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The Electric City

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Re: The Electric City

Post by Fin~ on Mon Oct 20, 2014 5:30 am

Starring at the fight between roderick and a very scary smelly weird mean monster. And looking at rudy being pulled out by wynter. It was hard for phiola to control herself. It was like everything was scary and she didnt like that. Once lyceum called her name she looked at him. She had to bring him a rod from franklyns pocket and stick it between the door. okay i will" she said as she slowly walked over to franklyn. 

Looking at the rod sticking from his pocket she carefully grabbed hold of it and pulled it out. Walking over to lyceum she stuffed it between the door like lyceum told her and hoped she did an okay job

If nothing was at stake roderick could have been more careless but now he had to focus behind him was rudy being pulled out but now the creature had already tore the wall and made rudys like more scary. He had already been yelling and roderick knew he had to be carefull. This was not a good predictment for him to be in but he had to do this. He had to safe phiola. 

As the creature came closer enfuriated by rodericks earlier attack roderick knew he couldnt afford dodging that meant he would endanger rudy. He had to encounter the creature head on. Taking one step back he then charged forward. brawler's barrel roll" sprinting before reaching the creature he jumped and rolled up in a ball launching himself right into the charging creature.


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Re: The Electric City

Post by bunbunny on Mon Oct 20, 2014 5:47 am

As she saw the burly figure approaching their table Jun eyed him suspiciously and threw a quick glance at the non-suspecting Murii. Goddammit looked like she was going to be the one handling this.

However her hard expression softened when she saw the tool belt containing everything from chisels to to a rubber mallet (everything high-quality it looked like as well) and the realization suddenly hit her:

This was one of her people.

And as if it couldn't get any better he started talking about how he was a shipwright as well and how he agreed about the figurehead thing and how he was actually offering her money to come and help build ships. Now it might have been the alcohol in her system but hell Jun would have done that for free. She hadn't made some real ships of quality material in a while.

Really the offer was so generous she could almost cry. And if she had a little bit more alcohol in her she probably would have. But she didn't so she just sat there looking like she was going to shit herself out of excitement. Well that was until Murii cleared her throat trying to gain her attention. Hoping she it was going to get her friend to reply and break the awkward dumbfounded silence.

But before Jun could open her mouth to blabber about how she'd love to work with them and build ships (and oh my god where did you get those tools are those redwood handles, I have so many questions etc.) she was interrupted by the city guard shouting and almost threw up at being called Wynter's friend. If that poor guard only knew.

Murii on the other hand almost felt a sting of sadness as the rest of their little temporary group as they got through the war was mentioned. She really would have liked to get to know them better than she had been able to. Maybe go on adventures with them as well. But of course they had agreed to be dropped off at the next island and that was what they were.

But she was glad to hear they were down in the catacombs and hadn't left the island yet cause that meant that they might meet up again.

As she finished that train of thought the situation had become tense. The guard had asked about what she was going to do if she wasn't a shipwright basically and Murii didn't want to go to jail so that meant she had to come up with a way to help and that was fast.

Luckily for her Jun was quick to come with a story "I should have you know that the one you're referring to as "this one"" she began and pointed at Murii before continuing "Was one of the best messengers in the whole of the blues before we came here, her sense of direction is like no other really and she's a great asset in many ways."

Trying to stay calm and hoping that her bullshitting would work Jun took another sip of her rum and looked expectantly at the guard.


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Re: The Electric City

Post by Docile on Mon Oct 20, 2014 6:26 am

Feeling his leg come free and Wynter's tight grip pulling him free Rudy felt the ground beside him shake as his foot came shooting up and out. Roderick's foot covered the hole Rudy's leg had been down as he'd taken a few steps back.

Turning and looking at the creature Roderick was currently in battle with Rudy looked at Wynter with a smile on his face whilst Wynter looked at Rudy's drenched leg.

"Thank you so much." Rudy said to Wynter grateful for his help.

"No problem. Now come on we should help Roderick."

Jamming the pole into place Lyceum slowly let go of the door and grabbed the pole.

"Good job Phiola. Shouldn't be too long before we can get in."

Grabbing hold of the pole Lyceum started trying to pry the door open. the struggle could be seen on his face as it turned red. Joining in trying to pull the door open Franklyn started pulling once more.

"You boys could either help Roderick or help us! But for the love of god don't just stand there!" Franklyn shouted to Wynter & Rudy.

Nodding Wynter gestured that he would help Roderick whilst Rudy helped them open the door. Running in opposite directions Wynter ran towards Roderick & the creature whilst Rudy looked at the door and grinned. Something he could help with instead of being a hindrance.

Pointing his fingers towards the small gap Lyceum was opening Rudy fired a seed into it and clenched his fist tightly. The door quickly started opening and Rudy shouted.

"Guys you're going to want to get out of the way, that door's about to spring open."

Realizing he was right as the door started opening thanks to the vines Rudy had just placed there and which seemed to be growing at an advanced rate Lyceum & Franklyn made their way closer to Rudy and gestured for Phiola to do the same.

"Phiola, you might want to hide behind one of us." Lyceum mentioned trying to get her out of harms way.

The door sprung open shattering. Wood splintered in all directions as the corridor begun to rumble. Turned out the wall beside it had shifted during the course of time and been blocking the door from opening properly and with Franklyn & Lyceum tugging on it they'd only been bending the door.

But now with the door open the wall and corridor as a hole was just about ready to come crashing down. Rudy's vines managed to hold the wall up but they wouldn't last long.

"That walls about to come down. We best make it in there now." Franklyn blurted out as he dashed through the open door and into the lab of Professor Koga. Lyceum noticed he was right and could even feel the floor below them getting weaker.

"Phiola go now!" Lyceum shouted hoping she would move quickly. He didn't want to leave her behind. Rudy on the other hand sprinted through the door diving in out of panic.

Slamming into the creature's torso and knocking it back Roderick's attack proved powerful and useful. The creature caught itself on its hind legs though and roared back at Roderick swinging for his head from above with its right paw the creature was suddenly stopped when from between Roderick & the creature a mass of fire shot up dousing the creature in flames.

Life Return:Methane Breath: Hellhound

Catching hold of his fur the creature screwed howling in agony as it thrashed around.

Looking at Roderick Wynter smiled.


He wasn't wrong.

"I think its time we get going."

Behind Wynter the creature fell through the flooring screeching as it fell into the water pipe below that led into the lab's water supply.

Both guard & shipwright looked at Jun dumb founded and a little confused. The shipwright had already started to picture just what was going through Jun's mind but the guard simply replied.

"That's great. But we don't need messengers or navigators. She can spend time in prison until you've all repaid your debts to the island."

Reaching for Murii simply carrying out his job and a little bit of punishment her felt she deserved the guard was stopped when a burly pair of hands gripped his forearm.

"Just what do you think, you are doing?" the guard asked looking at the shipwright.

"You might not be able to use one. But I sure could. She can come with us and help us out. I've developed a new way of traversing the grand line for navigators and I want to test it out with her. If she's half as good as this little lady here says she is then she'll be perfect for the experiment."

"And why should I care about this?"

"Well if it works, I'll be building it into all of your ships and I highly doubt you'd want to look like a tit when you wind up in one of the blues because this device wasn't tested properly."

"Fine take her. See if I care." the guard replied as he tugged his arm free and turned around heading towards the bar.

Sighing the shipwright looked at both Jun & Murii and smiled.

"So if you're both up for helping out, just follow me. My warehouse is just around the corner from here. Although its a bit windy out there so just be careful."

Leading the way the shipwright explained his name was 'Hank'. Arriving at the warehouse near the edge of the island and partial to its own small docks inside and out Hank arrived at two huge doors. Grabbing hold of one he slid it open and gestured inside for both Jun & Murii.

Once they were all inside he closed the door and locked it tight.

The inside of the warehouse had tons of room and in the middle a large open pool type area that led to more sliding doors and the docks of the shipwrights.

"Just over there is the planning room where we draw up our blueprints and discuss our inventions, over there is the storage room where all of our materials are stored, the bathroom is downstairs and this large pool is what we like to call the testing grounds. Its where we put all of our ships once we've finished them to make sure they stand the test of time and sail perfectly. As you can see we already have four ships finished in the garage section of our warehouse. We just need to build 8 more and we'll be done."

Turning around and noticing there was one thing he hadn't mentioned to them Hank pointed to a huge contraption with wires, straps and much much more.

"And this big boy over here is our crane. Used for moving the ships about."

Smiling back at Jun & Murii he just hoped they liked his warehouse and were eager to get started.

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Re: The Electric City

Post by bunbunny on Tue Oct 21, 2014 6:53 am

Staring at Jun Murii could barely believe how fast she was able to think up that story, and to say it with such confidence! Almost made her wonder if she had been in this situation before. Well really Murii had been in a similar situation as well but never under the pressure of possibly going to prison. And it seemed to work. For a second.

Both of them tensed up when the guard spoke and Murii could almost hear Jun screech "Goddammit!"

