/A

Massive in size, Bonnet is 7'5 and weighs over 300 pounds. He is very muscular, and broad chested to go along with his height. Bonnet has several piercings on his ears (diamond), matched with shaggy, messily slicked back hair. The hair is dark brown, with a blonde streak running through it, giving him a punk look. His facial features and figure give an intimidating look, to most.

Even though he has physical features like a punk, he still dresses like a gentlemen. Bonnet wears a white dress shirt, layered with a sleeveless beige vest, then layered with a long black jacket, which gives a more casual look when wearing it. Below, Bonnet has navy dress pants followed by black dress shoes (with black socks).

Bonnet is arrogant and stingy. Coming from a rich background, Bonnet always found himself superior to the average. With his physical abilities, it makes him even more arrogant. He is overconfident in himself. Before battling, or even during, Bonnet always acts superior. Before testing his opponent, he still acts haughty. If he were to battle an Admiral, he'd consider himself on par until he died...

On the outside Bonnet acts very calm. He has a very level-headed composure. In battle, he keeps his composure, calm and collected. In the midst of battle, he keeps his arrogant personality, but not in an angered manner. Bonnet always appears one step ahead of the game, determined to remain superior.

With his arrogance, he is also serious. His overconfidence is not a joke, he is stern at all times. Very rarely if never, does he lighten his mood around anyone, despite his relationship with them. Bonnet is a force to be reckoned with. His actions are brutal if not on par with him. Being overconfident, Bonnet will treat everyone violently the way he would treat anyone, except those he would consider his actual comrades.

Character History

Bonnet comes from a rich background, his father owning a prosperous sugar plantation in the East Blue. Being a rich child he was not normal, he did not attend regular schools with others. Instead, he adventured out and was a rebellious hot headed child. When entering town, Bonnet did not socialize with other peers due to his hulking figure. Oftentimes, he would pick fights with adults, easily defeating them. Adventuring nature, fighting punks, Bonnet became a strong guy.

Later when he was an adult, he did not do anything since he found himself to old to roam the forest and fight random, weak animals. He had no passion, other than cooking which he considered barely a hobby but a talent. Living around a sugar plantation, he specialized with lots of sugary desserts, as he was an average chef other than that. Eventually his father's death due to a natural cause, the company came to his hands at the age of 27. Beli came in like rain.

Since it is almost impossible to develop a passion for sugar canes, he became overcome with boredom, decided to do something. With his strength he could become a marine. No, Bonnet despised marines and what they considered justice. He had witnessed several marines misuse their powers, not like it was rare or anything important. So Bonnet would become a pirate. Spending the majority of his fortune, he bought a devil fruit found locally. Despite being rich, the likes of him could not afford a devil fruit at full price.

Bonnet passed the company down to the next highest authority in the company, a friend of his father who had worked with him since the company was first created. With his new power he set out and joined a large numbered, but weak pirate crew, preparing to journey the world, and his dream, to have a real adventure in the Grand Line.

Brute Strength- His strength expanded when roaming and adventuring. With his large natural size and strength, it gave him monstrous strength.

Cooking- Not having much to do as an adult, he cooked the meals as his mother passed down several recipes she used with the many types of sugar they had. Living on a sugar plantation taught him some, about types of spices that would taste nice, as he had practically any ingredient he wanted, being rich.


Power Level Information

Character Strength: Trained
Character Speed:  Proficient
Character Resilience: Proficient
Character Dexterity:  Average

Devil Fruit Information

Devil Fruit Name: Diaya Diaya no mi (Diamond)
Devil Fruit Type: Paramecia
Devil Fruit Mastery Level:

Level 1- Only two parts (ex two arms) of the body can be turned to diamond, takes 1 post to cover.

Level 2- Multiple parts (up to half) of the body can turn to diamond. Instant now.

Level 3- All of the body can turn diamond instantly. When fully coated with diamond, mobility is restricted completely.

Devil Fruit Weaknesses: Standard DF weaknesses.

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat:

Devil Fruit Based Combat:
Stalagmite Stab
An icicle/stalagmite shape of diamond comes out of the palm of Bonnet, half a foot in range, and is used to pierce the opponent. Since diamond is the second hardest substance in the OP world, it is like an expensive dagger.

Rampaging Ram
Diamond is crusted over Bonnet's shoulder, reaching part of his chest, back, and bicep. He sprints while the diamond encases his shoulder (timed together), and rams his opponent(s).

Diamond Drop
Covering Bonnet's legs, he jumps above his opponent, and falls delivering a brutal impact. His weight + the diamond + his acceleration is a deadly combo.

Great Gauntlets
Covering up from the tips of his fingers to his elbows, Bonnet has a diamond gauntlets. The attack can be used in a large variety of ways, not all being named (ex. punch, dropping hands from above, etc.)

Great Boots
Same as Gauntlets, varied with legs/kicks.

Haki: N/A

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Re: "Diamonds" Bonnet

Post by Guest on Mon Mar 03, 2014 4:52 am

General Information

With the areas you've left blank please put "N/A" if they dont have any.


"Intimidating Hair"

Ok, I wouldn't be intimidated by someone having a streak of blonde through their hair doubt many OC's would either.


In general this seems very Mish Mash and there seems to be a lot of start stopping with no real transition through the years.

So he has his family and wife who has birthed him 4 children and he just bails on them because their sick ? Unlikely to say the least.

Why does he hate the marines ? no explanation given.

So he's the head of this successful sugar plantation thats turning over such a high profit yet he doesn't know the next in command? I really dont get how a business can be so successful when the owner doesn't even know his employees?

No explanation of Character Goals are given.

DevilFruit Information

With Level Three if you want to be able to turn into diamond completely the user is going to be unable to move, to make it fair.

Stalagmite Stab

An Icicle? This is a diamond fruit not an Ice One.


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Re: "Diamonds" Bonnet

Post by Anarchy on Mon Mar 03, 2014 5:25 am

N/A- added
Hair- referring to general appearance
Family- removed
Marine hatred- fixed
Business- fixed
Goals- fixed
Lvl3- added
Stalagmite Stab- referring to the shape of an icicle, hence the name stalagmite stab

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Re: "Diamonds" Bonnet

Post by Guest on Tue Mar 04, 2014 7:40 am



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Re: "Diamonds" Bonnet

Post by Anarchy on Fri May 16, 2014 12:00 pm

Edited the second level of the devil fruit mastery. I felt it was under powered.

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Re: "Diamonds" Bonnet

Post by Fin~ on Sat May 17, 2014 1:09 am

what did you edit?

instant is not possible there will always be a time to change into it. also reliant on speed. or an action needed to be done

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Re: "Diamonds" Bonnet

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