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Vera and Obnjen [DELETED]

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Vera and Obnjen [DELETED]

Post by Vaetric on Mon Mar 03, 2014 5:27 am

“Our childhood fears are dead. The world is next.” – Vera.

“Yeeeeeeeessssss.” – Ognjen.






General Information


Name:  Ognjen&Vera  Ivaern

Epithet: “Husk” Ognjen, “Terror Arm” Vera. Dread Twins.

Age: 27

Gender: Male&Female

Birthplace: East Blue

Species: Cyborgs.

Orientation: Both right handed.


Crew: ~~~

Ship:  ~~~

Occupation: Marksman/Mini-Tank (Ognjen) Cook/Assassin (Vera)

Rank: ~~~

Bounty: 55,000 (Ognjen)

35,450 (Vera)

Bounty Collected: 44.500.

Allegiance: Revolutionaries.

Dream(s): Avenge their country.



Character Information






They’re both pretty tall people. While Vera stands at around six foot five inches, Ognjen rises to seven feet. They both walk in a confident gait, Ognjen walks so straight you oculd swear he had a metal rod for a spine. Also, for some reason he always seems to walk, no matter what the situation, he cannot seem to be able to run.


Vera: Vera has a skull on her head. It’s not just any skull. It’s a modified, extremely strong skull of a bandit warlord, “Small Keith”. Her armour consists of flak jackets that allows her to survive numerous rounds of gunfire, though the blunt trauma can still be damaging. In fact, it’s not even a flak jacket, more of a flak-everything. She is covered from head to toe in armour. However, the thighs are mostly studded, hard leather. Though the middle of her chest boasts a skull, as well as her kneecaps; these are made of steel. Her head-skull can be lowered to provide binocular-like vision. Moreover, she also has a mechanical arm, to which the exhaust port (showing the front, as seen in the shoulders) can release steam, though is mostly hot whenever used due to being powered by prototype electric circuits. It seems to run on coffee, which might explain the heat. Her face has many stitches as well, while she has a sniper rifle and a sword that has a larger handle than blade. She has a lot of stuff to store stuff in, pouches and so forth.


Obnjen: While Vera seems to look like some kind of assassin, Obnjen appears to be like a elite guard of some faraway land.  Either that or an oppressive fever dream. He wears a long red sash that partially covers his stomachs’ circuits, and most of him is covered in plating, then covered with clothes. He wears a gas mask with a hat on top, which also conceals what’s behind the mask. It is extremely difficult to remove if not impossible, due to it seemingly being melded onto the skin. However, Vera seems able to remove it.  Like Vera, he boasts many skulls around his body, though these are small are more numerous, with a yellow-tint to them, like the twin eagle signs upon his hat and medals.  The only part of him that seems fleshy is his left hand, to which he hides behind his back during combat except to reload.




Vera speaks with a very noticeable accent, and often gets frustrated when she can’t say a word properly in the general language in the world. She is very prideful of her country, often uttering its battle cries before going into combat. Her accent causes her to have pauses as she thinks of how to say the word properly, even during combat she’d think of how to word things. She enjoys cooking and collecting rare and expensive wines. She gets extremely excited over both, often disregarding her attempts at trying to make sense when she comes across one of the latter. If given a room with time, she would cover it with her wines, should she see any on the journey.  God help anyone who’d break any of the bottles. Meanwhile, she’s loyal to her friends and protective over Obnjen, she prefers the sneaky route, preferring to stab her opponents in the back, though doesn’t mind a quick one-on-one skirmish.


Obnjen speaks with the accent, but does not have trouble saying the normal language. Either this is due to fluency or because he speaks slowly anyway, one cannot be too sure.  Just as Vera is protective over him he is protective over Vera, and if he would be able to he would use himself as a metallic, human shield should she be shot at. He is confident of his cyborg armours’ abilities and has no need to look for any cover. Should he meet anyone he particularly dislikes he would chase them with a slow but persistent passion. If he meets such a person and they’re hiding behind cover, he would use one of his precious .75 calibre bullets to shoot them through walls or wooden crates. He also has a creepy laugh due to his oxygen mask, and as a result has a rather creepy voice as well, some kind of metallic rasping growl.



