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Sully Kaemon

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Sully Kaemon

Post by Docile on Thu Jul 17, 2014 11:48 am

General Information

Name: Sully Kaemon
Epithet: "Sucker Punch"
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Birthplace: North Blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Right Handed
Theme Tune: Unstoppable

Crew: The Kaemon Pirates
Ship: N/A
Occupation: Captain | Brawler | Con Man
Bounty: 0
Crimes Committed: N/A
Allegiance: Pirate
• Undecided Currently

Character Information

Jolly Roger:

Sully Kaemon's Traditional Attire:

Sully Kaemon stands at a height of 6ft 1 and weighs a grand total of 15 stone. His body may appear thin and all be it pretty pathetic, however beneath his jumper is a well toned muscular body that doesn't appear to be taken care of, but in fact is taken care of better than most people think. Sully's hair is a cyan colour and hangs down over his face, the majority of the time it is tied into a pony tail for the sheer purpose of keeping most of it out of his face, even though other bits hang down over his face. Around his neck, Sully wears a chain necklace with a small pendant hanging on the end of it. The pendant is a bullet with small wings either side of it. From the waist down Sully wears pinstripe grey trousers with black stripes and a black leather belt that holds his trousers up. Over his feet which are  a size 9, Sully wears black boots of which the laces never seem to be done up even when they are.

Sully can be seen carrying a bottle of some alcoholic drink around with him allot of the time and always has the sleeves on his jumper rolled up, except for when he's in much colder terrain, then he would much rather keep them rolled down and pull on a grey scarf along with fingerless gloves. Sully has a few scars over his body from his past when he would brawl which can be seen clearly over his back and arms, these are in the shape of white scars over his back. Sully's skin tone is rather light and his eyes are grey in colour, they have been described as soulless when people look into them though.


Sully Kaemon is a man of drinks & fights. Sully still retains a childlike fulfillment of wonder about him which is what drives him forward in each of his adventures that he falls into. Enjoying the rush that comes with each adventure, Sully doesn't rush greatness as he feels things unfold in due time, he is a thorough believer in good things come to those who wait and will always believe this. Within fights Sully is a rather blunt man. He'll aim to bring down the biggest threats first before leveling the smaller threats and he'll always aim to finish the fights as quickly as he can. No matter how difficult it may be.

Drinking has been a bit of a problem for Sully from time to time and he's been known to drink too much allot of the time, but having spent his life drinking & brawling his body has gained a natrual resistance to alcohol now allowing him to last longer when drinking before he becomes tipsy or even drunk. Always one to start drinking, Sully isn't quite the life of the party but the quiet observer, he'll watch his crew mates fall into a drunken state around him and react to others whilst he just enjoys his drinks. The way life was meant to be.

Around people of a female variety, Sully enjoys a nice little bit of harmless flirting, but he's not looking for anything in particular as he feels that his heart is locked on discovering myths instead of love. More of the type of guy to have a different woman every night, Kaemon doesn't really form relations among women romantically, he finds though that when he becomes friends with one he struggles to talk of relationships as he knows the impact it'll have on his life if he were to have any form of intercourse with them whatsoever.

Not usually the funny guy, Kaemon is a blunt man, but some people tend to mistake his bluntness for being funny as some of the things he comes out with are rather peculiar metaphors. A man of varied words and dead pan humor, Sully prefers others to be behind making people laugh and likes to sit back and watch. If a joke happens to fly overhead, he may even smile and give a little giggle too.

Known as the Sucker Punch, Sully feels proud of this accomplishment as it was a nickname given to him during his years brawling in the local bars due to his skills as a brawler and having proved himself as what he liked to call himself the Brawler King, However he never fully realized that he was only the best brawler in his home town and there were at least over 100 other towns scattered throughout the world that he hadn't even taken into consideration yet. But he still liked to think he was the best. A bit absent minded and pig headed from time to time, Sully is a good man to follow as he knows what he wants and will push himself to get it for himself or his crew, but he'll always do it for his crew and not expect the same from them as they're his friends and he feels its his duty to help his friends instead of theirs to help him.

Character History


Born into the North Blue from a chain smoking landlord and a seductress tavern owner, the young Kaemon was brought up within a rough lifestyle in which he watched his parents pinch the pennies from all of their clientele as quickly and quietly as possible. They weren't thieves, but people who charged a little more than normal for the same life style you'd get everywhere else, but it just had fancier names. To the clients it was a nicer way of life, to the Kaemon's it was just pure bull shit slipping straight from their lips through the client's ears in the left and out the right without anything sticking. Its funny what you can get away with when people just don't listen. Or even if they do, they only catch the good parts, such as a name of someone rich who does it.

