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Sacha Kazapov

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Sacha Kazapov

Post by bunbunny on Wed Jun 25, 2014 8:07 am

General Information

Name: Sacha Kazapov
Epithet: Cold Cure
Age: 38
Gender: Female
Birthplace: North blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Right Handed

Crew: N/A
Ship: N/A
Occupation: Doctor, former assassin.
Rank: Lieutenant
Bounty: N/A
Crimes Committed: Several murders
Bounty Collected: 9.000.000 Beli
Allegiance: Marine
Dream(s): 1) Help as many people as possible 2) Redeem herself

Character Information


Appearance: Standing at 5'7" Sacha is quite the tall lady, she has an hourglass figure with mature curves in all the right places. Even though she's becoming a bit older she has aged well and her pale skin lacks wrinkles, often making people shocked at how old she actually is compared to how she looks. Her hair is a dark navy blue colour and is very curly as it hangs down to her jaw. Though it's hardly ever messy hair even though it's curly since she makes a big effort to keep herself looking tidy and well put together, almost always seen wearing make up or hair ornaments and always in nice, professional looking blouses and skirts or pants.

Her face is heart shaped and her teal eyes are almost always half lidded, giving her a very sleepy look most of the time, if not slightly sultry. Her nose is small and if not a little stubby but still feminine looking and her lips are very full and as she makes a point to keep herself looking nice she always plucks her eyebrows, keeping them looking trimmed. On her left cheek just below her eye she has a mole that is one of the many that cover her body as she has many on her back and stomach and some on her legs and arms and even one in her cleavage.

Now as she enjoys looking nice and put together Sacha always dresses well even if it's not always necessarily noticed. She always has very nice high quality clothes on even down from her underwear sets (often including corsets) to the hairbands she uses to tie up her hair. She seems to have a keen interest in fashion as she often buys new clothes but really she just wants to look nice since she feels it's important to present herself to other people in a positive light. Cause really the last thing she wants is more enemies.

Personality: Silent and subtle Sacha tries her best to be a master at manipulating her own emotions. Keeping a cool and relaxed demeanor with an elegant edge to it. Even if she can come off as distant and aloof she really is quite the gentle person when it comes down to it. Even though she tries to be subtle about that gentle part. She might come off as the type to be quiet and classy during conversation but she really isn't, she's more likely to be the first one to come with a cheeky remark or a sassy response. Even though she has a habit of becoming flustered incredibly easy when met with things she feels uncomfortable with she tries her best to keep a cool head in stressful situations.

Ironically enough, Sacha tries her best to avoid killing when fighting and would much prefer to not fight at all. Mostly because she feels she has spilled too much blood in her lifetime already and thus goes to great lenghts to avoid killing a person. She takes her position as doctor very seriously and will make sure everyone is in stable condition before she starts tending to herself. Also going to great lenghts to assure no one she's aquainted with gets hurt, even if she herself gets hurt, killed even, in the process.

Ever since she joined the Marines (and before that) Sacha has only concentrated on work and has had no time to concentrate on a personal private life (no matter how much she wanted one) and has thus had a very "dry" period for over ten years. Meaning that she has pretty much been in unwilling celibacy for the past decade. Leaving her extremely sexually frustrated (She's a woman with needs dammit!). However she has found a way to keep her libido at bay, barely mind you, with lots of coffee and lots of hard work. Lots of it.

Sacha has a very flexible view on justice since she often finds herself in situations where she can empatize with the criminals she's fighting since often she has been in that situation herself. Not that she really ever wants to think back to the time when she was a criminal and just tries to move forward with her life.

Character History


Born up in north blue Sacha came out into the world on one of the coldest months of the year. And by the way the parents were acting with their new child it seemed like the midwives were most happy with the new little baby (but then again midwives are pretty excited over babies in general). Either way the first few years of Sacha's life were pretty normal learning to walk, talk and just the basic things that a toddler does. Even as she got older she had a pretty normal life even though her parents would spend long days working and they'd move around a lot. She was also homeschooled by her mother making it incredibly hard for her to make and keep friends. Another thing was that her parents were pretty distant people treating her more like an aquaintance than their daughter. Well that and that they were also training her for her future career as an assassin.

Now her parents weren't bad people, (well maybe in some people's eyes they were) they were just trying to pass on the family profession. By teaching her ten different ways to stab a man.

They also tried teaching her how to alienate her feelings and how friends were only shallow and would turn their back on you as soon as they could. Making it even harder for her to make friends and just trust people in general. Which was also another thing her parents taught her: "Never trust anyone." Her father used to tell her "Just stick to what you know, always have a plan and do as your employer tells you."

Another thing her parents passed onto her was that the only time she'd need to bother with romance would be when it would be time to continue her bloodline. She was also taught to stay away from the marines as much as possible, unless she had hits to perform. And being young Sacha only nodded and took in what her parents told her. But she was still a child and sometimes defied what her parents had told her and tried making friends anyway, however this didn't always go so well since she didn't really know how to handle people well yet. But she got some here and there but those friends were quickly abandoned as her family kept moving.

