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Tayuki Michaels

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Tayuki Michaels

Post by Docile on Mon Apr 21, 2014 9:31 pm

General Information
"Breaking Bridges"

Name: Tayuki Michaels
Epithet: "Royal Demon"
Theme Tune: Goodnight Demon Slayer
Age: 42
Gender: Human | Risen Demon | Half Long Leg
Birthplace: Grand Line
Species: Human
Orientation: Right Hand

Crew: N/A
Ship: N/A
Occupation: Saboteur
Bounty: 30,000,000
Allegiance: Revolutionary
• Change the world
• See his son again

Character Information
"Burning Bridges"



Standing at a height of 9 foot due to slightly longer legs than normal and weighing a total of 13 stone Tayuki is the son of two humans one of which is the daughter of a long leg. He has amber coloured eyes and golden coloured shaggy hair which hangs so far down it nearly covers his eyes. Beneath his fringe Tayuki has a brand on the left side of his forehead that is rarely seen, which is that of a horn from Sky Reach's Half Way Warriors. His torso is well toned but not hideously muscular. Over his torso he often wears a dark red shirt. It is rarely buttoned up whilst the sleeves are always rolled up revealing tattoos over his arms, such as barb wire spiralling around his arm and the letters RD tattooed on the under side of his forearm. Over his body he has a series of tattoos from his left pectoral muscle and neck down his left arm spiralling around it. Over the back of his torso he has a large scar where he had a kidney removed. Over his neck on the left side towards the back he has two names tattooed. Luna & Rudy Michales. From his waist down, Tayuki wears black/grey chord trousers and bandages over his bare feet. Around his trousers Tayuki wears black & white patterned belt.

Confident, cocky & a smart arse, Tayuki shouldn't be underestimated. He is a intelligent man with strength that he knows how to use. Standing out of a crowd easily he loves to be the center of attention and can easily step down if stealth is needed. Despising the World Government for their actions he wants to reward them with a dagger to the eye.

Hiding away a bad temper Tayuki tends to snap at certain points when his friends and family are threatened. Such as his foster father Rudy he held a high respect for and got angry at the sheer sight and thought of him getting hurt. Taking him in as his son Tayuki wanted only to help him and look after him in his old age. This anger came about when he was sold at Shabondy, he felt as if he was being judged and looked at like fresh meat or an item as opposed to a person which he actually was.

Tayuki's beliefs are that the world government don't think the world would be able to handle the truth about the world and human capabilities and thus they keep it covered up with the void century. This pisses him off as it shows a lack of trust for the common man. He gets equally pissed off with people who choose to abuse that trust. Protective over his friends and family he will always put himself on the line if they are in any danger. When it comes to people he does not respect he will happily without a care in the world attack his foes and rip them limb from limb.

Tayuki dislikes Sky Reach due to their beliefs but he understands it. He holds no grudges towards them though. Understanding their reasoning behind it he is happy to leave the island to fall beneath its own weight as he can see it one day will. He knows that if he were born above the leaves he would act the same too.

One word which has often been used to describe him is a daredevil, as he often takes risks of which he isn't certain of when things fall apart and go off script. He is brave but tends to happily throw himself into danger rather than be caught. He feels that death would be a gentler captor than the World Government and one that is easier to escape from due to the many many men & women who serve in the Navy.

When his wife isn't around he tends to be flirty but would never act upon it out of respect for her. He mostly uses flirtation as a way to get past people and try bring them over to his side. But he isn't an idiot as to trying to persuade someone who cannot be swayed.

Character History
"What's The Difference"


Born and raised on the island of Sky Reach Tayuki was born in the slums of Sky Reach below the leaves. Born as a Risen Demon he would always be looked down upon and knew it. He didn't care though and embraced it. During his childhood he watched many pirates pass them by and even got bullied by the occasional pirates who acted just like the Fallen Angels of the higher grounds. He was told by his parents never to venture up as he would receive wounds similar to those of the men he'd seen walking around. He'd seen people with horns & the letters RD but never really known much about them. When pirates who'd headed up with a look of arrogance came back with the marks running for their lives, he would often question what the marks meant and what had happened.

At the age of 16 he decided to take a risk. He was going to discover ground above. Venturing above ground to learn what lay ahead of him he caught on to a beautiful place with sights to behold. Whilst walking through the town he learned of their beliefs and even read aloud from the scrolls based on the Half Way Warriors, Fallen Angels and his own group. The Risen Demons. Catching the attention of many people due to his height being unusual for a 16 year old he was quickly spotted as someone new. Questioning him they quickly discovered he was not from their land above thee leaves. Being Half Way Warriors who found him the group quickly went about marking him. Cutting the letters RD into his forearm he struggled to get away screaming whilst citizens watched him suffer.

When the warriors were finished with him Tayuki attempted to attack them out of rage. Spitting at them and throwing punches he was quickly taken down again and told that if he came back he would be killed. As a sign to prove this they branded a horn on to his head. Turning to brand the other side of his head the Half Way Warriors were stopped when Tayuki's parents arrived to make a deal. They would take him back if they promised to keep Risen Demons out of the land above the leaves. Agreeing to this Tayuki was taken back home.

Being patched up and told of his stupidity and how it brought about such painful actions Tayuki understood and quoted from their scrolls to explain the true belief behind the scrolls from what he'd managed to pick up from the land. He'd figured out that the buildings all here had to have been built as the island was a tree and the only way these could've been built could've been if someone climbed it. Believing their religion was all based on hypocrisy he didn't want to live near them and decided it would be easier to let them live on an island that would fall under its own weight one day.

