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Saren Piale

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Saren Piale

Post by Serious? on Wed May 14, 2014 3:59 pm

General Information

Name: Saren Piale
Epithet: N/A
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Birthplace: East Blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Right Handed

Crew: N/A
Ship: N/A
Bounty: 0
Allegiance: Pirate
  • Earn back her family name
  • Walk home a millionaire
  • Enjoy some bizarre adventures
  • Create a race where you race across the ocean with horses

Character Information

A simple jolly roger with light blue stars adorning the skull and the black background

Saren is a thin and petite looking girl standing at five feet and ten inches tall and weighing in at 100 lbs. She has fair, unblemished skin that looks and feels very soft to touch. Upon her head sits a white and blue-starred beanie with a horseshoe attached to the front and center, and two holes cut into the sides to let her naturally disheveled and blonde hair to poke out like horns. Her hair is a light blonde color, that sticks out in all directions and would be a little past her neck if it was straightened out. Her eyes are a deep, blue color that almost seems strangely hollow and empty when you look at them. Saren wears a red neckerchief with a black and tube top with some blue trimming underneath a white, short-sleeved hoodie tied together in the center. Her hands are covered by a white sleeve patterned with a red and white stripes with white stars and a blue background. She wears a pear of denim short-shorts patterened with white stars and held up by a plain leather belt. Finally, she wears white, thigh-high socks marked with blue stars and simple blue sneakers.

Personality: Saren is a arrogant little girl with little knowledge about the cruel realities of life and whatnot. Spoiled by her upbringing, she's used to getting what she wants, whether it'd be someone's ass being kicked or a new pair of hot pants. She's rather rude to other people and a bit of a snob when it comes to talking to middle to upper class people that aren't as elite as her in her own eyes, even to people who clearly are better than her in certain aspects, but to friends she's very friendly, warming and even generous to them. Saren is also one to pass on physical labor onto other people, even it it means having a tired, dock worker carry her up a mountain should she ever need to. When she receives insults, she'll usually tell the person to eat shit, but will act much less than humble when hearing compliments directed towards her. However, she's rather cowardly when it comes to facing actual, legitimate fights that could get her killed, usually leaving as quickly and as quietly as possible. The most violence she's ever been in would be petty arguments between her father, and he never hit her in any of those arguments.

But even if she's a spoiled brat, Saren is a good person at heart. When she sees the sorrows of a beggar sitting out in the cold, she won't hesitate to spend extravagant amounts of money to keep the beggar warm, and even go through the effort to bring the poor person food. When she sees the weak and penniless be terrorized by corruption and greed, she'll gladly step in and do whatever she can to help the former. As of that, she has a great sense of morality and justice, despite being in a life of piracy. Despite that, she's only sixteen and thinks being in the Marines is like losing your individuality; Same uniforms, same haircuts, same way of life, not something for her. Saren prefers a more carefree, uninhibited lifestyle where she can do what she wants to and whatnot.

Character History

Saren was born into a very wealthy family, rich enough to own a mansion and even put her and her brother through private schooling and other expensive activities, the main one being horseback riding. Training since she was six, Saren's parents quickly realized she had plenty of talent as a professional jockey. And so what started out as a little hobby for their child became their pride and joy, mainly because she won plenty of competitions, contests and small bets for them. The constant praise and prizes she received gave her that elitist attitude nobody likes. Other than that, Saren wasn't particularly bullied or had any strange occurrences and events happen to her in her youth, probably a result of her father being a little bit too overprotective and trying to keep her very, very far away from the life of the middle-class, unknown, and criminals. Whenever she wanted something bought, her father would arrange servants to pick up clothing for her, despite her many protests, and even went as far as to have her believe the middle and lower class people are comprised to thieves and all of those sorts alike. Being a gullible little girl she was, she believed it but had doubts about whether it was all true. Couldn't be, right? Needless to say, this went on until she was fourteen.

At the age of fourteen, Saren was renowned as a top tier jockey that nobody on the island could beat, and her parents got less strict about enforcing the "You can't leave the property" rule, and the young girl was now allowed to go out to town under the supervision of armed bodyguards that protected her at all costs. Of course, they didn't really care what she did in town so as long as she didn't get hurt. With that barrier down, Saren began to expose herself to real life and find out that the middle and lower-class people were not thieves or hoodlums as her father so told her. She chatted with many of the locals and hobos, found out about themselves, their jobs, their families, and concluded that they're just people like herself, her bodyguards, and her servants, just regular people with less cash to spare compared to herself. After that revelation, she began to trust her parents much less and be less of a good girl like she used to be, and more independent, all while searching for something to do that would really push her father over the edge. Sadly, no ideas came from her and no subtle clues came from the townsfolk she so often talked to, who felt like better parents to Saren than her biological ones. Two years pass along with plenty of fighting between herself and her parents, and many threats of disowning and abandoning finally drove the rich girl over the edge and had her blurt out, "I will become a pirate, so eat shit, dad!". This immediately got her thrown out of the house and disowned. Luckily, she kept her house key on her and stole as much money as she could to get herself out of that place, with only her dreams left to guide her.

  • Former Jockey (Pro Horse Rider)



Weapon Description:

Weapon Special Abilities:

Weapon History:

Power Level Information

Character Strength: Average
Character Speed: Average
Character Resilience: Average
Character Dexterity: Average

Devil Fruit Information

Devil Fruit Name:
Devil Fruit Type:
Devil Fruit Progression: Please write up the progression levels here if using a cannon devil fruit if not delete this section.
Current Devil fruit Level: This will be where it states which level of mastery your character is currently at.
Devil Fruit Mastery Level: If using a cannon devil fruit then please write up the powers of said fruit from levels 1 - the last Level like you would if you were creating a devil fruit. other wise just list the level your character is currently at.
Devil Fruit Abilities:

Devil Fruit Weaknesses:

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat:

Weapon Based Combat:

Devil Fruit Based Combat:

Combo Combat:


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Re: Saren Piale

Post by Docile on Tue May 20, 2014 8:13 pm

Unless stated otherwise

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