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Murii Miyaki

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Murii Miyaki

Post by Murii on Wed Mar 19, 2014 5:40 am

General Information
"Some things just don't have answers. But it won't stop me searching for them."

Name:  Nicole | Murii Miyaki
Epithet: "Magician Murii"
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Birthplace: North Blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Right Handed
Theme Tune:

Crew: Dog Ear Pirates
Ship: Playful Griffin
Occupation: Navigator
1st Bounty: 5,000,000
Crimes Committed:
• Taking part in the Reverse Mountain War
Allegiance: Pirates
• To find out the meaning of life which she thinks is a mathematical problem which can be solved by using the 3x3x3 cube.
• Punish the marines for ruining her mother's and father's life.

Character Information
"I like you because you're different"

Dog Ears Jolly Roger:

Murii Miyaki's Traditional Attire:

Nicole is a slim woman, she's 5,6'. Due to being from the North Blue her skin is very pale which goes very nicely with her ice blue eyes. Her eyes are quite big but not too big.

Outfit 1 (For warmer weathers) -
She wears glasses, a really simple design. She has long eyelashes that make her big eyes look very polished. Her lips are a light pink/skinish color. Her face is covered in frekles, they are quite bright though so they can be quite hard to spot at times. She has red/orange hair which she has put up in a hair clip on the back of her head, also she has two headbangs hanging down on the sides of her face.Her hair is normaly quite flat, though as soon as it touches water it gets wavy. Her frige is leaned to the left side of her face. She has a tight white tank-top that really makes her chest area look nice, she's unaware of this. She wears a pair of red, thight, jeans shorts. She has a pair of black stockings which goes quite far above her knees but you can still see some skin inbetween the shorts and stockings. She has a pair of black boots with a white shoelace which goes all the way from the top of the shoe to the bottom in repeatedly X forms, they reach slightly below her knees. She also has black suspenders.

Outfit 2 (For colder weathers) -
Her hair is the same way as before. She doesn't wear her glasses due to the glass getting frosty all the time for some weird reason. This makes it easier to see her beautiful eyes. She wears a loose, white tank-top with a little pocket the left chest. She wears a grey cardigan with a hood and a zipper. And over that she wears a short black, jeans vest. She wears a pair of tight black jeans with her normal boots on, though it looks like normal shoes due to most of the shoes being covered by the jeans.

Personality: Nicole is a warm and charming person. She loves to talk to new people though she can be shy at times. She is very careful and likes to think through things she does before she actually do anything, like coming up with strategies. Due to being a mathematical genius she has no problem coming up with solutions though she can get a little too mathematical at times. When she does she usually just starts talking about stuff that most people wouldn't understand. Also she always carries her rubix cube around with her. She uses it to do all kind of stuff, to navigate, to solw problems and sometimes, just to kill time. She is very protective over her cube due to it being the last memory she has of the Doctor (She calls her father the Doctor).

Character History
"There is no happiness without a little struggle"


The sky in the East Blue was sparkling with stars, the moon was so close but still so far away and for those who saw it, they could almost feel like they could touch it. On this very fine evening, a young woman named Kathrine gave birth to a young baby girl. The father of the child was a scientist, who was working in the North Blue, he had left the mother with a promise to one day return, though the man would never be able to fulfill his promise. Kathrine loved her child with all of her heart, though the rest of the village did not accept the child due to the fact that the mother could not give the name of the father. The father of the child, the scientist was also a prisoner, working for the marines to pay of his sentence, if Kathrine spoke the name the child was likely to be killed, instead of this Kathrine and the child was seen as sinners. The village was strong believers of god and had yet learned about science or anything that went against their believes, this was also a reason why Kathrine could not point out the father, he was a non believer of god, the biggest sin of them all in the eyes of the village. The young child was named Nicole, that was what her father had wanted to name her. Nicole grew up in a small cabin with her mother, she hardly ever got to go out this was due to Kathrine's fear that someone would hurt Nicole.

Nicole never asked why she couldn't leave the house, she could see the sadness in her mothers eyes and even though she knew her mother loved her, she could also see the hate in her eyes. Nicole was the only thing holding her on this island, keeping her away from the love of her life. Nicole was a clever girl, already at the age of 5, she quickly picked up the abilities to read on write and the passion for books grew inside of her. She read everything she could get her hands on, magazines, books, cookbooks and she had read the bible countless of times! Nicole only read the bible because she didn't have anything else though, she did not believe in god or anything as it. She had not realized yet but she was, just like her father, a believer of nature and science. This did truly bother her mother, even though she did love a man who believed in nature Kathrine herself believed in god and did not want her daughter to believe in anything else. Kathrine one day, at the age of 7, told Nicole that she would have to start going to church and school. Nicole was excited, she would now be able to leave the house at least once a day! And as her mother had told she started going to church every Sunday and to school all the other days, even on Saturdays. Even though the people in the village and the priest did not like Kathrine and Nicole, the church could never forbid someone from entering and a law said that every child was allowed to go to school.

