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James Bradley WIP

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James Bradley WIP

Post by Guest on Sun May 11, 2014 8:53 pm

Name : James Bradley
Epithet : "Black Sabre"
Age : 41
Gender : Male
Birthplace : Grand Line
Orientation : Right Handed

Theme : Rise Like A Phoenix
Crew : N/A
Ship : N/A
Occupation : Ex-Detective, Ex-Marine Captain, World Governement Agent [Currently]
Bounty Collected : 30,000,000
Allegiance : World Government

Appearance : James is 6'3 tall and weighs around 16 stone, he has a very muscular and broad build from his career as a marine as well as his current occupation that requires him to keep his body in shape. Overall Bradley has a very smart looking appearance wearing a white long sleeved dress shirt and red tie which is covered by a large overhanging twead blazer . His waist his fastened by a black leather belt with a rectangular silver buckle in the center, Bradley wears grey dress trousers and black pointed dress shoes.

James' ebony skin has highlighted the years of stress and paranoia along with his drug use as his face bares many wrinkles especially around his forehead and eyes . Bradley has neatly trimmed hair that is slightly shorter on the sides than it is on the bottom and a thick prominent moustache that joins onto his chin hair which is significantly shorter and thinner than his moustache.

Personality : Bradley possesses a Rubik's complex which basically means he see's everything in life as a Puzzle, this trait was present during his childhood but was augmented further during his time as a detective in a local police authority, to where in the present this complex as become part of his very being and a major part of his life. This disorder has led to sociopathic tendencies as James' disorder has led to him as seeing people as more like objects or items than actual people, in a giant puzzle that he views as the world. Another result of this disorder has led Bradley to develop paranoia over the fact that there are things still needing to be solved in the world as well as not being able to capture Colby Lopez in his previous life and living in the fear that everyday Lopez may be committing atroscities and murders that James blames himself for.

To Cope with emotional stress of his paranoia Bradley uses anti-depressants as a coping mechanism for the past three years to the point where has has become an addict consuming up to 20 pills a day. If James is to not receive his pills on a regular basis he becomes jittery, fidgety, short tempered and more violent and irrational compared to his usual self which is much more composed even if it is a cover for his underlying paranoia. Other than his mental disorders Bradley is a well accomplished Marine Officer and Detective and because of it he is highly skilled in combat and has a knack for problem solving making connections and a strong general knowledge with an IQ of 157.

James also a special aptitude for general crafts including making things mainly origami which he tends to do without thinking when he is contemplating or trying to connect events in his mind, this also goes further to constructing structures out of materials such as making houses and towers out of playing cards and placemats.


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