But the situation was saved when the burly shipwright spoke in their favor and both of them shot him the most thankful looks. Both of them also let out a sigh of relief simultaneously as the guard left them alone. Wouldn't be fun spending her first day in the grand line in jail. 

Jun was really starting to take a liking to the other shipwright. Though maybe not so much when he had referred to her as little lady. But at least it wasn't the worst nickname. When he told them to follow him Murii smiled and got up immediately. Happy to get away from the place "Let's go then, I'll try and help out as much as possible. Thank you." she said as they headed out from the bar while Jun lingered behind a bit and finished off her drink.

Shitty or not she had paid for it.

Hurrying after the other two Jun almost skipped like a schoolgirl on her way to meet her crush. She couldn't wait to see the warehouse. Kinda like a kid going to a candy store. She had to resist the urge to push past Murii as they went in as she almost couldn't contain herself.

God she could cry.

It was so beautiful.

It had been a while since she had been in a proper shipyard. Most times during her later years she'd built some ship here and there where ever it worked. She could barely listen as Hank or whatever his name was talked about where everything lay she was just in awe of everything.

Murii wasn't really as excited about it as she was. Though she couldn't help but giggle as she saw the utterly lovestruck expression on Jun's face. It was different from her usual grumpy one that was for sure. And even though Murii wasn't as interested she was a bit curious to take a look at the planning room, maybe they had some fun calculations she could work a bit with.

Smiling at Hank as he was finished talking Murii decided to talk since Jun seemed pretty dumbfounded at the moment.

"Very impressive, right Jun?" she said kindly like a mother talking to a teacher or something of the like to which Jun could only mumble an absent:

"Yeah very cool." Before her excitement got the best of her and she turned to Hank.

"So when do we get started?" Then something caught her eye and she blurted out a high-pitched and almost breathless "Ohmygodisthatredwood" and set off towards it whilst Murii could only laugh at her friends silliness.

She had a feeling this was going to be a pleasant evening.


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Re: The Electric City

Post by Fin~ on Tue Oct 21, 2014 11:42 pm

Phiola had not much of an idea on what was going on, not what was going on at all, and she had to figure this out but didn't really know how yet, taking a deep breathe she tried to get a good overview of the situation. 

Lyceum had now been busy with opening the door using the rod she gave him, Wynter had pulled out rudy who was on his way to help them open the door, while wynter himself started assisting roderick, what could Phiola do. could she be usefull, she was thinking, but then heard lyceum tell her to hide behind one of them, and that it be better to get out of the way, nodding she hid behind lyceum, scared of what was going to come now, as she heard noises she saw how woodsplinters shot everywhere, and there was quite a bit of panic, looking up she saw crumbles fell down, and was told to quickly hurry inside. running as fast as she could she went inside and looked at roderick.

Roderick his attack had been sucesfull. but a little damaging to himself. Ready to launch another attack, roderick just felt an incredible heat passing him, and saw how fire flew over him hitting the monster, looking back he saw that it was wynter, after that rudy yelled to them to get in, and wynter agreed. quickly turning into hybrid form, he sprinted towards the door, after wynter, he wondered if he should pick up wynter and run for it, or run for it as wynter could make it himself. he saw that wynter was closer then him and sprinted towards the door though he would pick up and jump with wynter, if he would fall behind.

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Re: The Electric City

Post by Docile on Wed Oct 22, 2014 6:30 am

Watching as Phiola made her way into the door Lyceum smiled seeing how she was now out of harm's way. Running in himself he looked back to see Roderick & Wynter. He wanted to help them but he knew that he'd only get in their way and quickly found his way in.

As the floor crumbled beneath them he could hear Franklyn & Rudy shouting for them to hurry up. A large section of the floor fell away and Lyceum leapt over it rolling in through the door past Franklyn. Landing on his back painfully Lyceum hit the ground and lay perfectly still as he looked up at the marvel on the roof of Koga's lab.

Running alongside Roderick Wynter smirked at him. His foot slipped and he slipped behind a little. Feeling the soft plushie arm of roderick wrap around him Wynter sighed and looked up at Roderick smiling.

The creature behind roared wildly as it tried clawing after them but only managed to tear away the ground.

Reaching the threshold the vines gave way and snapped allowing all of the wall to come crashing down. Slamming into the floor it torn it to pieces and the corridor was now no more.

Blocking off the door Rudy & Franklyn took a few steps back to find themselves now trapped in the lab Professor Koga.

The creature however was thrown below into the water pipes.

Sighing and feeling his heart beating a mile a minute Rudy turned around to face everyone else.

Franklyn, Phiola, Roderick, Lyceum & Wynter were all accounted for.

"Everyone here?" Franklyn asked before he counted everyone up and nodded to himself. "Alright then guys, welcome to Koga's lab. Lets get started. Make yourselves at home, we're going to be here for a little while. "

Realizing he was right Rudy asked.

"Yeah how're we going to get out of here?"

"Don't worry, I know a way out." Franklyn replied as he removed a few papers from his pockets along with a few tools from his belt. Placing them down on the side he started reading over them.

"Ok well as long as we can get out of here." Rudy replied as he made his way over to what seemed to be a chair. In actual fact it was a torture chair which the Pirguru army had declared too violent.

Sitting down Rudy found his wrists locked in place and started to panic.

Sitting up Lyceum looked around and his eyes lit up, the sight he beheld was beautiful. Koga's lab wasn't just full of machines but tons of tools for biology as well as machinery.

Standing up and hearing the whimpers from Rudy he shook his head. Making his way over to him Lyceum reached down towards his belt.

"I wander how you gained a bounty sometimes kid." Lyceum said as he removed a scalpel and raised it up.

Looking at the blade in fear Rudy started to shake his head until seconds later when Lyceum made a quick strike and his arms were free. Placing the scalpel back Lyceum stood up as Rudy looked on in disbelief.

"Wow thanks. That was incredible." he said as he got up and made his own seat out of a group of vines.

"So Franklyn what was the creature we just dealt with out there?" Lyceum asked as he made his way down to the center of the lab and looked over Koga's blueprints and tools.

"That was one of his mutant guard dogs."

"Well it sure was ugly enough to be a mutant. But why didn't he just set up a few traps?"

"He wanted a creature that could find things move about and think for itself so he took a few stray animals and well he created that mess. Its part of the reason we got rid of him. He was always trying to make monsters like that."

Lyceum found himself looking over blueprints for a human like creature and shook his head.

"So I see."

Looking towards Roderick who'd dived into the lab with him under his arm Wynter moved from under Roderick's arm with a smile on his face.

"Thanks for the help. Don't think I'd have made it if you hadn't grabbed me."

In the right hand corner of the lab there was a large tube which reached down into a large round bowl. A few bubbles were seen entering followed by the sudden surprise of the creature they'd just encountered.

Alive and kicking the creature started furiously banging against the glass. Watching the creature, Rudy panicked worrying it might shatter the glass. Wynter watched on in surprise along with Lyceum who knew the glass wouldn't brake due to its contents.

Smiling Franklyn returned to his papers and tools.

"Don't worry, he won't be getting out of there and in time he'll drown."

Rudy felt bad that the creature would drown and turned away not wanting to watch it.

"Its probably for the best. A creature made by man shouldn't be and its probably in pain every second it lives, why else would it be so aggressive." Lyceum mentioned before he noticed a few small flaps open up on either side of its neck. "Gills?" taking a closer look Lyceum noticed this creature had gills and started to laugh. "Whatever this creature is, it won't be dying today. It's got gills. You may say that your professor Koga was a mad man, but he was a bloody genius. I've got look through his stuff who knows what I'll find."

"You better not make any mutants Lyceum." Wynter said as he dusted himself off.

"I can't promise anything."

Looking over the blue prints for the mechanical man again Lyceum noticed a the mention of coolant. Catching his full attention he wound up finding himself quickly looking through all of the paper.

"Phiola, Roderick are you guys both ok?" Rudy asked as he fired two seeds into the ground and two seats created from vines appeared.

Sitting on the slab in the middle of the lab, Wynter looked over to Franklyn who had moved over to a large machine then at Lyceum who was busy reading.

Turning to the creature Wynter approached him and placed his hand on the glass bowl.

"You're not evil at all. You're just misunderstood."

Moaning like a whale in the tube the sounds were amplified and echoed throughout the lab. Smiling Wynter hatched a plan within his mind.

"Wynter, you're lady friend Murii made me promise that I would operate on you and I may have just found what I need to carry out this operation. So how about it? Are you up for surgery?" Lyceum asked as he pocketed a nice new little toy courtesy of Professor Koga known as Lantern Strands

After reading all about them in the paper's about Koga's machine and how they helped him determine what would be harmful to human health, and dictate the properties of chemicals Lyceum knew he could use this.

Now if Wynter was ready for his surgery they could get the ball rolling.

Looking towards Phiola, Roderick & Rudy then finally Lyceum Wynter nodded.

