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Nanami Himura

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Nanami Himura

Post by Vaetric on Wed Aug 20, 2014 9:30 pm

.General Information

Name:  Nanami Himura
Epithet: None, yet.
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Birthplace: North Blue.
Species: Human
Orientation: Right Handed.

Crew: N/A
Occupation:  Swordsman.
Rank:  Ensign
Bounty: [img]http://i.stack.imgur.com/0mvFA.gif[/img] N/A
Crimes Committed: N/A
Bounty Collected: N/A
Allegiance: Marines.
.Overcome her narcolepsy.
.Travel the world. (2/6 complete)
.Find out about life return.

Character Information

Describe or put an image of the crew's flag here.

Appearance:  Nanami has black spiky hair that seems to be able to come under control when she’s wearing a marine hat, she has a slightly narrow face. Really, nearly everything about her seems a little on the pointy side. She wears a general marine uniform, though she refrains from wearing a hat; upon her right side is a sword with a black sheath. She’s a little tall, at 5’9. She wears a white eyepatch on her left eye.
She doesn’t smile much, and her face is devoid of laughter marks or other wrinkles that may occur, neither does she have dimples. She tends to have a straight face, while her eyes have shadows beneath them due to her lack of sleep. Weight wise, she has a little muscle here and there, but she’s average in that department, really.  She also has an average cup size, even more downplayed due to her wearing tight bandages around her torso so they won’t get in the way. She seems to have a great posture, able to stand up straight most of the time, in a universal attention. Her eyes are whitish grey.

Personality: Nanami is a fairly orderly and by the book sort of marine, she takes her position fairly seriously and frowns upon misconduct. Although she does care about those put beneath her charge; she doesn’t care to show it; often coming across as a fairly cold person. However, this does not mean it can be broken as she (much to her dismay) has fairly sensitive skin when it comes to being tickled. 
There are two offences to Nanami which would get you a lifetime of hostility unless you are able to have the luxury of being her friend:
1)Tickling her in public.
2)Touching her sword.
To people she dislikes, if they give a bad opinion or are generally not living to the marine standard, she would attempt to punch them with an exclamation of “Fool”, “Idiot”, or “Stupid”. From they scale on her feelings for the person, the most disliked person would gain the title of “Fool”, while she may call a person whom she cares for but still holds a low opinion of in general “Stupid”, while idiot is imbetween.
In terms of swordplay, she is fairly confident of her own abilities and tends to toy with her opponents should they be woefully be below her level. If the opposite would to occur, she would try to put up a good fight while retreating. She would not take another’s sword in the belief that they are essential to another’s character, if a person would callously discard their unbroken, still usable sword then she would believe them to be fools, and have no identity of their own.
Unfortunately, she is plagued with the condition known as narcolepsy, she can barely sleep normally and at random times fall asleep, resulting in universal crankiness. She wears an eyepatch on her left eye so that one would always be accustomed to the darkness, allowing her to see better at night.

