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Birch Holt

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Birch Holt

Post by Fin~ on Tue Oct 07, 2014 12:40 am

 General Information  

Name:  Birch Holt
Epithet: The duck
Age: 22
Gender: Male 
Birthplace: South blue
Species: Human
Orientation:  Right Handed

Crew:  Blue Bill Marines
Ship:  A standard marine frigate, for now.
Occupation: Captain
Rank: captain
Bounty Collected:  3.124.523
Allegiance:  Marine

Become someone people can look up to.
Inspire those around him.
to serve justice to those who deserve it.
To find people he can call friends 
Finish his unfinished bussiness

 Character Information 

The standard Marine flag


Standing at 1.82 meter tall, Birch is a bit taller then your average man, weighing just about 68 kilo, Birch doesn't look like someone fit for combat, since he is not that muscular build, though looks sometimes decieve, especially when you see him wearing his duck hoodie, a hoodie he has been wearing and reproducing since his 14th age, when he had signed up as viligante for the village he grew up in. the duck hoodie is signified by buttons, and his marine insignes. though being asked to quite often, he still chooses his hoodie above the standard marine outfit.

His light green and somewhat spiky hair is around 10 cm tall, and just doesn't fall in his eyes. His pale skin and green eyes are also stand out futures, along with the scar on his nose, sometimes covered by a plaster, but lately more often revealed. 

His atire consist out of simple sneakers and a set of green trousers in his free time, or a set of blue ones when he is on marine duty. his face shows a somewhat dreamy look perfectly fitting his personality.

Personality: Birch isn't your regular pea in the pot, he is a man that observes a lot, decides what has to happen and then judges acordingly. He is calm collected but also quite stuck headed and hard to convince, to do or think otherwise, once he has his eyes on something, that is most likely going to happen. and if it isn't it still will. When in relaxed situations he is a guy to sometimes make jokes, and at the first sight he might not even look all that reliable, or fit for a position as captain, but those who know Birch better, know that he is a cappable man, protective, not scared to judge and sometimes a bit rough around the edges, the way he completes his job might differ from expected or normal standards, but he clears his job and that is what counts.

Birch doesn't like hassle a lot, and tends to play around with things, unless he is interested in something or has to get serious, He thinks that people can bring the best out of themselves, if they feel like they are at home, and thus he runs his crew in a free way, aslong as jobs are completed he is fine with the way of things, aslong as his subordinates are not brought in danger. 

Birch has quite a few obsessions and pet peeves, Birch likes his tea, and will get extremely grumpy if he hasn't had tea for more then 6 hours, he can sometimes forget focus just to get himself tea, He hates when his clothes get torn, and will do a lot to fix this, as he wants to be presentable as marine captain, as far as a duck hoodie can be presentable. 

He thinks wearing a duck hoodie helps break the ice, and makes it harder for others to read him, it also reminds him of the past and the day he was given the hoodie by his former girlfriend. His ex girlfriend is something he doesn't really talk about, or likes talking about, he still holds a grudge against his old home town, and especially his former best friend. 

 Character History 

The stonemason island, had always been an island with quite some conflict, different groups of population and heritages lived together, ruled by a governement that asked a lot of taxes but didn't really do anything to govern the island, most of the inhabitants were poor, and the tension between them was quite big, the poorest people would become robbers, and would steal from the few nobles that lived in the town, aslong as there was enough food, and no major events most of the towns people just remained silent and acepted this way of life as they were safe under tyrany of the himself named emperor, who did everything to slash out the theivery and burglary.

Birch was one of the new borns into this village, a young green haired boy that was named after his grandpa. His two parents, a loving couple who had no other kids were happy to finally give birth to a child, Growing up without any sort of problematics Birch had been a good kid, playing with the few toys he had, going to school and making friends, at school he met a boy named mackenzie, though everyone called him mac, the two got along well and soon became best friends, the two friends were acompanied by a girl called linn, a silent young girl at the orphanage.

As a young 6 year old boy Birch spend his days learning, going to school and playing with his two best friends, they had the time of their life, even though money wasn't much, and freedom didnt exist, as they lived under the reign of a so called tyran, life wasn't all that bad, ofcourse sometimes things you wanted to do were inpossible, but that wasn't the biggest problem for the little Birch, he had loving parents, good friends, and quite a full tummy.

Soon his childhood began to get darker, as the village had been hit by an epedemic. the town consisting of roughly 12000 inhabitants had decreased quite a bit, also making Birch lose his father, the only ones  hit were the people who didn't belong to the family of the tyrant, and soon a rebellion began. the now 8 year old Birch had no idea of what was going on, but in a few days the tyran was brought down and things in town changed. 

What no one had expected before the rebellion was that things would take a turn for the worse, without clear leading, the town quickly became a hole of thievery and booze, people stopped working as they decided that as a reward for overthrowing the governement things should be better for them, and the whole town turned into a big mayhem. with the closing off the school, and many other buildings Birch was forced. to work on a farm, working for little money to support his family. and be able to eat a little.

At evenings he and his old friends from school would meet in the closed down school building, talking about how their town had been going down from bad to worse, the first meetings were just so they could see each other, but later they decided there would have to be a change, a change in this town, so that they and other kids had a place they could grow up in safety, starting to train fighting skills on each other, using what they had for hand, Birch and mac soon began to grow stronger, together with loads of other kids who had heard of their plan they began training and preparing for a new way of life to start in the little town.

