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The Electric City

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Re: The Electric City

Post by Fin~ on Sat May 17, 2014 3:02 am

Phiola and Roderick payed close atention to Rudy as they walked through the sewers, Rudy appologized for walking through here and phiola said That is okay Rudy, we are atleast safe here, even if it's dark''

As they continued walking around Rudy stopped them, he had heard two woman talking and was going to ambush them, phiola said '' There is no need to ambush them, we don't know their intentions'' but rudy didnt hear her and had already climbed up pointing his arms into the other direction.

After Rudy Roderick climbed up into his human form and Lifted Phiola and the belongings up. on their way up a woman had been talking to rudy, telling her that she was a human, and she was glad to meet a sewer monster, and then she suddenly undressed. roderick put his hands on Phiola her eyes and said '' Oi lady, you don't undress infront of a child''

Phiola had no idea what is going on, as rodericks hands were on her eyes before she could see anything, '' Roderick what is going on, why is it all so dark? and what is all this noise? '' she was really confused over what was happening


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Re: The Electric City

Post by Docile on Sat May 17, 2014 6:38 am

Hearing a voice call out to him and say something about looking for something big and metal Wynter clicked on to the monster he was after too. It must be, that was the only big metal thing that had come through here.

Or was there something else? Worrying for a moment he was about to try and climb back up when he caught sight of something gliding down and hovering beside him. A person with wings?! Looking at him Wynter was curious as to what in the hell he was. Asking if he was Wynter and needed some help Wynter wanted to offer him his hand but didn't want to let go of the rope.

"Yea, Wynter. That's me. And you are?" he replied as the rope started to slip and down Wynter crashed into the ground. Thankfully the drop hadn't been too big and as he looked up towards Snow he continued.

"Don't worry about me. I'm just fine."

Turning to see Wynter lying just beyond the door, Lyceum approached him.

"Who're you talking to?" Lyceum asked.

"The flying man up there."

"I think you might be concussed. Now come on, I've got a surgery to perform and I can't perform it without the patient."

Reaching down to lift Wynter up, Lyceum carried him over to the table in the middle. Hoisting him on to it, he started to get all of his tools ready. Sitting on the table Wynter exclaimed.

"I'm not concussed, well I might be a little. That was a bit of a fall."

"You're tellin' me."

"I swear to you, there was a man flying in the lift shaft."

Stepping in front of Wynter after making sure the gas canisters were good to go Lyceum spoke.

"Alright, I'm sure there was. Now just slip your shirt off and lie down."

Turning around and withdrawing a scalpel, Lyceum quickly started hacking up the piping that went around the room. As the coolant itself poured out, Lyceum made sure to place a bucket found under the desk just in the right place to allow it to drain out. He'd have preferred looking for the source, but didn't have much faith in finding it.

Watching the coolant fill the bucket he cut much further down the thin pipe and took it from the wall. Standing beside Wynter he reached for the mask to the Sand Man & Part Time Corpse canisters. Hooking them both up to the mask Lyceum managed to level the gas intake at 50% Sand Man & 50% Part Time Corpse.

"Right Josh, I'm going to put the mask on and when I do I want you to count backwards from 10 when you wake up, you're going to be a new man. That or a dead man. But I've got a bit of faith in me."

Having faith in him too Wynter laid back and took what could be his last deep breath as the mask was placed over his face.

"10 . . . "

Being caught off guard by the man with green hair who told them to freeze, Murii looked onwards in shock and then uttered a little laughter as she turned around to see the man was facing the wrong way. When he turned back the right way, she couldn't take him seriously.

But he did seem a bit pathetic with his fingers pointed at them. She might've been more intimidated if he'd actually held a sling shot. But then there was Jun. Murii couldn't believe what she was saying or doing as she spoke about sewer monsters and then finally flashed him.

"JUN!" she shouted in shock as the man with green hair who'd burst out of the man hole cover with a small girl and what seemed to be a moving teddy all seemed to panic.

WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE!? Murii's brain screamed. Reaching forward to grab Jun Murii realized she was too late. She'd already shown her breasts to the stranger.

However with some quick thinking she could at least stop the child from seeing such a sight.

