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Marley Jackson - [Complete]

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Marley Jackson - [Complete]

Post by Guest on Sat Mar 22, 2014 9:14 am

Name : Marley Jackson
Epithet : "Tropic Thunder"
Age : 25
Gender : Male
Birthplace : East Blue
Species : Human
Orientation : Left Handed

Theme : S.O.S
Crew : N/A
Ship : N/A
Occupation : Fisherman/Cook
Bounty : 0
Allegiance : None
Dreams :

  • Catch A Seaking
  • Explore The World Beyond The Island

Appearance :
Marley has a dark complexion and stands at a height of 6 foot and 2 inches tall, he has a very well built and athletic mesomorph physique and body. The hair on his head is incredibly long and has been tied into dreadlocks which reach down to his backside despite their length Marley tends to dislike cutting them as he sees them as part of his very being. Marley has dark brown eyes and a goatee that reaches down hisjawline towards his ears. For Clothing, he tends to go topless due to the way he was raised as a fisherman and wears knee length trunks that are Black, Yellow, Red and Green the colours of Rastafarians with a roaring lion on the bottom right leg.

As Accessories go, Marley wears a rope necklace on top of another necklace that has a number of different shells and other items he has found on the beach during his time as a Fisherman. Also Marley wears a rope bracelet on his left arm and a woven hat on his forehead that is often tilted forward covering his face and the toothpic he usually has wedged between his teeth. On his feet the fisherman tends to wear basic sandals with no socks, Marley is also often seen with his fishing spear in hand and his lucky conch that's he had since he was a young boy.

Personality :
Everything Marley does or contemplates doing he runs through Jah, which is the God he worships and lives his life by his moral code which is an altered form of Rastafari that he has made to suit his lifestyle and the way he lives his life. The first principal of this is his view that All Man Is Equal, meaning he does not discriminate against anyone and treats everyone the same regardless of race, creed or allegiance. His other predominant principal is his view that Everything is Jah's creation and therefore needs to be treated with the greatest of respect however he knows and accepts that in the world he currently lives in he cannot abide by this principal fully.

Marley speaks with a very strong jamaican accent that can be difficult to understand and interpret due to the deepness of his voice as well as the choice of words he opts to use to epress what his thoughts and feelings. Also Marley is very stubborn especially when it comes to new thigns such as Technology which he has no idea how it works or what it is as he has lived on a remote island for a quarter of a century so his knowledge of the world around him is very limited.

Overall despite his stubborness, Marley is a king hearted man with a good heart. He likes children, as on the island he would often be left in charge of them along with the women whilst the men went out to hunt for food.

Marley was born on a remote island in the East Blue, he was born into a rastafari tribe that was made up of roughly 30 people, men women and children. Education was always a priority in the island for the children much to the young fisherman's distain as he would often spend his days inside one of the teepees being taught how to read and write, because of restraints the education was not the greatest but it was something, at the age of 10 Marley was able to read, write and speak at least semi-fluent english. His Father was the chief of the small congregation and was referred to as "Tata" which was an affectionate term for "Father" similar to Papa or Daddy.

It was clear from a young age that Marley was going to make a great huntsman, the elder hunters would often said him on small menial tasks to help him and keep him occupied such as catching small fish in the shallow depths of the ocean to which Marley took great honour in as he felt like he had purpose which gave him a great sense of pride, as he idolised his Tata and the respect he received from the tribesman. The Rastafari Lifestyle an Culture was also very prominent in the island, which Marley fully embraced and he enjoyed the freedom Rastafari's had and that there were no solid set of guidelines that one needed to follow to be a Rastafari like so many other ways of life.

As he grew older, Marley began growing more and more muscular by the time he was 17 he was almost as big as some of the hunters much to his Tata's joy. Eventually his Tata permitted him to go on Fishing Hunts with the Huntsman and himself. It was one of his true loves as he sailed out into the open sea and enjoyed the cool breezes and the freedom that the vast endless blue provided him. At the age of 22, a marine branch's ship had crashed in what was believed to be a heavy and wild storm the eventual crew had washed up on the shores of the beach, Marley was the first to find them.

In Total there were only around 8 - 10 men that had survived and drifted towards the island out of a 40 man crew, various pieces of the vessel had washed up amongst piles of splintered wood Marley discoverd a shard of a dark metal like material that had been ripped and jagged intoa spear like shard. The Material had turned out to be Kairoseki, to which Marley didnt know but he kept it anyway, it was sharp and he figurednit could be useful in fishing. Tata took the marines in and nursed them into health despite not knowing much about them however he saw they were in need and Jah would of done the same thing.

One of the survivers Perlock was a plump bald headed man who turned out not to be a solider but more so a cook, the other marines were hard and abusive towards him mostly because of his size to which Marley did not like nor appreciate. After these events Marley began to look out for Perlock and there friendship grew, over time Marley would be taught by Perlock in the culinary arts often the athletic frame of Marley would hunt the fish whilst the educated fingers of Perlock would prepare the meals. Marley would soon become proficient in the culinary arts, often testing his skills due to the limited facilities of the island as he was taught by Perlock over the next 2 years.

During these two years the majority of the marines had left after being returned to their stations whereas Perlock opted to remain on the island preferring it's simplicity and lack of technology and freedom. Becoming inseperable Marley would often listen to the stories Perlock would tell about the world beyond the island, one specific story that captivated the interests of one Mr Jackson was the stories of the Sea Kings, creatures of the sea that were capable of destroying a fleet of ships in one fell swoop. These tales and fables inspired Marley to leave the island and pursue the world beyond the island.

Inventory :

Weapon Name ; Fishing Spear

Weapon Description :
Marley's Fishing Spear is made out of a long wooden pole that is roughly the is a tiny bit shorter than he himself is, a jagged edge of seastone has been fastened to the top to act as a spear and has been tightly fastened by string allowing Marley to spear fish or enemies

Weapon Special Abilities :
The Tip of the spear is made of Seastone that nullifies devil fruit abilities and allows logias to be hit.

Weapon History :
Marley first received his fishing spear during his first hunt with the tribes hunters however the point of the spear was only made of flint. a couple years down the line a group of marines shipwrecked onto the shores of the island. Along with them fragments sof the ship also washed up, including a shared of Seastone that Marley took a shining to and replaced the flint on his fishing spear.

Power Levels :
Character Strength :
Character Speed : Trained
Character Dexterity : Trained
Character Resilience : Average

Abilities :
  • Fishing Skills
  • Strong Swimmer
  • Culinary Arts

Unarmed Combat :
Will Be Added During RP

Weapon Based Combat :
Will Be Added During RP

Combo Combat ;
Will Be Added During RP

Haki :

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Re: Marley Jackson - [Complete]

Post by Docile on Wed Apr 16, 2014 8:47 pm

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