Character History





Vera and Obnjen were born at the exact same time. They didn’t leave the womb through the normal method unfortunately, due to them both sticking together, thus leaving an object too large to leave conventionally. As to the mother’s wishes, whom hoped her babies would become royal guards to the islands’ King. So as to her wishes, they smothered her until she fainted; and then cut open her womb, picking them up at the same time. Neither was born older than the other. Their mother subsequently died. Their father, overcome with grief temporarily became a drunkard, and they were passed into an orphanage.  At the age of four their father snapped out of his haze and visited them, vowing to train them to live up to their mothers expectations.


They were born in an island whom was vying for independency. They had their own language, and taught the general one as a second. The only ones whom were taught to speak the general language of the world near-perfectly were the Kings/Queens, diplomats and the royal guards. All else had a basic understanding.  (In the real world, their language would be Swedish) Soon they became old enough to train to do so, at eight.  Obnjen had an early growth spurt, becoming tall and lean, he was sent to become a royal guard, while Vera trained to become one of the Kings’ private assassins. While Obnjen learned how to use a gun, Vera learned how to cook; for good or for ill, to hide the tastes and effects of poisons to coating blades and started to eat her own poisons, small parts at a time each day to grow immune to them.  At sixteen, Obnjen spoke fluently in the general language of the world while Vera knew a little, she secretly killed off world government agents while Obnjen helped to negotiate.


At twenty five, eventually one of the assassins was caught by the world government and found out about the Islands’ goals, including their hopes for independence, they unleashed a three month war with the country, preferring not to do a buster call nor send in people with destructive abilities due to the city’s foundries being a large source of munitions. Soon, however with the combined skirmishes at night by the zombies raised from the soldiers killed by one of the captains to being reinforced by puppets, the walls fell and the castle itself became under siege. They couldn’t fire upon the city, though the castle itself was fair game. Cannons barraged their defences, Vera and Obnjen fought side by side as marines swarmed the corridors. Eventually, they were pushed back to one of the rooms, and opted to check the window, and promptly an exploding cannonball destroyed the room they were in, Obnjen shielded Vera from the explosion, though her arm was aso still caught in the process. Obnjen too was shielded slightly by other soldiers, whom took the brunt. Eight men were cut into four. They weren’t in any condition to continue attacking, so they surrendered, and were carried away. Obnjen’s wounds were severe,  after the battle with the King dead and his senior advisor surrendering the battle, they were taken to the surgeons and mechanics to be re-assembled. Nearly seventy five per cent of the royal guards were cyborg in some way, due to numerous assassination attempts on the ones they were protecting, from being shot in the lungs to getting crushed beneath debris, the country became known for bringing men back from the brink of death and into steely, cold new bodies.


Obnjen was barely alive when he went into the operating room, and barely alive when he left it.  Vera also left the surgery with a new arm, though she customised it further in favour of claws. With the old King gone, they didn’t have anyone else left to serve. Vera had survived the purging of the assassins made by the original king along with others due to the Advisor giving false leads. Eventually, the surviving army was disbanded, Obnjen and many others were still allowed to wear their uniforms due to it being integrated into their armour/cyborg chest piece, making it nearly impossible to take them off due to being melded onto him.  “Obnjen… We need to avenge them, our country, your friends! The two captains are still here, if we kill them we can take their powers, they have devil fruits!” … “No.” “But brother, the shadow fruit… Please brother, it will make you stronger!” … “I…Need…It…Not…” He replied. Vera took a step back, well… Then, if he would not take the fruit, then she would. She had already made her mind, the man whom used the fruit that revived the dead is the one she would target. She went into the night, leaving Obnjen starting at the ruins of the castle.


