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Sally Rein

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Sally Rein

Post by Fin~ on Fri Mar 07, 2014 12:01 am

General Information

Name:  Sally Rein
Epithet: shitty brat or the fluent fox
Age:  19
Gender:  Female
Birthplace: Northblue
Species: Human
Orientation:  Ambidextrous

Crew: The demon petals
Occupation: sort of navigator and kind of a inventor
Bounty: 25026
Allegiance: Pirate

Buy a giant house for her mom.
Become a strong wielder of her yoyo fighting style.
own lots of riches.
Find a group of friends.
Steal anything from a world nobles house just to piss them off
break into a high security bank without being noticed
just have a lot of fun in the world and try to break so many rules as possible

Character Information



Standing at a 167 centimeter tall, this young woman is just slight shorter then average, her slim build and only 56 kilo help her be flexible and quick. Her somewhat pale skin is a bit rough, and you can find a lot of bruises and cuts all around her body.

Her sloppy brown hair hangs till her shoulders, sometimes getting in her face, especially when it's windy out her hair could be blocking her face. She is armed with deep green eyes that can charm a lot of man, which she likes doing.

Wearing a red topshirt with a stripe and a bright star, her belly gets revealed, and thus she has a lot of room to move freely. mostly wearing shorts and sandals, Sally her attire are mostly fit for just summery conditions.

across her belt she wears her two metal yoyo's one on each site, and has a knife readied to her belt aswell, along with a pocket full of handy picklocking tools.


Sally is not your general 19 year old girl, most people would see her as a tomboy, as she doesn't really like girl stuff, she is not someone to wear  make up or really care about how she looks, she just picks out comfy and clothes she likes. she is not someone to care about others opinions. and some might see her selfish, but to be honest it is more to be protective of herself.

her loud and sometimes rude behaviour goes back to her youth, as she was always picked on, and had to find ways to defend herself, she doesn't mind getting her hands dirty, but will never start a fight when nothing happened.

Sally doesn't care the slightest bit about rules, or about people making them, she cares about freedom, earning some good money, eating good food, and living the good life. she enjoys music and just wants to hang around fun people. though it is very hard getting close to her.

She hates rich people who give nothing away, and keep all forthemselves. Sally loves a goodlaugh and enjoys teasing people for the fun of it. she is not a bad person to hang around, though people might find her a bit strange. this isn't inteded for a bad way . she is just a bit different, having had a different youth then most people, and just intends to live a happy life in her way.

she apreciates people who understand her ways, and don't judge, she generally wants a more peacefull world, with less useless fighting, and where riches are more fair.

Character History

Born as a daughter to a single mom with three boys  in the subburbs, Sally's predictment was not one of luxury or riches, as her family struggled to fend for theirselves, living in a small shack, of only a little income the family had little means of buying more then the basic human needs, that which they even didn't not have enough of. Sally's father being imprisoned, and their family having high debts due to her father's gambling adiction did not make a picture for a happy future.

The first lifes of her life were nothing interesting, she was loved by her mom and her brothers, who tried to help work as their was not a lot of money for going to school, because man could easily find jobs in a dock, or even in the marines, her mom didn't worry all that much about the boys, though for sally being a girl. this was a whole different story, she worked hard. very hard to gather enough money for her to go to school which at the age of 3 sally had no idea of.

Her mostly being seen playing with her only toy a wooden yoyo made by her dad, a string a screw and 2 round pieces of wood. She would sit outside always playing with the yoyo's. As the only girl in the suburbs, she didn't have much friends and mostly spend her time alone.

