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Messy Canvas Commissions

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Messy Canvas Commissions

Post by Docile on Tue Mar 25, 2014 4:44 am

This is the place for artists to gain Beli & people request pictures of whatever they wish mostly custom stuff though. Below are the templates for signing up to be an artist to earn Beli & the template to ask for a commission. And below each artist's name I shall be placing a few examples of their work so people can see which artist they would like drawing their work and what style they would prefer.

If your an artist and you are commissioned then please state either ACCEPTED OR DENIED on the picture.

As seen directly below the are four sections named:

Commissions Pending
Commissions Finished
Artist Examples

In the Artists section the names of the artists will be, in the commissions pending area there will be a list of the art work currently in the works and who by, Commissions finished will be the pictures finished and in the examples section you guessed it. There will be examples of the each artist's art work.

To see what the artists will & won't do and their prices click on their names in the artist section and it will link you to their application.


~Commissions Pending~

~Commissions Finished~

~Artist Examples~

This is the sheet for the Artist to apply to being an artist here. Once you've applied I'll add your name to the list of artists.

[b][color=limegreen][font=nyala]What do you use to draw?:[/font][/color][/b] (Pencils/computer)
[b][color=limegreen][font=nyala]What do you draw?[/font][/color][/b] only faces, or full body paintings too, do you also paint in perspective or just in 2d?
[b][color=limegreen][font=nyala]Do you also colour the drawing?[/font][/color][/b]
[b][color=limegreen[[font=nyala]What kind of commissions do you accept?:[/font][/color][/b]

This is the Commission template:

[b][color=hotpink][font=Nyala]Name:[/font][/color][/b] Who do you want to draw your character?
[b][color=hotpink][font=Nyala]Picture:[/font][/color][/b] What you want drawn
[b][color=hotpink][font=Nyala]Pose:[/font][/color][/b] (optional)
[b][color=hotpink][font=Nyala]Coloured in?:[/font][/color][/b] (yes/no)
[b][color=hotpink][font=Nyala]Miscellaneous:[/font][/color][/b] (the things that tell the artist how he or she looks, be detailed and try your best to describe as much as possible, the more the artist has to work with, the better)

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Re: Messy Canvas Commissions

Post by FroYo on Fri Jul 17, 2015 11:10 pm

I've been looking to improve my art and I think this may a way to do so.

Name:  FroYo
Style: Cartoon..ish.
What do you use to draw?: Digital
What do you draw? Mostly faces and full bodies.
Do you also colour the drawing?  Yes.. some of the time.
What kind of commissions do you accept?:  Anything within my comfort zone.

Faces: Free

Full Body: Free 

This is just for practice, so I'll be doing these for free.

I won't charge for color since y'know, it sux.


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