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Arlene McKenna

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Arlene McKenna

Post by Fin~ on Tue Mar 04, 2014 1:27 am

General Information

Name: Arlene McKenna
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Orientation: Right Handed

Crew: none atm
Ship: none atm
Occupation: Cook
Bounty Collected:
Allegiance: Wanderer aligned to revolutionarys and some pirates
Dream(s): Finding a way to use 2 arms again, To stop the glutenous off people that makes them go so far to hurt people to obtain something .

Character Information

Flag: n/a


Arlene is a short girl of a normal weight, shes only 1.64 meters long and she has a somewhat pointy small nose, and deep greyis eyes with a tint of blue in it. Her long and un combed messy hair falls all the way to her back, its of a brown colour and on the ends gets curly, if she had a choice in it she would cut it to her shoulders so the hair would be messy but since she is a slave she has nothing to say, her hair when cooking is in a long ponytail, using different bands to keep it together, so her hair wont land in the food, she also wears a common wooden hairband so the hair stays out of her face.

For shoes she has simple sandles and grey coloured pants that are way to long for her and she stands on a lot,thats why the back off the pants is filled with holes and cuts on the top she wears a sand coloured shirt
which is way to big for her falling to beneat her bottom, she has no luxuries since she was stripped off them the moment she had to work for the world nobles.

Her arm had to be amputated and she has a stump and her arm was amputated tll some further then her ellbow the arm is still bandaged and she usually hides it

Arlene who was once a entousiastic happy talkative and energetic girl, is now a shy girl that doesn't talk a lot and doesn't really enjoy the things she used to anymore, before she could be really happy when cooking but since that she was taken away, it was getting less, and when she was acused of trying to poison a world noble and the loss off her hand she doesnt like to cook a lot anymore, she used to enjoy the smiles off the people that she fed but nobody smiles for her food anymore.

Arlene is a girl who dislikes violence, and wants to see everyone smile, she knows there are a lot off people in the world, having no food she wants to help them but knows she can't especially now she is capitated by the world nobles, she feels powerless and angry for this.

Arlene is not a bad girl, she lost most off her convidence inherself and her talents, and doesnt even know if her parents will accept her back, if she might ever escape the place. Due to her youth and not going to school she has not seen much off the world, and doesn't know a lot off things, she wants to gain more knowledge, and wants to see more off the world, she hopes to find something that is worth living for.

Her emotions are hidden deep inside herself, that is why sometimes she may sound cold or harsh but from inside its not how she wants to treat people, it happens and hopes she can find people she can open up towards.

She hates people like those who keep her, those who use others as slaves and torture people for their own fun, she wants to put an end to this, and doesnt know why people let this happen, even if your from a noble birth doesnt mean you have the right to do things like this right?

Character History


Born as the seccond child off a father that was a agreat cook, would always make jokes and who had a big love for food.and to a mother that was caring, hospital and nice . and a older brother who was 5 years older then her. Arlene's live was already pointing out to be a nice one. her fathers restaurant 'Mc Kenna, was a wellknown restaurant wellknown across the world, with the great food of her father, and the great hospitality off her mom made lots of people feel welcome in the restaurant, people would travel all the way to their island only to eat something in their restaurant, Her parents where happy to get a daughter, things were planned out that she would work in the restaurant on the job that her mother did.

From young age on she didn't have to go to school, she was teached at home about food ingredients, aboutt hospitality and how you should help people. to be a great waitress you should know how to cook, and know a lot about food is what she always heard her mother say, but she didn't really like to be a waitress her favourite lessons were the cooking lessons. She could be happy whenever she was allowed to help in the kitchen, standing allongside her brother and father she would assist them.

Her brother didn't have such a love for food as she had, and would often get in trouble with her dad whenever he didn't want to cook, as her father wanted him to take over the restaurant which was greatly known he got very disapointed in his son, but also felt sorry for putting such heavy weight on his shoulders. Atleast there was someone who was interested in cooking and all off her fathers tricks. ... would gladly watch her father cook and help in the kitchen tasting the great food he would make and how all the customers enjoyed it.

When she was 12 her dad asked her to cook too, she was now allowed to cook dishes for others, her hard work had payed off, and according to her dad she even had a lot off talent for cooking and adding flavour to the dishes, her dad who was getting older enjoyed the fact that he had a new help in the kitchen, at that moment her brother would serve the food something he did not mind doing.