When getting older she found out more about their situation, her mom had saved enough for her to be sent to school, though the kids laughed at her, her old clothes, lack of toys made her a outcast. the girls in class were of high standards, and most boys were busy flirting. there was only a handfull of boys that were of lower standards aswell, they would be playing in trees. having fights. after some time Sally joined them and thus found her first 'friends'

Climbing in trees, throwing rocks at people after class, Sally was seen as a tomboy, not doing girly things, and only being mischievous, though she did focus on class a lot, and studied hard to make her mom proud. but well most subjects just weren't her thing. she tried to and did well enough to stay, but she wondered if her future was about this.

years passed and the little gang of kids grew more mischievous. the older boys started stealing, robbing shops and people. or just pickpocketing. realizing that to stay at school and to stay friends with these guys, Sally knew she had to try too. but steal where, and from who. it would start in the city, the 9 year old wasn't too big and could easily slip between the massive crowds on the shopping district. she would sneak between the people, and snip in a wallet. after taking out some money shed drop the wallet. and run away.

She knew her mom hated crimes, so everynight she would leave a little money at the door, her mom didn't know who it came off. but knew it was needed to pay for her family. Crime became a bigger thing in town, and the marines were enlisted to solve this problem. as  Sally grew up their gang became more vicious, and Sally joined a long, she didn't like stealing from the poor people like most of her friends did. and when her friends had planned to rob her mom, she decided to bail out. which was not a good idea.

her friends felt abandoned. and got angry, they told her if she wanted to stay in the gang that she had to rob the mayor, of his keys and the treasure in the basement. gulping down, knowing they might hurt her, or her mom she agreed. and a few days later. at night she sneaked out of the house. climbing on the roof, she planned to go through the chimney, making no noises she landed in the living room, happy the fire was out, she looked around and saw that the basement was locked, slowly sneaking around, having found some gold in the cupboards, she knew that she had to enter the mayors room, though it was badluck. she entered the room of her classmate, and by throwing over a vase she woke up the whole house.

'' sally! I knew you were low but this low'' the girl yelled. as sally  heard people rushing towards her, '' its not what you think rob forced me to'' she said as the mayor and his wife came to the crimescene. confronting her with her actions, the mayor asked his wife to get the marines over, as their culprit had finally been found. she tried talking her way out, but this was inpossible, they didn't want to hear her. and there was only one way out. Jumping down the window. she landed and her feet her hands cut. and bleeding by the glass. she ran off, knowing that she couldn't go back home she knew she had to run. but wanted to leave her mom a message.

she put half the money in her tore up shirt, and used her blood to write ''I'm sorry. '' as she put this infront of her front door. and knocked on the door. she ran off. to never return to this town. their was a bounty placed on her head, they wanted her alive, and would pay 1000 beri for this. sally was now wanted

'' so finally awake?'' an old man asked as she found herself, laying in a bed, her arms and body's bandaged, '' I found you laying unconcious in the forest, are you from the town, five hours away, what were you doing there'' the old man asked, but she remained silent. ''Don't worry I won't tell anyone your here, I know this is stolen money, and your secret is safe with me'' the old man said as he stroked his beard looking down on her. '' my name is Michael Alberts. A former marine officer Though we have long since parted ways, '' he said laughing out loud. '' my name is sally'' she explained. not sure where she was.

After a few months of time spending with the man, for the first time in her life Sally had a father, Michael pittyed her, and tried teaching her, he though her about the sea, told her story's about his life on sea, and hoped to give Sally a new future, passing down his skills as a navigator, Sally finally found something she loved.  she loved staring at the seea and the sky, and loved learning about weather, about maps and about sailing the seas.

Another important lessons was self defence, having never fought Sally had nothing to start with, and she found out that her strength wasn't great, but her aim with a slingshot was not bad. she explained how she spend hours, with a yoyo and used it to swing around trees, '' why don't you use yoyo's for self defence, the old man stated, and thus helped her make a pair of yoyo's inforced with a steel metal, and a hard almost unbreakable but light rope, Sally had a way of protecting herself. the only thing left was using this,

her life with the old man was awesome, she learned so many things about the sea, about the world, and for the first time felt apreciated and loved, the man was kind, and passed down his legacy onto her. as an old marine officer, who had bailed out of duty as he had to kill an in his eyes innocent woman, knew that there was theivery, and knew that he couldn't get the thief out of sally, but had her promise to never steal of the less fortunate, or ever hurt someone when not needed. she promised this.

