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WIP attempt

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WIP attempt

Post by Anarchy on Tue Jul 08, 2014 12:54 pm

General Information

Name:  Troy Rackham
Epithet: N/A
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Birthplace: East Blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Right 

Crew: N/A
Ship: Small fishing boat
Occupation: N/A
Bounty: 0
Crimes Committed: None
Allegiance: Pirate
-Meet Les as a pirate
-Find his father
-See his family again

Character Information


Describe to us the appearance of your character in at least 5 lines a picture may be used however we still require a description of at least 5 lines. 


Character History

Troy was born in a small town located in the East Blue, and was the youngest of two children. Troy and his brother only a year older, were raised by their mother. The father, did not live with them, and left after both the kids were born. His aspiration, was to become a pirate and adventure the world. Not even his mother knew exactly why he left, but it was obvious he chose adventure over his family. His mother knew the kids would take pride in their father, and she figured him being a pirate wouldn't make him the greatest role model in their lives. Lying to her children, she told them he had to work overseas to provide support for the family.

The two brothers would roam the town, playing games. Usually the two would race or play tag. Troy developed speed chasing his brother, and the boy was also resilient. His brother being older, always had the advantage. Troy struggled to keep up, and always was at a disadvantage when the boys wrestled. Troy was a determined child, with a rock solid will. This was what they considered fun, they were definitely not spoiled, for they lived in a small house which was struggling to be paid by one mother. Troy was always thankful for what their mother provided them with.

When Troy was 12, a pirate named Les visited his family. The man said he was a friend of their father. Troy immediately admired this man. Then Les said something his mom never wanted to say. Troy's father was a pirate. Les stayed around telling stories about the two, and how they were rivals as they would travel across the seas. Troy instantly admired this man, and his father. The stories were so entertaining... Troy always loved the stories of Gol D. Roger, but Troy never thought anything of becoming a pirate nor a marine. Les had filled Troy with excitement, and eagerness to adventure the sea. When he left, Les said he'd meet him in the Grand Line. Troy didn't know much of the place, but he said his father would be there as well. Troy began to pack his bag, filling it with food... It was time to adventure the seas!


The weight dragging him down, Troy wobbled after several steps. Turning his head, his backpack was bulging. It was a lot heavier than Troy had anticipated. Maybe I over packed... oh well! The more food the better! You could hear the beating of drums... Troy's heart was thumping with excitement. He had never thought of leaving the island this early. Expressing his emotions, Troy skipped through the house. His eye's disappeared as his grin covered his face.

"Thanks for everything mom, cya bro! I'm gonna find dad and meet Les again! I'm going to be a pirate." said Troy

Dumbfounded, his brother stared at him with a blank expression. Meanwhile, his mother's heart began to race faster than his. Sprinting out of the kitchen, his mother wanted to stop him.

"I knew this would happen, get back in here!" his mother ordered

"I'll come back to visit one day!" exclaimed the boy which darted out the door.

Trailing him was his mother. Her face scrunched up in anger, as her face became red like a tomato. Her legs moved without any thought. Her feet pounded across the floor as if her life was on the line. Seeing this, Troy's eyes closed as he moved his arms up in protection. No. He was not going to obey his mother this time. Troy had nothing to fear after leaving! As his arms dropped, his enormous grin appeared again. Smiling at his mother as she closed in, Troy turned to face the town. It was time to say goodbye. Bending down, he sprang off the floor, exploding out of the house. There he went, bolting away from his mother. He had never seen her run so fast, but still she was no match for Troy.

Her eyes became wet, as tears became to form. Not realizing her surroundings as her adrenaline was pumping, the mat had caught her foot. Her momentum sent her flying. As she came down, her tears came along with her. It was as if a weight had been lifted off her shoulders. Her little boy had grown up. She didn't want him to follow in his father's footsteps... but the two were so similar, she knew her little boy would be fine. A smile came across her face. Just like his father.

Standing at the docks, Troy found himself staring at the water. How was he going to leave? His eyes darting across the sea, his eyes found a worthy ship... It was a tiny fishing boat. It was the smallest of the ships, but he knew it would be the one less missed. Hopping aboard, Troy threw his bag down. The weight was enough to rock the ship as the water began to ripple underneath. It was as if his grin would not disappear. He was so excited to finally meet his dad. Whether it was in a year or a day, Troy knew it would be an adventure. Looking back, the young boy waved. Nobody was there, the boy was simply waving goodbye to his childhood... It couldn't be controlled. Tears rolled down his face as he waved goodbye to the town.


Speed and Parkour
Troy developed his speed from running around with his brother. Not only is Troy fast at sprinting, but he thinks fast as well. Running around his town and trying to find ways to outwit his brother, often he would think of ways to get past or catch him. The two doing this, help build their parkour skills from climbing walls and jumping over things.



Weapon Description:

Weapon Special Abilities:

Weapon History:

Power Level Information

Character Strength: Average
Character Speed:  Advanced
Character Resilience:  Proficient
Character Dexterity:  Average

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat: N/A

Weapon Based Combat: N/A

Combo Combat: N/A

Haki: N/A

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