Even though this the hatred when they were around was huge! In church no one wanted to sit at their side and in school Nicole never had anyone to talk to but she didn't mind either of these things. She thought church was boring and didn't make sense, her thoughts during church time was in another world and in school, well she just wanted to learn new things, even if she did have friends there they would only turn out to be troublesome. Nicole did very well in school. She enjoyed learning new things and here she could read all she wanted to. Her favorite subjects were geography and math and she quickly picked up the hang of it. She soon knew the world map in her head and math was just a hobby in her opinion. As she continued to go to school she learned more about geography and math, especially geography. She did not only learn where the countries were placed but also how to navigate with the help from stars and with other methods. As she got more knowledge of the world she realized that living on this island wouldn't be enough for her, she wanted to travel the world! At the age of 10 she was probably the smartest one in the whole village, people hated her for that so they chose to send her off.. One day the marines arrived at the shore, her mother was frightened as they knocked on the door but she still opened and when she saw the face of the marine she looked like she could faint. "Hello Kathrine!" The marine said. He was a tall man with a eye patch over his left eye. "R-robert!" It was Nicole's father! The man smiled and nodded. Nicole was hiding behind her mother but Robert quickly spotted her. "So this is my daughter huh?" He looked at her closely. "I'm not your daughter!" Nicole cried out! "Shh Nicole!" Kathrine said.

"Why are you here?" Nicole's mother asked Robert. His smile faded away. "You know why." He said and indeed, she did. He was here to take Nicole. "But why?!" She asked. "I'm not sure, but they are my orders, the headquarters are telling me she can come to use." "So you are willing to use your own daughter?!" Kathrine shouted out, she could not keep the tears in anymore and they started streaming down her face. Robert then bent forward and kissed Kathrine before whispering something into her ear. Nicole couldn't hear what he said. Nicole's mother then wiped the tears and nodded. "Hun, you'll be going with your father today." Nicole shook her head "But I don't want to leave you mom!" "You'll have to dear, we'll see each other some other day though, okay?" Nicole shook her head again and started crying. Then Robert grabbed Nicole and lifted her up and started carrying her to his ship.Nicole was crying so much she passed out. When she woke up she was lying in a bed. She quickly got out and noticed where she was. She was on a ship, she'd read about them! She sneaked her way out of the room and got up on deck, it was filled with marines running all around. She spotted Robert, her dad. He was talking with another marine. She got up on deck but no one seemed to pay attention to her. She looked around, they were out on sea, no land could be seen! At that moment she knew she would never see her mom again.

Robert seemed to her noticed her by now and walked over to her. "Shouldn't you be resting young lady?" "Umh no thank you.." She said. Complaining and crying wouldn't help she thought. She had to escape the ship before they reached the marines head quarters. Luckily there was a long way to go. "Oh okay. Do you want something to eat?" Robert asked. She shook her head but as her stomach growled she sighed and nodded. "Sure." Robert laughed a little, his laugh was warm and friendly. This made Nicole smile. She was surprised it did, she didn't hate her father for taking her away from her mother but she didn't like him either. They got in to the kitchen and sat down at a table. Soon food had arrived for Nicole. "Eat up." Her father said and picked up a cube from his pocket, it had allot of squares in different colors on it. She'd read about them, a rubix cube. He quickly solved the puzzle and looked at his daughter to see if she were impressed. She was quite amazed. "Want to try?" He asked. She nodded and took it. After shuffling the cube she tried solving it but she couldn't. She looked up at her father and looked quite dissapointed. "I should be able to solve such a puzzle. I was the smartest in my village.." He laughed. Nicole did not appreciate it. "What's so funny?" "Oh nothing, but solving the cube has nothing to do with smartness. Just like the rest of important things in this world.. You don't need to be smart to solve the most difficult problems!" Nicole was confused.

"Want me to teach you?" Nicole smiled. "Yes please!" "Well eat up first!". For weeks he taught her how to solve different kind of cubes and they actually got to know each other quite well. Nicole started to feel like she finally got a dad."I did it!" She shouted out!" She'd solved the 18x18 cube. Her father clapped his hands. "I have nothing more to teach you about the cubes then." She smiled. "I bet I'm better than you are at solving them now!" She said and giggled. "Oh dream on hun!" He said and laughed. They were sitting up on deck when suddenly Nicole felt a weak wind blow by. Her father got up and started shouting: "GET READY FOR A BIG STORM!" Everyone started running around fixing things and Nicole was forced to go down into her room. That night a horrible storm was taking over the sea. She wasn't sure how her father could have known. She'd read all the books about navigation in the library and she still had no idea! The next day she asked her father about it and he told her it was all about her instincts! She had to trust her guts! The next few weeks Nicole tried to follow her fathers words and they truly did work. She helped her father with navigating the ship. She learned more and more from her father and one day she said. "Wow father, you really do know everything!" He smiled. "I wish so but there is one question I still don't know the answer to." He said. "What?!" Nicole said shocked.