Mirage: Sight

In front of Jun's naked breasts now was a large beach ball bouncing up and down. Turned out this was all Murii could think about, but it seemed to do the job. Rudy on the other hand was pretty shocked by the sudden magic of her breasts turning into a beach ball and stumbled backwards.

Tripping and falling back down the sewers he landed with a splash. As for Roderick & Phiola the only view they would get was of a beach ball. As Roderick mentioned not to show herself to kids, Murii walked up behind Jun reaching to her shirt to lower her top then looked towards Roderick & Phiola.

"I'm so sorry about this, she's a bit drunk."

Lying in the sewers again, now a little dirtier than before thanks to landing on his back, Rudy's mind had been blown. He'd just seen his first pair of breasts he'd remember and was freaked out. She'd called him a sewer monster and tried proving she was a human. He was human too. Shaking his head and climbing back up Rudy could feel his body shaking all over and his heart pounding.

What was wrong with this woman? What as wrong with him?

Reaching the ground level once more but this time smelling a little fouler than before he reached down to cover the man hole. Murii caught sight of Rudy and apologized for her friend's behaviour.

"I am so sorry about this." Murii said as she tried to coax Jun into lowering her top.

Hearing the voices of two men approaching and the sudden screaming of their leader as he shouted, Rudy & Murii looked towards the entrance to the alleyway.

Shivering out of fear and general adrenaline from his first boobs, Rudy swallowed hard and tried to direct his hands towards whoever might arrive, but remained frozen still. SHIT!

As for Murii she quickly let go of Jun and started trying her best to disguise them.

Mirage: Vanish Murii quickly placed a finger to her lips.

"Shh" she quickly mentioned as Wolf & Piranha arrived and looked down the alleyway. Pausing and breathing heavily as the men stared onwards for a few seconds, Murii could feel her heart racing in her chest as could Rudy.

Turning Piranha shouted to their leader.

"There's no one 'ere!"

As both of them men turned to leave the alleyway Wolf replied to him.

"Well maybe we should check the next one then."

"Or maybe your just hearing stuff."

"Hey there's nothing wrong with my ears." Wolf replied as the two vanished around the corner.

Looking towards Rudy, Jun & then Roderick & Phiola, Murii sighed and let out a huge sigh of relief as did Rudy.

"Why didn't they see us?"

Murii quickly gestured for Rudy to be quiet as they'd hear him and he nodded.

"I made an illusion. I made it look like no one was in the alley."

Confused and bewildered, Rudy pointed to the sewer hinting they should probably hide in the pipe until they had made introductions and made a plan. Looking towards Phiola & Roderick, Rudy shrugged his shoulders and muttered.


"There ain't no party like a Pirguru party"

"Hows it looking up there Spider?" the boss called out to him.

Looking at the statue, Spider could see it was secured in place. Crouching down to inspect how it was held in place, Spider managed to spot a weak point in it.

"Its held in place with some pretty strong industrial locks. But I can break them."

"Thats great, but you better not damage the statue, that thing's worth a fortune."

"I know boss!" shaking his head growing tired of his attitude, Spider clenched his fist tightly around the pad lock and pulled with all of his might whilst he used his other hand like a hammer smacking his fist trying to pry it off.

The stress on the lock followed by the sudden impacts would force it to give way in time.

Looking around at the people captured in cement snakes, the boss walked down the middle and looked up to the mayor and Lynx.

"Y'know, this is a beautiful town. Mayor how would you feel about me buying this town from you?"

Looking towards Lynx the mayor gulped as a drop of sweat fell from his brow.

"N-never. Not in a million years would I sell this dream to scum like you."

"Oh ho ho, gettin' cocky are we now? Lynx!" the boss called out as he turned to head back up to the front of the citizens.

Nodding Lynx stood up and took aim with his revolver. Squeezing the trigger he fired out a bullet into the Mayor. Turning around at the sound of a gun going off the boss looked at Lynx.

"What the hell was that!?"

Shrugging Lynx looked towards his boss with confusion.

"What was what?"

"You shot him!"

"Yea you said Lynx."

"Oh and what Lynx means kill?"

"No, but I thought you-"

"Oh well you thought wrong. I wanted you to hit him. Not kill him!" the boss said stomping his foot down on the ground like a child throwing a tantrum.

