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Genzo Noroi

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Genzo Noroi

Post by Docile on Fri Mar 21, 2014 8:15 pm

General Information
"'Sweets for the sweet. Smoke for the smokers. Curses for the cursed'"

Name: Genzo Noroi
Epithet: "Arctic Demon"
Theme Tune: Demons
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Birthplace: East Blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Right Handed

Crew: N/A
Ship: N/A
Occupation: Swordsman
Crimes Committed:
• Murder
• Theft
Artic Demon's Bounty: 17,000
Genzo Nori's Bounty: 0
Allegiance: Pirate
• Collect all the cursed swords
• Master One | Two | Three Sword Style
• Possibly quit smoking
• Defeat the bandit who stole his weapons
• Find it in his heart to forgive Charlene Noroi
• Protect Charlene Noroi & her reputation

Character Information
"In the shrouds of darkness I will be there"



5ft 11 swordsman Genzo Noroi weighs a full 13 stone and is always seen with a cigarette in his mouth and failing that a sword held between his teeth. With pale skin and slightly messy brown hair that reaches down just over his eyes, half way down his ears and further down his neck, Genzo doesn't tend to care too much about his hair. With no facial hair he often has a cloud of smoke escaping his lips or circling around him. His torso is rather muscular, with no defining muscles sticking out or hugely oversized he has well proportioned size muscles to avoid them getting in the way during a fight. Wearing a white cravat around his neck, Genzo wears a brown waistcoat with golden rims and a coat which does very much the same with a button on each shoulder and a flap to hold in place with the button and a square pattern down the rims of the coat where it should button up and along the sleeves.

At the waist he wears a brown belt with the same coloured trousers only with no golden rims. A place to hold his sword hangs from his waist on the left hand side. Covering his feet are a set of black boots with a golden coloured metal ring strapped to either side of them. Inside his jacket's pocket he tends to keep a small cigarette holder which is silver with a inscription on the front.

'Sweets for the sweet.
Smoke for the smokers.
Curses for the cursed'


Genzo is seen as a cold hearted man and made mention of as the Arctic Demon, this epithet is derived from his previous years a bandit where he was seen as a ruthless villainous creature of the arctic. Acting like a beast he was mistaken for one numerous times thus the lack of a bounty. Proud of his skills Genzo knows there is still much further he can go with them and has a strong desire to do so. This part of his reason as to why he left the bandit life, along with the fact that his trust was tested and the group are no longer together.

Genzo has strong trust issues and because of this has trained himself to become a light sleeper just so he may always be on guard and ready. Always resting a hand on his blade this allows him quick action whenever it is needed, not that it is always needed, but he likes to know he has the option. In situations where Genzo is asked to trust someone he will always remain wary and keep an eye on them. When told he will have someone else looking after him such as someone covering him with a firearm he tends to hide from sight to avoid the gunfire as he feels so uncomfortable. To gain his trust allot must be done as he's been hurt before and does not wish to be again.

Addicted to cigarettes Genzo can always be seen with one in his mouth, during a need to hide he is capable of keeping one in his mouth unlit, but as soon as its not needed he'll spark it up before you spot him. Even whilst he sleeps he tends to fall asleep with a lit cigarette which has led to a few awkward situations. Chain smoking Genzo knows the effects it has on his body but wants to prove he can beat the odds and not let it bring him down. With the stress that swordsmanship brings to his body, the cigarette's give him a nice release and chance to relax when he doesn't have access to them for a long time however, he starts to become increasingly violent and tetchy. Exploding over the smallest of things. He acts like everyone is constantly out to get him. Knowing full well he cannot smoke and fight with three sword style, he tends to avoid smoking and uses the rage it provides him to further increase his already worryingly dangerous bestial side during combat. In situations where he would need to dispose of it to throw himself into combat he would either resort to using only two swords until he is done smoking it or eat the lit cigarette once again using it to further augment his anger with the burning and fact that he wasn't able to finish his cigarette uninterrupted.

Romantically Genzo tends to only fall for hardasses such as himself, someone with a steely determination and desire to be the best, incredibly competitive and an awful loser, Genzo has been known to undergo hours of solitude to torture himself and put himself into the right mind set of a winner. However when he wins Genzo is incredibly modest. He likes people to see him as someone whose so good he doesn't have to brag about it because his actions spread further because of other people.