Character History

Background Nanami was born from a fairly well-off family, although they were technically nobles they were fairly low on the scale, barely able to afford their own mansion, they would have been richer if not for her father’s fondness of gambling and her mother’s tendencies to go on large shopping sprees-in the human shop. Her mother loved to buy exotic slaves, but also grew tired of them easily and gave them away to her friends, while her father wasn’t very good at his addiction but they also gained a large amount of money from their trading, which kind of balanced it out. Her grandfather had been granted a lordship after solving a food problem and he had made a rather large fish empire, which was inherited through his daughter. Her father was a sailor whose father also ran a fishing business and they were both married to join the two. They liked eachother, but it didn’t come to love, so they fell upon their own ways of solving boredom. Nanami was the third child, and wasn’t really cared about as much as her older brother and sister, whom were being groomed to inherit the business, the brother as the lord, the sister as the businesswoman. And so they charged any old slave to look after her as a baby/toddler. When she was seven they finally figured out what to do with her; the marines.
H-hey! You cheated!” Nanami accused, rubbing her belly which had kicked by her sparring partner.
“No it isn’t! Swordfights aren’t just about swords, you know!”  The boy was a lot taller than her, he had the advantage of reach. Nanami had always disliked Robert, he was cocky in the face of victory, and acted like a crybaby whenever people were mad at him, what’s worse was that he’s a good swordsman.
Then why do they call it a SWORDfight?! Fool!
“D.. Don’t say things like that..” Robert mumbled, as if taking an instant depresso.
Calm down you two, what’s wrong now?” The marine instructor came towards them, rubbing his temples.
He kicked me!
“She called me a fool!”
That’s because YOU ARE ONE!
Uh, I..” However, she couldn’t hear the rest of what the marine said, because she immediately fell to the floor. “..Asleep again?
The marine academy happened to specialise in swordplay, she wasn’t quite the best student, normally for her tendencies to fall asleep at random times, which also was another reason her parents found it hard to get her into officers training or into a position of strength, so they gave up entirely and left her on her own. They only really paid for her being there, she was tired half of the time due to not being able to get a good night’s sleep. Soon she graduated despite her shortcomings, mostly through hard work and trying to show her parents that she COULD make it, due to the amount of time she spent at the academy rather than home she became more and more molded by the rules.
It wasn’t so much a marine academy as it was a school funded by the marines for the children of nobles, they were more likely to get a promotion than others, some were given up for promotions and others were left to earn their merits, albeit with benefits. Much to Nanami’s dismay, Robert was made a Chief Petty Officer, while she was just a seaman apprentice. Higher than the average recruit, but still one of the lowest of the low. For a couple of years she roamed the sea before at the age of fifteen returning to it for officers training, having shown herself a little more capable of climbing the ranks. In fact, all of her class had been returned for a special tournament which would be held a year later, a swordsmanship one which was told to get a great prize. She tried to train by herself, but found she was still just a little inferior to others. Dismayed, she searched around for soemone to teach her and bumped into an old lady who claimed to know an old style and was trying to become an instructor so she could pass it on, but her style was rejected. Nanami, more than a little desperate, agreed to learn.
“The swords is an extension of your arm.”
“Like water, you must flow through your opponents, and wash them all away.”
“Even the strongest stone can be corroded over time by the sea.”
“Once, there was a great swordsman who trained only in his art, and nothing else. He fought a man, ‘I’m faster than you, I’m sure I’ll win!’ the swordsman tripped him up as he ran, and defeated him. ‘I am stronger than you, I’m sure I’ll win!’ claimed another, the swordsman found a way around his defences, and defeated him. ‘I’m sure I’ll win, for I can take all of your blows in stride!’ the swordsman tied him down with rope, and defeated him. One day however, he fought a man who seemed to be able to keep up. ‘I may be less talented in swordcraft, but I am faster, stronger and can take more blows, furthermore I know how to use one!’ Unable to find a way to defeat his foe, he conceded and was defeated. It is all well to be the greatest swordsman in all the land, but if you neglect your body then you will be defeated, all of the greatest ones know that.’
Nanami trained under the woman for a year, she was taught to bond with her sword, for it was her identity. Unfortunately Nanami was only able to perfect a few of the techniques, but she did know the basics of the seven currents.
Those were the offensive currents.
And they the defensive.
The most powerful attacks came from the Soul.
The day of the tournament soon came, if she won then it’d be great for the old lady as it’d be showing how powerful her technique would be, if she didn’t well..
“Hello you all, you’ve all trained hard, the winner’ll be getting a mystery prize and a promotion, second prize is a promotion and there is no third prize. First contestants, up!” the moderator said, pointing at the board with names on it.
The contestants fought, won, lost and so forth, Nanami did fairly well in the first round, catching the person off guard with her style, most of them had simply been trained in using a sword, nothing more eloquent than that, around here it was their own self-made styles than anything else. Many of the roudns went like a breeze, she started having trouble around the semi-finals however, where some people had read her attacks and prepared accordingly. Through much effort she managed to strike through the opponent’s guard. Luckily they were only using wooden swords, otherwise he’d be dead, though he did look in a little bit of pain already. However, as she walked from the downed opponent to prepare for the final fight, she fell to the floor; asleep.
Waking up in a hospital bed, she found that it was dark. Did she miss the finals? “You know, in the field of battle you’d be dead if you kept falling asleep like that.” Said her old marine instructor. “Maybe they’d think I’d fallen.” she replied, holding her head as she sat up. “Captured, then.” He said, offhandedly. “You’ll probably never make it past captain and you’d be lucky to even get that. Well, anyway they decided to push back the date of the final for three days time, so hopefully you won’t fall asleep then. Nanami nodded, it was amazing really that they had such patience for a person who disappears for a year or so, but then again so di many other students, not wishing to show their training or so forth.
“He’s right, you know.” Said her teacher, as she returned to the cottage. “Yes, but what can I do? I can’t control when or how I’m going to fall asleep.” The old lady frowned, “Well, there is a technique that allows one to control their body, it is called Life Return, but neither do I know how to use it nor you have any time to learn it. For the next few days she continued training, and fained about two more times so she was confident that she’d be able to get through the last fight.
Stepping into the arena, she looked toward her opponent, it happened to be none other than Robert. “Still going to complain about ‘cheating’?” he grinned, “Still going to break down and cry after a fight?” she teased back, before pointing the wooden sword at him. “Three.. Two.. One.. The final battle, begin!” Nanami rushed toward him, swinging her blade toward his obviously protected right, then dart to the left, dragging her blade along to try to slice along his throat. He hopped backwards and attempted to kick her side, she responded by blocking it with her training sword. “Looks llike I won’t be able to get one on you now.” he said as he slashed toward her from the right, she blocked it and sent a kick to his chesst, unanticipated he took the hit and winced, taking a few steps back. Grinning at him, she whispered to herself “Rising Torrent!”, she used the attack she tried to scarcely use before since now no oen would be able to anticipate it, wearing him beneath a flurry of blows, she made two more smacks, making him kneel to the floor before she jumped backwards, dropping the sword and kicking it toward him, expecting a slash, he was surprised as the wooden sword went through his block (or past it) and hit him squarely where it would have pierced his heart, falling on his rump, he rubbed his head. “Woah..
“And here we have it, the winner of this year’s tournament.. Nanami Himura! Or should I say.. Ensign Himura? Furthermore, the real prize: The Kuro Boruto! Such a fine blade, make good use of it. Do you have anything to say?” Being given the blade from a case, nanami blinked, it was so light.. She took the microphone, “I would like to dedicate this victory to my teacher, thank you for allowing me to learn the Seven Currents Technique, Nanase. For the safety and secturity of all, I would believe it to be a great technique for others to learn. Thank you.” She nodded, stepping down and walking off, she met her teacher, they exchanged hugs and thank yous, all ways well and she went to the Commodore’s office for her first assignment as an Ensign, making a mental note to learn about life return.