"Sure, lets get to it."

Before Hank could continue to speak about the ships Jun was off already looking for the redwood tools. Smiling Hank turned to Murii and approached her with a smile on his face.

"So you and her, what's your story?" he asked curiously as he gestured over to the small cafe area of the warehouse.

Making his way over there and touching the kettle Hank felt it was warm, grabbing a cup himself he gestured to Murii with another cup asking.


Placing a teabag & some milk in one cup he quickly slipped in some sugar and finally warm water. Making himself a cup of tea Hank turned to face Murii and waited for a response. He figured if he were to be working with these ladies he best get to know them. Maybe they could stay with them and help out.

Upon finding herself in a room with redwood handles a fellow shipwright turned to catch Jun ogling them.

"Who're you?! Not Ratchet's latest snatch I hope." the voice called out from the shadows. A slender figure could be seen in the shadows and from the stance didn't seem please as they held a hammer in their hand pretty tightly also with such a large muscular looking body they didn't look like someone who should be pissed off.

Stepping out from the shadows was Harly.

A built woman with a pair of brown dungarees with one strap undone and a red t-shirt with ripped sleeves. On her muscular arms a tattoo could be seen. On her right bicep there was a phoenix tattooed from her shoulder reaching down to her elbow and over her left forearm going from elbow to wrist was a leopard.

Around her waist was a large beautiful leather belt jammed full of tools. All redwood.

Looking at Jun she seemed angry, partly because she was ogling HER redwood tools and partly because she was a woman. Harly was the only woman shipwright around here!

"So do I have to introduce you to Mr Redwood myself?" Harly asked as she slammed the hammer into her other hand. "Or are you going to leave his family alone?"

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Re: The Electric City

Post by Fin~ on Thu Oct 23, 2014 8:25 am

Phiola never knew that safety could be such a relief, still shivering from what had happened she watched how Roderick was diving in, with wynter under his arm, as he made his way inside just before everything collapsed, that was such a relievement,  everyone was safe. That made her feel good, rushing over to Roderick who was panting, and a tad torn up she smiled at him as she overheard Wynter thanking roderick, and making roderick blush kind of, well he was a plushie and couldn't blush but Phiola knew when he was emberassed or felt happy. Roderick smiled and said if it wasn't for you, the beast might have chased us, its good to help each other''  

Phiola was quite proud of roderick and when she saw that wynter was done talking she sprinted over and said '' I'll sew you up later Roderick, don't think we need another star patch though, these are small bruises'' she was smiling for the first time in a while, and didn't really take much look for anything else, she didn't know Rudy had got himself trapped into a chair, or how franklyn was working already.

She did notice, the big creature coming up again, and making sounds, but as she was told it was safe, she hoped they were right and sat down into the corner to grab some rest, looking at her Harp she thought it be good to play some music, it might relief everyones spirits and it would be a nice change of atmosphere for a bit. As she sat down Rudy who had freed himself asked if they were okay and she nodded, '' thanks to everyone I am'' she said, smiling a little. as she started to play some soothing and relaxing tunes on her harp, and hummed and sometimes sang a little with it.

Meanwhile Roderick smiled, Phiola could always find her way out of reality in music, and he was glad she could share that with everyone, he smiled and nodded to rudy '' I am good, how about yourself Rudy, you had it pretty rough. ''  Smiling Roderick wondered if there was any place he could cook up some quick food, he had some ingredients still with him. in his bag, not the freshest but he could maybe make something of it, but that wasn't really possible here was it? '' Does anyone want an apple? I'd cook us a meal, but I don't think there are any apliances down here'' he said as he handed Rudy a granny smith apple  and waited for others to come and grab one too. Phiolas music was  nice and relaxing. and it was glad that now she couldn't overhear wynter and lyceum talking. He heard something about promising a girl he promised to perform surgery on wynter, Roderick wondered what was going on but decided to not butt in.

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Re: The Electric City

Post by Docile on Fri Oct 24, 2014 7:07 am

As Roderick asked if anyone wanted an apple Wynter shook his head as did Rudy. Turning to look over Franklyn smiled and replied.

"Not at the moment pal, I'm content with this bad boy." he said gesturing towards his cigar before Franklyn returned to his work on the machine and started loosening bolts and removing panels which he'd begun to lean against the wall.

Looking over Lyceum replied.

"Sure I'd love one. Just leave it on the side for me and I'll get to it."

As Phiola started to pluck her harp the creature in the tube had started to make sounds which harmonized with it. Each sound echoed throughout the lab. Smiling Wynter looked towards Phiola.

"I think he likes your music." Wynter gestured towards the tube hoping Phiola would move a little closer before he made his own way to the slab in the center of the room. Sitting down on it he slid beside Lyceum.

"Right, if you remove your shirt & waistcoat I'll get to work on this surgery. According to this Koga's got some canisters of sleeping gas so I should be able to put you out and get to work. I'll just go find it now and be back in a minute."

Placing down the papers Lyceum headed down the lab looking for a small walk in storage room. Stepping over old contraptions which looked as if they were broken or no longer in use, Lyceum found a set of curtains hanging down. Brushing them aside he move towards it and peered in side.


Looking over the trolley in the storage room Lyceum found several canisters of different colours. Attached was a small leaflet details each canister. Picking it up and reading over it Lyceum found one more nice little thing he might have to steal from Koga for himself.

Professor Koga's Gases
"A guide to gas canisters"

After Hours
The After Hours gas has an odorless scent so garlic has been placed within the canister to give it a garlic scent. So if there is a leak sniff for garlic. The After Hours gas was created for the purpose of delaying any sensations the human body may go through from pain to feelings of pleasure. This gas may even delay death for an entire day.

Sand Man
The Sand Man gas has a pungent odor similar to citrus fruits and even has a very slight purple tint to it. The gas is a heavy duty sleeping agent which puts people to sleep within seconds making it seem almost instantaneous. The gas is perfectly safe for human consumption and one dosage of this can put a person to sleep for 2 hours. However waking up anyone who has inhaled the gas can be as easy as waking up someone from a deep sleep. If it is constantly being inhaled then the person will not wake up until the connection is broken.

This gas again has no scent and has been infused with the scent of banana for safety reasons of not having this gas confused with the after hours gas, it is incredible flammable and causes people to lose their sense of smell and if too much is inhaled their sight.

Part Time Corpse
This gas has a very faint pale green tint to it and smells of petrol. Once inhale it causes the person to appear like a corpse. Stops their heart beat, pulse and even turns their skin a horrible colour giving them the appearance of a dead man. It last for 12 hours. However afterwards the person will feel more energized for the next 24 hours. However if this gas is over used the person's skin will become permanently like that of a dead person and they will constantly be energized the entire time.

Nodding as he finished the booklet Lyceum quickly wheeled the trolley into the main lab beside the slab.

Whilst Lyceum had been outside reading the booklet the creature in the tube could sense Phiola's location and if it had eyes they would be looking right at her. Glaring in her direction with his eyeless face the creature howled towards her echoing his lyrical tone throughout.

As she continued to pluck the strings the creatures tarted to move in such a way that it could only be described as dancing. Watching Rudy smiled, he seemed to enjoy her music, but he was still scared of the creature. Making his way over towards Wynter Rudy looked over him.

"So you're getting surgery?"


"What for?"

"This!" Wynter replied as he raised his right hand. Life Return: Body Heat: Fire Fist

Feeling the heat emitted from his hand Rudy watched in shock and mouthed the words. "Wow"

"I know, but if I keep using it, I'm going to cook my insides."

"You're so cool."

Hearing the sound of banging on the tube, Rudy looked towards the creature to see it was simply trying to dance to Phiola's tune.

"Don't worry man, it ain't gonna break through."

"I really hope your right."

Smiling Wynter heard the sound of the trolley coming and laid down.

Realizing he should leave Rudy joined Phiola as she plucked away at her harp.

Arriving at Wynter's side to see his topless torso ready & waiting Lyceum grabbed a mask and quickly attached it to the sand man gas and placed the mask on Wynter.

"Alright, now just count back from ten slowly." Lyceum said following the traditional medical jargen he'd learnt in his youth.

Removing the book from in front of his face he saw before he'd even finished his sentence, Wynter was out like a light.

"Perfect" he muttered as he refereed to the papers of Koga's monster then removed his scalpels.

"Alright Phiola & Roderick I want you guys to stay over there for the time being, don't look over here until I say its alright, I've got some work to do and I don't want to traumatize you guys."

"What about me?"

"I might need you to give me a hand."


"Well I can hardly do it, my hands are covered in grease."

Gulping Rudy turned around pale faced as he watched the creature dance.

Slicing open Wynter's torso Lyceum started the surgery and was ready to have Rudy offer him a helping hand.

Murii was about to open her mouth and speak as she followed Hank over to the cafe area of the warehouse. Its warm atmosphere made her feel relaxed and it was much nicer inside than out.

As he offered her a cup and to make tea she nodded. She liked her tea, but it had been so long since she'd had any.

