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Celes Hagen

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Celes Hagen

Post by Fin~ on Tue Apr 08, 2014 2:38 am

General Information

Name: Celes Hagen
Epithet: None yet
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Oan til. Northblue
Species: Human
Orientation: Left handed

Crew: Third lightning sqaudron
Occupation: Scout. Doctor.
Rank: Seaman firstclass
Bounty Collected:
Allegiance: Marine

Soar the skies.
Assist the world governement in protecting peace over the world.
Learning to develop her skills in medicine and combat
To never lose someone again.

Character Information

The standard marine flag

Celes is not one of your daily sights, as she still looks a little wildered. she has short, light-colored hair and fringes framing her face. She wears a black rose ornament,. Her deep coloured almost violet eyes hold lots of mystery. her somewhat pale skin makes her look like she isn't outside much, but she says that her diet protects her from sunburns, though it might also be the fact that her diet causes her to be pale.

Celes is only 1,70 meter tall and weighs around 62 kilos which makes her quite a light weight, which goes well with her light build that is quite athletic. Her atire consists out of standard navy clothes, together with a bag full of doctor suplements, a necklace she has from home. and some nice heel-less shoes, even though she tried walking on heels was nothing for her.

Her free day clothes would be a simple atire of long and wide jeans along with some pretty easy sandals, and on top over this a shirt, mostly in purple colours to match her hair.

Personality: Celes is someone who spends a lot of time thinking, thinking about the world, and the way it is going, the constant wars, those hurting who had done nothing wrong and those who hurt things that are not needed, caring for any sort of life Celes is a proud vegetarian. only eating fruits and vegetables. Oranges and peaches being her favourite.

Celes is not the loudest person in a group, but isn't invisible, she is not the first to give her opinion but if she has an opinion she will share this.

Though mostly calm, collective, fun, friendly and even in for a small joke Celes can turn quite serious if fun is made about things that interest her, things that hurt her or if people use unescesary violence. Though she trys to hide her anger and frustrations from those who haven't caused this or have nothing to do with it, but this ends in Celes having grudges at times. when angered or frustrated Celes will not lay down easily, when angered she is very stubborn, and only till cooled down she will remain this stuborness.

Enjoying resting in the sun, walking through nature, and flying through the skies Celes is a girl of the earth. Though she has an adventerous side, loving to soar through skies, to find new islands, meet new people, even though she doesn't like most of them she still has hope of finding people like her. who think about the world, and want to change it for the greater good.

This was a reason that Celes once leaving her home village had decided to study medicine. not much of an inside person she still followed all her classes and graduated perfectly. she did this to be helpfull. after her big change she joined the marines. knowing that she couldn't ignore the increasing amount of violence world wide. She had to try and stop this and would use her awesome powers with this.

Character History


On a small Island, somewhere in the northern blue was an island. An island encircled with a big forest and only a small creek leading outside. living around the lake that would become the small creek leading to the sea were around 160 people. a little village build on the edges of this lake. Though simple in technology, advanced in ideology, Living without harming other living creatures, the village lived totally from diary, and from vegetation. Living with not more then needed the village was quite a happy settlement, respecting and loving each other, spending much time together with games when their was no work to do.

A village that didn't know alcaholism, drugs or where man cheated on there woman, one of the advantages of less technology. Celes was born to a farmer and tailor. her dad who kept cows for their milk, chicken for their eggs, and her mom who was a tailor, making clothes for the village. and teaching the girls at the school aswell.

Childhood was nice for Celes, there was this small school harbouring 16 kids up to the age of 16, they were thought how to write and read, not accepting technology to some part was ok, but writing and reading was needed, along with many other options one had to choose from.

growing up in peace Celes was a calm girl, never getting into many fights like some of the other kids, some didn't like this place and didn't understand their way of life while celes didn't really mather. Once she grew older Celes spend loads of time thinking about the stories she had heard about wars in the world, and she wondered how long this might stay from her village.

a week before her 16th nameday, where her profession would be chosen something strange happened, gazing to the skies from next to the small lake in the middle of the village celes thought she had seen a falling star, a falling star that came awefully close. very close.