Speaking to his parents Tayuki explained that he didn't want to remain here but travel to find somewhere better for them. Declining his parents claimed they were too old and would only hold him back. He stayed for two more years to look after his parents before he decided it was time to leave. He could now look after himself and had found someone to look after his parents. Journeying from Sky Reach Tayuki traveled to Shabondy.

Quickly he was mistaken for a long leg in the younger years of his life and taken to the auction house to be sold. Tayuki attempted to break free but he was knocked unconscious since he had no fighting capabilities nor did he have any knowledge. When he was brought forward to be sold, his price was low but after some time he was bought by an old man for a hefty price. Being handed over to his new owner Tayuki learned the man was a merchant plying his trade who had always wanted a son but be sterile.

Taking Tayuki with him the man revealed his name to be Rudy. Teaching him the art of haggling Rudy explained he was travelling all over the world and next would be the East Blue. Sailing through the Grand Line to the East Blue as a merchant the due were easily let through all customs without too much of an issue.

Arriving shortly in the East Blue Tayuki could see it was a simpler life and much nicer than Sky Reach. He still gained allot of looks but he had grown used to it. Sailing towards Tequila Wolf to stock up Rudy & Tayuki were apprehended and put to work on the bridge. As neither was able to fight back the two were stuck on the island building the bridge. Struggling day after day Rudy made sure to protect Tayuki.

Eventually when the day came that Rudy collapsed during the harsh construction he claimed he was unable to continue. Tayuki saw guards hitting him telling him to get to his feet and after all that Rudy had done for him he attacked. Kicking and punching he screamed at them to leave him alone but took a beating himself. Whilst he lay on the floor bloody and battered he heard gun shots go off all around and felt someone carrying him.

When Rudy & Tayuki awoke they found themselves in a revolutionary barracks in a small section of Tequila Wolf below the floor boards of some buildings in the South West of the island. Rushing to see Rudy Tayuki could see that he was still alive. Both men were grateful and asked what was going on. It was explained that the island had been under control to build a bridge for 900 years and was still under construction. They had been hoping for a distraction and Tayuki's outburst had been just what they'd needed.

Tayuki mentioned his hatred for the bastards after what they did to Rudy and how he wanted to help them whilst Rudy recuperated. Understanding his anger the next couple of years which passed were difficult for Rudy as he took a shine to a young woman who had been attending to Rudy. Every chance he could he took to visit Rudy and shoot passing glances at Luna. When she was out of the room Rudy had explained that she didn't like him but Tayuki didn't care he would make her like him.

In between visits Tayuki was being trained to handle swords & firearms. He wasn't very good with it but would learn. Whilst training and meeting other recruits he fell in with a few crowds before falling victim to the inky needle and tattooing himself all down his arm. Rudy shook his head in disbelief that his adopted son had done such a thing and Luna admitted she kinda liked that side of him but would never date him.

During an attack on a small hideout for Marines, Tayuki saw how guards were protecting a small garden with a small pretty flower in it and decided that this would seal the deal. During his visits and conversations with Luna, Rudy had found out her favorite flower as they got on quite well and wanting to help his son, Tayuki spotted it in the garden being protected. It was one of the very few rare flowers which grew on a winter island.

Using the skills he'd picked up, he pushed past the guards disarming them and snatched the flower. Getting shot in the back he took a bullet to the kidney. Fuelled with a love for Luna though he ran and hid beneath a couple of floor boards in an abandoned shelter. After the guards had passed by he returned to the revolutionaries camp where he presented Luna with the flower and a bloody wound.

9 months later the two were together and Rudy was happy to have helped. He had healed up and was ready to leave. Asking Tayuki if he would be joining him Rudy already knew the answer when he saw Luna's bump. Tayuki thanked Rudy for all of his help and the two parted ways.

During Rudy's exit from the island Tayuki said to Luna they should name their son Rudy in memory of him. Agreeing the two watched him leave. Returning home Tayuki & Luna gave birth to their son Rudy Michaels months later. Not wanting the child to suffer in Tequila Wolf Tayuki headed out with a group of revolutionaries to steal a Marine ship for supplies as well as his son Rudy. Whilst raiding the ship for supplies they could use Tayuki discovered a box named devil fruits in which a few were left over. Coming up with an idea he hid one with Rudy and a note for the woman taking his son and took one for himself.

Being caught in the act of raiding the ship and stealing the devil fruit Tayuki was given a bounty of 30,000,00. To this day he doesn't regret his actions but hopes to see his son again and change the world for him. Returning home he explained to his wife Luna Michaels what he had done. Agreeing it was the best for their son, Tayuki & Luna set out to change the world and make it a better place for their son.

For Rudy Michaels.


Strategist: Spending years among the revolutionaries and climbing the ranks, Tayuki managed to learn allot about tactics and what works. Throwing himself into the life has helped him gauge a good idea of which tactics will work well against which enemies and how to pull them off effectively.

Improvisational: Working a long time with a group of people who have to be constantly ready for anything 100% of the time, Tayuki has learned how to be prepared all of the time noticing the little things in the locations he enters so he knows the best escape route if there need be one.

"I don't need anything"


Weapon Description:

Weapon Special Abilities:

Weapon History:

Power Level Information
"As long as you get the same result"

Character Strength: Intense
Character Speed: Intense
Character Resilience: Intense
Character Dexterity: Intense

Devil Fruit Information
"Nothing really matters"

Devil Fruit Name:
Devil Fruit Type:
Devil Fruit Mastery Level:  
Devil Fruit Abilities:
Devil Fruit Weaknesses:

Combat Information
"Except what's left behind"

Unarmed Combat

Weapon Based Combat:

Devil Fruit Based Combat:


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Re: Tayuki Michaels

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