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Isaac Maddox

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Isaac Maddox

Post by Guest on Sun May 25, 2014 6:53 am

Name : Isaac Maddox
Epithet : The Cheshire Cat
Age : 34
Gender : Male
Birth Place : Grand Line
Species : Human
Orientation : Left-Handed

Theme : In Time
Occupation :Doctor/Swordsman
Bounty : 30,000,000
Allegiance : Pirates
Dreams :
  • Conquer His Fear Of Water

Appearance : Isaac stands at a height of 7'4 meaning he dwarfs a large number of humans that he comes into contact with, despite his height he has quite a skinny and slender frame with bony fingers and a gaunt wrinkled squarish face with grey eyes and a number of wrinkles and cracks in his skin despite his relatively young age. He has a beaky nose that is slightly curved from being broken numerous times during his tenure as a pirate, his hair is naturally very curly and creates the illusion of an afro when in fact it is just his natural hair, a dark brown bowler hat with a black tape strapped around it just before the brim, that sits atop his curlyhead of hair and is often tilted to the right hand side. Isaac dresses in very much a western style themed with a white dress shirt styled with the collars up and a black cravat decorated with yellow dots with a brown pinstripe waistcoat over the top, the sleeves of the shirt are frequently worn rolled up to just before the elbow and are fastened with bullstrings around his elbow joint and another pair on the upper portion of his arm.

Isaac also wears a greyish-brown pair of jeans that are fastened with a leather belt and a holster for his gun The Red Rocket and his sheathed blade Ame Ken which he keeps on his left hand side and right hand side respectively. His design his finished by a pair of dark brown loafers.

Personality : Isaac is mostly a sarcastic, cold and a bitter person that comes from a deep underlying emotional trauma from his past, despite this Isaac is an extremely loyal and experienced crew mate and a skilled swordsman and sharpshooter. He also has a bitterly strong dislike for those with devil fruits and often has a prejudice against those who have eaten them and also obtained their powers. Also stemming from his past Isaac has a fear of water, however this is only applied to large volumes of water where it would be possible to drown such as Swimming Pools and the open seas wheras just small amounts of water usually bare no effect on him whatsoever. Despite his short comings throughout his life Isaac has retained his sense of valour and is still honour bound even if he dislikes to admit it.

Isaac was the son of two doctors, Radamel and Fuschia Maddox who owned their private clinic in the Grand Line. His parents were both former pirates that had opted to settle down on an island and live a civilian lifestyle. Isaac was homeschooled by his mother in the general subjects and taught how to read and write as well as Medicine which Isaac took a natural aptitude towards and by the age of 17 was working at his parents clinic and treating patients with all sorts of ailments. The Island was prone to frequent raids from pirates who would try to steal money and supplies, as a result the clinic was often targeted for medical supplies.

Radamel was also a proficient swordsman with his own high quality blade the Ame Ken, which was a Ryo Wazamono Sword a blade of limited number and only beaten in quality by a select few. His father was growing in age and struggled to defend his livelihood against the younger and more skilled pirates , so as a solution Radamel began to teach his son how to fight with a sword over the next couple of years and at the age of 21 was given his fathers sword on his birthday. As he grew older marine presence became stronger on the island running more frequent patrols and as a result the raids became less frequent.

This freed up Isaac to pursue Piracy something he had always wanted to do, ever since he was young and heard the stories of h is parents and their Crew the Maddox Pirates. Isaac was taken on by the Cutler Pirates and their Captain Tobias as they had needed a Doctor. He remained with the Cutler Pirates for the next 10 years rising up to the rank of first mate and this is where Isaac obtained his firearm the Red Rocket as a present from his Captain that grew to be his best friend. The Cutler Pirates were branded as irresponsible due to the fact all of their crewmates had eaten devil fruits except Isaac who viewed them as unnatural and preferred his sword and gun.

One Night a storm hit the Cutler Pirates Ship ripping a whole through the hull and causing the ship to sink into the sea due to the Devil Fruits all of his crewmates either drowned or were lost at sea never to be seen again, the trauma of seeing a number of his close friends drown gave him his fear of water along with cold and blunt personality that he has tday. A Couple of days later Isaac washed ashore on an island before returning to the four blues in pursuit of a new crew.

Abilities :

  • Jack Of All Trades
  • Eagle Eye
  • Swordsmanship
  • Medical Prowess

Power Levels
Character Strength : Skilled
Character Speed : Professional
Character Resilience : Skilled
Character Dexterity : Professional

Inventory :

Ame Ken

Ame Ken is one of the Ryo Wazamono Grade Swords and was given to Isaac by his father, whom was the previous owner from his life as a Pirate, on his 21st Birthday. The Blade is a light sword forged from light and durable metal with a blue hue which can be shown when light is shone onto the blade. The Sword is 80 cm in length and the Tsuba is made of two spiralling circles symbolising a rain drop. Ame Ken has a estimated value of 10,000,000

The Red Rocket

The Red Rocket is a standard .357 Magnum Revolver, that has a revolving chamber that is able to hold 6 Bullets at any one time and also a small button on the underside of the grip that activates the heat dial that has been deposited in the grip. The Red Rocket was crafted by the smith of The Cutler Pirates at the request of the Captain, Tobias Cutler and was a present to the newly promoted First Mate Isaac Maddox. The Firearm has been in the possession of Isaac Maddox ever since. The Red Rocket has a Heat Dial inserted in the grip, that once activated heats the metallic portions of the gun to a great temperature to the point it can melt through flesh.

The Redrocket has an estimated Value of

Unarmed Combat : Improvised

Weapon Based Combat : Improvised

Haki : N/A

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Re: Isaac Maddox

Post by Guest on Thu Jun 05, 2014 10:06 pm



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Re: Isaac Maddox

Post by Vaetric on Sun Aug 31, 2014 9:32 pm

Woah this has been unchecked for a while, I do wonder where Isaac's father got the weapon from and it is a bit of a little app and getting the revolver should probably be in his backstory. Also it never shows how he got his bounty, just that he was a part of a crew of pirates for ten years, should show some of his shenanigans .

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Re: Isaac Maddox

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