Growing up working alongside mother & father, the youngest Kaemon watched as his parents conned people out of their hard earned beli, all it took was a few simple tricks to fool them out of their money, a few simple tricks young Kaemon got into the loop of using himself. Enjoying the thrill of nabbing money without them knowing he started to get other ideas in which they could earn more money without lifting a finger. Pitching the idea to his father, it was of a water fountain where people make wishes. He'd seen people throwing coins into one down town making wishes and asked why they didn't have one. His father explained albeit a great idea there needed to be a special reason as to why they had a fountain otherwise people wouldn't much care. Unless there is a story behind it, people won't use it. Which was the case with the Doberman's fountain in Oldvale. Another family who did the same as the Kaemon's but just wasn't as good. Understanding this Kaemon decided to search for a reason. A few years went by in which they continued to con people and fill their pockets. Life was good and they were loaded. Making a series of greater improvements to their tavern and having lots of rooms built so people could stay and they could spend longer conning them, the Kaemon's business was only growing in size.

And it was beautiful.

As the family spent their usual late Saturday night relaxing in the lounge, Kaemon's mother rushed off feeling sick. She wasn't so sure as to why, but felt it might be to do with the lack of sleep and amount of disease currently spreading around. Over the course of time her husband and son started to notice her cheeks becoming more round and she was throwing up a few more times. Finally there was the obvious sign of what was really going on that could not be ignored.

The bump.

Ms Kaemon was pregnant again. Their son then came up with an idea. "Why can't we make the fountain in memory of the new baby also its pretty close to your anniversary so it can be a gift for your anniversary & the new born baby." agreeing the family started construction on a fountain and preparations for the baby. Having a room made in the back for the baby and hiring someone to take care of the new born baby the family were as happy as could be. Everything was going well. Upon glancing over their first son the family settled on a name. Due to the baby's black hair they decided to give their second son the name Noir Kaemon. Sully looked down at his younger brother and felt proud of what he'd accomplished for his baby brother. He was now 9 and his baby brother only just born.

Spending allot of time working with his father whilst Sully's mother looked after Noir, Sully was rushed off his feet every night. This continued for a few years as Noir needed allot of time with mother, Sully grew to become accustomed to this and started to enjoy it more and more. His father & him even managed to get a good circulation of penny pinching going on too. Although a few minor set backs did arise when he was caught. This would usually wind up in a fight where Sully got the snot beaten out of him. Funnily enough, the only lesson he learnt was do it again, just better. Finally his mother came back to work as did Noir who was asked to be looked after by Sully who started teaching him the tricks of the trade. Becoming a natrual at it, Sully left his little brother to it as he doubted he'd suffer at the hands of people angry for him getting their money as he was so young he probably didn't know any better.

The work load was lightened with mother working once more and as the new fountain collected hundreds and hundreds Sully would be the one every week emptying it. One night however he was working away plying the tricks his family used when a member of the Doberman family arrived in their bar. Keeping an eye on him, Sully realized there was one thing he'd forgotten to explain to his little brother. The Doberman's weren't to be messed with. Sully watched as Noir attempted to trick him into paying for an 'enhanced environment' which was really just spraying him in the face with cool water. But if you tell people it smells of nice things their brain creates those nice smells. The member of the Doberman family lashed out. Punching Noir in the face, Sully felt his heart drop. He should've stopped Noir but hadn't been able to.

Reaching his little brother of the age of 9, Sully scowled at Doberman and his father rushed over to speak to Doberman outside. Escorting him out, Sully carried a teary eyed Noir to his mother before joining his father outside. As he stepped outside, Sully caught sight of his father hunched over leaning on Doberman as Doberman stood over his father with a ferocious look on his face. Sully watched as his father hit the floor clutching at his abdomen & Dobermen stood with a stained knife. Wiping the knife on his own clothing, Doberman smiled at Sully before turning and walking away.

Rushing over to his father Sully caught him in his final moments. This whole situation had only gotten worse and could've been stopped if he'd done his job properly. But it was too late for looking for 'ifs' & 'buts' it was already here and his father's fading eyes gazed into his own. Reaching up to his son, Sully took his father's hand in his own and felt something heavy dropped into his hand. His lighter. As his father removed his hand it reached up towards his face.