At first a female in the kitchen didnt seem like a good idea or a male waiter, but the roles were just different for them everything seemed to fit way better and the family was happy. As skills were improved and food was still enjoyed by allmost everyone who would come visit the family restaurant she thought that for the rest off her life she could be happy cooking and serving food allong her family. she had little friends because at this age she wanted to spend all her times in studying ingredients to impress her father even more. maybe her love for food had become an unhealthy addiction, not eating it but improving herself and hoping that others would enjoy her food.

To these happy days came an end when the world nobles decided to come all the way to eat at this world renown restaurant. as the restaurant was closed for any other public the world nobles began eating like pigs, they werent nobles, and made a mess off the whole restaurant, they really ate a lot. When they had finished eating their food, the world noble asked her mother who was the one who cooked the food, thinking that they wanted to thank the cook. she happily and very proudly told them that her daughter off now 14 years old cooked all the food for the evening, Suprised off the young age she was asked to come and meet the world nobles.

Nervously she came walking towards where they stood, when the world noble complimented her and offered her a hand she smiled and took it to shake it, but then the world noble wouldnt release her hand he muttered to one off his aids to give her mother money for her, her mother clearly stated that her daughter wasnt for sale, but she was ignored, the good food that .. could cook was enough reason to take her, leaving a bag off gold .. was taken carried with them to the ship, her brother had tried to saved her but was shot in the leg, nothing could be done to get her back.

When on a month off sailing and being forced to cook on the boat, she finally arived at the home off the world nobles, and was introduced to the whole lot off maids the family had, they were in her eyes slaves forced to work for them, she had nothing but anger for the people who took her away from her happy live, she didnt enjoy cooking anymore, as it didnt seem the people were thanking her for it, they enjoyed it and ate it like pigs everynight.

Years passed as she became more silent, the once enthousiastic girl had turned silent with not really a wll to live anymore, wondering if she would ever see her parents again, wondering if she would ever be released from hell. She didnt know and only wondered.

When on a night when she was asleep in the maids quarters the household guard came to get her violently they grabbed her punched her kicked her and brought her for the world noble. She was accused to have poisoned the food, since their youngest son had gotten sick, she was sure she didn't had done anything wrong, her hand was placed on a block, and her fingers were cut off, passing out from the inmense bloodloss weeks later she found herself waking up seeing her arm amputated, the wound had began infecting and the only thing to save her arm was to amputate it. would she still be able to cook while in this shape, she didnt know.

When her cooking wasnt as fast anymore, then before since she had only one arm left, they gave her other assignements and since she was now useless she was thrown into the pen with the animals, she had to take care off, she was no longer allowed to sleep in the quarters. Was she ever going to get saved from the hell, or would she maybe do run away, but if she was caught she would be killed, was this worth it she didn't know.

Aristos hand stranded on the island, and saved Arlene and took her along to his island with the ship, after sucesfully fleeing the island she was offered a home on his island.

After a few days on the island, a few of the vilagers decided that they didn't like her being there, since she could endanger them, being placed on a raft and send on sea.

After a few days of whirling around on sea, she was found by marines, not knowing who she was and of her escape from the world nobles she tagged along as passenger on the ship, helping with cooking, after a while the marine ship stopped at the baratie in east blue and Arlene was set off here. since she wanted to gain more experience as a cook, and regain her joy in cooking.

after this she joined up with a bunch of pirates, called the hardheaded pirates, it wasn't the greatest gang but she had fun. for aslong it lasted. she didn't feel at home and sneaked away after a while yet to start new adventures.


Cooking: being trained as a cook, Arlene is a very good one, but her lack of arms. make her quite slow.


some cooking gear. and clothes

Power Level Information

Character Strength:proficient
Character Speed: expert
Character Resilience: proficient
Character Dexterity: trained

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat:

some punches and kicks but no style or skills

Weapon Based Combat:

she uses her knife for basic stuff, but has no trained styles

Devil Fruit Based Combat:

Haki: n/a

taking arlene from rise and fall. and using her threads (4) to upgrade her stats.

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Re: Arlene McKenna

Post by Guest on Tue Mar 04, 2014 4:10 am



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Re: Arlene McKenna

Post by Fin~ on Mon Oct 06, 2014 11:11 pm

Retiring arlene

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Re: Arlene McKenna

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