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Jun Kinzoku

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Jun Kinzoku

Post by bunbunny on Sat Mar 08, 2014 4:41 am

General Information
"There ain't nothing a bit of butter & Whiskey can't solve"

Name: Jun Kinzoku
Epithet: "Demon Drunk Kinzoku"
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Birthplace: East Blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Left Handed
Theme Tune:

Crew: The Dog Ear Pirates
Ship: Playful Griffin
Occupation: Shipwright
1st Bounty: 6,000,000
Allegiance: Pirate
• Become the best shipwright in the world.

Character Information

Dog Ear Jolly Roger:

Jun Kinzoku's Traditional Attire:

Jun stands at 5'7" and weighs 120 lbs. She has short dark red hair that reaches just above her shoulders and light green eyes and bangs that covers her eyebrows. She has a very petite and skinny build with little to no womanly curves on her which is a really huge sore spot if you point it out. Jun has pale sensitive skin that gets very easily sunburnt (hence why she dislikes warmer climates) as she has red hair. She wears a white tank top with a yellow bra peeking up from under it and has an orange bandana tied around her arm which she uses to protect her face when welding and stuff. She also wears brown leather fingerless gloves and has a brown tool belt with various tools strapped to it and that has blue pockets on it as well. She wears yellow pants that almost have a golden tint to them and also wear red and white worn out sneakers.

In colder places Jun wears a white knitted hat since she has so short hair it doesn't cover her ears and since she's so thin she gets cold easily so she pulls on a lot of layers. She wears a white t-shirt with a white shirt on top of that and then yet another layer as she wears a thick knitted (kinda hideous) yellow sweater and replaces her normal fingerless leather gloves with black knitted ones. And wanting to stay extra warm she also wears a pair of yellow long johns and then black pants on top of them. And of course she wears two pairs of socks as well, one pair normal and the other pair knitted. And if she ever got the crazy idea to venture outside in cold climates she'd also add a long yellow coat with plenty of pockets on to those layers and of course some thick black boots with wool lining. Sometimes she gets so desperate not to be cold she pulls on a knitted white scarf as well.


Jun is a feisty and hotheaded girl, often blowing up over minor things such as not being able to open up a jar or something happening to her "babies" in other words, things she crafted herself. If she doesn't like something she'll let you know and if you annoy her she'll either yell at you or more likely hit you over the head. Jun is quite quiet however when it comes to new people but will get over it soon and get more comfortable and friendly (or less hostile at least).

When she becomes extremely tired (as a result for staying up all night drawing blueprints and thinking up new ideas) she becomes a bit jittery and is not able to think clearly, saying things that she would normally never say and blow up even faster over things that annoy her, making her seem a bit drunk but with a very very tired appearance and energy level.

In battle she tries her best to stay calm, she really does. But if things don't go her way she has a tendency to panic and lose concentration. She also is claustrophobic and will also panic when in small spaces, she however dislikes to show her panic or fear so she covers it up with anger and annoyance. It's not often she shows many other emotions except for anger and annoyance since she finds it very embarrassing to show how she really feels and if she's hurt or upset she'll probably cover it up with screaming and cussing.

Jun has dyslexia which makes her quite unsure when she's writing things since she really can't "see" if she's spelled the word right or not making her try and keep away from writing stuff such as letters etc. She's also slower than average when reading books but that she doesn't mind really however she is quite insecure about this trait and will become very flustered if it's pointed out she spelled a word wrong and such. Reluctant to admit she has dyslexia Jun will cover her embarrassment up with shouting and being angry as usual.

When it comes to romance and flirting however she is completely lost and will just be one confused and clueless heap of awkwardness. She doesn't know how to "strut her stuff" and she has no bloody idea of how to walk in heels, she'd probably just fall and break something if she tried to. So she'll just stick to her comfortable clothes and blueprints, not really wanting to bother with all that romantic stuff, even though she sometimes hope that a prince charming will come and whisk her away (hence why she has a secret collection of really soppy romance novels).

Character History


Jun was born on a small island in east blue in the middle of spring. Her parents had been wanting and expecting to have a boy and were very disappointed to see that the baby was a girl. When she turned three years old her little brother was born and her parents started denying that they even had a daughter and it ended up with them disowning Jun and putting her in an orphanage. She stayed in the orphanage until she was seven years old, during the time she had stayed in the orphanage she had learned how to appreciate hard work and how to make pancakes. But now back to the story, as she turned seven she became adopted by a kind man that was in his forties. Of course she was a bit shocked when she found out he was a pirate captain and that he had quite the reputation down in South blue.

