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[Solo] Hello Ground Dwellers (part I)

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[Solo] Hello Ground Dwellers (part I)

Post by Anarchy on Mon May 05, 2014 7:56 am

It was midnight, Sendoh's parents had already gone to sleep. Good... It was time for Sendoh to head out. The eighteen year old was leaving the island, and the sky. Nobody had ever done this, or at least it was unheard of. The youngster was going to become pirate king. And he believed his first step was to leave the sky. Goodbye Sky Islands! It was time to meet the ground dwellers. Gol D Roger was from the ground as well. Sendoh was always fascinated by his stories. However, Sendoh wasn't sure if there was going to be anything below the sky. Sure people always told stories about it, but he had never witnessed anything from below. He was about to find out...

Sendoh packed a bag full of food and a couple canteens of water in it as well. The journey might take a while, so he knew he best prepare. However, he also knew he couldn't pack too much, because it might make things difficult for flight. Yes you heard right, flight. Sure Skypieans have small wings, but those weren't the wings that were going to fly. Sendoh was a devil fruit eater. He had eaten the Feather Feather fruit. So far, he figured out the feathers granted him the ability to fly. This was nice, very convenient. He had no idea how to get down to the ground, with just dials. It would be quite hard, the dials would have to be powerful, and he'd need extras to get all the way down there. He wasn't sure how far below it was anyways. So it was only a dream. Until he ate the fruit. Now his dreams were going to become reality, he was headed out to the ground.

Standing at the edge of Clouds End, Sendoh stared at the clouds. It was time for him to depart. He had already left a note stating he was going to adventure. So his family would be worried.. but it was better then letting them know he was going to become pirate king. And he wasn't lying either. He took a deep breath. Glancing at the island for the last time, Sendoh didn't hesitate and jumped.

Immediately Sendoh made feathers bloom from his wings. The wings appeared as if they were expanding, as they turned to giant wings those would imagine on an angel. He was falling fast, and then he began flying forward, floating in the air. He smiled. It felt nice, flying in the air. At the same time, he felt excited.. and scared. It was a bunch of mixed emotions. He almost felt sad leaving the place he had lived in his whole life. However, he knew this is what he truly wanted. Sendoh took off, soaring like an eagle, flying through the sky. He just headed diagonally downwards, since he had no clue how to navigate himself to the ground.

Hours had passed, and Sendoh felt like he hadn't made progress yet. He was practically staring at the same empty air the while time. Eventually, Sendoh lost track of time. It felt like a day had passed.. who knows how long it really was? Now, he was starting to see water. Thank goodness! Sendoh had finally reached the ground, almost... His stomach was rumbling. He took a break in the air to eat a little and take a couple sips, but he hadn't took a break in a while. He was fatigued as well, the flying took a large amount of energy out of him. A little while later, Sendoh found himself at the ground. Conveniently, he was at an island as well.

Things were looking good... Right now, Sendoh made it to the ground in one piece. He was on a small island, it wasn't large but there were still people roaming around. It was quite dark, so Sendoh assumed it was after midnight as well. Walking past the ground dwellers he heard were called "humans", Sendoh noticed the people around him. They were all murmuring and giggling. It was his small wings and his antennas. Well humans almost looked identical with those two exceptions. He entered the bar. It was lighted up and loud, there must be lots of people in here he could talk to. If his lucky streak continued, maybe he could get some nice information about his quest for pirate king.

Entering the bar, immediately fingers were pointed and people were laughing. Sendoh did stand out. They probably thought he was some weirdo who liked to dress up like... like a weirdo. Walking across the bar, Sendoh checked the appearances of the humans. He was going to ask the safest looking people, meaning he wasn't going to ask a buff guy with tattoos about the ground. Sendoh decided to approach two ladies, both dressed nice and they weren't loud or rude when Sendoh first glanced. Pulling a chair up, Sendoh sat next to the women.

"Have either of you heard of Skypiea?" Sendoh asked kindly.

