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[Solo] Hello Ground Dwellers (part III)

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[Solo] Hello Ground Dwellers (part III)

Post by Anarchy on Wed May 14, 2014 7:16 am

Sendoh had gone through several adventures on his way to the Blues. The young Skypiean had made it to the Grand Line, then to the Calm Belt, and now he was at his destination. He ended up flying in the North Blue. The young man wasn't sure where he was headed, but he knew he was now in one of the Blues. Sendoh didn't hear a description of any of the Blues or the differences. He just knew it was the weaker than the Grand Line, and he decided that would be where he collected his crew before going off on his quest to One Piece.

The waves were flowing nicely. He could feel a nice breeze, enjoy the quiet sound of the water. It was nice. It had been this way for hours and at first it got annoying. But he started to enjoy it after he went into the Calm Belt. He was just glad he was out of there. And finally Sendoh was back in normal waters. This time, he was in a new ocean however. Sendoh was in the North Blue, which currently he was unaware of.

After a while of flying, Sendoh saw something. It was a ship. Squinting his eyes, Sendoh tried to see a little more detail, it was still far away. He saw a Jolly Roger. A pirate ship. Maybe he could get them to join him! But he already knew they wouldn't if he just asked. Sendoh knew he would not give up his crew if somebody asked, assuming it was actually successful.

If they even saw Sendoh, he probably looked like a bird. But he was catching up so they would notice soon. The ship was quite large, clearly it wasn't an amazing quality ship but it looked pretty strong. He was in the North Blue after all, there isn't going to be as much quality in general compared to the Grand Line.

It looked like a Bireme or something of the sort. Coming from behind the ship, Sendoh spotted nobody, so more than likely nobody spotted him. Sendoh was going to sneak aboard and see what was going on. Maybe he would sneak aboard until he got to the island they were headed to. His wings needed a break anyways.

Flying towards the back of the ship, eventually Sendoh caught up. He landed on the edge quietly, and then got rid of his wings, fading like dominoes as his wings disappeared. Looking around, he didn't see any enemies. He was in the back of the ship which had a room in front of him.

There was a door, with a glass window, in a circle. Crouching down, Sendoh peaked in. Nothing but a bunch of boxes. Opening the door as quietly as possible, he got inside and then closed it. He didn't miss anything while peaking, it was just a mini storage room with a bunch of crates and boxes. Only thing interesting in the room was a hatch... maybe it lead to another storage room below? Deciding to take the risk since there wasn't anything entertaining out here, Sendoh cracked open the hatch, and stared below, attempting to peak at what was underneath.

What he saw was a bit horrifying. There were starving men and women, doing nothing but rowing the Bireme. Obviously they were slaves. They all had the body of a tooth pick, and then Sendoh saw a man cross the isle. This man was holding a whip.

One of the men had stopped rowing, and he began rubbing his back. You could see his ribs popping out. Were they even fed? Then he heard the man mumble something, all Sendoh was heard was "can't do this" or something along those lines. Then the man began pacing towards him. Rearing his arm back, he cracked the whip, smacking him in the back. His skin was pierced and the man yelped as he began attempting to row again. Still he was much slower than the men surrounding him.

"That all you can do?!" the guard yelled as he began rearing his arm back to deliver another sonic boom to the man's back.

Sendoh had seen enough. These men didn't deserve a punishment like this. He couldn't sit in the same spot for any longer. Throwing the hatch open, Sendoh jumped below, with his staff out ready to smack this guy.

Falling below, the room was a lot bigger than he had expected, and couldn't slow down since he didn't have his wings enlarged. Flying down with quite a large pace, Sendoh landed with his staff down first, colliding into the man's shoulder. Instantly tearing it out of his socket, Sendoh and his momentum sent the man crashing down into the wooden floor. His should had splinters now after crashing into the floor. The attack left a dent in the ground.

The man screamed in agony this time. Now he knew how the slaves felt. Sendoh sat on his stomach, holding his staff which was currently dug into his shoulder. Standing up, Sendoh smiled.

"I''m here to free you guys."  Very Happy  Sendoh declared with a huge grin on his face.