She heard gunshots ring out through the night, she would only take down one captain, once one has been taken out, the other would be alerted, and leave the island. She would also have to make it look like an accident, or at least make it look non-incriminating. She searched, her metal arm making virring sounds that made her wince every time she heard it, it’s bad for her stealthy ways. Eventually, she found him, kin his white cloak, with his grin, pushing the zombies he made into the sea, the shadows flying in the air into people throughout the city. He was alone. There was only one thing she needed to do. She plucked an apple from a nearby tree, and slowly walked up to him, she placed a foot on his back, as he stood foolishly near the edge, and pushed him off. The other zombies were looking at the ones being drowned, it was dark; and they didn’t notice that the one whom next entered the sea was their own master. The other zombies had made cries of alarm as they fell into the sea, so they didn’t notice the difference. Vera sat upon the edge of the wall, looking down as the marine sank quickly into the depths,  and watching as the bubbles popped, one by one; until a large gush of them appeared. None followed. After a couple of minutes she looked as the apple turned different. It worked. She looked to her right and left, all of the zombies’ shadows gushed out at once, returning to their owners. The shadow-fruit user was no more. She stashed the fruit into a bag and walked abck to Obnjen, savouring the moment, watching as people reunited with their shadows. “Obnjen, we have to go.” … “Yes.” He replied, standing up. “We will make them pay. Their mercy is lost on us.” … “Take me to him.” “He said, and they walked to the spot where the marine had drowned, Objen took a step off the ledge. “OBNJEN!” Vera cried as he sank quickly below to the deeps. Minutes after minutes of anxiety soon passed as he walked out of the water onto the beach, carrying the head of the captain. “… We go.” He said, walking as he ripped the skin off of the large marine. Soon, only a bloody skull remained, he tossed the rest into the sea. He planted it firmly onto her head. “Memento.” He said, simply. They walked toward one of the boats.


“…Away from here.” Obnjen commanded to the sailor. After being refused, Obnjen promptly shot him, and asked the next one, who complied. The gunshot caused a stir in the marines, and they turned to see one of their ships leaving, with Obnjen staring at them, before raising his pistol and started to fire shots. Due to the water, the gun wasn’t as serviceable as it could have been, but the damp gunpowder had been replaced. Vera hid behind Obnjen as he took the hits, the measly marine round shot being unable to penetrate his steely exterior. Before the marines could even be able to turn their cannons around, they were gone. Vera picked out the fruit, staring at it before tossing it into the water.


But what had appeared, was their bounty for being loyal to a corrupt king and murder.






High durability.

Perspective vision:

High reflexes. (Though due to his somewhat slow demeanour, it barely shows)

Immunity to his/Vera’s poisons.



Immunity to her own poisons.

Herbalism (Includes poisons).

High reflexes. (Can actually implicate them, but not on the level that Ognien could)



Repairing her own or Ognjen’s cyborg implants.




Weapon :




Power Level Information



Character Strength:  Proficient.

Character Speed:  Below-average.

Character Resilience:  Advanced.

Character Dexterity:  Trained.


Character Strength:   Average.

Character Speed:  Proficient.

Character Resilience:  Trained.

Character Dexterity:  Proficient.


Devil Fruit Information


“Please, brother… This fruit will make you stronger!”

“I…Need… It…. Not…”


Combat Information


Unarmed Combat:




Weapon Based Combat:






RP Sample:


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Re: Vera and Obnjen [DELETED]

Post by Guest on Sun Mar 16, 2014 1:05 am

Character Approved

Just a quick note its a good idea to have goals for your character although it's not essential. Also please put "N/A" insted of leaving a section blank.



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Re: Vera and Obnjen [DELETED]

Post by Vaetric on Wed Mar 19, 2014 2:59 am

Small change to these guys, just removed the fruit.

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Re: Vera and Obnjen [DELETED]

Post by Vaetric on Sat Apr 26, 2014 7:48 am

Deleting these two because lol I suck

Real reason: Rushed them, wanted to sell them, no one wants them, I like my slots, need as many slots as possible to fill them up.

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Re: Vera and Obnjen [DELETED]

Post by Guest on Sun Apr 27, 2014 4:56 am

Accepted, next time don't rush Characters *smacks Vae's wrist*


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Re: Vera and Obnjen [DELETED]

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