She performed her first hit when she was sixteen with her father.

It wasn't anything special according to her father, just snuck into the mansion on the tiny island in east blue at night and take out the husband of a well known businessman. It all went well and she did as she was taught and stabbed him straight through the heart and then slit his throat "Just to make sure." as her father had put it as he simply watched what she did. A successful hit with no mistakes. Well except for the witness they had cowering in the corner of the room, a small servant boy barely eight years old was sitting there softly sobbing in fear.

Her father took care of that one.

Sacha got a thousand Beli for that mission and a pat on the shoulder from her mother. They didn't talk about it more after that.

When she was eighteen her parents set up a place to stay for her for a week down in south blue on an island and got her an employer on the same island. She'd be lying if she said she wasn't genuinely scared the first time she met the man who had hired her. Barely an adult she sat there in the dark room listening in explicit detail about how her employer wanted him dead and how she could make a little extra money if she spread her legs for him. To say the least Sacha was quick in leaving when she heard that.

This would be the first hit she performed all on her own, after this she would also have to go on on her own and find her next employer and hit and leave the island as soon as possible. She was quite nervous to say the least. Even though she knew everything she had to do and what might happen.

She snuck into the house at night with at least ten different plans in case of various situations. Hell she even had a plan in case a fire broke out. Luckily for her that didn't happen. Everything went smoothly actually. Probably mostly cause she had scouted out the place all week both the inside and outside and also dug through town archives for hours just to find vauge blueprints that were over seventy years old. But it was better to overdo it rather than come unprepared, at least that's what her father had told her.

Either way she left a man dead in hotel room 329 that night.

After she had cleaned up her traces she was out of there like greased lightning and got in touch with her employer. They met up and he recomended her to seek up another man on another island, gave her the money and harrassed her by giving her bum a smack as she turned away to exit. But she didn't react much other than just leaving.

On the boat to the next island she felt a mix between nervousness and fear but also a bit of relief. Cause now she had gotten started right? She could just continue doing this and making her parents proud. This job was meant for her after all. At least that's what her parents had said to her.

She spent ten years basically doing the same thing in different variations and that thing was killing people. Sometimes she worked with other people or with a partner but mostly she worked on her own. The years seemed to pass by in a daze and sometimes she even felt disgusted with herself for what she did. But this was what was meant for her. It was her duty. At least that's what her parents had told her it was. So of course not wanting to be a rebel Sacha just did what was required of her, even if that meant doing things that other people couldn't even dream of doing.

However it was during one special mission when she was 28 that her career as an assassin came to a halt.

It was a big mission, she was working with a whole load of other assassins, all of them who knew their trade exeptionally well, including her. They were supposed to take out a smaller marine base up in north blue, exterminate every marine on the island so that a criminal leader could take over it with ease. And he was willing to pay so of course they all accepted. She was one of the assassins who had been assigned to burn down the base and take out the ones who managed to make it out.

It all went fine at first and the base burnt very easily, the group of assassins scattered out around it incase anyone would make it out. It was in the middle of the night so they all were pretty confident they had caught them by surprise. And they probably had but still people came running out, some on fire and others with severe injuries. Some with both. And of course they took them out easily with just a slash or a stab here and there, some used quickworking poison, others used guns and other simply threw more gasoline onto the burning ones.

Herself she simply used her devil fruit that she had aquired about two years prior when an employer had given it to her as a gift of some odd kind of affection and had her eat it at gunpoint as she had refused it at first. Either way she used it to either sprout spikes and impale the men and women coming running out or simply walking over to them and sending a bullet made out of ice through their skull.

As she and her fellow assassins were right in the middle of picking off the survivors one by one she walked over to take care of a man lying in the snow with burns all over him who was still squirming. What she had not expected for him was to start screeching as he saw her, grabbing onto her leg and coughing up blood and ash as he begged for his life while looking up at her with his eyebrows scorched off and skin peeling off because of the burns he had aquired.

"PLEASE I BEG OF YOU LET ME LIVE! I HAVE A WIFE, A DAUGHTER, MY SON IS GRADUATING THIS WEEK! PLEASE MRS. YOU MUST KNOW WHAT IT'S LIKE PLEASE" he had screamed full of despair and then started sobbing hysterically as his grip loosened on her pants and he simply fell into the snow continuing to sob with an expression full of pain because of his injuries.

And it was at that moment that as if she had been struck by lightning Sacha snapped out of the daze she had been in for 28 years and almost fell down onto her knees as she realized that she had no life other than just ending other's. She had no friends, she had no ambitions, she had no lover, no security and no family to call her own. This wasn't her duty. All her parents had done was lie to her and she was a fool for not realizing it sooner. And as that man died there at her feet she saw his wife and kids, she saw all the spouses and relatives of all the people she had erased. All the friends who'd have one less member at their yearly dinner party.