The two immediately laughed, but not in a rude way. They had a good reason to laugh, he was a random guy asking a weird question, with antennas and wings... After giggling, the one with a blue dress answered.

"Yes, but that's obviously just a myth," she said.

Just as he thought. Nobody from the ground would no of Skypiea or the Sky Islands. He decided to take another approach. He would act clueless, as if he didn't know where he was at.

"Haha, yeah...... I'm not from around here you see... Do you have any idea where I'm at?"

The lady with a blue dress continued to do the talking. Informing him of what town he was in, it didn't really help. Sendoh attempted to ask the question again, this time stating his memory was foggy and he wasn't sure what area he was in. After asking this question, the lady responded with "the Grand Line". Now it was becoming clear she and the other were a little freaked out. Sendoh decided to end his interrogation with these two, and move on to someone else.

Walking up to an older looking guy, who looked like he was in his 60s, Sendoh asked if he had a map of the Grand Line. The answer was no, and he attempted it again to the bartender this time.

"In a matter of fact I do have an extra map," the man answered, handing him a map.

"I actually haven't been outside the Grand Line, at all. Mind explaining to me what's outside there?"

The man explained about the blues, East, West, North, and South. He explained how these were the weaker seas, and how the Grand Line was notorious for pirates searching for the One Piece.

Sendoh continued the nice little chat by asking about devil fruits. He answered again, but began wondering what was wrong with Sendoh. Why the hell was some one going around asking such basic questions? Was he living in a rock?

The interrogations were going good. After a while, Sendoh collected enough information so he could make his mind up. He was going to form his crew in the blues, and return to the Grand Line with a crew strong enough. He knew about the blues, the Grand Line, a little bit more about the Gol D Roger, and did some extra research finding out the consequences of eating a devil fruit. A successful day, Sendoh gathered lots of information and made it to the Grand Line. This day was great. He was a little sleepy though...

Entering a hotel, Sendoh realized he was going to need some beli. Beli was the form of currency the humans used. The hotel manager was a little confused why someone didn't know that... Simliar to the Extol currency he used in Skypiea, Sendoh knew the man wouldn't accept it. The price for the hotel wasn't very high the man informed him, so Sendoh headed to the streets to see if anyone had a little extra cash. He could just rob somebody since he was a pirate now, but he wasn't that type of person.

Walking onto the street, Sendoh saw a group standing outside. Maybe one of them would have some beli.

"Anybody have spare cash? I'm not from around here," he asked.

After asking the group, they asked him the same question back. When Sendoh got close, he realized they were most likely thugs with the tattoos they had.

"Your not from around here are you.. hehe. You're talking to the wrong group," the thug said approaching him with a smile.

Swinging at Sendoh, one of the men attempted to start a fight. If he wanted a fight he'd get one. Dodging it by leaning back, he lifted his leg to kick the man in the jaw. Landing right on the button, the man collapsed, out cold.

"I'm going to ask again... Anyone got spare money?!" Sendoh demanded this time. He never planned to get the beli by force, but it just kinda happened.

The men didn't like his tone. They had numbers, but they still didn't realize his mastery in Skykwondo. Two men charging this time, Sendoh pulled his staff out.

Skykwondo: Tornado
Spinning his staff until it got blurry, Sendoh charged at his opponents and stopped the staff, sending the momentum from the spinning to the foes.

Crashing into the man on the right, his head bounced off the man next to him. After defeating the two in a quick blow, the others scrambled, and emptied their wallets. Seems like taking beli by force would be more convenient. However, Sendoh knew he wouldn't use his strength to start fights, they brought the fight to him.

Using the beli he earned, Sendoh spent the rest of his night snoring in a hotel room. The next morning he would be up, and flying towards the Blues.

Just wait One Piece! I will be Pirate King!

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Re: [Solo] Hello Ground Dwellers (part I)

Post by Anarchy on Mon May 05, 2014 7:57 am

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