"Well the thing with me & Jun is, we actually met only a couple of days ago in the East Blue."

Raising an eyebrow Hank was a little surprised that they'd only known each other for such a short period. Handing Murii her tea she placed it back down and started putting a few more spoonfuls of sugar into her cup and mixing it.

"Sorry I like my sugar."

"It's fine, Fourteen sugars. Nothing strange about that."

Murii giggled before she removed the spoon and continued with her story.

"Jun was busy running away from some guys and I helped her hide from them. Since then we've just kind of been hanging around with each other. Then we ran into Wynter. He's this really handsome guy with brown hair & a blue waistcoat."

"Yeah, I saw him leap off the ship. I think the mayor sent him and the rest of your crew into the basement to fix the lighting."

"Crew? No we're not his crew. He promised to give us a lift to the next island."

"And this was the next island?"

"Well on his course it was yeah. He dragged us to Reverse Mountain."

"Hold on, didn't some guy named Wynter start a war at reverse mountain."

"Yeah, that's the one." Murii replied reluctantly.

"Damn, so you were dragged into a pirate's war with Jun?"

". . . Yeah . . ."

"That must've been hectic."

"Well he had a plan, and it worked. And well we got through."

"And he dropped you guys off here?"

Chuckling to herself Murii replied.


"Well it sounds like you guys have had a hell of an adventure these past few days."

"Yeah you could say that."

"Well its great to have you here Murii."

"And its great to be here. So where's this navigational thingy I can help with?" she asked as she placed her tea down after taking a few short sharp sips.

"Oh! That was a lie. I just didn't want to leave you behind. I could see how much Jun wanted you to come with."

"Oh, ok. Thanks."

"But if you do wind up planning on travelling the Grand Line now that you're hear and you're in one piece, I can give you this."

Turning around and reaching into a draw Hank quickly removed a small contraption that would fit around Murii's wrist. Handing it over Hank started to explain.

"Its a Log Pose and it'll help you navigate your way through the grand line. You'll just need to follow the arrow, it works via magnetism since each island in the grand line has its own different version of magnetism and it takes a certain amount of time for each one find the next island due to magnets"

Placing it on her wrist and tightening it to her wrist Murii admired it. She was happy to have collected such a nice new toy. Smiling she looked up at Hank.

"Thank you, I think I might have to go travelling one day to try this thing out now."

"Its my pleasure."

The sound of a voice caught Jun off guard, even though she herself was a woman she didn't expect to meet another female shipwright. Turning around to see the woman who stepped forward Jun saw the hammer and then the muscles on the woman.

"Whoa, whoa whoa. Hold up! YOU MADE THESE?!" Jun blurted out in shock.

"Yea and what's your point?" Harley was about to continue until she noticed one of her babies suddenly being handled by the stranger. "HEY PUT THAT DOWN!"

Holding on to the screwdriver with the most beautiful redwood handle she'd ever seen in her entire life, her eyes were as wide open as they'd ever been and she'd felt as if she'd met her soul mate.

It was everything she'd ever wanted in life and more.

"Its like looking into God's toolbox." she muttered to herself quietly before the screw driver was whipped from her hand and gently placed back into its specially crafted hold.

"These are my babies and you still haven't answered me who the damn hell you are girl so you better start talking or I'ma start doin' some hammering." Leaning in close to Jun Harley continued. "And just so you know. I hammer damn hard."

Pressing her face right against Harley's the bridges of their noses were all that kept them from almost kissing each other.

"I'm a shipwright and possibly the best one you've ever seen from the East Blue."

With both of them pressing their faces against each others harder and harder they both begun to grit their teeth growling at each other slightly. It appeared a cat fight might just break out.

In Jun's mind there was nothing but anger & admiration for Harley's skills, but as for Harley she just wanted to smack a bitch and that bitch's name was Jun Kinzoku, but she didn't know that yet.


Stepping back Harley had a question in mind whilst Jun who was still pushing forward fell landing fall on her face. Leaping back up clearly dwarfed by Harley she looked up at her as Harley asked.

"Whose we?"

Turning & pointing to Murii, Jun replied.

"Me and Mu-oh and she's flirting with Hank." Will her parade of "hot" guys" ever end?! she thought to herself. Returning to Harley Jun noticed Harley was no longer talking to her or even paying attention to her but working on something for her new ship.

Noticing it straight away Jun forgot her anger and her passion for ships returned. Walking over she asked.

"Is that a figurehead?"

"Yep, for my new ship."

"Which one's that.."

"Lion's Pride. Its that ship just sitting in the water there with the Lion's paw anchor."

Stepping just to the side and peering out of the doorway Jun's jaw dropped. The ship was glorious. With hand crafted lion's paw anchors one on each side, Adam wood used for the entire frigate and a crow's nest which was more like a King's throne along with fancy small details scattered all over it, Jun couldn't believe what she was seeing, it looked like it was fit for the Pirate King.

Stepping back into the room she saw the lion's head figure head she was creating and Jun tried to hide her tears of joy at the faith Harley had restored in her after the atrocious ships she'd seen in the East Blue including the one they'd somehow arrived at this island in.

Sniffing Jun gave Harley a displeased look and replied.

"Suppose it looks alright."

"ALRIGHT? WELL WHY DON'T YOU TRY AND DO BETTER?" Harley asked angrily as she grabbed a chunk of wood from beside her which surprisingly she could lift and tossed it towards Jun.

Sprouting a series of arms from the ground to catch the wood Jun popped up from behind the large chunk of wood.

"FINE THEN I WILL!" she shouted back as she sprouted a series of arm to lift the wood and shift it towards the work desk on the other side of the large room.

Looking at the large chunk she started to visualize a figurehead within it before she realized she had no tools. Turning around and looking at the redwood tools she looked at Harley then the tools once again.

"Can I use your tools?" she asked awkwardly only to hear a sign and a slight moan under Harley's breath followed by a begrudged.

" . . . yes . . . "

It was time to show this bitch who was boss.

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Re: The Electric City

Post by Fin~ on Sat Oct 25, 2014 11:09 pm

As Phiola started playing her harp, she saw that the strange creature that was now swimming, and visible the glass in the room was dancing on her music, it was quite fun to see how a strange creature like this was enjoying music, just like a human could, she smiled as she continued playing.

Roderick had layed an apple aside for wynter, and looked further for any apliances to cook, as he noticed that wynter was going under surgery soon he decided sit with fiona, and turn into human form to shield her from any bad views, Rudy who was still busy wondering what happened to wynter, Rudy apparently had to help with the surgery as franklyn was covered in grease and Phiola too young, lyceum told roderick to wait with Phiola, and so he did though he wondered if he couldn't better offer to help, well it was best just keeping fiona calm and easy.

Phiola was mostly staring at the creature, enjoying her playing, she was happy that she could entertain a creature like this, it was better then let it rampage and destroy things, even though a few people said the creatuer coudn't possibly break through, which made her felt relieved but she was still a little worried.

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Re: The Electric City

Post by Docile on Sun Oct 26, 2014 6:40 am

Finishing up the surgery Wynter's body still lay unconscious and Lyceum stood beside Rudy who looked a little traumatized. He hadn't ever expected to see his hero's organs. At least not like this. With bloody hands and a pale face Rudy stood looking at Wynter a Lyceum finished stitching up Wynter's torso.

Biting the thread the snap it apart Lyceum looked at Rudy.

"You can go wash your hand now Rudy, thanks for your help. That device should be fine."

Nodding Rudy sprinted off down the length of the lab past Phiola, Roderick & the dancing creature who hadn't broken free but further continued dancing. Reaching a small corridor Rudy let out his disgust in the form of puke.

Retching over the floor the sounds echoed a little but were drowned out by the harp & whale song from Phiola & the creature.

"There we go Phiola & Roderick you can look again now."

Pulling Wynter's shirt closed Lyceum buttoned it up quickly.

Franklyn stood up wiping sweat from his brow before returning to work on the machine as Rudy returned wiping his mouth.

"I'm never being your nurse ever again, that was horrifying."

Removing the mask from Wynter and turning the gas off Lyceum smirked as he looked at Rudy.

"Well how about being my mule instead?"

Raising an eyebrow confused Rudy didn't understand him.

"I'll need a hand carrying these up."

Sighing Rudy couldn't say no he simply wandered over and sat down beside the canisters before he formed straps around the canister out of vines and placed them on his back like a rucksack.

Taking the apple on the side, Lyceum started chomping into it happy with his work. Looking at Wynter it was just a waiting game now.

"How long will it take for him to wake up?"

Stepping over and slapping Wynter around the face gently Lyceum opened his eyes and peered in. Looking over towards Phiola he had an idea.

"I know."

Walking over towards the tank with the creature Lyceum turned the tap on the tank releasing some water into a beaker he picked up. Filling it up he walked towards Wynter and dumped it over his face.

Splashing over his face Wynter leapt up sitting up on the slab he grimaced in pain reaching for his chest.


