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Den-Den Blade (WIP)

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Den-Den Blade (WIP)

Post by Vaetric on Fri May 09, 2014 9:48 am

Weapon Name: Den-Den Blade

Description: It is a black blade, made of clouds. It can turn from a soft (though sharp) substance into a harder one. It has a couple of spieks on it as well as a long hilt which is nearly half as  long as the blade itself. It has a mouth near the middle in which Su can use for communication, since it’s a den-den mushi.

Weapon History: The eisen dial was conveniently placed upon a pack, along with two breath dials when Su and Khayden slipped into the purple swamp-cloud. The breath dials kept them breathing while Su didn’t know what an eisen dial was. He snuck it along from ship to slave ship until it was finally found by an overseer. Accidently mortally wounding the overseer after being punched in the face it was given to the world nobles as a toy. They commissioned it to be turned into a blade with a den-den mushi inside, one of their ideas of communication. After it got made, they quickly got bored of it and allowed the ‘Guy’ to give it to one of the hunter-slaves, the ‘Guy’s’ pet project. He gave it to Su since he was the one who brought it in in the first place.

Special Weapon Abilities:

Communication: A den-den mushi has been melded into the sword, despite the pain it has probably gone under it still allows two-way communication from Su’s masters to the holder of the blade, and likewise from Su to master.

Eisen Dial: The blade can lengthen to protect Su from attacks, create walls and attack enemies.

Dials: Eisen Dial.

Character or Crew specific: Su.

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