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Yuka Inoko~

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Yuka Inoko~

Post by Vaetric on Fri Mar 14, 2014 2:27 am

General Information

Name: Yuka Inoko
Epithet: None yet.
Age: 31.
Gender: Girl.
Birthplace: East Blue.
Species: Human.
Orientation: Right handed.

Crew: ~~
Ship: ~~
Occupation: Hairdresser / Navigator.
Bounty: 0
Bounty Collected: 0
Allegiance: Hopes to join a good-natured pirate crew.
Dream(s): To find a soulmate/husband before she gets too old.

Character Information


Appearance: Being a hairdresser, one of the things that stand out the most about her is her hair. It is long and silky, with a vibrant pink colour that shines in the sunlight. She is mostly seen smiling shyly, though seems to be a nice enough person to approach. She wears a dress with a V-cut at the right leg, showing a bit of her hips. The dress also has a collar that wraps around the throat, while leaving her shoulders exposed and showing off some cleavage. She also has a separate piece of clothing with a hoodie that wraps around her shoulders. With her she has two scissors normal for her size that are placed on the inside of the hoodie. Her glasses leave the lenses exposed at the top.

Personality: As suggested with her smile, she is a little shy. It isn’t the kind of shyness that causes you run faint or blush when talking to someone she likes, but she prefers to small talk, rather than engage in a normal conversation. She is fairly good-hearted, and would side with whoever she believes is right, though would always side with who she believes is as friends. She does not like betrayal, and does not like to voice her concerns in case someone takes offence to them, choosing to use a medium instead. She likes to leave a fight with as little bloodshed as possible, and has even made a style to reflect it using her scissors to deflect blades. She doesn’t kill people.

If she likes someone, she would leave little hints, and glance at them whenever she thinks she can get away with it. She likes younger people, though mostly in the range of a couple of years, rather than someone in say, their early twenties. She knows nothing of devil fruits nor of any special abilities, and so would understandably be shocked if one would reveal an ability without her knowledge first. She doesn’t mind older men as long as they are kind to her. While she can put up with them, she doesn’t like loud and bombastic people as much as she would like a quiet person.

She enjoys haircutting and navigating, looking at maps was her favourite pastime as a child. Her drawing skills are above average, but overall she tends to dislike them. As well as that, she doesn’t like to be given praise especially in public, and would often wave it off or be uncomfortable. Being the center of attention is her bane, and she gets drunk pretty easily, though it tends to just make her even more shy than usual. Her favourite food is rice, she hates anything of the horror genre as she gets scared easily and she loves orange juice. She has a sensitive tongue and doesn’t like spicy or rich food. Furthermore, she doesn’t like to admit that she dyes her hair, her natural hair colour is blond.

Character History


Yuka was born to a middle-class family in the Goa kingdom. Her parents made enough income to live closer to the noble district than others. Her father was a shipwright with a good reputation, while her mother was a doctor. They often told her to either follow in her mothers’ shoes as a doctor, or to get a job that allowed her to enter into the noble district. They weren’t particularly strict parents due to them not being around very often due to their jobs, but they loved her all the same to buy her books to amuse herself. By the age of seven she learnt how to read and write from her mother in her spare time.

Soon they brought her books on the sea and weather for her amusement, she learned measures of distance, and found that she had a good head for them. She read that the average number of steps in a mile is two thousand six hundred and forty, so she took that many steps. However, as she was walking in order to find out the length of the mile, she entered the noble district by accident, and subsequently got bullied by the noble families’ children after learning that she didn’t belong there. Disheartened by her meanness, she returned home and placed down the book. She visited her mother while working and tried her best to follow in her footsteps. She soon found a fascination with her mothers’ hair, and decided to become a hairdresser.

A couple of years later, at the age of eleven, she got back into reading again, learning how to navigate by herself in the spare time she had while she accompanied her father to work. She didn’t really learn much from her parents, as she kept her head on the beauty of the sea, sometimes drawing it. People would occasionally comment on her drawings, telling her that she had talent, so she decided to show the nobles’ children who bullied her, to see if they would change their minds. They didn’t, they ripped up her drawings, called her ‘trash’ and subsequently hurt her self-esteem when it came to drawing.