"I still don't know the meaning of life. Why do we walk this earth?" Nicole was surprised by his answer.. She didn't have a clue about the answer. From that day and on she thought about the question, always. She also asked him a question she never thought she would back then. "Why did you leave mom and me?" He was shocked now. "I didn't I was forced to leave by the marines, and I only work for them so i may return with you back one day. I hate the marines for splitting up our family..." Nicole felt how a hatred for marines grew, she blamed them for her mother being all alone. But still she had no plans of going back to her mother, she would have left the island even if the marines hadn't forced her to, eventually. A day when the sea was storming almost everyone was busy above deck. So Nicole decided to take a walk around in the ship. She walked around and suddenly she found a big box. It was locked but solving the code was no match for Nicole. She opened the box and inside she found a weird looking fruit. It was white and black with a funny pattern which looked like it was moving. She picked up the fruit and she was quite curious about it, shed never seen anything like it! She took a bite and it tasted quite horrible but for some weird reason she couldn't stop eating it, her guts told her not to. So as she finished the fruit the storm was already over and her father entered the room. He saw her and the box open and quickly rushed over to her. "Did you eat it?!" She nodded. He seemed sad and angry but not at her. That was when a whole new world opened for her. Her father told her what the fruit had really been, it was no normal fruit it was a Devil Fruit.

Nicole thought they'd only been a legend but she soon noticed that they weren't. She could create illusions but she had no idea how to control her ability but her father helped her and Nicole quickly got a hang of it but he told her to keep it a secret about the fruit and so she did. Now there wasn't a long way to go, they were almost at the marine head quarters, but then something happened. A storm, such a storm neither she or her father had ever seen come! It was so powerful it sunk the ship! Nicole knew she couldn't swim either but her father put her in a box before the ship was completely ruined. It only held one, and a child, no adult. She didn't want to leave her dad but he told her that he wanted her to survive no matter what. "Please Nicole, you have to survive, if there is someone who can find a answer to my question it's you.." He took something from his pocket and gave it to her, it was his cube, his precious cube. "I love you." He said and after that they drifted apart, he was still on the sinking ship but she was floating away. She cried all night and had a tight grip around the cube. She floated in that box for days, without food. Suddenly one day she saw land. As she got to it she noticed it was a big city she'd reached. She started working on the streets to survive in the huge city and she worked her way up.

With the help of her fruit she was able to get a designer job at the age of 15, she stayed in this city for about 7 years, not knowing what to do with her life.. Those words of her father they just hadn't clicked yet. One day tough, at the age of 17 she decided she was going to find the answer to his question. She didn't know how though, she then remembered she'd gotten his cube. She took a closer look at it and it had lots and lots of number written in on it. Her father had to have been using the cube to solve the question.. She would try that too. So she lived in the city for one more year to save up some money. The next year, at the age of 18 she left the island, in hope of seeing the world and finding a answer to her question. She also felt the flame of hatred for the marines burning inside of her, she wanted some kind of revenge.

PS. She uses the name Murii instead of Nicole due to wanting to get a new start.


Navigational Prowess
Spending time with her father Murii was able to learn more about the navigation reading book after book she started to understand how one would use the tools, read the maps and even sightly read the weather to predict storms as well as the currents that have potential to change to help dictate the currents.

Mathematical Genius
Spending time figuring out puzzles such as the meaning of life rubix cubes and codes, Murii is a rather clever woman who likes to think there's always a right answer and because of this she has a great mind for maths and tends to use it in most aspects of life to answer any questions she may have or figure out puzzles which leave her with no answers, such as what the meaning of life is.

"With these I'll answer the world's questions"

Weapon: Koneko Tsume

Weapon Description: The Koneko Tsume is a black tactical baton which reaches two feet in length once extended. There is a small black strap which the user can wrap around their wrist or even connect on to their clothing through belt loops to hang from their clothing. On the tip there is a small silver claw which can be used like a hook. This tip can be removed to reveal a 15 foot retractable steel thread inside allowing the baton to be used similar to a whip when the tip is removed.

Weapon Special Abilities:
Koneko Stretch
The Koneko Tsume has a whip like feature allowing the weapon to extend its reach and be used to even aid in swinging from platform to platform or climbing up walls.

Steel Thread
Due to the strength of the thread it allows the whip like feature to be much more painful due to slightly more weight and even makes cutting it much harder.