When it comes to combat Genzo leaves behind his humanity and becomes a demon in a human disguise, dangerous & deadly he fights with balletic precision and the passion of a creature unearthly. Feeling he was born too soon Genzo feels himself misplaced and wants to find someone/thing he can connect with. So far his search has come up empty. Thanks to his swordsmanship though he has heard of three swords which he feels would provide him with the understanding he desires for these three swords are cursed and being the demon that he is he believes it takes a demon to handle a curse.

Character History
"The same cursed blood that coarses through my veins, runs through yours too. The only difference is its ruined my life and made me stronger, its made you weaker"


No Sword Style

Puppies playing in the sun, rainbows and sunny days, generic families and all that shit is far from the tale of this young man who people refer to as the Arctic Demon. A name which has been spread far and wide despite him even being in the arctic anymore, but god forbid he should ever return. Once a menace, Second time a psychopath survivalist a third time is what no body wants to witness for he is truly in his element there.

Born in the East Blue in Foosha Village under the family name Noroi was a small beautiful girl. Giving her the name of Charlene her parents, Riujin & Miranda Noroi brought her up as their pride and joy, spoiling her with toys, books and private education they wanted the very best for her and for her to make a wonderful life for herself. From an early age she headed into school and came out with the best of results. Always smiling and feeling accomplished with her goals she returned each day to mention to her parents of how she would one day be the one paying for her parents like they had her, only this time she'd be spoiling them and they'd know it and love her for it dearly. She wanted to do this as a thank you for all of the things they'd done for her.

Quickly progressing and actually leaving school two years early due to being so smart they skipped her a few years she was seen as an incredible student and one who would go far. Leaving school and heading to higher education to seek her dream career as a politician so she could make Foosha Village a better place Charlene headed onwards seeking greatness in her future.

Little did she know however that every politician has skeletons in their closest. Wanting to become that one who didn't she never realized that everyone would be out to get her. During one night out letting her hair down after a stress filled day it happened her drink was drugged and what happened that night she didn't recall. Unfortunately for her it was something that would change her life forever.

Nine months later she gave birth, she'd constantly explained she was just gaining weight due to the stress of the job instead of admitting she was pregnant, but when a baby came tumbling out she could no longer deny that she had been raped by someone trying to make her look bad. With the birth of her son she saw the pictures which begun to flood in from her night out. The night out she didn't remember because of the narcotics in her drink.

Showing her performing lude acts she was quickly frowned upon. Realizing she was in trouble here she did the only thing she could to save her career and came forward as being drugged that night by an anonymous stranger and claimed the baby was for another family and she was acting as a surrogate. Accepting her once more she was still frowned upon for letting herself get drugged but understood on much greater terms.

As for her son the child she'd had for someone else she did the only thing she could and in her spare time during the night she traveled far from Foosha Village somewhere, where she knew she wouldn't be questioned about who she was. Upon arriving she gave him unto an orphanage where little Genzo Noroi begun his life.

Chapter I
One Sword Style

Growing up in the orphanage Genzo was picked on for being scrawny, he spent the first few years of his life waking up every morning with tears streaked down his cheeks, yet another reason to pick on him. He just didn't understand why his mother had wanted to get rid of him and felt hurt. In his head he always told himself it was just because she didn't care for him or love him. Spending allot of his childhood getting picked on Genzo finally found a way in with the cool kids and grasped at it like it was a life support machine. They smoked and so would he, just so he didn't need to suffer the bullying anymore.

Picking up a cigarette from one of their packets whilst they were too busy to notice them having a chat about girls with big breasts he snatched one up and headed outside. Using a match from the matchbox he'd stolen from the caretakers office he ran outside and lit up. Taking his first toke he wound up pulling a face and coughing. But in no time at all. (Throwing up three times.) Genzo was finally one of the cool kids sitting in the corner smoking getting on with the gang. Although still scrawny.

As time flew by he stopped crying in his sleep as he felt accepted now and started to join in with the bullying on other children, mainly because of peer pressure. Time flew by once he knew he had friends. But when the time came about that everyone was reaching the age of 18 allot of his friends had given up smoking and as for himself he just couldn't stop. The addiction was too strong now. It had grabbed hold of him a long time ago and wouldn't be letting go anytime soon.

Being the youngest of the cool kids who smoked Genzo didn't know what he was going to do when he left or what the others were doing either, but he thought he'd meet up with them again. On his eighteenth birthday he did indeed meet up with them. They all arrived to meet him dressed in animal pelts armed to the teeth weaponry. When asked about it they'd said it was for hunting animals thus the pelts, but that wasn't entirely true, for some of the blood splattered over those blades & pelts could be found coursing through the traveler's veins.

