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Lucille Juxtapuzo

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Lucille Juxtapuzo

Post by Docile on Thu Apr 24, 2014 7:50 pm

General Information

Name: Lucille Juxtapuzo
Epithet: "Whirly Bird"
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Birthplace: West Blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Right Handed

Crew: N/A
Ship: N/A
Occupation: Shipwright
Bounty: 0
Allegiance: Pirate
Find out why she feels weak in water
Live life as a pirate
Build her dream ship
Maybe learn to love again
Maybe fall in love again

Character Information



Lucille is 5ft 8 and weighs 9 and a half stone. She is fairly light skinned and has green eyes and slightly messy light brown hair which she ties up. On her head she has a pair of goggles which she only wears when they are a necessity. Over her right cheek she wears a plaster along with a smile often on her face. Around her neck she wears a necklace fashioned out of an old dog collar. The necklace is black with 4 green spikes pointing out from it and around her neck which hangs down further is a thin red beaded necklace which has 5 small orange beads on it. She wears a white long sleeve top with the shoulders cut off and the right sleeve torn off. Over the top of that she wears a short sleeve red t-shirt with a white skull on the front and on the right side her sleeve is torn leaving a red strap as opposed to a sleeve. Then over the top of that she wears a thin dark blue vest she wears open all the time. Below that covering her legs she wears a mini denim skirt which looks as if its been torn at the bottom. Around her waist she has a thin belt which is black around the middle and has white outlining which her bright red monkey wrench hangs from and which is slanted due to it being slightly too big for her. Below that she wears some tight black stockings with a diamond pattern going down them made up of black & a slightly lighter tone. She wears large muddy old boots to cover her feet which were originally black.

When she is cold she will often pull on a second and third layer of stockings before pulling on a fur lined straight jacket the wrong way and use the extended sleeve as mittens.

Personality: Lucille is a childish & docile girl who is adaptable. She is oblivious especially when someone hints any form of romantic feelings towards her and also very blunt. She barely swears or talks about adult themes and when she does people often seem shocked due to her acting so childish. Sometimes when she does she often slaps her hands over her own mouth as if shes shocked at herself or replies with the sentence. "I'm 18 I'm allowed to say stuff like this." Lucille often tries to get everything she wants with a smile or puppy dog eyes but is allot tougher than she lets on. She is a bit of a tom boy and loves to get dirty in the "Clean" sense. Lucille is distracted fairly easily and some say fearless whilst others say clueless as she will always charge into war without fear or worry no matter how big the foe. She does not like listening to plans or other people speak for long lengths of time and will often get distracted as she has a short attention span.

Being a shipwright she loves imagining new things to put on her ships or new ways to make them stand out. She often comes up with so may ideas she over loads her creations to the point where they look awful and then feels bad about it and eats lots of coffee granules as a way to punish herself as she hates the taste of it. She doesn't ever like leaving things alone from creations of hers or someone else's or even simple relations between people. If you say Lets give them some time she won't and will barge in to get it all out then and there. Lucille has no shame. She'll happily change clothing in a room full of men without worry and if any one dares touch her in an inappropriate way which she does understand since she is 18 Duh! She will slap them and act as if she is better than them or tease them if she can see they are incredibly nervous or shy. Lucille is fairly outspoken and sometimes attention seeking mostly when she is bored and wanders off whilst a plan is being explained or something else.

Character History

Born and raised in the West Blue as a normal fun loving child with an incredibly sweet tooth Lucille loved life and her family and they treated her with the latest of everything as they loved her so much. Lucille loved spending time outdoors among nature and often played in the forest. When she spent her time playing hide 'n' seek hiding in the woods from her friends she had the most fun as she was the best at hiding. She loved life for what it was and as she aged accordingly she started to develop at an early age. Developing as she did her friends poked fun at her but she simply shrugged it off when the boys started noticing her more. Her friends grew jealous of her but she knew why and told them that they too would develop as she had done so. Knowing this was true they all remained as friends. Through out her childhood and adolescence she struggled fighting off boys as so many continuously kept coming after her instead of her friends and since she found not a single one attractive she simply tried to push them away.

She was flirty and loved teasing the guys but hated when the guys took it too far or thought it was actually her liking them. When things ever got too far though she would tell them she was just teasing them. Still holding a childlike innocence about herself well into the age of 17 Lucille saw how her friends were chased by the guys who'd originally been after her and she smiled seeing how they were happy. When they asked her when she'd find the right man she replied. "I want to experience the world before experiencing love and all that other soppy crap" Her friends used to laugh at her for saying that and she used to laugh at them when they spoke about being in love and mushy stuff like that. She never did mind being the only single one among her friends nor being around all the couples even if she was a third wheel she never quite noticed. She was a bit oblivious. As she spent her days with her friends spending wonderful times one day when they were out on a girl's day out shopping they wandered past the harbor.