On Birch his 15th nameday, he had been given a gift, as the guy who didn't really speak up much, and who just was the back bone of the group they had formed, linn had decided, that the guy she had been in love with for a while needed to step up for herself, from goods that she gathered she created him a duck hoodie, a sign of leadership, and a sign that they were always together, she had hoped that this would make him stand up for himself more, give more of his own opinion and begin being the leader that he was more then mac, who just would strike down at people and didn't think of consequenses or others, Birch was a more fit leader, calm and collective, kind and helpfull a little shy, but he should stand up, as he would be able to save the village, in linn her eyes.

Happy with his gift, Birch began to grow in confidence, stepping up and helping out more in the group they began, enthousiasticly, trying to stop criminals from breaking in, and passing rules and judging on those who in their eyes had been doing things wrong. At first this resulted into being beaten up a lot, but when they started growing older, they started to get serious. the viligante group turned bigger, and became a fear in the citiziens eyes. where Birch and his best friends were seen as heroes by some and as villians by others.

Liked or not, things had become more peacefull in town, and soon the group of small people had turned into a true viligante army, protecting the villagers. on top stood two people, Birch, who was calm and would only strike when needed, and Mac who more prefered the tyrany, and rule through that, which Birch didn't like as they were no rulers, and had seen what much pain a rebellion would bring. Small tears would be created in their friendship, untill that fatefull day that a marine base would be placed on the island, to for once and all stop the problems on the island.

Being called to the marine base, Birch and mac had met with a commodore officer who had been explaining that things would be in their hands from now on. gladly accepting and handing over the control Birch wanted to accept. but Mac didn't agree and left, Deciding that things had to change, Birch decided to offer his strengths to the marines and bring down his former friend, who was clearly out of minds, they were not cappable of ruling an island, and the time that they were needed was over. 

A few days later. a big clash began, striking onto his former hideout, together with the marines, most of his friends stepped down, and joined his cause, though mac, and his close group of friends were not going to give up, striking back at Birch, and the marines with fire arms, and other weaponry, the old school was now a bloodbath, by knocking down some of his old comerades, Birch met with mac, who hold a gun right in Linn her face who was being held capative, growing in anger, it was hard to restrain himself, but once told to get on his knees, Birch did. 

Moving his gun from Linn to shoot Birch, mac made one mistake, the loved linn felt for Birch was a lot. as Mac shot Birch ones in his shoulder, and was ready to fire, Linn jumped in on him, biting, scratching, to save her friend. seeing how birch her gun was getting closer to Lins chest, Birch yelled '' Linn noooo'' three shots were fired as Lins body coldly hit the floor, in this time Birch had gotten up and had grabbed his Iron pole that he had fully slammed in two on Macs head ,who had then hit the floor, rushing over to her he hold linn in his arms, who in her dieing breath, whispered him some last words, this was enough time for mac to escape, and never be seen again.

just moments later, they were found by the marine officers, this was over, it was all over. his old friends were gone, Lin was dead, and mac, was now a fugitive with a 16.000.000 milion beri on his head, but peace returned to town. Deciding that he could not work alone anymore, he joined the marines, and soon was being allowed in training, knowing his strengths and powers, in four year he had reached the rank of captain, overcoming many trails and problems, but never forgetting, Linn and the duck hoody she had made him. In those years, He had replaced a lot, his old weapon that was a simple iron rod turned into a 160 centimeter long cold worked steel staff. as he still liked his blunt weapons. In these years where he had served as a marine, he also learned to fight using guns and swords, but his proficiency wasn't as great as they were with a staff. as he had range, and the strength to back it up.

In all those years of training, and sailing as a marine, he was now strong enough to lead his own crew, after some small captures of pirates he in total had collected around 3 milion beri worth of criminals, and with his past, and strengths he had been promoted to capain. his days as leader were starting again

Today was the day that he had been promoted to captain, today was the day that he could lead his own crew, and start adventures. But he never forget about mac, who had killed his girlfriend, he never forgot about his past and his pain.

Leadership: Birch is a charasmatic guy, and a natural born leader.


Weapon: Rememberance

Weapon Description: A 160  cm long, cold worked steel staff, with a 10 cm diameter

Weapon Special Abilities: Slamming, poking.

Weapon History: Forged by a marine blacksmith as of request by Birch, a weapon to fit his unique fighting styles

 Power Level Information 

Character Strength: Dangerous
Character Speed:  Trained
Character Resilience:  Advanced
Character Dexterity:  Advanced

I am using arlene mc kenna's four extra threads to add 4 points http://onepiecememories.forumotion.co.uk/t211-arlene-mckenna

 Combat Information 

Unarmed Combat:

Birch is not extremely good in unarmed combat, he has some fierce punches and kicks, but no special attacks.

Weapon Based Combat:

Side step: after getting a step away from his enemy, he slams his staff into the side if the enemy, mostly aimed towards the neck.

Poke: By using his full body weight behind it he lunges his staff into someones stomach to make the grasp for breathe,

Nighty night: After some aerial, or ground movement, he slams his staff full on someones forehead, hoping to knock them out well.

Spin spin: Spinning his staff in his right arm, at quick sucession he tries to deflect attacks.

Devil Fruit Based Combat:

Combo Combat:


RP Sample:

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Re: Birch Holt

Post by FroYo on Sun Oct 19, 2014 1:08 am

After looking over this character, I see no major problems. Just one tiny one. I wouldn't consider slamming and poking a "special" ability but that's really no problem at all. There are also some coding problems here and there but nothing major.

I'm gonna go ahead and Approve this, unless someone overrules.

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Re: Birch Holt

Post by Fin~ on Sat Feb 21, 2015 8:47 am


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Re: Birch Holt

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