By sixteen, she began to cut other peoples’ hair in the local salon. She made a modest profit though her parents weren’t as proud as she hoped they would be. They were still loving, but they also had another child on the way. By the age of twenty two, she was approached by one of the messengers of the nobles, detailing of her talent in hairdressing and therefore wished for her to cut the hair of nobles. Her parents were overjoyed, but she dreaded the time she had to pack her bags. She didn’t like them, they made fun of her while she was a child and they had the power to make her disappear on a whim.

Cut to the age of twenty six, she cut hair with great dexterity and precision, quickly finishing after the customer sat down. She made quite the nice profit, and had free accommodation . Even some of the nobles who had bullied her praised the haircuts she gave her, though when she first came they ridiculed and gave her a hard time. Though, some of the more unsavory ones still mockingly attacked her with actual swords after coming from a fencing lesson or two. Her wounds healed, and she learned to block them over time with her scissors.

On her thirty first birthday she was cutting one of the nobles’ child’s hair when she heard the question. “You’re so old, and you haven’t even got a boyfriend yet!” the child giggled, and she stopped in her tracks. After a couple of moments she finished up on the kids hair and looked toward the window. She saw things that she hadn’t seen before. Couples, women and men walking side by side. She questioned herself; why didn’t she try finding a suitor earlier? She also realised something else; she liked none of them. They were too self-important. The unmarried men openly flirted with her and she thought nothing of it before. Why now?

She gripped the windowsill more tightly, and walked back to her small apartment. She let out a breath for a moment, before looking at her book. The book she occasionally read on navigation. She didn’t spend much of her earnings at all, only to eat drink and sleep. She loved hairdressing, but she had hardly any friends, real friends! She had no one she actually liked. She went by her parents, and left half of what she earned with them with a letter. She was going to find that special someone, but not here. She was going to find friends, but not here. She was going to find people who truly cared for each other, unlike the nobles who kissed up to whoever was higher ranking than them. She was going to find a solid, true friendship that would last for years, not days or weeks. She thought for a moment. She heard of those who place their friends above all else. What was it called again?



Great sense of fashion in haircutting. (Can look at the local styles and copy them.)
Natural drawing talent.
Good sense of distance and direction from cutting hair. (She knows by instinct how long a centimeter or an inch is without use of a ruler, as well as miles or kilometers from reading books)
Information-gathering through haircutting. (I.E. Smalltalk/gossip)
Can sense the weather, such as how hard the wind blows or a sudden shift.


A bag, contains:
One extra scissor.
Nail clips.
Facial cream.
Pink hair dye.
A brush.
Other various kinds of hairdressing equipment.


Two scissors.

Weapon Description:

They’re average scissors, made of average metal.

Weapon Special Abilities:

Reinforced bolts, so they’re more durable than the average scissors and can deflect sword swings.

Weapon History:

Yuka brought them from a shop, but when

Power Level Information

Character Strength: Average
Character Speed: Proficient
Character Resilience: Average
Character Dexterity: Advanced

Devil Fruit Information

Devil Fruit Name: ~~~
Devil Fruit Type: ~~~
Devil Fruit Mastery Level: ~~~
Devil Fruit Abilities: ~~~

Devil Fruit Weaknesses: ~~~

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat:


Weapon Based Combat:

Scissor Block
When an opponent /assailant swings their blade toward Yuka, she opens her scissors and blocks the strike with both.

Scissor Deflect
When an opponent/assailant uses a heavier weapon, such as a hammer or two handed sword, instead of blocking she deflects the blow by opening both and guiding the blade away from her body, rather taking the full brunt. I.E, a strike coming from the left, she intercepts and guides it overhead.

Yuka deftly cuts pieces of cloth or leather on important parts of an opponents’ clothes. (For mail or plate, she cuts the straps), therefore either making it useless, or she removes the clothes completely. Belts included.


She strikes at her opponents’ hair, leaving someone who is quite fond of it in shame. She could leave someone bald, or with other hairstyles such as a Mohawk.

She targets the assailant’s shoes, and cuts their laces so it would be harder for them to move unless they remove the shoes completely.

Devil Fruit Based Combat: ~~~

Haki: ~~~

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Re: Yuka Inoko~

Post by Fin~ on Tue Apr 01, 2014 4:49 am


I like her nice job.

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Re: Yuka Inoko~

Post by Vaetric on Mon Apr 21, 2014 7:59 am


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Re: Yuka Inoko~

Post by Vaetric on Wed Jul 30, 2014 11:29 pm

She's been sold, so I do not need her on the list anymore, Blink's character now.

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Re: Yuka Inoko~

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