Looking at the ships they were really looking at the men. They were muscular and handsome. Being the only single one Lucille kept teasing her friends by whistling and hinting that her friends wanted to be with them. Making them blush Lucille enjoyed herself until as they were leaving the docks one of the men who'd been repairing a ship shouted back. "You're quite the devious little bitch aren't you?" absolutely shocked at the man's language Lucille turned around telling him off. "How dare you use such language in front of such young teenage girls!" Knowing she would be safe in the harbour since the town was directly next to it and Marines often watched the docks for pirates she was more than happy to step out of place and say what needed to be said. The man approached her with a smile and Lucille didn't stop him. As he stood in front of her he said. "You know that girls who often tell a guy another girl likes them are often hiding their own feelings behind another right?" Blushing Lucille acted in the classic manner refusing and turning away. Smiling at her the Pirate continued to tease her till finally she blurted out "Alright! Alright I like you! But only cause you've got a rockin' bod. How can you expect to sit there like that and not have girls swooning over you?!" The man replied with a chuckle noticing how here friends had left her. Feeling embarrassed Lucille attempted to run off but the man simply laughed and before she could run off he offered to walk her home.

Since she did like him and he was offering more of his time to her how could she refuse. Was she falling in love? No! She couldn't not till she'd travelled a bit and experienced more of the world. As she was walked home they spoke and he asked her what she did and her what he did. After learning a few small things about each other she was asked by him if she wanted to go on a date with him and she refused telling him despite liking him she wasn't looking for a relationship or anything because she wanted to experience the world more first even if she did have a strong desire to leap into his arms and his bed! Understanding the man replied. "Well, I've got a ship & I'm planning on travelling the West Blue looking for adventures. Just saying is all." As he left she knew why he'd said it and was slapping herself when she walked in through the front door. Until seconds later she sprinted out with a bag full of supplies and told him. "Come on then theres adventure out there that awaits us!" As she took to the seas with him leaving her family & friends behind without notice she didn't care because she just wanted to be around this man. He was a pirate but not one with a bounty yet. As they spent 4 months travelling he revealed his main occupation and how he made his money was as a shipwright. She enjoyed watching him work and over those 4 months they built up a strong relationship in which she joined him in fixing the ships and learnt from him. They used to sit aboard and sometimes just talk about their dream ship for hours before realising the day had slipped away from them.

Realising that she was now here more for love than actual experiences of the world Lucille realised she'd been gone for so long and should return to inform her family and friends as to why she'd been gone for so long. She had seen that living life as a pirate like this man had done so was fun. He however hadn't gained a bounty though since he'd always done something good which had been deemed as a fair act to cancel out his crimes by the mayor of the towns. As they sailed back they returned to discover her town in ruins.

This was obviously a horrifying scene for Lucille seeing the life she'd once had torn apart. Rushing to the house of her parents with the man she'd fallen in love with she found nothing but a house which had been burnt to the ground. Her parents were gone. Probably dead. Crying her eyes out she really didn't know how to handle this. Seeing the emotions from Lucille the man took up his flintlock and cutlass heading into town to search for any bandits who had been responsible for the town's destruction. It turned out that instead of leaving the town to tear apart other towns they had chosen to stay as the crew were still attempting to loot other areas of the town since it was large. Fortunately for Lucille her parent's house had been away from the rest of the town but sadly not far enough as it had been torched. When Lucille discovered that the man had gone to get revenge she chased after him and was about to beg for him not to do so but was too late when she saw him caught up in the middle of a fight between a few of the bandits. Hacking and slashing his way through the Lucille couldn't help but cry at the fear of losing him. As she looked back to see he had beaten them she rushed towards him to hug him for comfort and thank him she tripped over a few corpses left in the streets. Fresh corpses and hitting the ground she saw how they were those of her friends and their husbands. Shrieking in fear and pulling away she realised how she couldn't handle this. She had always picked on the for being in love and they on her for being single. Only she who had wanted to experience life and done so had survived. Crying in the man's arms Lucille felt comfort.

As she was held in his arms crying she told him how she wanted to give her friends a proper funeral as they deserved one or she felt they did. Nodding to her the man helped her to her feet and wiped away her tears telling her everything would be alright. Nodding and understanding she felt much better and smiled kissing him on the cheek and saying thank you. As he hugged her in his arms he noticed how one of the bandits he'd just dealt with wasn't quite dead yet and saw him lifting a flintlock which he fired. Turning around and throwing his own body into the way of the impact he took the bullet which ripped through his own body and skimmed her waist.