Looking towards his chest he realized he was awake and not only awake, but it a bit of pain. Peering down at his torso through the top of his shirt he saw the stitching and looked towards Lyceum.

"Holy shit, that looks nasty!" Wynter replied.

"Don't worry, it'll heal."

"I should hope so."

Looking towards Franklyn, Lyceum wandered how much longer they'd be.

"Is it going to be longer till you're done here Franklyn?"

Shaking his head as he flicked the cigar butt aside Franklyn replied.

"I'l be done in a second. Just got to reset the recovery switch to this little trigger so we can re-activate it when we get back up and finish fixing the machine you guys broke."

"Alright." Lyceum replied as he finished the apple. Looking around to see a terrified Rudy, Phiola & Roderick Wynter looked at the creature in the tube who seemed to look back at him.

"If you guys go down the corridor and take a left there should be a lift shaft there. We can use that to get up. But just clean away the debris in the lift shaft first and I'll be with you in a minute."

Nodding Lyceum looked towards Phiola & Roderick.

"You heard the man. Lets clean that lift shaft."

Happy to see Murii's smile Hank finished his tea and placed his mug in the sink. Turning to face her again he started to speak once more.

"So if you do want to travel which of these ships would you want to travel in?" Hank asked gesturing towards the three behind her in the pool for finished ships.

Smiling Hank wandered which one she'd choose as the ships had all been made by different shipwrights in his warehouse.

There was the Lion's Pride in all of its magnificence with paw shaped anchors and beautiful picture painted over the side of the ship of an octopus.

Beside that there was a ship made entirely of dark wood with a white spherical skull on the front. Over the side in purple writing it read. B.C. ★ 32 which stood for Battle Cosmo Star 32. From the front there was two cannons which stuck out alongside each other then 3 more on each side which poked out. With a single mast and a normal looking crow's nest to reside in there seemed to be an attachment of a telescope & small cannon for the scout to use.

This ship was the Skellington.

Beside this one was another ship which was currently unnamed. The ship had a light colour with a red & white stripped rims all the way around the trim of the ship.

On either side of the figurehead there were two anchors which were green and shaped like 4 leaf clovers, clearly sign the creator wanted someone lucky to have it.

It was a small looking ship with 3 cannons on it. In comparison to the other two ships which had been frigates this ship was noticeably smaller. Two of the cannons were on either side and the third was below the figure head where two flippers wrapped around the one holding it up.

Looking towards Murii Hank waited for her answer. He wanted to see her type and understand her taste.

After the work Harley stepped back with a grin on her face. Looking across to Jun she smirked.

"I hope you're ready to feel foolish."

Gripping either side of her beautifully crafted figurehead she laid it down on the floor gently so Jun could gaze at what Harley would call the definition of beauty. (Her work.)


"There we go the Lion's Pride has a gorgeous new figure head. Better than anything a stick insect like you could ever wish to create." wiping the sweat from her brow as Harley stepped around her masterpiece to look at Jun's Harley placed her redwood tools back in place. Joining Jun at her side Harley looked at her.

"For the greatest shipwright from the East Bue, I'm expecting something half decent and nothing like the shit Hank turns out. He can't craft for shit."

Feeling confidence in herself as the artist she was, Harley didn't expect to see anything great especially coming from Jun and her pale, limp arms which somehow previously seemed strong enough to stop the large chunk of wood she'd originally chucked her way.

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Re: The Electric City

Post by bunbunny on Sun Oct 26, 2014 7:39 am

Finishing off her tea as well Murii kept smiling as she followed Hank after having placed her mug in the sink as well. 

Realizing he wanted her to pick a ship she gulped. Jun would hang her if she picked one under her standards. But then again she doubted the ships in this shipyard was of bad quality. But then again ships weren't really her forte. As long as they sailed she was pretty happy with them really.

Straightening her glasses Murii rubbed her chin thoughtfully as she looked over the ships. Trying to kinda make it look like she was having a hard time deciding, even though she pretty much had fallen for the lion ship as soon as she saw it. But that wasn't a reason not to give the other ships a chance so she weighed the ships against each other and did some calculations based off of scale which ship would be the most beneficial before saying:

"I like the lion one, it looks graceful in a way. But I don't really know that much about ships so yeah."

Smiling sheepishly at Hank she hoped she hadn't made a fool of herself and shuffled her feet a bit awkwardly.


Jun could roll her eyes at Harly's attitude. Well she did roll her eyes as well. Now she had seen overconfident shipwrights before and knew she had just come of as one when she had called herself the best shipwright in east blue.

But she was angry okay?!

She had to admit that Harly had skills to back up her boasting though. The figurehead looked very nice and well done. Especially the mane. Not that she'd ever stroke her ego with compliments though. God knows how she'd be like if she did that.

And really Jun wasn't in the mood for arguing.

The redwood tools were of such high quality it was like working with butter instead of wood and it was strangely calming for her. It was like all of her usual aggression was wiped away and she got into the zone. Really she would have strangled Harly for calling her a stick insect (SHE WAS NOT!) but she was way too deep into her work to tear her a new one so her eyebrow simply twitched a bit as she kept her calm.

But even then she tensed up when Harly stepped up by her side just as she was finishing up the details on her brand new figurehead. But she couldn't help but smile a bit as the burly woman smack talked Hank's crafting skills. 

Finally finishing her work Jun stepped away from it and brushed some sawdust from her arms and put the tools away before she poofed away the arms she had been working with and really she could have laughed at how camp it looked when the figurehead was revealed in a flurry of cherry blossoms.


((ooc:Imagine it in a smaller scale though))

"Gotta say your tools don't disappoint. Just wish your abilities were as impressive as your ego." Jun said while looking over her work, her voice filled with snark as she desperately wanted to insult the woman who had doubted her.

"But what can you expect from a fella whose brain is about as big as her biceps!"


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Re: The Electric City

Post by Fin~ on Mon Oct 27, 2014 9:40 am

While Phiola was busy distracting herself and the creature  during wynters surgery, Roderick mainly stared at Phiola, he had not wanted her to be in a place like this, or be in danger at all, though this is the life she had wanted, she wanted adventure, she wanted to be away from home, and everything that kept her chained to her room, and seeing her play, made him realise he had made the right decision, the girl had serious talent, she could make even a strange creature enjoy music, and it had made Roderick a Little emotional.

Looking around as Lyceum finished the surgery, and Rudy was busy complaining about never helping in a surgery again, Roderick smiled, they were all so easy going, even Rudy was in his own ways. Roderick liked being around these people, and it made him feel like an adventurer he was happy to be around phiola and new people.

As Franklyn almost had finished up, and told the others to clean up the lift, Roderick decided it be better for Phiola not to see the things that had to be cleaned up, When roderick heard Debris he knew it for sure, '' Phiola we are going to leave soon, me and the others are going to clean up here, stay here and come with franklyn when he leaves the room okay?[color:6e51= khaki]''  Roderick said, resulting in a nod from Phiola.

Roderick stood up and walked into the directions Franklyn had given, '' Phiola should stay here, I don't want her traumatised, hope you understand that'' Roderick answered to lyceum as he got ready for the clean up.

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Re: The Electric City

Post by Docile on Mon Oct 27, 2014 11:05 am

Understanding Roderick's concerns Lyceum nodded and turned to Rudy who still remand in shock from the surgery and surprise of seeing his hero's organs laid out before him so clearly.

"Rudy stay back here with Phiola, the rest of us will go clear up the lift shaft."

Nodding Rudy sat down beside Phiola, looking towards Franklyn as he started to clean himself up then back towards the creature, Rudy felt his heart jump as the creature stopped dancing to what Rudy would call looking, the creature looked at him.

"I think he'll miss your music when we leave." Rudy replied.

"Its not a he." Franklyn's voice called out.

Turning to see Franklyn stood at another side of the lab now looking through a book he read onwards from it.

"Its a she and her name, is Pandora."

Feeling a little confused as well as creeped out that the mad doctor had even named the thing Rudy blurted out the one thought that was on his mind.

"That things called Pandora!?"

"Seems it, just cause its a big ugly creature, don't mean it don't deserve a name."

"I already got a name for it!" Rudy exclaimed.

"And that would be?"

"Terrifying!" Rudy replied with a hell of a kick behind the word. Rustling Rudy's hair Franklyn grinned.

"You'll be fine."

Arriving at the lift shaft Wynter looked over the nightmarish state they were left in. It was just a horrendous mix of shattered wood & cables hanging down. Grabbing handfuls of the wood which had splintered apart Wynter & Lyceum quickly shifted it aside and cast it into the corridor far from the lift.

Wrapping one of the cables around his forearm, Lyceum was able to pull them down and throw them aside too. Within moments it was all cleared up and looking decent.

Joining the ground Franklyn peered inside and smiled. Looking back to Rudy who'd followed behind Franklyn said to Rudy.