Steady hand: Her handwriting is impeccable to the point of other people with normal handwriting having trouble reading it. Her sword does not usually miss its intended target through a fault of its own.
Stiff upper lip: Pain does not quite so easily break her, though she does feel it to its fullest extent she’s stubborn. Also in the face of danger she doesn’t panic much as noted, she keeps calm.

.The Kuro Boruto. (Left)
.Marine attire with insignia.

Weapon: [url=http://onepiecememories.forumotion.co.uk/t312-o-wazamono-grade-swords-kuro-boruto#3493]Kuro Boruto[/spoiler]

Power Level Information

Character Strength:  Average
Character Speed:   Expert
Character Resilience:  Average
Character Dexterity:  Expert

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat: Made up on the spot, but she doesn’t usually fight hand to hand.

Weapon Based Combat:
Nanase (Seven Currents)
(Will fill in when I figure out good ones)
First Current, Legs:

Crippling Parry: The user blocks an attack coming from his/her right, pushing their blade away then reversing their grip afterwards, pushing the sword into the opponent’s thigh.
Second Current, Arms:

Rising Waterspout: The user parries a blow, spinning around while placing his.her sword into a reversed grip, trying to stab into the opponent’s arm, may leave user open.
Third Current, Torso:

Rising Torrent – Most of these strikes are from where the sword is, I.E, your left leg, to where the blade ends up, i.e your right shoulder.
Three Strikes: Left to right slash, right shoulder to left leg, left leg to right shoulder.
Six Strikes: Overhead strike, left shoulder to right leg, stab to opponent’s torso.
Nine Strikes: Left to right sweep, right to left sweep, left leg to right shoulder.
Twelve Strikes: Right leg to left shoulder, overhead slash, underarm right slash.
Piercing Wave: The user drops their weapon, kicking it and sending it flying to the opponent.
Second Moon Strike: The user holds their sword in one hand and slashes at their opponent, but instead of actually attacking, pulls off a feint. Meanwhile, the actual katana is falling to the user's other hand to create a genuine slash after the intended target is caught off guard attempting to dodge the first feint attack.
Fourth Current, Head:
Fifth Current, Mind:
Sixth Current, Body:

Raised Waterspout: The user holds their blade backwards and spins it to create a whirlwind-like shield.
Seventh Current, Soul:

Combo Combat: N/A, or made up on the spot, will fill in when good ones are made.

Haki: None.

RP Sample:


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Re: Nanami Himura

Post by Vaetric on Thu Oct 23, 2014 6:26 am

Character doooooone!

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Re: Nanami Himura

Post by Fin~ on Thu Oct 23, 2014 9:16 am


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Re: Nanami Himura

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