The bandit then died. The man died slowly on the floor and Lucille lay crying on the floor at the loss of her family, friends love and life. After lying on the floor for a few hours feeling overcome with a feeling of lethargy she finally realised her body wasn't giving up like she so badly wanted it to do so. She could still feel tears streaking down her cheek. Only when they stopped and she couldn't cry anymore she left the town. Retreating to the forest she used to play hide 'n' seek in Lucille hid in the hollowed out tree she always used to hide in. As she did she discovered something in the tree. Pulling it out and getting a better look at it she saw it was a strange looking fruit which had spirals over it. Observing it she realised how she was hungry and hadn't eaten due to her recent dilemma and a desire to die. After biting into it and realising just how gross it was she spat it out but remembered what her former lover had told her about wasting food. It was a lesson she hadn't liked but understood. Finishing the fruit off and hating the taste but feeling better and a little bit odd Lucille returned to the town when she finally felt strong enough and gave her friends & lover a cremation as she couldn't handle touching the bodies. With them burnt away and their ashes left in the town to spread over their home island she then returned to the man's ship and after the 4 months it turned out she had learnt allot from him. She set off on his ship to sail and live as a pirate he had been. She felt the comfort from hiding in the trees coursing through her veins and realized how happy she had been back then as a child. As she sat aboard the ship alone sailing for a number of weeks she found herself repressing some of the more horrific memories and finally fell into a maternal state where she wound up acting like she had done when she was a child of 14 before she met this man and fell in love. As she sailed she never once found out what that fruit was that she ate and still to this day doesn't know why the fruit tasted so bad nor does she understand why when she comes into contact with water why she feels so weak.


Ship construction & repair: Whilst working alongside her lover pirate for many months, Lucille picked up the art of being a shipwright from him. Learning how to use tools and measure by him, she quickly became an avid shipwright and enthusiastic about creating a ship of her own one day.

Sailing experience: Whilst sailing with her lover, Lucille managed to quickl learn how to sail. She'd been sailing for so long it became like second nature to her, she would often do it without realizing or even thinking.

Quick Fingers: Whilst working so much on the ship's and fixing them up due to tightening blots and other repairs, Lucille's fingers naturally became much quicker with tools such as wrenches, screw drivers & hammers.


Object: Monkey Wrench

Weapon: N/A

Weapon Description: N/A

Weapon Special Abilities: N/A

Weapon History: N/A

Power Level Information

Lucille has four stat points to be assigned due to character creation & three stat points from her previous roleplaying experience

Character Strength: Average
Character Speed: Average
Character Resilience: Average
Character Dexterity: Average

Devil Fruit Information

Devil Fruit Name: Guru Guru no Mi
Devil Fruit Type: Paramecia
Devil Fruit Progression:
Level 1 - Level 2 Requires 3 Threads
Level 2 - Level 3 Requires 5 Threads
Current Devil fruit Level: This will be where it states which level of mastery your character is currently at.
Devil Fruit Mastery Level:
Level 1
The user can rotate any part of their body around such as the arms or head 360 degrees and create propellers anywhere on their body from head to toe the length of one of their arms and rotate them 50RPM-(Revolutions Per Minute)

Level 2
The user can rotate any part of their body around such as the arms or head 360 degrees create propellers anywhere on their body from head to toe the size of themself and rotate them 100RPM-(Revolutions Per Minute) They are strong enough to cut through wood like a buzz saw.

Level 3
The user can rotate any part of their body around such as the arms or head 360 degrees create propellers anywhere on their body from head to toe any size and rotate them 500RPM-(Revolutions Per Minute) They are strong enough to cut through steel and allow the user to fly like a helicopter, even carry another person aboard themselves depending on their strength and resilience and create powerful gales due to wind or use them as a powerful vacuum.

Devil Fruit Abilities: The Guru Guru no Mi grants its eater the power to form propellers seemingly everywhere on their body and let them rotate. The rotation is strong enough for the user to fly very long distances, carry another human, or create a strong wind storm. The user also gets the power to let body parts, such as their arms rotate around their body.
Devil Fruit Weaknesses: Standard Devil Fruit Weaknesses.

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat:

Weapon Based Combat:

Monkey's Fist
With her monkey wrench in hand Lucille swings her monkey wrench around with it tightly wound up.With her monkey wrench in hand Lucille swings her monkey wrench around with it tightly wound up.

Monkey Bite
Using her quick fingers and monkey wrench Lucille places the open wrench over a certain part of her foes body and quickly using her fingers tightens it over the certain part as quickly and much as she can to increase maximum pain on a certain area.

Devil Fruit Based Combat:

360 Pound
Using her Guru Guru No Mi powers Lucille rotates her torso around a full 360 degrees with her arms out and attempts to slap her foe. This technique becomes stronger the more momentum is built up however it also does hurt Lucille's hand too and can even cause her to break her hand if she slaps something or someone hard enough.

Combo Combat:


RP Sample:

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Re: Lucille Juxtapuzo

Post by Fin~ on Mon Jun 16, 2014 4:28 am

I like to offer you a milion for Lucile!

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Re: Lucille Juxtapuzo

Post by Docile on Mon Jun 16, 2014 6:45 am

Purchases should be made upon the character page within the Market

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Re: Lucille Juxtapuzo

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