They all stared at Sendoh with grim faces. They obviously weren't excited, maybe they doubted Sendoh could do so. Or it could be the wings throwing them off. For a couple seconds Sendoh stared at the group, thinking of why they didn't react. Before he knew it, he was knocked out.

Sendoh's eyes began to open, his vision was still foggy. Going to rub his eyes, his arms wouldn't move. After a couple seconds he started to see again, though he had a massive headache. Looking at his sides, he was tied up. Then looking up, was a man with dark purple dreads, goggles, tan skin, and a burly body. The odd figure in front of him had men all to his sides. There were approximately four men with him. Staring at Sendoh with a huge grin, he began to laugh.


"You made the wrong choice coming aboard my ship. Just who are you? The wrong words may result in your death."

Pulling out a dagger, he slithered close to Sendoh holding the dagger next to his neck. Smiling like a maniac, he awaited his answer. Whatever the choice, it would be life or death.

"I'm going to be Pirate King."

Sendoh knew very well what he was said was going to result his death. He was sure no matter his answer, he wasn't going to get away from the ship being tied up. Sendoh wanted to die saying something he would be proud of. Maybe in the next life he would be Pirate King.

"Wrong answer. You'll never be Pirate King as long as I live."

Pulling his dagger back and swinging it, the dagger was headed towards the end of Sendoh's life.

BOOM went the sound of a wave crashing into the ship. The ship clearly was headed towards a storm. Falling to the rught, the man missed and ended up cutting Sendoh's hand. Luckily, the cut wasn't deep. It went from his wrist down to his knuckles. In this swing, his hand was not the only thing cut, The ropes holding him down was slashed as well. Ignoring the pain since Sendoh had felt worse, he instantly went to his other side, and yanked at the ropes attempting to release his other hand. The knots were executed poorly, as Sendoh released himself immediately. After doing so, he yanked out his legs, then his body quickly. The four other men were on the floor as well, not being able to react to stop him.

The men continued to slide down away from the table, and Sendoh was out. Kicking off, Sendoh got off the table. He began sliding however like the men as well. Putting his feet on the operating table, it held his weight as it separated him from the men. Smacking Sendoh in his face, Sendoh's lip was cut. Just what is it this time?! Looking to his side, was his staff. Just when he thought he had the most unlucky day of his life, it seemed like it was actually his most lucky. A storm just saved his life with several events happening like the men falling, his ropes being cut, the knots being loose, and finding his staff without any effort whatsoever.

Just as the men began to stand, the wave stopped, sending them back down. Getting up angrily, Sendoh did so as well. Now that he was unchained, it was time for him to give these terrible men a beating.


Going back down below the deck, Sendoh returned with the captain's head. He was unconscious and battered, as Sendoh dragged the man by his hair.

"Looks like I did free you guys. Do what you want, because you are no longer slaves!"

Throwing a key at one of the slaves, Sendoh continued dragging the man as he headed back upstairs. The men around the slave scrambled around, as they began freeing each other.

Going back up to the deck, it was a little wet. But it was good the weather was a lot nicer. Throwing the captain at the floor, the other men looked at Sendoh with fear, some pulling their pistols out.


"How did you lose, you are the super 14,000,000 beli rookie of the North Blue! You'll pay for this!"

Before any of the men made a foolish mistake, Sendoh told them what was up.

"If any of you attempt to harm me, I'll give you all the punishment I gave him. I'll be leaving after we reach the next island so do not disturb me or even think of attacking me."

Crumbling in fear, the men backed off. Sendoh smiled, and headed back indoors. He wasn't sure what he was going to do after this. Maybe he would fly off, or just sail with the crew, temporarily. They couldn't be trusted so he needed to leave soon.

Sitting on a couch in the Captain's Room, he kicked his feet back and relaxed. It felt nice relaxing. and knowing he was doing something constructive- travelling without wasting his energy flying. Now he needed a ship after Sendoh forms his crew, since he couldn't carry them. Sendoh knew he didn't want this ship since it required people rowing underneath, and also the fact the ship was a little battered after going through the storm. Sendoh thought about what he was going to do after he reached the next island. What was the next adventure for the young Skypiean who wanted to become Pirate King?

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Re: [Solo] Hello Ground Dwellers (part III)

Post by Anarchy on Sun May 18, 2014 2:08 am

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