"I need a nurse"

"Oh well thank Christ, you're lucky he's alive!" the boss shouted pointing to Lynx before he continued his walk to the front of the citizens.

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Re: The Electric City

Post by Guest on Tue May 20, 2014 9:06 pm

Looking away from Wynter as he dangled around the elevator's wiring, Snow smirked at this question as he quickly turned away from him for dramatic effect.

"They call me many things, the Ero King, the Pussy Magnet, The Anal Assassin, The Titty Master amongst others but I suppose most call Snow Mit--" as Snow turned too face Wynter he soon realised he was no longer there, which to be fair angered the Self Professed "Anal Assassin" .

After a few glances Snow soon heard the same voice coming from down below at the bottom of the elevator shaft, reassurring him that no harm had came from the fall.

"Not that I cared..." said the Harpy under his breath. He disliked being interrupted when speaking even if it wasn't their fault, in his mind it was always the other person's fault regardless of circumstance. Begrudingly, Snow slowly lowered himself down the elevator shaft where he saw two men one of them was Wynter whom he had just briefly conversed with in the lift shaft. As Wynter slipped off his shirt and laid on the table, Snow eyes coiled back in horror at the dubious images his eyes were relaying to him. Softly he looked around the labratory as his eyes widened as he inspected a number of lab equipment .

Approaoching the elder looking man, who had now placed a mask on Wynter's face Snow was wondering just what the hell he was getting himself into. Now behind the man who appeared to be some form ofo scientist/doctor, Snow poked him on the back as he spoke

"The fuck is going on here?"


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Re: The Electric City

Post by bunbunny on Sun Jun 01, 2014 6:13 am

The scream of her name from Murii made the ringing in Jun's ears become ten times worse than it already was. It drowned out most of the other sounds in their surroundings making her snap into a daze of sorts. All she could concentrate on was the ringing.

Her grip on her top loosened allowing it to be tugged down by her freckled friend. She really didn't see what all the fuzz was about. It was just a bellybutton! It wasn't like she had some nasty misshapen one that looked like a pineapple. At least she didn't have one the last time she checked. But on this island she wouldn't be surprised if it had turned into one. After all sewer monsters seemed to exist here.

She snapped out of her daze when Murii let go of her and she noticed the two men. She could hear Murii shush behind her and now Jun was drugged and probably still drunk out of her mind but she knew that shush meant quiet. So she stayed quiet. Even if she had to bite her lip so that she didn't giggle furiously at one of the men's accents.

In fact she had to bite it so hard it started bleeding. Well she didn't really mind since she couldn't feel it more than an unpleasant tingle but still didn't stop it from bleeding.

As the men vanished again and heard both Murii's and the sewer monster's sighs Jun realized that she probably didn't have to be quiet anymore and let out a small snort and mumbled while chuckling slightly to herself "Oho... He said ear..." then snorted again before turning to Murii. Who was now communicating with the sewer monster. And the other two blurry figures next to it.

What a kind creature that monster was. It hadn't even tried to eat them yet.


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Re: The Electric City

Post by Fin~ on Fri Jun 06, 2014 12:40 am

Standing close with Roderick, Phiola had not much of an idea what was going on, nor what was up. She looked around a bit suprised as she saw a beachball bounce. Roderick was still there. but she couldn't see much else for a while. remaining silent and stunned she looked around to see a relieved Roderick, He knew what was going on, or atleast more then her, and he was relieved that Phiola wouldn't see this striptese show now.

A little later everything was over. and the womans top was lowered, covering her bare body partially, which was way better. Roderick looked around to find Rudy, but he had apperently fallen down in the sewers again, poor rudy. He thought as he wondered what was going on.

To top the insaneness off, a few other people came around the corner, but they didn't seem to notice them. what was going on, they were clearly there, but invisible , they were clearly not seeing them. how?

A bit later the orange haired woman revealed she had created an ilusion, was she some sort of magician, Roderick itched his head and looked at rudy who had pointed to the sewers, and wanted everyone to get in again. Phiola looked kinda bummed she didn't wanna go into the stinky place again. She climbed down with roderick following. She coughed and wondered what the plan was. Once everyone was down she would do her introductions, and soon Roderick followed.