"You asked how we were going to get out. Well this is how." he said pointing to the lift shaft. "We just need you to make another one of them vines to carry us all to the top of the lift shaft. Everybody in."

Understanding everybody stepped in all except Wynter who wanted to make sure everyone else got in first.

Waiting for everyone to get in her smiled and sprinted back to the lab. There was one thing he had to do before he left.

Whilst Murii mentioned she liked the lion ship Hank felt his pride shrink a little that she hadn't even seemed to take a second glance at his ship. Nodding he replied to her.

"Maybe you'd like to meet the shipwright of that ship then. She's just in here." Hank gestured towards the room with the redwood handles where Jun & Harley were. Wandering in Hank caught sight of both figure heads to which he smirked.

"Seems you two have been in a competition to build the best figure head."

"Its no competition against someone who can't even carve into wood." Harley blurted out. Ignoring both insults from Jun, Harley looked towards Murii and Hank before mentioning to both of them.

"Go on why don't you tell this stick insect that my figurehead is better."

Laughing Hank thought she had been joking till Harley slammed her foot down and repeated.

"Go on tell her! Mine's superior!"

Realizing she was serious Hank stopped and started to inspect the two figureheads properly. Running his hands over them both and looking at the detail, Hank started to smile as he ran his fingers over the intricate details over both figure heads.

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Re: The Electric City

Post by Fin~ on Wed Oct 29, 2014 12:16 pm

As Roderick and the others left to clean up, Rudy stood behind and sat next to fiona, he stared at the creature infront of them and told Phiola that he would miss her music if they would leave, she felt kind of sorry for the creature, who was here all alone for all his life, and the rest of his life. Franklyn then told Rudy that the creature was a she, and that she was called Pandora, suprised, but not as suprised as Rudy she followed their conversation and smiled, '' I agree, everyone deserves a name, and she isn't all that bad, she is just lonely I think'' Phiola answered, hoping she had not insulted anyone. Rudy disagreed with the name Pandora, and thought terifying would be a more fitting name, Phiola giggled and smiled, Rudy was back to his old self.

As the others were done cleaning, and Rudy had gotten orders to use his vines to get everyone up She followed him to see Roderick who had already entered the lift, joining him. She saw rudy, using his powers to get the two out of here, to get them back to the surface, where they could fix the machine and be done with their mission, she didn't like they had caused damage, but well this was a bit too eventfull for a trip to repair something, atleast everyone made it out safely. Roderick smiled at how Phiola had matured a bit in this small trip, as a proud father he stared at her as the lift went upwards.

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Re: The Electric City

Post by Docile on Wed Oct 29, 2014 8:36 pm

Vines burst out from the seed launched from Rudy's finger tips and quickly a platform out of vibrant green vines begun to form beneath their feet and swirl around raising the group up from the ground.

"Thank you guys for your help today." Franklyns said popping another cigar between his lips. "You've faired better than most others would've and that's saying something." Lighting the cigar and inhaling Franklyn removed the cigar and exhaled. "Most others who join me other times struggle to handle themselves and we've even lost a few good men down there. But seems the creatures down there finish off the corpses. I didn't lay my eyes on any."

"We're just happy we could repay our debt." Lyceum replied as he rested his hands on his belt.

"I just didn't wanna go to prison." Rudy replied shuddering at the thought of suffering there for god knows how long. Arriving at the top the doors to the lift were shut.

"Typical" Franklyn muttered as he stepped forwards to try and pry the doors open. Slipping a small knife between the doors and twisting it he turned to Lyceum.

"Give us a hand would ya mate?"

Nodding Lyceum slipped his fingers between the doors whilst Franklyn slipped his fingers around the other door. Both started pulling opening the doors fairly easily.

Stepping out on to the solid stone floor Franklyn led the way out followed by Lyceum and finally Rudy who seemed relieved to land somewhere he recognised.

"I know where we are now!" Rudy blurted out in excitement.

The sounds of heavy breathing could be heard and with Rudy happy as can be Franklyn turned to look at Rudy.

"I know you may be pretty happy Rudy, but you can't be that overwhelmed that you're out of breath can ya?"

Raising an eyebrow Rudy replied.

"I'm not outta breath."

Realizing he was right, Franklyn knew there was only one source of the heavy breathing if it wasn't any of them.

"GET BACK IN THE LIFT!" Franklyn shouted as he sprinted towards the lift past Rudy, Lyceum followed suit.

"Why its fine out here." Rudy replied before he felt Lyceum's hands clamp tightly around his arm and pull him in.

As the group slammed into the lift the ground shook as something large slammed into it. A gnarly disfigured face with stitching along it over one of the eyes and a discoloured face rose from the darkness towards the lift doors.

Screaming painfully as if in agony the creature's face almost pressed against the lift doors and a foul stench entered the lift shaft.

Grabbing the doors Lyceum tried pushing one shut whilst Franklyn had a coughing fit as he'd inhaled whilst running and now his lungs were full of smoke. With the other door open someone needed to step up and close the other door. Rudy tried but couldn't muster up the strength partly due to panic and partly due to lack of strength.

Running into Koga's lab once more Wynter approached Pandora and pressed his hand up against the glass the creature came closer almost pressing her face against the glass. Smiling back at Pandora Wynter felt it was time to put his powers to use and discover if Lyceum had come through with his promise.

Life Return: Body Heat: Flaming Fist

Watching the glass begin to melt Wynter smirked as water started to leak free and the creature seemed to reach for the gap. Digging its paw towards the gap Wynter watched as Pandora attempted to rip the hole open and turned running towards the exit.

Watching as Pandora shattered the tube and burst into the lab along with tons of water Wynter smiled. Turning and continuing to sprint down the corridor towards the lift where the vines had already begun to rise Wynter did his best to escape the water which was cascading down behind him from the tube.

Splashing against the wall and finally at Wynter's feet trying to capture him he barely managed to avoid it. Leaping on to the vine and climbing it he watched as the water below started to rise and he listened to the sounds of Pandora's whale like screams.

Now she was once again free and no longer confined to that watery tube. Hearing a scream from up above, Wynter picked up the pace. Sounded like something was up and he wanted to be a part of it.

Looking over the two figureheads Hank smiled. He had to admit he preferred Jun's but knew that if he said he'd pick hers over Harley's that he'd be left with Harley whining and complaining and even hitting him over the head occasionally.

"Why don't you help me decide Murii?"

Nodding reluctantly Murii looked towards Jun then towards Harley.

"Well I like Jun's, but this other one is really cool too. It looks perfect for my favourite ship out there."

"Favourite ship?" Harley questioned.

"Yeah, she said out of the four ships yours was her favourite."

"See! Even your best friend thinks I make an awesome ship!"

Jun scowled at Harley.

"hold on guys, I've not made my vote yet. I think that Harley has made the better figure head."

"Woo, suck it!"

"BUT!" Pausing mid celebration Harley looked towards Hank with a slightly enraged appearance in her eyes. "I think Jun here has done a phenomenal job. She clearly is a talented shipwright with a real gift."

"Well she is damn strong, she managed to catch that chunk of wood when I threw it at her."

Trying not to seem rude Hank raised an eyebrow as he looked over Jun and her slim physique, she wasn't muscular in the slightest and he was curious as to how she'd managed to catch it.

"Every woman has her secrets." Jun replied as she crossed her arms disgruntled that Hank an experienced shipwright had chosen Harley's figurehead over her own. You don't know a damn thing. she thought to herself in her head.

"Anyway as I said before I wanted your help building ships, Jun how would you feel about being given the chance to build your own ship. We can supply you with papers to draw the ship up and wood to build the ship with."

Nodding eagerly Jun wanted to show Harley just what she could do.

"Build you the best ship, you'll have in your shipyard? I'd love to!" Jun blurted out whilst looking at Harley the entire time. Scowling back at Jun, Harley stepped forward and pressed a finger towards Jun's torso.

"I challenge you to a competition. We're both gonna build a ship and whoever's ship is best built wins."

Knowing she had an advantage Jun smiled and offered her hand to Harley.

"You're on."

Quickly gripping Jun's hand and shaking it whilst trying to crush her hand Harley let go and quickly got to work on gathering papers to draw up a ship. Jun on the other hand shook her hand a bit after the sudden crushing pains from Harley.

"Jun are you sure you want to do this?" Murii asked feeling a little concerned for Jun as she'd been drinking earlier.

Nodding to Murii Jun turned to Hank.

"Where's your papers, I've got a legendary ship to design."

Leading the way to the room where shipwrights designed their ships and handing Jun paper, pencil, compass and eraser Hank left the room to return to working on his own ship.

Murii watched as both Jun & Harley quickly got to work sketching. Sighing she dipped her head and shook with a smile on her face. Jun always was like this. She was just a bit too hot headed, but it made Murii smile.

Returning to the cafe area of the shipyard Murii sat down with her log pose and started to look over it. Observing it and watching how the magnet pointed towards her left started to wonder about what other islands would await her in the grand line and if she should even take the risk of going travelling.