The winter had come around and taking him with them Genzo's cool kid friends led the way far from the town into the icy wasteland between two neighboring towns. The boys explained when they left there was a man who'd offered them a job where they could do what they wanted all day long and the only thing he would ask of them was to kill every once in a while and they would get all the riches they desired. If the boys were honest this sounded like a pretty good hustle. Joining this man Genzo thought it would be for the best and didn't sound like too bad a job.

Joining he met the leader a grizzly old man who taught him the basics of swordsmanship. Giving him a single blade Genzo was trained to be proficient with a single sword in combat and sent on his very first kill. The great white menace of the arctic. A large 8 foot polar bear whose very teeth are capable of shattering bone.

Taking this challenge upon himself Genzo headed out hunting down the creature. Coming into contact with the best was the scariest experience of his life but upon returning victorious (with a broken bloody leg!) he held the beast's head up high and was accepted into the clan.

Chapter II
Two Sword Style

Months passed and the clan knitted together nicely all working alongside each other and enjoying each other's company they ambushed traveler after traveler taking their goods, killing them and spreading them fairly among one another. After a few weeks though Genzo started to notice how some of the boys were getting paid more and when he questioned them about it, they became very secretive refusing to answer as to why. Feeling betrayed a hurt he confronted their leader to find him and a female corpse from one of the travelers they'd attacked going at it. (Havin' sexual intercourse)

Gasping in shock he couldn't believe what he saw or how calm the leader was as he reached for a flintlock pistol and took aim at Genzo. The two were caught in an awkward situation, but it didn't deter Genzo enough to question the trust between himself and the other boys in the camp. When he asked him why the other's were paid more he simply stated that the boys he paid more brought him the corpses to do his business with. Offering to do the same as the other boys the leader denied stating he didn't have enough riches to pay another.

Leaving the tent a little angry he took a long walk to calm himself down and remained at the camp. Over the coming months this is where he gained the epithet of the Arctic Demon. Acting like a shadow he brought down numerous travelers by himself. Or at least it may as well have been by himself as the others who came with barely raised a finger to help. As food became scarce and the wildlife wasn't fantastic Genzo noticed how the group started to eat the corpses of the victims they killed and he was more than happy with doing so as he felt they may as well be used properly, but he lost his temper when he recognized the leader dragging a corpse out from his tent and bringing her to the fire Genzo confronted the leader telling all there was to tell about him.

He stated that their leader had been paying a few of the boys to get him female corpses so he could indulge in his necrophiliac desire and now that food had become scare he was throwing the bodies on the fire and cooking the bodies for them to eat. In a rage for telling his secret the leader removed a flintlock and fired at Genzo who was gone in a flash in hiding. Ordering the boys to kill Genzo for a price of 1,000,000 Beli all of the boys quickly turned on Genzo. Funny what money can do to people.

Using what he'd learnt about ambushing people Genzo put it to use and one by one slowly removed another former friend slashing their throat open, stabbing them multiple times or even executing them. As he reached the leader who remained safe in his tent Genzo threw the bodies of his former friends towards the tent tricking the leader into using up his bullets. Walking right in through the front door he found the leader cowering in a ball. Stabbing his sword through his once leader Genzo searched his belongings. He found nothing of interest but the tale of a lonely old man.

He realized his life as a bandit was over and it wasn't all that he'd hoped it would be. His 'friends'he'd made corpses and his 'leader' had been a hopeless necrophiliac. Deciding to head to the closest town and try to build a proper life for himself with the riches the bandit crew he'd once been a part of had stolen he set out to head towards Foosha Village with a map taken from his once leader.

It was a long journey, but it would be worth it. Encountering many animals which he needed to kill for food. Spending one night in a cave Genzo didn't realize it was home to a few bears until it was too late and they had trapped him coming in from the entrance. Backing further into the cave with his torch he stumbled over something which clattered beneath him. Another sword! Unsure he picked it up and dropped the torch.

He wasn't certain this would work, but it was worth a shot, he'd always thought two swords would have been difficult due to having to keep any eye on where the blades were.

When he found his way out of the cave with bear blood over his face, body & blades he realized maybe two sword style wasn't too hard and sheathed both swords before continuing on his journey back to Foosha Village where he would start his own life, but in the mean time, he had two swords to train himself with and a shortening supply of cigarette which he'd have to ration.