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Re: The Electric City

Post by Docile on Thu Jun 12, 2014 10:52 am

Lyon the slab unconscious with his naked torso on display Josh Wynter lay with charred innards and a scalpel wielding doctor standing over him.


Hearing the sounds of something from the elevator shaft, Lyceum turned to look and catch sight of the bird man Wynter had been talking about.


Smiling and then looking towards Wynter Lyceum caught sight of him with his eyes closed shut in an unconscious state. Huh, didn't even take ten. he thought to himself before returning his gaze towards the bird man who questioned hat exactly the fuck was going on in here.

"Surgery, this boy needs it. Mind offering me a helping hand. Or wing? I could use a spare pair of hands."

Placing the tip of his scalpel on to Wynter's chest he took a deep breath before applying pressure and begun to slice away through his soft milky flesh. Slicing down over his torso Lyceum smiled as he realized that Wynter was well and truly out.

Gazing down over Wynter's charred organs he realized it wasn't as bad as he'd expected it to be, but hardly great either. Seeing it a million times already it was no surprise to him and the sheer appearance of a man's working anatomy staring back at him only made him grin.

Getting his hands ready Lyceum laid down the scalpel and quickly started getting to work cutting up the pipe and searching for places to fit it in without causing any problems such as disrupting his organs. Looking towards Snow Lyceum spoke.

"I'm going to need a bucket of water. Mind helping out?"

Slipping the pipes into place throughout Wynter's opened torso Lyceum kept removing his blood stained fingers before dipping them back in again and rearranging pieces of the piping to avoid disrupting any organs.

Pausing for a moment to look at his work he reached for the end of the pipe which as a connector that would keep the ends shut.

Grabbing hold of a supply of coolant Lyceum snatched up a funnel from the shelving above the desk and placed it in the pipe. Lifting a bucket of coolant up and pouring it into the pipe he watched as the pipe filled up. The temperature radiated outwards and Lyceum could feel it over his fingers.

Watching as the coolant begun to reach the top of the funnel he quickly tipped it the other way causing the coolant to leak the opposite direction and on to the floor.

Now he just needed to sew Wynter up and then wake him up. The operation had taken a while, but thanks to Lyceum's skilled hands he managed to pull it off well.

Stepping back and swiping his forehead of sweat he begun to piece Wynter's torso back together enough so he would be able to sew him up. Reaching down for his fishing hook and thread Lyceum quickly begun to sew. Digging the hook through his skin he tugged on it pulling the string through and slowly closing up his torso.

Watching as his handiwork begun to vanish Lyceum smiled hoping the bucket of water was coming. He'd need it to wash himself up. Finishing with the final thread over his torso, Lyceum stepped back and sighed. It had been a long procedure, but it had been worth it to save a young boy's life and bring about happiness unto the pretty busty woman's freckled face.

Watching as Rudy pointed towards the sewers Murii nodded. It seemed safer than up here. Watching Roderick & Phiola make their way into the sewers Murii stayed with Jun to help her down into the sewer.

"Alright Jun we're going down the ladder into the sewer now. Please be careful." Murii kinda felt as if she was caring for a child with special needs whilst Jun was in her current state. Leading her to the ladder Murii just hoped she would be safe and not land face first in the sewer. Climbing down after everyone else Rudy followed lastly and pulled the man hole cover back over.

Once the group was in the sewers, Rudy looked towards Phiola, Roderick, Murii & Jun. Still feeling a little shaken up about the sight of Jun's chest Rudy shivered. Its not what he'd expected and now it was pretty much all he could see when he closed his eyes.

Placing his hands over his lap, Rudy looked towards the two ladies.

"I'm Rudy by the way." Rudy said introducing himself as he waved oddly with one hand before returning it to his lap.

"Murii. And this is Jun." Murii continued pointing to Jun. "I'm sorry about her, she's been drugged."

"I-i-i-i-i-its fine." Rudy stuttered as he nodded to her.

"So Rudy do you actually have a plan of action or anything? Because as far as I've seen there was a big monster-"

Hearing that Murii had seen this big monster too sent shivers down Rudy's spine. SHE'D SEEN IT TOO!?

"That this was terrifying!" Rudy blurted out. Looking towards Jun, Roderick then Phiola Rudy realized he should try to be brave about it, but his pale face said otherwise.