It basically dawned on her how much value a human life really held.

When they left the burning building to head to their employer yet again all of the other assassins were treating it like a normal day at work all whilst Sacha was still shaking from what just had happened. She had realized her parents had been lying to her her whole life that she was just something they could train to do the same things they had done their whole life. But she didn't want to do that anymore, she wanted to do good, help people.

So she started studying medicine in east blue. Well she did some studying down in south blue as well but mostly she stayed in east. And whilst she studied she met her first real friend, a woman about the same age as her who was also studying medicine but instead of joining the marines like Sacha was planning to do (cause they helped people right?) she was planning on working at a hospital on her home island. They both became friends pretty quickly and often helped eachother study.

They still kept contact through letters as Sacha left and became a seaman recruit in the marines.

Sacha started out working as a nurse on different bases around the blues even though she was actually qualified as a doctor but she didn't really mind cause now she had a purpose and she got to help people, which was what she wanted after all. However as much work she got done in an office she was way more efficient in the field. Even though she helped out many different marine crews and divisions she always would put their wellbeing first even if she had worse injuries than them. Even going to such lenghts that she put a bandaid on a recruit who had cut himself before tending to her own broken fingers.

It was these acts repeated over and over that earned her a few ranks, so much that she rose to the rank of an ensign. Something she exitedly wrote to her friend who wrote back with news of her own. Keeping up her work as a marine Sacha even managed to bring down some criminals with bounties, even though she preffered helping people instead of arresting them. Either way she kept working hard and concentrated on pretty much only her work, earning her the rank of liutenant somehow.


Medical knowlege: Having spent five years studying medicine in east blue and having practiced it for five years as well it's safe to say Sacha knows how to stitch people up and has knowledge about the subject in general.

Manipulation and interrogation techniques: Being an assassin you sometimes got to press people for information, so Sacha learned how to do that and has various ways of getting information out of people and manipulating them. Some more violent than others.

Extensive knowledge on assassination: Spending most of her life as an assassin Sacha knows the system pretty well and also knows more than one way to kill someone silently and discreetly. (Well more than fifty ways really.)


Weapon: N/A

Weapon Description: N/A

Weapon Special Abilities: N/A

Weapon History: N/A

Power Level Information

Character Strength: Proficient
Character Speed: Proficient
Character Resilience: Proficient
Character Dexterity: Proficient

Devil Fruit Information

Devil Fruit Name: Hie hie no mi (Ice Ice fruit)
Devil Fruit Type: Logia
Devil Fruit Progression: 1-2 = 3 threads and 2-3 =4 threads
Current Devil fruit Level: 1
Devil Fruit Mastery Level:

Level 1: The user of the Hie Hie no Mi can generate unlimited amounts of ice from their body.

Level 2: The user of the Hie Hie no Mi can generate unlimited amounts of ice from their body.
The user gains the ability to form simple structures from the ice they create.

Level 3: The user of the Hie Hie no Mi can generate unlimited amounts of ice from their body.
The user gains the ability to form simple structures from the ice they create.
The user gains the ability to form much more complex & bigger structures.

Devil Fruit Abilities: Standard logia abilities with ice. User withstands extreme cold easily.

Devil Fruit Weaknesses: Standard devil fruit weaknesses and heat.

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat: Just the normal kicks and punches, she has a mean right hook.

Weapon Based Combat: N/A

Devil Fruit Based Combat:

Hie Hie: Hail: Shredder
The user launches a series of small pointed projectiles into the sky so it falls back down slicing up their opponents.

Hie Hie: Hail: Boulder
The user launches a series of large solid projectiles into the sky so they fall down bluntly impacting their opponents.

Hie Hie: Igloo
The user slams their foot down on to the ground generating ice from their foot which reaches out to a range of 15 feet and forms an igloo.

Hie Hie: Splinter
The user casts their hands in a specific direction of which generates a series of sharpened icicles.

Hie Hie: Dual Splinter
The user casts both of their hands in a specific direction of which generates a series of sharpened icicles.

Hie Hie: Pounce
The user generates ice beneath their feet which launches them into the air leaving behind a small slab of ice.

Hie Hie: Sculpture
The user freezes a person they touch. If the user's strength is one stat higher than the opponent's resilience then the opponent won't be able to break free from the ice other wise they must be melted free.

Hie Hie: Icicle
The user creates a sword out of ice to use.

Hie Hie: Laphan Claws
The user creates claws over their hands to use to fight with.

Hie Hie: Hedgehog
The user sprouts icicles all over their body which jet out in a variety of different ways.

Hie Hie: Iceberg
The user launches themselves into the sky in which they generate a mass of ice around their entire body creating a large ice berg to drop down on to their opponent(s)

Combo Combat: N/A

Haki: N/A

RP Sample: N/A


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Re: Sacha Kazapov

Post by Docile on Thu Jun 26, 2014 5:54 pm

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