Looking at the ships she had a second look at the ships. Looking over the Lion's Pride she realized it was a beautifully crafted ship. She looked over the others and realized each of the ships was beautiful even the nameless one. The only differences were the little things. As she arrived at the nameless one with a puzzle seal balancing a ball on its nose she smiled.

She decided to make her decision again on her favourite ship.

"I like this one more actually. Its nice, its small and every little detail is just perfect." she said to herself. The idea of travelling the seas was becoming more appealing to her and if she had to take a ship she would pick the nameless ship too. Climbing aboard she wanted to look throughout the ship.

Walking along the deck running her hands along the trims, she felt it was a nice soft rubber to avoid getting splinters. It felt nice and the deck felt strong. Hearing the sound of shouting Murii looked over board to see Jun sprinting along hold her blue prints above her head.

With the blue prints trailing along behind her Jun screamed.

"TIME TO BUILD!" grunting as she continued to scribble away Harley tried eagerly to finish her blueprints.

Giggling quietly Muii, continued to look around the ship. Looking over each room and thee were only a few she could see how great care had been taken with them. The doors had been sanded down and the beds in one of the rooms had even been fixed into the ground and walls to avoid them from being thrown around. Smart idea she thought to herself.

Making her way into the next room she found a large open room. A kitchen with kitchen counter made out of white marble which lead around to a large fridge. This was perfect for a chef and on the other side of the room was a curved booth with deep red vinyl coating and a curved table in front. It would be fun for the crew to slid along the vinyl to sit behind the table.

Whoever had built this ship had done a good job. Leaving the ship's insides and making her way out Murii looked in through the windows to the construction room to see Jun had already finished a good chunk of her ship, but Harley had already got all of her ship's pieces finished and was busy putting it all together.

Murii thought to herself either these shipwrights are some of the fastest she'd ever seen or she'd been aboard this homely feeling ship for a long time. Looking at the clock she realized she'd been aboard the ship for two & a half hours. (The time it took for Wynter's Surgery.)

Watching as Harley quickly started hammering parts of her ship together and Jun dragged her out using her hana hana no mi powers Jun started using her devil fruit ability to get the edge over Harley and hammer her ship together.

Jun's ship was a golden looking ship with the figurehead she'd crafted earlier and Harley's was a new ship with a new figurehead. The figurehead was that of a dragon with horns protruding from its forehead and a face that appeared to be growling. Painted black with red eyes it looked intimidating. Whilst Jun's ship looked glorious.

Watching for the remaining time as the two dripped with sweat, cursed and tried to win this challenge, Murii caught sight of Jun using her devil fruit abilities to pass over a bottle of rum and take a swig from it. Giggling as she did so Murii kept her mouth shut, she didn't want to ruin her friend's fun.

One Hour later . . .

As both ships were planted in the test pool Murii & Hank arrived to look over the ships whilst the other shipwrights were busy building their own ships taking their own time. Hammering away in the distance as much as they wanted to judge the ships, they had other things to do for the time being and an order to meet.

Standing in front of both ships Hank & Murii had inspected both ships from small details to comfort of the ships. Both ships were small Caravels.

"Both ships are very well crafted, Jun's has a glorious magnificent look to it and the smallest details even look amazing. Harley's ship looks much darker and built more for a crew with a gothic appearance but non the less looks phenomenal. Both ships have a very homely feel to them for their own different reasons. Jun's ship sacrifices some room on the deck for an extra room known as the lounge room which is a great addition as it makes the ship feel so much more homely with the extension on to the dinning room. Whilst Harley's leaves quite a bit to be desired because of this. In terms of speed I can tell from both ships right now that Harley's will be much faster due to how much more stream line she has made the ship and the size of the mast which is slightly bigger allowing the sails to gather much more wind whilst Jun's will still be fast since these ships are a speed demon class, but slightly slower. All in all, I think I'd give this one to Jun. She's done a good job."

Clapping and cheering for Jun like her only cheerleader Murii jumped in the air for joy catching Hank's attention. Realizing Murii stopped and placed her arms over his chest blushing. Jun on the other hand threw her arms in the air.

"THAT!IS HOW YOU DO IT!" Jun shouted at Harley who turned and headed back to the construction room with her redwood tools.

Placing a hand on Jun's shoulder Hank wanted to speak with Jun.

"Congratulations on beating Harley, but don't get so cocky. There's even better shipwrights out there, there's an island called Water 7 and they have the best shipwrights in the world out there. If you can match them, then you've really got a gift."

Murii caught sight of Harely returning with a small sack in her hands and as she approached Jun she handed over the bag to her.


Looking at the bag a little confused Jun took it and opened the bag curiously. Her eyes lit up within seconds of seeing it. Looking towards Harely then the bag again Jun slung the sack over her back.

"Thank you so much."

"You earned them. But you better not stick around here. I don't want to have to beat your ass with the next ship I build."

"Like you could." Jun replied as Harley had started walking away. Pausing and looking over her shoulder at Jun Harley shouted as she pointed at her.

"Don't you start!"

Realizing the tension between both Jun & Harley Hank looked over both Murii & Jun with a smile.

"Seems you guys have quite the rivalry going on, anyway look, I'm grateful for your help Jun & it was lovely meeting you Murii. But something gives me the feeling you guys should go out and see the world. I mean I'd love you guys to stay here, but I don't think Harley's so keen on the idea and I think we'd get more distracted with you both here. I mean I know the other guys would be too focused on you Murii & Jun I could just see myself having to pull you & Harley away from each other." Hank laughed.

He gestured towards the exit and opened the doors for them.

"But if you guys ever need anything, feel free to come back and we'd be happy to accommodate you guys."

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Re: The Electric City

Post by Fin~ on Thu Oct 30, 2014 11:23 am

It was finally time to go back to the surface, finally time to be safe and continue their journey to riches and playing in towns, cooking meals and having a great time, Phiola was relieved that this was over with, and as the lift went up. she was almost as relieved as Rudy who knew where they were, everyone was a bit short on breathe, but Phiola didn't even think of it, and Roderick didn't even feel it that much either, Though once Franklynn realised something, he started yelling go back to the lift.

Following after Roderick. the two quickly entered with the others, Phiola clenched to rodericks chest, as she was really scared right now, why were they going back, what was wrong, what were all these sounds and what was everyone trying? She wondered as she closed her eyes and clinged to Roderick, who quietly overviewed the situation, Realising that rudy couldn't close the doors, he knew he had to step up. patting Phiola's head he manouvered his way past her and towards the doors, clenching his fists, and with a deep breathe, he focussed his strength on the door hoping to close it. Roderick was not the fasters, or the most dexterous but had quite a lot of brute strength which might help in their situation.

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Re: The Electric City

Post by Docile on Thu Oct 30, 2014 8:42 pm

Slamming the doors shut as the creature with vulgar breath and horrendous teeth screamed at them with a hint of distortion in his voice, Lyceum laid against the doors breathing heavily.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT THING!?" Rudy screamed in a shriek of panic.

Franklyn removed the cigar from his lips and exhaled away from Phiola as he didn't want her breathing in the smoke.

"That is Koga's Monster. Its been trashing around in here ever since he left. We've not be able to kill it. That is why we shut the draw bridge."


Nodding Franklyn started trying to figure out a way to get past the monster or bring it to its knees.

"Well Franklyn, any bright ideas how we're going to get past this thing?"

"Get past what?"

Climbing up atop the large vine platform in the lift shaft, Wynter arrived with a smile.

"Where've you been?"

"Got distracted."

Rolling his eyes Lyceum muttered under his breath.


"There's a monster out there." Rudy mentioned with a hint of fear resonating through his voice.

"Can't we set the creature on fire? That would distract him at least wouldn't it?"

"Nah, monster's got tubes of coolant, that'll easily put out the fire."

"Can't we just run?"

"If you wanna try your chances against a monster with hydraulic pumps be my guest, but doubt anything will escape his clutches."

Looking towards Phiola & Roderick both Lyceum & Franklyn looked towards each other, their eyes met and it was clear both were thinking the same thing.

If her music had calmed Pandora, maybe it would work on the monster.

"You think it'll work Franklyn?" Lyceum questioned.

"I think it's worth a try."

"Wynter's already gone guys." Rudy muttered peering out through the small gap between the lift doors.

During their conversation about the monster and spouting of ideas, Wynter had been excited by the mention of a monster and wanted a closer look for himself. Squaring up to the monster Wynter found Koga's Monster slamming his clenched fists into a wall.

"So you're this monster everyone's been talking about?"

The sound of Wynter's voice captured the monster's attention, turning and screaming in his face from only inches away, the vulgar breath shot over Wynter dousing him in a vile stench. Pulling away slightly whilst pulling a face Wynter merely waved it away from his nose with his hand.

"RAWR!" Wynter roared back confusing the monster. Wynter's roar being no where near as loud or terrifying as the monster's, it simply roared back at him louder throwing saliva from its teeth his way. Feeling a wet glob land on his torso Wynter looked down at it and the monster who'd been so stupid as to getting so close. Looking into the monster's eyes Wynter raised his hand in attack.