She got used to the robust and manly pirates pretty quickly though as they weren't as though and manly as they seemed and were actually all quite friendly and gentle and they were all very good and experienced at what they did. As she got older and more accustomed to the pirate life she started becoming more and more interested in ships and how they were made. She started hanging around the crew's shipwrights more and more and they thought her how to construct a ship, how to draw blueprints and also what wood was good to use when building and even how to weld a bit.

When she was thirteen she knew how to both draw the blueprints of and also how to construct a ship and had already made (or at least helped making) about ten ships but she had to clear some things up with her father and sat down and had a talk with him and eventually found out that he had actually adopted her out of guilt as he had left both his young son and wife down in south blue to go and become a pirate and possibly find the legendary treasure One piece. That conversation left Jun with a small lump of sadness in the bottom of her stomach "He had adopted her out of guilt not because of anything else". The thought haunted her and caused her to stay up late at night, thinking.

One night when she couldn't sleep she decided to have a midnight snack, she quietly made her way over towards the kitchen, making sure not to wake any of the sleeping men and causing a ruckus and waking up the whole village they were staying in. As she reached the pantry she looked around in it for a while before spotting a odd fruit with swirls on that they had found at an island they had visited earlier, it looked quite delicious so she decided to eat it. It turned out to be a bad mistake, a very bad mistake. The fruit tasted rotten and she felt kinda weird after eating it.

The next day she decided to tell the crew about what she had eaten, they freaked out and had to explain to a panicking Jun that she had eaten a devil fruit and that she was now hated by the sea and would never be able to swim again. This only made Jun panic even more and it took her the whole afternoon to calm down and just let the facts sink in. She now had would never be able to swim again since the sea itself hated her and she had in-human powers... Well this was going to be interesting.

It was when she turned fifteen that her happy and carefree life took a sudden turn.

As they had sailed around in east blue for quite a while Jun's father had decided that they were entering the Grand line. And they started sailing towards reverse mountain, the trip there was of course quite uneventful, just the regular some man falling overboard or the rum disappearing. When they reached the entrance to reverse mountain however they were ambushed by a couple of pirates that were hoping to get some good loot and a nice bloody battle.

It however ended with most of the crew dying and Jun being forced to play dead on the deck, covered in her nakama's blood, just to not be killed herself. Not a thing every fifteen year old wants to go through really. As the other pirates left and went off to party probably and bury their dead and take care of their injured while Jun just laid there on deck, waiting for one of the doctors to come and check if she was okay. It never happened, she laid there for a good hour in silence before tears started flowing out of her eyes and she started shaking madly at the reality of her nakama, no, her family lying dead around her, the few that had survived had joined the other crew and were on their way to somewhere safe to party and get tended to by now.

She didn't want to open her eyes, she didn't want to accept it, it couldn't be happening, it was all a nightmare, just a dream, she'd wake up any moment now. "Any moment now..." was all she could think as she lay there shaking, memories of her family flashing through her mind. As she finally managed to sit up and look around she started outright bawling. Never in her life had she cried like she was crying then, well maybe except for when her biological parents left her at the orphanage. People were lying pale and unmoving all around her, people that had been her family and raised her since she was little, dead, never coming back, never laughing or teaching her anything again, just dead.

But sitting there crying wasn't going to help anything, she quickly changed clothes and packed a bag and set the ship on fire, she didn't want to let it float off and leave them to rot on the deck and have seagulls and
other nasty things eating their flesh so setting the boat on fire and use another smaller row-boat to get to the next island was the best option. She would never forget the sight of the flames and smoke as the ship that she had grown up on, her home, got destroyed.

Ever since then Jun has been traveling around from island to island, hitchhiking and trying to get better at building ships and trying to fulfill her dream.


Ship Building Skills
Spending time working alongside crew mates maintaining the ship & repairing it Jun picked up allot of skills and even the trade as she would help in maintaining the ship's structure and helping repairing each & every time it was damaged. With age she was trusted to do more in its restoration and finally started to see it as a child of her. Feeling the sting of being abandoned she felt the need to look after what she could instead of leaving it alone to fend for itself and has become an accomplished shipwright with many ideas & qualities that allow her to make a ship that is just perfect and keep it that way.

Sailing Experience
Due to sailing with a crew through many hardships like most children Jun learnt from watch the ways of the sea and how to brave it sailing through all types of weather, currents and so on leaving her as a skilled sailor who gained her sea legs at a young age giving her an edge over most people who didn't take up the life till a later stage.

"With these I shall craft perfection"

Ship Building Tools

Object Description:
These are a series of ordinary looking tools for ship construction & maintenance.

Weapon Special Abilities:

Weapon History:
Becoming an accomplished shipwright Jun collected a series of tools to aid her in ship construction & maintenance. These are ordinary tools which begun life in a shop where they came from and were handed down from person to person until finally finding their way to Jun's hands where she keeps them on her belt ready to build a masterpiece.