Chapter III
Three Sword Style

Reaching the town now a fully grown man at the age of twenty one Genzo felt his struggle come to an end slightly as he was now in a town where people treated others properly. Taking to a tavern he found himself a room which soon became his when he gained a job working as a barman at the tavern. Although he did look elsewhere for a job. But during his time serving as a barman it was made mention of a vile bladed creature in the mountains named the Arctic Demon. People spoke about this creature with fear and terror in their eyes. Realizing after a few weeks that it was him they spoke of Genzo couldn't help but laugh, but he'd never tell anyone it had been him. Those days were behind him now.

Spending his years working as a barman became boring and tiresome and what made it worse was when the new mayor of Foosha Village Charlene Noroi lowered national minimum wage. Taking to the streets in a riot the citizens pointed out how unruly this was and how ridiculous it was. Genzo had never paid much attention to politics until this moment and this is when he recognized the woman's surname matching his own. He had to know who this woman was. She looked old probably in her fifties by now but he was only in his twenties. Heading to his room in the tavern Genzo decided it was time to find out who he was and where he came from, putting on his old Arctic Demon outfit (Bandit outfit) taking to the streets with two swords a mask to cover his face and his raggedy clothing which covered him up he broke into Charlene Noroi's home that night. Finding her in bed with her husband he tied him up and dragged him into a different room.

Returning to Charlene he discovered he stricken with fear restraining her and gagging her with a pair of her own socks he sat down on the bed and started to ask her if she had a son named Genzo, he asked her about her past and finally why she did what she did to him.

Owning up to all of her wrongful doings that took this devastating effect on his life Genzo understood, fraught with anger he lashed out at her punching her in the face. He explained what he'd been through because of her selfish act that got her this career as the Mayor after so many years. Untying her Genzo explained that he could understand why she did it and that in time he would try to forgive her because he was her son and she was the mother he'd always wanted. Grateful for this she hugged Genzo in return and kissed him on the cheek telling him, despite the wrongful doings he'd done, she was proud of him and even though he was the notorious Arctic Demon that she'd heard of she was proud to call this demon son.

Returning to his duties as a bartender the next day Genzo heard word of the Arctic Demon in Foosha Village which made him laugh. What surprised him was what came next though, one of the citizens mentioned that he must've come looking for one of the three legendary cursed swords which had come through the village the night before. Asking about this sword the patrons became curious as to why he wanted to know. Genzo's response was that he was an avid sword collector and wanted to collect these special swords. But really he'd heard of something with as much bad luck as himself and figured maybe it was time they all met.

Discovering these swords had left town and were heading off somewhere towards the Grand Line he thanked the patrons before quitting his job, taking his swords with him and leaving behind his bandit outfit Genzo unfortunately that day, found himself running into a group of bandits like he used to be himself. With his own swords hanging from his waist he engaged them in combat all the while smoking blowing smoke into their face to use it as a distraction whilst he cut them up, but as the smoke cleared and the bodies fell Genzo was left standing with a cigarette butt in his mouth and a few scratches over his body but still two swords and an iron will to find these cursed swords. Turning he met the leader who held a sword in each hand and one in his mouth. A brute of a man who shot towards Genzo hacking & slashing away at him with incredible speed, strength and determination.

Blocking every attack he could Genzo wound up pinned against a wall when he realized he couldn't move, he was met with a hilt to the stomach and another to the back of the head. Hitting the floor hard he was knocked unconscious. Realizing all was gone Genzo got to his feet realizing he had some work to do.

He was going to learn the fighting style of the bandit who beat him up and took his stuff. He'd already picked up the key element though.
He was going to get himself all of these cursed swords.
He was going to master all one two & three sword styles.
He was going to try and forgive his mother.


Spending time training under his bandit leader along with the other boys Genzo learned how to stealthy stalk his prey and plan his movements which would aid him in dealing out the least force but give him the best chance to ambush his target getting away with all they planned on taking with the least amount of effort possible.

Throughout his life Genzo has found himself in situations where by simply adding another sword it has seemed that another person is stronger than him and he has taken to learning one/two sword style but it simply has not been enough as he still finds himself too weak to defeat some opponent's he comes across, angered and enraged by this he plans to take actions into his own hands and turn himself into the best swordsman he can be.

"Use this time without my friends to protect yourself, because the monsters are coming"

Weapon Name: Ieti

Description: The Ieti is a large katanta with a dim gray blade, the hilt is black with three blue zeros along either side of it. The edge of this katana's blade is a cobalt blue. On the other side of the blade there are blue half zeros.. This sword is slightly heavier than the ordinary katana due to being cold worked with a heavier than usual material.