Sally knew that life here wouldn't continue for ever, the old man grew older, and was soon to pass away. he told her, I want to be reminded by you as who I am now, and not as some old bugger who can't do much, so if you leave me here in peace. and have a great life, your debts to me will be gone.  she nodded and left for a new big city. Fetching a ride on a ship,

Now her life was mostly still thievery, but she was way more skilled, she'd break into houses, she'd steal of the rich, and even give to the poor when they needed it, soon she became known as the fluent fox, as no one has noticed her before she was gone. she was seen as a hero and a villain. and continued to live in the city, though the officials wanted her down, and increased her bounty to 25000 for major theft.


Acrobatic: her slim build. and training helps her being acrobatic, easily climbing up buildings and squeezing herself through little placs

Weather anticipation: Having spend years learning the trade of the navigator, Sally can tell when its going to rain, where winds coming from, or even  when thunder will fall by looking at the clouds.

Navigation: Having trained under a very good navigator, she knows the theory and basics behind navigating though doesn't have any experience on the seas itself

Accuracy :Having spend ages playing and training with yoyo's she has gotten a great aim.

two simple knives, some picklocks,
Weapon: Metal coated yoyo's

Weapon Description: A pair of metal yoyos, that are coated for extra damage, the thread reaches upto 12 meter, and is made of thread, hard to cut, and very durable. the yoyos weight around 500 gram each, and take a lot of time to get used to as they are heavier then normal yoyo's

Weapon Special Abilities:
Weapon History:
Made along with her teacher, Sally uses her old favourite toy as a weapon, working with her styles. they are made especially for her, and probably not seen anywhere else.

Power Level Information

Character Strength: Proficient
Character Speed:  expert
Character Resilience:  proficient
Character Dexterity:  expert

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat:

Simple punches and kicks, sometimes biting, but not using this often.

Weapon Based Combat:
Foxfire claws: Charging towards her opponent Sally drags her blades along the ground heating them up due to the frictionbefore she attacks her opponent with both knives in one hand she attempts to claw her opponent.

Aries charge: charging towards her opponent Sally digs both of her blades into her opponent's torso in an upward fashion attempting to hoist them off to the ground into the air with use of her momentum built up from charging and as she hoists them into the air twists her blades to the side to force the opponent to slide of and allow her to continue charging.

Kangeroo Kick: Sally slams the backside of her blades down on the opponents collarbones.

Sen Puu Sen abilitys:
Senpuu Sen: Spinning shot: By spinning her  YoYo's to build momentum, Sally waits for the right moment and sends them spinning to the target, when hit the impact will cause bruises and the friction can cause minor burns.

Senpuu Sen: Snake Bind . By spinning her left hand yoyo, and throwing it towards someone legs, Sally aims to bind their legs together.

SenPuu sen: Meteor shot. By spinning her yoyo she creates enough momentum to get to the end of the cord on her next throw, once ready she throws it in the air till the length of the cord runs out, and directs the yoyo to hit her enemies.

Sen puu sen Choking. From behind Sally throws her yoyos around someones neck, ties them together and chokes them by putting pressure on the necks.

Senpuu Sen: Barrage. Readying both her yoyos. From a short distance Sally quickly aims for someone and tries to hit them multiple times, this attack is mostly based on sucsessive attacks that deal minor dammage but at considerable speed.

senpuu Sen: Whirlwind. Standing on her feet sally spins her yoyos around her, for reflecting projectiles. or hitting someone close.

Senpuu sen: Headshot. From the side, Sally swings her yoyo to ones head. trying to knock them out with force.

Devil Fruit Based Combat:

Haki: n/a

RP Sample:

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Re: Sally Rein

Post by Docile on Fri Mar 07, 2014 11:54 pm

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Re: Sally Rein

Post by Fin~ on Mon Feb 23, 2015 6:26 am


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Re: Sally Rein

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