"Take care of your mother & Noir." were his final words, he probably would've said something about loving him and his family, but it didn't seem he was even capable of such a thing due to the horrifying amount of blood he was losing. Pocketing the lighter, Kaemon felt a pit of guilt settle in his stomach and instead of reporting the incident like he should've, Sully dashed off into the night with tears in his eyes and pain in his heart. This was his fault and he couldn't live with it.

Spending the next 6 months in a pit of depression, Sully found himself binge drinking and fighting almost every night. He started to become a brawler, picking fights for no reason and even getting arrested a few times, but only for the night for a drunken fight in which couldn't be figured out who started first. Sully really needed time to fix his head, but all the drinking and fighting did was help release his anger and change his way of thinking. The sorrow was still there though.

During his sixth month one night in the cell, Sully was woken by the sound of the cell doors opening and beside him a member of the Doberman family was thrown. Looking over him Sully sized him up before thinking of beating him down, as he stood up to make the first move though he was stopped by Doberman. "I'm guessing you want to hit me right now for what my father did to yours." pausing Sully felt the pit return and nodded. "I don't blame you for wanting to, but hitting me won't help you. In fact he's the reason I'm in here right now. We had a fight and I hit him, knocked all of his teeth out." realizing that the Doberman father was such a tyrant, Sully
asked "Why do you all stay by his side if he's so nasty?" the response was because the family name had such a bad reputation among marines & pirates their lives would only be harder. Feeling sorry, Sully asked, "Why did you father kill mine? Was it because we were so much more successful than you?" the answer Doberman returned surprised him. "That and because he was jealous of what you guys had and I couldn't deal with it anymore. I wanted to confess his murder to the police, but, well that's what this fight was about." realizing the bind they were in, Sully made plans with the Doberman's son to take him to his tavern and explain the situation to his mother. At least then the family would have another set of hands to help out.

Once both of them were freed the two returned to Sully's home to see it was still open for business and busy as ever. Seeing his brother Noir had grown into a large man, a giant of a man which shocked Sully, after a tearful and rough reunion in which Noir and Sully fought for his actions, Sully was accepted back into the family as the son who'd run away, but also returned with help. Explaining the situation and the murder Sully & Dobermen explained the murder of his father to the police. Investigating all of the evidence given the Doberman father was taken in and arrested for murder. With the family now freed from their father's rein, Sully mentioned how they could work alongside his family as one united family and build a good reputation instead of living with the bad one their father gave them.

Working along side each other for a few years, The Dobermans & the Kaemons had put aside their differences and become a proper family without problems, the only real problem had been the Doberman's father. All living alongside each other they proved to be a happy bunch. Sully realized he couldn't hang around anymore and left for big and better things upon the seas. It was time he traveled and saw the world.

Travelling alone aboard a simple merchant's ship, Sully started to find himself caught among pirates & marines in endless fights throughout the sea which sent shivers down his spine and filled him with excitement, only one thing surprised him more and that was when he found something special in the remains of a burnt pirate ship after a marine assault. Landing in the water alongside the merchant ship was a small bottle with a piece of paper slightly torn up and browned, rolled up inside. Lifting it from the water and unrolling, Sully's eyes fell upon a great marvel of which he wanted to get his hands upon.

A treasure map.

Following the trail to the X, Sully discovered a large cavern, wandering in, Sully found himself not just staring at a huge beautiful cavern, but a giant of a ship which used to belong to a pirate and a treasure chest. Breaking the chest open, he laid his eyes on a fruit. Reading the note laid atop the fruit, Sully read Devour the fruit & become a powerful demon this world has never seen. deciding he would take the fruit to sell, Kaemon was suddenly caught in the middle of an ambush where Marines seem to have finally found the old relic of the infamous Pirate Jonti Noble who died within these caverns and had left the fruit along with his ship behind for whoever may find it. It was clear now that Sully was in trouble. Devouring the fruit quickly Sully knew he couldn't escape with it in his hands and it was only a fruit so what damage could it do? Turning in an attempt to flee, Sully watched as suddenly parts of his body turned to chain and chains spring from his body. Something was deeply wrong.


Divine Drinker
Sully is a heavy drinker and able to consume allot of alcohol. His body is accustomed to such a large quantity of booze that it takes allot to get him drunk and a very strong retention to booze. Sully can however use the alcohol to his advantage such as bringing it up and spewing forth booze which is flammable.  