Weapon History:
Created by a mysterious blacksmith many years ago in the West Blue the Ieti was created for the King to use in battle against an army of pirates. Unfortunately the sword brought about his downfall. Dying in battle the king lost his life and sword which was picked up by a pirate. Taking it in hand and ruling over his crew with this new sword, the pirate started to realize how this sword was different from various others. The blade felt cold all the time and the weight was slightly more.

He saw it as a sign that he was meant to have this sword as he was so victorious with it, however one night after he'd plundered yet another village he was gunned down. Hitting the ground a marine took the sword and headed out on his pursuit of a notorious revolutionary. Finding himself stuck in the grand line after a notorious revolutionary he met his death on a winter island at the hands of hypothermia.

After this the sword was lost with the marine in the winter wonderland, no one knows what happened to the sword next, but some believe it still stands there beside him today. People spread rumours saying how from pictures they'd seen the sword had travelled all over the place and always been the cause of the user's death as it was always beside them when they took their last breath.

Some said the blade was cursed by a wintry monster due to its resistance to the warmth, but no one really knows for this is simply a rumour.

Special Weapon Abilities:

Cold Worked
This sword was cold worked making it an incredibly strong sword giving it greater resistance than most other normal swords have allowing the user to fight endlessly before any chance of it breaking.

Due to the unique material used in construction of this sword the katana weighs slightly more than a regular katana, however this allows the user much more force to be thrown into big attacks but makes it slightly more difficult to stop big attacks such as these and even move faster with.

Heat Resistance
Once again the unique material of this sword grants the sword a strange ability, that of ice cold temperature. The sword will never conduct heat.

Devil Fruit:


Power Level Information
"Strength of a monster & rage of a demon"

Character Strength: Trained
Character Speed: Trained
Character Resilience: Trained
Character Dexterity: Advanced

Devil Fruit Information
"Cursed blades are the only curse I need"

Devil Fruit Name:
Devil Fruit Type:
Devil Fruit Mastery Level:  
Devil Fruit Abilities:

Devil Fruit Weaknesses:

Combat Information
"Three Swords for One Man"

Unarmed Combat

Spitting the cigarette in his mouth at his opponent Genzo scolds his opponent.

Weapon Based Combat:

One Sword Style:Yeti Hail Stone
Holding his blade horizontally Genzo jabs at his opponent piercing them

One Sword Style: Beelzebub's Smoky Dice
Exhaling smoke into his opponent's face Genzo uses the smoke as a distraction and attempts to slash his opponent from shoulder to waist.

One Sword Style: Silver Tipped Unicorn
Charging towards his opponent with his blade directed towards them Genzo attempts to impale them.

One Sword Style: Lucifer's Brimstone Rainbow
Charging towards his opponent Genzo drags his blade along the ground heating it up with friction before leaping into the air and swinging downwards in an attempt to cut the opponent in half.

One Sword Style: Lycan Three Way Strike
Striking his opponent from left to right then back again and left to right again Genzo attempts to slice his opponent three times across the chest.

One Sword Style: Ieti: Ice Cold Crucifix
Using the Ieti Genzo slashes downwards from upwards at his opponent then brings his blade to either the left or right side and slashes from left to right or right to left cutting his opponent with a crucifix type cut leaving behind a freezing cold sting due to the Ieti's special ability.

One Sword Style: Ieti: Iceberg Clash
Swinging his Ieti with great force using two hands Genzo puts much more force behind his swings causing much more damage upon his attacks doubling the strength but limiting his dexterity. The weight of the Ieti aids him in the power of the attacks too.

Two Sword Style: Death's Executioner Cross
Slashing his opponent across the chest by bringing both swords towards each other Genzo crosses them before dropping down and swinging them back out again attempting to slash his opponent again.

Two Sword Style: Silver Tipped Taurus
Using two blades this time Genzo repeats the same technique as with the 'Silver Tipped Unicorn'

Two Sword Style:Yeti Hail Stone: Storm
Holding his blade horizontally Genzo jabs at his opponent piercing them

Three Sword Style: Lycan Three Way Strike: Double Paw
Charging towards his opponent Genzo places all of his blades horizontally and as he comes close to his opponent he sweeps them to one side slashing three large scars similar to that of a werewolf into his opponent.

Devil Fruit Based Combat:


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Re: Genzo Noroi

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Collecting on the Stat Points
Stats been increased:
1+ Strength
1+ Speed
1+ Resilience
1+ Dexterity

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Requesting upgrade on Genzo's DexterityEven a broken clock is right twice a day

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