something had hit the water, and she was the only to bear witness. was it a creature? it looked like it was alive. but what happened. was she going to save it. yes she was. jumping down in the water she saw a man, in the water, the man was bloodridden, filled with arrows and wounds obtain in a battle and didn't move much. Getting him out of the water was a hard task but somehow she succeeded.

the next few days were Celes nursing the man, to dislike of her fellow townfolk, though they knew Celes her heart was good and let her do so. Growing a liking to the man who had waken up, but was weak the two spend time together, once he was a little better she was told about his life as a navy officer, the good deeds he did and the good places he had seen. On her turn Celes told him about her dreams, her dreams of visiting islands, flying and a lot of other silly girl dreams, that would lead her away from this island she loved, but felt that she could not stay forever.

months passed and the two formed a bond. visiting the man daily, who's condition didn't improve was hard for Celes, and as days passed Celes realised the mans last days came close, not wanting to accept this fate she tried to find a way to cure him, but against all luck. The man told her, he was a devilfruit eater. and told her about his powers, he told her that if he passed away she could eat the fruit where the devils soul would pass onto. and that her dreams of flying might come true. but he also warned her of the dangers, as devil fruit eaters were looked strange upon.

And so it happened. the man passed away and Celes had eaten the fruit, which was his thank you to her, a reminder to her of her own kindness to save others. although the townsfolk were not happy of a devilfruit eater around town, and she herself felt guilted for the loss of the man. she didn't ever want to lose someone again.

On her 17th birthday her choise was made. she was going to a city, and study medicine, the man had given her his belongings which was some money. enough for atleast a house for a while

Saying goodbye to her family Celes left her island. flying through the skies, with the powers she had learned better to understand. taking form as a creature she was never as happy and free.

And thus she arived in a big city, dressed a little weird, and looked a little weird upon she tryd to fit in and after a while she did well, she adjusted to the customs of a normal world, though her eating habbits were the same. no meat, only veges and fruit, most preferably oranges and peaches.

two years passed as she had finished her education, and had decided what to enroll in life, she wanted to help and serve those who couldn't protect themself and marines did that. she had offered herself for their services and told them the story of the deceassed marine officer. and since then she had been a marine, trying to make a living doing good. Her experience in medicine and her devilfruit powers helped her quickly gain a little trust. and thus she beccame a seaman firstclass ready for her first real crew, and missions outside of the base.


Medical skills: After studying some years she had learned quite some

Basic survival: Having lived on an island, only using basic technology she has learned how to do a lot of stuff herself.


A bag with basic medical goods.

Power Level Information

Character Strength: Proficient
Character Speed: trained(+1 when in animal form)
Character Resilience: Average
Character Dexterity: proficient(+1 when in animal form)

Devil Fruit Information


Devil Fruit Name: Itachi Itachi no Mi
Devil Fruit Type: Mythical zoan.
Current Devil fruit Level: 1
Devil Fruit Abilities:
The fruit allows the power to turn into a fabled kamaitachi, freely translated as sickle weasel. The user can take on various forms of their original form combined with the kamaitachi and use their skills.

Devil Fruit Weaknesses:

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat:

Weapon Based Combat:

Devil Fruit Based Combat:

Sickle slash- in any df form. Celes grows a sickle on her hand, and uses these for a slash
Sickle barage - slashing air sickles at the target for a few secconds creating an amount of sickles that could deal some serious damage
Sky attack- After soaring through the sky, Celes drops herself down, and aims both sickles at someone.

Combo Combat:


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Re: Celes Hagen

Post by Guest on Thu Apr 10, 2014 3:27 am


Vegans don't eat Dairy Products

Vegans in general refrain from consuming any animal produce

What caused the man to drop out of the sky?


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Re: Celes Hagen

Post by Docile on Thu Apr 10, 2014 3:55 am

Fruit would only increase stay when in animal form

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Re: Celes Hagen

Post by Fin~ on Thu Apr 10, 2014 4:03 am

changed vegan to vegetarian.

added a little part about the man in orange.

changed the stats

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Re: Celes Hagen

Post by Guest on Thu Apr 10, 2014 4:04 am



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Re: Celes Hagen

Post by Fin~ on Mon Feb 23, 2015 6:27 am

moving to inactive.

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Re: Celes Hagen

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