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Erasing Clothing Fruit

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Erasing Clothing Fruit

Post by Serious? on Sun Mar 02, 2014 4:16 am

Devil Fruit Name: Kesu Kesu no Mi

Translation: Erase Erase Fruit

Appearance of the Fruit: The fruit looks like a bunch of grapes, albeit slightly larger than its counterpart. However, the fruit and the stem is completely devoid of colour, simply colored white and black.

Type: Paramecia

Abilities of the fruit: This fruit, when eaten, turns the user into a human eraser, and gives them the ability to erase certain things on contact.

  • Major drawbacks for beginners
  • Water
  • SeaStone
  • Can't erase organic material

Devil Fruit Progression:
Level 1 -> Level 2 = 4 threads actively displaying power
Level 2 -> Level 3 = 5 threads actively displaying power
Level 3 -> Level 4 = 1 thread

Mastery levels

1st Level
At the level 1, the user is able to erase parts of any inorganic object that they are able to touch. An example would be stone or metal. To erase parts of the object, the user has to swipe their hands or quickly run their fingers over it for a more fine erase. The objects erased do not come back after being removed, and it looks like an extremely sharp blade had cut through it effortlessly. However, the only part of their body able to erase objects currently would be their dominant hand. If the user's hands are not present or inorganic/prosthetic, the ability will transfer to one of their feet. The only inorganic substances that can't be erased are sea stone and seawater. One major flaw that the user is forced to carry is that they cannot stop the ability to erase things. And because of that, the user's dominant hand or foot will be forced to erase anything inorganic it touches. Fabrics, hair and bone are organic.

2nd Level
At level 2, in addition to being able to do everything a level 1 user could do, the user is now freed from the restriction of only being able to use one hand to erase things. Now, they are able to use both hands or both feet, if the user is arm-less, to erase things. The user is also now able to "turn off" the ability to erase things. Their hand or foot is no longer forced to erase things on contact.

3rd Level
The user has completely mastered the fruit, and can utilize all of their hands and feet, if they have them, to erase things. In addition to being able to erase inorganic objects and plants, the user is now able to eliminate space itself, provided there are no organic objects or lifeforms within the space the user is trying to erase. The only use for this, however, is to pull any object not secured to the ground to be pulled towards the erased space within a five meter diameter. To give an example, say the user swiped his hand and removed the space between him and his opponent. However, there are small trashcans nearby also. After a few seconds, the space is instantly refilled with the space around it. The user is pulled towards the space, but the trashcans are also pulled towards the space. The pull is much like a very strong tug that will pull anyone in no matter how heavy they are unless they are out of the range of 2.5 meters or strongly secured to the ground. It's much like a vacuuming effect.

4th Level
In addition to being able to do everything a level 3 user can do, they can now erase clothing. Yeah, that's it.

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Re: Erasing Clothing Fruit

Post by Docile on Tue Mar 04, 2014 11:19 pm

Unless stated otherwise

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