"Yea, then it ran into the tower and vanished and these guys came out. We had two snake type thingies come after us."

"So did we!" Rudy shouted pointing to himself Roderick & Phiola.

"Well first things first are you guys all alright?" Murii asked. Rudy nodded then caught himself in eye contact with Jun or so he thought.

"What are we going to do about those mercenaries?"

"Are they mercenaries?"

"I have no idea!"

"So why're you calling them mercenaries?"

"Because I don't know what else to call them and REALLY hope their not bounty hunters."

"Why do you have a bounty?"

"By accident. Yeah."

"We all probably have one too. We just escaped a war at Reverse Mountain."

Freezing in shock Rudy gazed at the freckled face of Murii then the red hair of Jun. He'd heard all about the speech and even seen it broadcast over the large screens.

NO! Were these?! But Wynter wasn't? Was he? How? Were these people part of Josh Wynter's crew? feeling the slight ecstasy of joy filling his body and surging through him of meeting such fearless pirates and in the sewers of all places Rudy blacked out for a second. Shaking his head and looking towards Murii then Jun and finally Phiola & Roderick he mumbled beneath his breath.

"D-d-do you guys k-k-know J-Josh Wynter?"

Turning and looking towards Rudy in surprise Murii felt her heart sink a little. It had been a while since she'd seen him and she was upset to realize that she probably wouldn't be seeing him again. From above there was the sudden sound of gunfire opening up. Looking towards the man hole cover Murii felt her heart sink.

"There ain't no party like a Pirguru party"

Lowering the Mayor to the ground Lynx joined him and opened up a large medical box from one of the near by bars. beginnign to treat his wound Lynx quickly cleaned it up and watched as the blood seeped out.

As for their boss he turned to catch sight of Spider shattering the first of the four locks. Breaking it off and watching as it flew aside and crashed down denting the ground alongside one of the hostages.

"Spider be careful. You nearly killed one of my hostages!"

Nodding Spider moved to the next one and begun to hammer it off. Stepping in closer towards the mayor the boss crouched down before him and smiled at him.

"Don't worry Mr Mayor, we'll be gone soon enough. And so will your fortune."

Holding tears in his eyes the mayor looked upwards towards his masked face and nodded understanding. He just couldn't wait to escape his captivity and the pain of the bullet which sat within.

From above the sound of what could only be described as a chainsaw circus could be heard echoing throughout the large concrete dome. Looking around the mayor felt a shudder run through his spine as did the various other citizens.

Loud like thunder the sounds echoed growing in volume and terrifying the hearts of millions.

Standing up and making his way down to the front of the collection of hostages the boss looked up towards Spider and shook his head.

"Hurry up Spider. I don't want to be kept waiting because you can't break locks off of a statue. I want my fortune and I want it now!"

Muttering curse words under his breath, Spider shattered yet another lock and watched as pieces darted off in different directions. Grinning as the glinting metal shattered the window of a house wife the boss shouted up encouragement.

"That's more like it Spider. Just two more locks and we'll be home free!"

Pirguru Caverns
"Beneath the Pirguru Party"

The Pirguru guards who'd been chasing Koga's monster lay upon the ground of the large tunnel that lead beneath the town. Of the group the survivors lay bloody and battered. Only four were left alive. With broken rifles and bent swords they lay hoping for the creature to be on its way and never return.

It had broken their spirits as well as their bones. Such a foul creature. It had slammed its fists into them crushing their bodies against the walls and used its piston infused legs to kick them and send them through walls.

His roars of pain had been deafening and disastrous bringing about problems with coordination. Looking down the long dark tunnel they'd run down Koga's monster's footprints could be seen clearly over the flooring. The large metallic feet could be seen sprinting down one direction from the lab then turning around.

This is where things looked messy as the tunnels now sat cracked and struggling to hold itself together. Looking onwards in fear towards the pipes the remaining guards pulled themselves along towards them knowing full well if the tunnel began to fall apart the water from the docks would begin to drain out and no ships would get in or out.

As for the creature's footprints, after the cacophony of a mess which could be seen where the mass of bloody guards lay the footprints led back towards the laboratory.