Brawling King
Spending many of his days in his youth mainly in bars, Sully got himself into many fights in which they always ended up with him brawling, most of these fights came about when drunk, but over time he developed enemies of whom eventually would fight him any day, any time for any reason. Throughout the course of this, Sully started to pick up hints and tips on how to brawl with the best of them and has become an incredibly dangerous brawler.

Growing up within a bar where the family used to trick everyone of their patrons, Sully picked up allot of useful tips on how to make money and pinch pennies without actually pinching them. A rather clever man, Sully enjoys tricking people and sees a clear line between conning a person out of their hard worked for money as to theft. At least conning someone is getting something from the person for nothing with them knowingly giving it to you whilst theft is taking the money.


Weapon: Kaemon Lighter

Weapon Description: The Kaemon Lighter is a lighter that Sully's father was given by a former employee, the lighter was made specially for his father and thus it is a small zippo lighter with a purple colour to it. Over the sides of it is a large silver letter K and then in smaller letters aemon coming from the middle of the K. The lighter has a small loop on the bottom of it and an elastic chord which is attached to a loop that hangs on to Sully's belt. This allows the lighter to hang from Sully's waist and allows easy access instead of having to search his pocket for it.

Weapon Special Abilities: N/A

Weapon History:
The Kaemon Lighter was made specially for Sully's father by a former employee, they were close to one another and as way of a birthday gift the lighter was given to Sully's father which he used regularly as he smoked like a chimney. Sully idolized his dad but didn't like the smoking. However when Sully's father passed away he left his lighter to Sully. Winding up at the bar every night, Sully started to find good uses for it, from lighting cigarettes for others to aiding him in combat when he got into fights. Nearly always having some alcohol on hand he was able to spit it out through the flames and set his opponent's alight or send them running, either way it worked well for him.

Power Level Information

Character Strength: Proficient
Character Speed: Trained
Character Resilience: Proficient
Character Dexterity: Average

Devil Fruit Information

Devil Fruit Name: Chēn Chēn no Mi
Devil Fruit Type: Paramecia
Devil Fruit Mastery Level: Level 1 
Devil Fruit Abilities: The ability of the Chēn Chēn no Mi is that it grants the user a chain mail armour beneath their skin and then allows the user to manipulate chains from their body.
Devil Fruit Weaknesses:
• Standard Devil Fruit Weaknesses
• Electricity

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat

Weapon Based Combat:

Cerberus Claw
After using his lighter the mental on it is still hot and Sully holds his lighter open and places it between his fingers with the steel bit protruding and attempts to punch his opponent burning them.

Intoxicated Imp
Using a bottle of booze or recently drunk booze, Sully spits out alcohol from his mouth and holds his lighter up in front of his face allowing him to spit forth flames towards his opponents.

Devil Fruit Based Combat

Chinkle Chankle: Brawler Knight
Generating chain mail armor over his body Sully becomes like a knight in shinning armor and uses it to protect himself from any worse injuries that may be sustained during combat.

Chinkle Chankle: Branding Iron
Using his lighter or friction from dragging his chains along the ground, Kaemon heats them up to a point when his chains can easily tear through human flesh upon contact.

Chinkle Chankle: Chain Strike
Launching his arm forwards Sully releases a chain from his arm which sprouts forward towards his opponent loosely the chains rattle against one another before hardening and forming a small solid fist milliseconds before impacting the opponent.

Chinkle Chankle: Dozen Chain Strike
Launching his arm forwards Sully releases a series of chains from his arm which sprout forward towards his opponent loosely the chains rattle against one another before hardening and forming a small solid fist milliseconds before impacting the opponent.

Chinkle Chankle: Octopus
Sully creates four more chains from his body giving him eight limbs to utilize in combat.

Chinkle Chankle: Octopus: Comet Heave
Using his various other limbs to propel himself skyward, Sully launches into the air and before crashing back down uses the other chain limbs to wrap around him like armour allowing him to crash back to earth atop his opponent(s) unharmed.

Chinkle Chankle: Spherical Strike
Surrounded by opponent(s) Sully launches out chains towards them in an attempt to impale them all.

Chinkle Chankle: Pendulum
Sully creates a large ball made of chains in which Sully uses to swing around and slam into his opponents.


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Re: Sully Kaemon

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