Weapon History:
During their time spent on Pirguru in Koga's lab, Lyceum Tate collected a handful of tools. Whilst he brought a selection of them back with him he started to play with the spare parts and finally constructed the Koneko Tsume as a weapon fit for Murii Miyaki after she mentioned that she had no way of protecting herself against anyone body who might try something. Handing the weapon over to her and showing her how it worked Murii Miyaki loved the weapon and has taken up training with the weapon to learn more of its capabilities and further prove herself as more than a pretty face and big breasts which is one of the main things people know her for.

Power Level Information
"I'll help however I can"

Character Strength: Trained
Character Speed:  Trained
Character Resilience:  Trained
Character Dexterity:  Advanced

Devil Fruit Information
"I'm an Illusion Woman"

Devil Fruit Name: Sakka Sakka no Mi
Devil Fruit Type: Paramecia
Devil Fruit Mastery Level: Level 2
Devil Fruit Abilities: The abilities of the Sakka Sakka no Mi are that the user is granted the ability to create & manipulate illusions of any size.

Devil Fruit Weaknesses:
• Ordinary Devil Fruit Weaknesses

Combat Information
"I may be little, but I can still pack a punch"

Unarmed Combat:

Weapon Based Combat:

Koneko: Kitten Jab
Snapping her tactical baton out to its full length Murii jabs the clawed tip of the baton towards her opponent.

Koneko: Kitten Fury
Snapping her tactical baton out to its full length Murii jabs the clawed tip of the baton towards her opponent numerous times.

Koneko: Kitten Cuffs
Releasing the steel thread Murii cracks the whip towards her opponent attempting to wrap the thread around her opponent's limb. As soon as it has been wrapped around a limb, Murii dashes to another side of her opponent attempting to drag the steel thread around another limb or part of their body and continues to do so until her opponent is restrained.

Koneko: Long Kitty Claw
Using the whip to allow range Murii launches the claw at the end of the Koneko towards her opponent attempting to scratch them.

Koneko: Kitten Cuddle
Launching the thread around her opponent's leg Murii tugs on the whip attempting to pull her opponent's legs free from under her.

Koneko: Hidden Kitty Playtime
Launching her whip towards an object behind or near her opponent Murii intentionally misses the opponent and withdraws the whip along with the object towards her opponent to surprise attack them.

Koneko: Elastic Kitty
Launching the claw on to something strong which the claw an either hold on to or having it wrapped around Murii quickly moves around the area allowing the steel wire to be held behind obstructions. The steel wire acts as a bigger obstruction to the opponent.

Koneko: Elastic Kitty: Black Hammer
Letting go of the baton itself Murii watches as the baton shoots back towards the claw hitting anything along the way including the opponent or Murii herself.

Koneko: Elastic Kitty: Bullet Claw
Sending a wave down the steel wire this flicks the claw free and it shoots back towards the baton. Much like Black Hammer it will impact anything it touches along the way. However due to it being a razor sharp claw it will slice through flesh with ease.

Devil Fruit Based Combat:

Mirage: Sight
Murii creates a visual illusion for a selected target or group of people.

Mirage: Sound
Murii creates sounds to distract her opponent(s)

Mirage: Vanish
Murii uses her Sakka Sakka no Mi powers to create the illusion of invisibility.

Mirage: Scent
Murii uses her Sakka Sakka no Mi powers to create a scent or cover one up.

Mirage: Distortion
Murii creates an illusion which gives of the illusion that what her opponent(s) are really seeing is distorted.

Mirage: Dislocation
Murii creates a room around her target(s) making them believe they are in a different location by not just changing the visuals but the sound, smell & even temperature.

Mirage: Devil's Dry Drown
This technique is only every used on devil fruit users. Murii creates the illusion that the target is in the water sinking, this gives the devil fruit user the thoughts that they are in the water as Murii uses all of her illusion powers to trick the target's brain into believing they really are immersed in water and thus can even stop them from being able to use their fruit powers or make them believe they are drowning.

Haki: N/A

RP Sample: N/A

Moving Murii Myiaki over from R&F: 5 million in bounty drafted from RF and stat points taken from following threads.

Adventure Time
SITE EVENT: Reverse Mountain War: Entrance to the Grand Line

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Re: Murii Miyaki

Post by Docile on Wed Mar 19, 2014 6:03 am

Unless stated otherwise

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Re: Murii Miyaki

Post by Docile on Wed Oct 22, 2014 7:14 am

Collecting on the Stat Points
Stats been increased:
2+ Dexterity
1+ Speed
1+ Resilience

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Re: Murii Miyaki

Post by FroYo on Wed Oct 22, 2014 7:31 am


Unless stated otherwise

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Re: Murii Miyaki

Post by Docile on Sat Dec 13, 2014 12:07 am

Requesting upgrade on Murii's Strength due to finishing The Electric City

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Re: Murii Miyaki

Post by Vaetric on Sat Dec 13, 2014 3:52 am


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Re: Murii Miyaki

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