Power Level Information
"I can be a demon when I've had some booze"

Character Strength: Advanced
Character Speed: Trained
Character Resilience: Advanced
Character Dexterity: Trained

Devil Fruit Information
"I'm a Flower Woman"

Devil Fruit Name: Hana Hana no Mi
Devil Fruit Type: Paramecia
Devil Fruit Mastery Level: Stage Two
Devil Fruit Abilities: The user of the Hana Hana no Mi gains the abilities to sprout out body parts wherever ever they wish.
Devil Fruit Levels:

Level 1
• The user gains the ability to sprout an unlimited number of limbs which when no longer in use turn into cherry blossoms.
• The user can sprout these limbs from any surface within 100 ft.

Level 2
• The user gains the ability to sprout an unlimited number of limbs which when no longer in use turn into cherry blossoms.
• The user can sprout these limbs from any surface within 200 ft.
• The user gains the ability to form giant limbs.

Level 3
• The user gains the ability to sprout an unlimited number of limbs which when no longer in use turn into cherry blossoms.
• The user can sprout these limbs from any surface within 300 ft.
• The user gains the ability to form giant limbs.
• The user gains the ability create more forms of their entire body.
• The user gains the ability to form a giant version of them self.

Devil Fruit Weaknesses:
• Ordinary Devil Fruit Weaknesses
• Pain

Combat Information
"I'll let my ship do the talking"

Unarmed Combat

Weapon Based Combat:

Devil Fruit Based Combat:

Hana Hana: Footlocker
Jun uses her devil fruit powers to sprout a foot from the ground in front of her opponent in an attempt to kick them.

Hana Hana: Footlocker: Barrage
Using her devil fruit powers Jun sprouts out several feet from the ground in front of her opponent in an attempt to kick them.

Hana Hana: Wave
Using her devil fruit powers Jun sprouts a wave of hands from the ground which act like a wave rising and sinking into the ground smacking her opponent(s) back along the wave.

Hana Hana: Jewels
Using her Hana Hana no Mi powers Jun sprouts to hands which reach to grab a male opponent's manhood and she proceeds to crush them in her hands.

Hana Hana: Spiral Slap
Sprouting a single arm from a foe's torso a series of other arms are spouted from the single arm and each arm reach around to slap the opponent's face.

Hana Hana: Pin
Sprouting a series of arms from a surface Jun attempts to grab hold of opponent(s) legs or torso and pulls them towards the surface pining them in place.

Hana Hana: Shadow Strike
Using her devil fruit powers Jun sprouts a tightly clenched fist or a foot from a near by surface and launches it towards an opponent in an attempt to take them down.

Hana Hana: Shadow Strike: Limbo
Jun uses her devil fruit powers to launch out a line of limbs between two surfaces in an attempt to either trip up her opponent(s) or stop them suddenly by causing them to run into her string of limbs.

Hana Hana: Kindling
Using her Hana Hana no Mi powers Jun creates arms over the back of an opponent and attempts to break the opponent's back in two by pulling back on it enough.

Hana Hana: Spinal Snap
Sprouting arms on the back of a series of opponents Jun uses the arms to wrap around her opponent's head and snaps their necks all in one go.

Hana Hana: Living Debris
Sprouting single limbs from debris Jun uses the limb that sprouts from the debris to launch it towards her opponent like a projectile.

Hana Hana: Clutch
Sprouting out a series of arms from a surface Jun attempts to grab hold of a person so they cannot move.

Hana Hana: Trampoline
Jun sprouts a series of arms around her opponent and attempts to launch her opponent(s) into the air.

Hana Hana: Trampoline: Knock Out Drop
After using the arms to throw her opponent(s) in the air Jun sprouts out a fist below the opponent(s) falling in an attempt to punch them whilst they fall.

Hana Hana: Colossal: Pummel
Jun creates a series of giant arms & begins to pummel the ground with them attempting to take out large varieties of enemies.

Hana Hana: Colossal: Crusher
Jun creates a series of giant limbs covering on surface which all stretch out until they reach the other surface crushing everything | one against the other surface.


Bringing Jun Kinzoku Across & using her threads
Jun Kinzoku

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Re: Jun Kinzoku

Post by Docile on Sat Mar 08, 2014 4:43 am

Unless stated otherwise

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Re: Jun Kinzoku

Post by Docile on Sat Dec 13, 2014 12:11 am

Requesting upgrade on Jun's Strength due to finishing The Electric City

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Re: Jun Kinzoku

Post by Vaetric on Sat Dec 13, 2014 3:51 am


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Re: Jun Kinzoku

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