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Choko Choko no Mi

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Choko Choko no Mi

Post by Serious? on Sun Mar 02, 2014 8:18 am

Devil Fruit Name: Choko Choko no Mi

Translation: Chocolate Chocolate Fruit

Appearance of the Fruit: The fruit looks like a completely spherical malt ball with a green, spiraled stem sticking out to identify the top. It smells like the finest chocolate in the world and actually tastes like chocolate.

Type: Paramecia

Abilities of the fruit: Enables the user to control, create, and even become chocolate if the user is experienced enough. The user is able to create any kind of chocolate. The user is also able to create weapons and armour that become more durable as they become more experienced with the fruit. Temperature has an impact on the abilities of the fruit, usually hindering the user greatly. The higher or lower the user's body temperature is, the more hindered they will be. Warmer temperatures will make the user's body partially liquid and unable to solidify chocolate he or she creates unless their body temperature reaches an average point. Solidifying chocolate also becomes more of a task as the user's body heat rises. This can go to the point where the user's bottom half becomes a great blob of chocolate and their hands have completely melted. Colder temperatures will make the user's body solidify, acting as a natural armour thus making them more resistant to sharp weapons as long as the applied force is not strong enough to shatter it. The downside to this is that the user will become more hindered in moving, and it goes up to the point where the user's body becomes tough as stone but it unable to move any part of the body below the chin, and liquefying chocolate in this state is harder depending on how cold the user is. The user also becomes fatally addicted to chocolate, not having one every so often will cause the user to have a bit of a breakdown. The user also will smell like chocolate all the time.
Pieces of armour include: Helm, Breastplate, Jambeau, Pauldrons, Gauntlets, Boots, Shield.

  • Extreme Temperature
  • Water
  • Sea Stone
  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Haki

Devil Fruit Progression:
Level 1 -> Level 2 = 5 threads actively displaying powers
Level 2 -> Level 3 = 5 threads actively displaying powers

Mastery levels

1st Level
The user is able to manipulate 10 Liters of chocolate. Weapon creation is restricted to daggers, "brass" knuckle-esque weapons, throwing axes/knives/darts and small blunt objects. Weapons take 2 posts to fully form. Weapons are about as durable as wood weapons. Armour created is durable as hard leather. Weapons and armour consume two liters of chocolate each per weapon and article respectively. Armour takes 2 posts to fully form one piece.

2nd Level
The user is manipulate 50 Liters of chocolate. Small arms are durable as iron and take 1 post to fully form. Larger weapons such as axes, clubs, shortswords, longswords, picks and pickaxes, staves, spears and javelins are able to be formed and take two posts to form. The user is also able to create bows and crossbows. Armour is now as durable as iron and takes 1 post to fully form one piece. Armour now consumes 5 Liters per piece and larger weapons consume 4 Liters per weapon. Larger weapons also have the durability of iron.

3rd Level
The user is now able to manipulate 100 Liters of chocolate. Armour, small arms, larger arms, and largest arms now have the durability of tempered iron. Largest arms include greatswords, pole arms, halberds, claymores, battle axes, and zweihänders. Armour takes 1 post to create one piece, small arms can be formed instantly, larger arms take 1 post to create, and largest arms take 2 posts to create. Armour now takes 10 Liters per piece and largest arms take 7 Liters to make per weapon.


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Re: Choko Choko no Mi

Post by Guest on Sun Mar 02, 2014 9:13 pm



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