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[Solo] Hello Ground Dwellers (part II)

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[Solo] Hello Ground Dwellers (part II)

Post by Anarchy on Tue May 06, 2014 8:41 am

Sendoh couldn't move... He couldn't breath. He had no energy. What was this?! Slowly, Sendoh was sinking to the bottom of the still water. During his interviews the previous night, he found out a little more about his mysterious power. Devil fruit users are cursed, they can't swim. Now, he found himself sinking into the sea, and there was nothing the young man could do about.

The Skypiean's first action packed adventure maybe wasn't worth after all... It was his second day below the sky, and he was about to die. How could this all happen?

Several hours earlier in the morning...

Waking up, Sendoh stretched his arms. Maybe it wasn't as comfortable as the sky beds, but he felt so much better and replenished after getting some sleep. He had flown for quite a while, from the sky to the ground. Now it was time for him to head to the blues... He wasn't too sure where exactly he was going. His research yesterday concluded he couldn't use a compass since there direction was practically non existent in the Grand Line. You could only travel using a Log Pose, which he didn't have. Sendoh wasn't sure how that'd help him either. Those things only showed how to get to the next island. Sendoh decided to just go right, and continue in that direction.

The bartender he interrogated the other day, gave him a world map. Of course it wasn't detailed, but it showed the Red Line with the New World and Paradise, and the four blues. He could just fly over the side, leaving the Grand Line and hopefully ending up in one of the blues. If he was unlucky, he'd keep going straight through the Grand Line. Hopefully that wouldn't happen, there was a good chance he'd run into an island if he did that, then he could redirect.

Walking out of his room, Sendoh pulled out the beli he collected the previous night. Some thugs tried to take his money which he had none, and the result ended up being the complete opposite. He hadn't intended to rob anyone, he wondered if there were any kind souls out there with spare cash, and he ended up finding none. After taking out the cash from his bag, Sendoh threw it on his shoulder, preparing to leave. He still had a good bit of food left, probably enough to last him another day. Hopefully it'll still taste decent by then... Holding the cash in his hands, Sendoh approached the man behind the desk.

"So how much will it cost? I have decided to stay for one night." the young Skypiean asked.

The man behind the desk, the manager of the hotel, began to answer. Giving Sendoh a price, it was actually a bit high. He knew the man wasn't from around here, and he decided to take advantage.

Not realizing this, Sendoh handed over the beli, and left. Unfortunately, he lost some money. However, he would have riches to come in the future. The Pirate King had money, as well as power and fame. Sendoh was excited walking out the door, preparing to take flight once more.

After casually walking through the town, Sendoh eventually reached the docks, and stood and stared at the sea. He remembered not to get in the water. Luckily, he didn't do it yesterday. If he did, Sendoh would more than likely be dead since there wouldn't be anyone around the dock in the middle of the night.

It was nice seeing the ground dwellers... But he would have to take a little break. For now, he would take flight, soaring through the sky. And soon, he would find himself at any of the four blues. Feathers began blooming across his small wings. The wings spreading like an angel, Sendoh jumped in the air, and flew through the sky. Goodbye island! Hopefully no one was watching, they would probably be confused for life. Imagine witnessing a man spread wings, and flying into the sky away from the island.

Several hours passed during the boring flight... The background wasn't too bad, listening to the waves and staring at the nice clouds passing by... reminded Sendoh of home. The clouds were a little different, there weren't as much variety, but it still reminded him. Sendoh got sad for a moment, but tried thinking of something different. Pirate King! After thinking about this topic, his regrets vanished as he sped up, excited for his adventures in the blues.

It was quite a while... Sendoh was tired again. However, this wasn't as bad as his flight from the Sky Islands to the sea. That took a lot more time. But not, things were looking interesting. It wasn't anything crazy, but it was enough to leave the youngster somewhat dumbfounded.

The sound of waves stopped. It took a little bit, but Sendoh noticed it. Looking down, the waves were still. He had seen nothing like this. He didn't know much about the waves from below, but he knew it was something strange. Probably a natural phenomenon, it was quite serene. It looked beautiful and had a chill vibe. Sendoh liked it. However, this vibe was about to be destroyed for he was in the Calm Belt.

The Calm Belt is borders both sides of the Grand Line, and it is a still water filled with Sea Kings. Sea Kings are monster fishes, pretty much a vicious creature which is whale size. They come in all shapes and forms, and Sendoh didn't know what was coming.

Emerging from the sea, a giant beast shot out, launching towards Sendoh. It was huge! The size of three giants standing on each other's shoulders, the sea king looked like a long centipede... with sharp scales, shark teeth, and two horns coming out of it's head. The head of the beast looked like a ram. And it was about to ram Sendoh.

"Did I hear something? Sounded like a huge wave behind me... impossible haha, I just came from there and there was nothing. I don't see anything ahead either. Maybe that was my imagination?" Sendoh thought to himself.

The young Skypiean began to turn to see what was coming. All he saw was darkness. And what he felt was a million sledge hammers to the face.. and the whole body due to the size of the thing. It did hit him head first, stunning him and sending him to the water.

Now you know what happened. The pirate was ambushed by a Sea King, and now he's about to die. He could handle the thing, even though he probably doubted his own ability due to intimidation. But....... he didn't see it coming, and Sendoh was screwed now.

Bubbles began coming out of his mouth, as he began sinking. His eyes rolled behind his head. No... not now........ I have so many more adventures to go through! Sendoh began thinking as his vision faded away.

Suddenly, his life returned. Maybe it wasn't a good thing... Coming from underneath, another sea king blasted him into the air. Sure it was painful, but it actually gave him a better chance of survival.

Grunting, Sendoh created more feathers on his back so he could actually stay in the air... So he could survive. After doing so, he took out his staff from his side, preparing to fight the two beasts. First, the worm thing attacked him. Guess he'll be the first victim of the Pirate King's wrath.

Skykwondo: Tornado
Spinning his staff until it gets blurry, Sendoh charges at his opponent and stops the staff, sending the momentum from the spinning to the foe.

Using this technique, Sendoh smacked the Sea King. Colliding with one of the horns, the attack wasn't too successful as it sent Sendoh back a little. However, the attack looked like it was somewhat effective, as the beast let out somewhat of a screech.

Coming from behind again, several Sea Kings rose.

So this whole place was full of these odd, scary beasts... Guess my only option is out of here!

Spreading his wings, Sendoh flew several meters higher, evading several charging Sea Kings. Several of the monsters crashed into each other, and none of them ended up touching Sendoh.

Sendoh was somewhat hurt, fatigued, and hungry. He couldn't handle all of them, so he continued rising. Flying a good 25 meters more, Sendoh continued his flight, away from the still water. He did not change his course or direction, just his height to avoid battle.

And a little while after the incident... Sendoh eventually passed the Calm Belt. What an adventure. The scene wasn't as serene, but it was nice watching the Sea King knock each other out below as he flew above each and every one of the creatures. Sendoh started to see a current again... Some waves now. He was glad to finally hear the sound again. Finally, he was out of that scary place. Now, he was in one of the Blues... but he wasn't sure which blue. Time to figure out.

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Re: [Solo] Hello Ground Dwellers (part II)

Post by Anarchy on Tue May 06, 2014 8:41 am

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