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Re: The Electric City

Post by bunbunny on Tue Jul 01, 2014 5:51 am

Being led to the ladder that led down into the sewers Jun happily ignored what Murii said before she simply jumped into the hole. Landing with a splash in the sewers Jun giggled a bit as her feet tingled now. Well she giggled until the tingling started feeling like her feet were thudding but she didn't really mind so she just stood there with a goofy smile on her face watching as Murii and that sewer monster came down the ladder into the sewers as well.

And it was right then and there when the others were talking and introducing themselves that Jun realized that the sewer monster was in fact not a sewer monster. It was a man! And a pretty cute one at that. And the blurry figures were actually a kid and some thing/animal/toy/humanoid creature. Oh! Maybe that thing actually was the sewer monster all along! Or maybe there was no sewer monster!

So Jun stood there simply contemplating if there actually was a sewer monster or not. Simply staring out into space, well it looked like she was staring at Rudy (she had actually listened to the introductions they had done.). Well she stared until they made eyecontact, in which she snapped out of her thoughts and made no attempts to break it as she flashed him a small grin.

She seemed to be flashing him a lot today.

As she got distracted by a rat running past them Jun still continued to listen to what Murii and Rudy were talking about as she followed the little critter's movements. That was one really fat rat wasn't it? She wondered what it had eaten. Was there actually that much foood down in the sewers? Or did it eat it's friends? As she pondered on about the rat the ringing in her ears became less noticeable and her vision less cloudy, she was starting to feel her fingers and her aching feet. And even though her mind was still a bit clouded there was one word that dug into her brain:


As if she had woken up from a nap Jun broke out of her slight rat daze and gave Rudy the most intense look her still slightly drugged body could manage and started talking.

"Wynter? Of course we know Wynter! He was the one who dragged us into all of this! He dragged us through a war on a shitty ship! It didn't even have a bloody figurehead! A figurehead! He's a total and complete moron! I have no idea of how he managed to survive even getting off his home island!" Jun didn't even twitch as she heard gunfire as she continued her ranting "He almost got us killed! I swear to god if we had gotten more cannonballs on us during that war we'd have sunk. And all because he told us he'd give us a lift to the next island!" looking at the young girl next to the weird creature Jun locked eyes with her and said:

"Don't trust men you have to steal a steal a ship for when he tells you he can take you to the next island! He'll drag you into a war and probably get you a bounty!"

She felt like she could go on forever about how much she disliked Wynter but as she locked eyecontact with Rudy yet again she gestured to Murii and said with a dumbfounded expression on her face:

"And Murii somehow STILL fancies him! It's unbelieveable!"


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Re: The Electric City

Post by Fin~ on Sat Jul 12, 2014 3:49 am

Phiola and Roderick did not get much of the conversation, they didn't know a lot of what was going on, and a few things seemed very new to them. As everyone introduced it seemed like a good moment to introduce themselves too, raising his hand roderick smiled and in his boasty voice he said. '' I am Roderick, nice to meet you all, I am lady phiolas humble guardian'' he said, as he continued, phiola bend down a bit and patted Roderick on his head '' Nice to meet you all, and he is also a good friend'' she giggled a little, as her cheeks turned a bit red, she was shy, very shy and hadn't been close to people a lot, especially not people like this.

Conversations continued and confusion arised on the faces of Phiola and roderick, at the start they could follow the conversations, as there were talks about the snakes, and a big monster, that they had heard but not really seen much off. she wondered what was going on outside there, and hoped there were not too many victims, but didn't want to interupt the 'adults' talking, with her hopes.

The ones talking were mostly the orange haired woman, and Rudy. the red haired was quite absent and her eyes seemed to follow a rat. Phiola wondered if the woman liked animals, or was shy too, she looked at Roderick, who had a worried expression on his face. He jumped on Phiolas shoulder and whispered '' They all got bounty's and are dangerous, maybe we should get away''.  Raising an eyebrow she gulped, and whispered back.   '' They seem kind, and its good staying in the safe spots right now''  She told Roderick, who at his turn was worried about things happening but nodded, and hoped no one had heard him. 

Phiola was worried when a silent arised and the red haired woman called Jun suddenly changed expressions '' Uhm, uhm pardon me, are we save here? and who is this wynter?'' she started to look to her feet, hope she didn't speak out of turns and roderick patted her head with a reasuring nod that it was fine.

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Re: The Electric City

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