The hearts of Lyceum, Rudy & Franklyn now sat in their mouths as they all peered through the little gap.

Watching as a simple weak slap landed on Koga's Monster's face the group watched as seconds passed with no revolt.

Roaring once more just as loud as before the monster brought down his large right fist hard. Slamming it in Wynter's direction the fist was met with nothing but concrete as Wynter had hopped towards the right just in time and leapt into the air landing atop his clenched right fist. Raising his fist to find Wynter the monster didn't notice him above his own fist.

Above the monster's head Wynter took advantage of this moment to really deliver a world of pain unto him.

Life Return: Body Heat: Fire Foot

Jumping from the fist into a forwards flip, Wynter heated his right foot to incredible heat. Landing heel first he delivered a simple heated heel kick to the monster's head.

Life Return: Body Heat: Fire Foot: Cerberus Paw

Taking the full brunt of the kick Koga's Monster's head dipped down inside the body slightly before popping back up and screaming with a distortion in its voice again. Landing in front of the screaming monster Wynter looked towards the lift and the group who looked out.

"RUN! I'll keep him busy."

Sweeping his right arm down for Wynter, Koga's Monster's hand met Wynter and the next thing he knew was sent flying. The hand of Koga's Monster had easily propelled the small light weight into a wall which Wynter met with great pain as his hit it torso first. Sliding down the wall the monster followed leaping with the aid of his hydraulic legs.

Landing before the wall it looked at his crumpled up body before Wynter picked himself up and raised his fists.

Understanding Hank Murii was more than happy to make her way out the door and headed towards the door he'd opened. She wasn't entirely sure where she'd go to especially since it had begun to rain. But it wasn't pissing it down. Merely drizzling for the time being. Jun nodded to Hank as he mentioned about them having to leave. Slotting her new tools into her belt almost instantly she tossed the sack they'd been in aside and stood there proud of herself admiring her new tools.

Hank had mentioned Water 7 and that was somewhere she'd wanted to go. Heading out the door Hank had open for them she turned to him and spoke.

"Y'know what Hank. I'm going to go to Water 7 and I'm going to build the best ship you've ever seen."

Smiling Hank nodded to her and slowly closed the door. He didn't know if he should believe her or not since many people's dreams often faded like their own. Including his. Walking past the table sitting at the door Hank removed a necklace he'd been wearing under his clothing and tossed it aside.

Written on the dog tag it read:

Dream: Visit Water 7

Now outside the warehouse Jun looked towards Murii who simply returned the stare. Murii had heard what Jun had said to Hank and wondered if she was going to ask her about getting there but instead neither said anything to the other. Crowds of people ran past them in curiosity.

Watching the crowds run past Murii heard words of a monster and the tower. Murii was curious and just like the many sheep before her wanted to follow to see what the commotion was. Jun sighed and muttered under her breath so quietly no one else heard, but secretly she already knew the cause.


"Come on Jun, we should go see what this is all about. Maybe we can help."

Sighing Jun reluctantly followed. As the two of them started to run towards the tower along with the masses of townsfolk who all clumped together they shortly arrived outside watching the tower.

Pirguru guards had also arrived and were even posted in front of the tower to act as a barrier to help with crowd control. More were posted on the buildings surrounding the tower. They had a feeling they knew just what was going on and most importantly Captain Dreyfuss.

The tower had been seen shaking, but the worst was the sounds which had been coming out of it. Roars and screams so loud they sent shivers into the hearts of men & children alike. The floor had been shaking and with all of the soldiers taking aim on the door they weren't saying anything about the monster they all knew resided within.

Watching the tower from a distance Murii stood beside Jun who'd somehow snatched a drink from somewhere. Standing beside her taking swig after swig from it she watched unimpressed.

"What do you think's going on? There seems to be allot of guards around and they're all armed."

"I dunno bu- (hic) I dunno (hic) but it doesn't (hic) doesn't (hic) doesn't look good."

"Men be ready for anything that comes out of there. It could either be the team we've sent down to repair the lighting or Koga's Monster. We're going to open the door now and send in a small search team led by myself."

Standing by the winches two burly men held on to the winches. With one at either side to aid in protection. Wrapping their fingers around the winches and slowly opening the door the draw bridge started to come down and the heavy breathing from within begun to echo all throughout the town centre. Trouble was going to ensue.

Touching down on to the concrete path that led on to the town centre outside of the tower the stench washed over the crowd and many begun to pull faces along with making sounds of disgust.

"Ugh, can you smell that Jun." Murii muttered pulling a face.

Giving it a good old whiff, Jun's brain begun to function and she started to figure out what the smell might be. With her mechanical know how she was certain she could figure it out. But as far as she was concerned it wasn't Wynter so for the time being she was pretty happy.

"Smells like something rotten." she muttered. She'd smelt worse in her time so this wasn't nearly as bad to her. But still pretty awful.

With a small team of 11 men at the ready to enter the tower Captain Dreyfuss stood at the front with a sawn off shotgun tucked into a holster attached to his leg and a black cutlass with golden trims in hand.

It was time to investigate.

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Re: The Electric City

Post by Fin~ on Mon Nov 03, 2014 12:27 am

As The party was acompanied by a giant, very weird looking creature, who had a horribly smell, and looked very bad and scary, lyceum quickly slammed the doors close so the party could device a plan. Though Rudy was busy wondering what that creature was, and was terified of it, the others mostly focussed on getting out of it, as Franklyn explained that dodging him would not be possible, Roderick knew he had to do something. Looking at Franklyn and Lyceum, he knew they were thinking of something, and Roderick thought the same, but shook his head this creature is not locked in glass, so might come to the scource, while Pandora wasn't able too, it be too dangerous if we use that as a bait'' he brought in against the two who were fond of trying it. '' I-I-I'll do it, I t-think it might work'' Phiola said trembling on her legs.

Though before she got ready, Rudy noticed Wynter was already gone, fighting the creature, seeing that wynter had a strange fighting style but didn't do much of a  damage on the creature Roderick wondered what would be the best plans for now? would they escape while Wynter distracted or aid Wynter the best they could and try to defeat it, they certainly didn't want to injure wynter again when he just had surgery.

As the fight continued, wynter yelled for everyone to run, Roderick had not seen Wynter this serious yet, ''Phiola listen to me, keep your harp close, if the monster comes close to you run towards the door and leave me, start playing once you reach it, ill protect you till then, your sounds might soothe the creature but don't play till you reach safety'' Nodding Phiola began to ran, along the left wall, trying to stay as far as way from the creature as possible, following her on the foot Roderick was on his guard, he would jump in sacraficing.

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Re: The Electric City

Post by Docile on Mon Nov 03, 2014 1:03 am

Watching as Roderick & Phiola took the lead rushing towards the gate Franklyn followed getting ready to open the door quickly he removed the remote he'd used before hand. Rudy sprinted ahead trying to get out first easily overtaking Phiola. Lyceum on the other hand looked back towards the wall where Wynter was pinned shaking his head.

He'd just had surgery and his stitches were no where near healed, yet here he was risking his life again so quickly to save a bunch of strangers from this brute of a man. He had guts Lyceum admitted. He wanted to help Wynter but looking back he saw the door opening. Trying to calculate a way for all of them to escape Lyceum couldn't find an answer until he turned and found the chandelier lying on the floor and attached to chains and a winch.
Grabbing hold of the winch he started to hoist it up raising the chandelier. It was large and made of steel which he hoped would be more than enough to contain the beast.

Entering through the front door was a small squad of Pirguru guards who caught sight of the group running towards the door. Sprinting past and out the door, Rudy quickly found himself on solid concrete stood in front of a crowd of people.

Allowing the group to escape past them the soldiers armed with helmets that protected their heads fully and one way shields it allowed them to look through the helmets front without anyone seeing their faces. Crouching as they caught sight of Koga's Monster the men took aim.

"Aim for the tubes!" Dreyfuss shouted.

Opening fire the bullets tore through the air ripping into the darkness and slamming into the creature's back. Each bullets which hit him dented the metallic covering ever so slightly.

Spotting the hail fire of bullets rushing towards the creature Wynter noticed he'd lost the creature's interest as it turned around. Leaping up and grabbing hold of the tubes he tried to yank one free. Gripping on tightly he felt each bullet hit the creature and finally caught sight of Lyceum raising the chandelier smiling he figured he knew just what to do.

Nodding to Lyceum he ripped the pipe out by placing his feet against the creature's back and pulling.

Falling the tube popped out and coolant poured over him. Hitting the ground covered in coolant, Wynter leapt up to see the monster screaming in his face. His breath as rotten as it was couldn't be a concern of his right now.

Life Return: Body Heat: Frozen Fist

Slamming his fist into the monster's chin he delivered a painful uppercut which knock the creature's head out of the way just enough for Wynter to slid under his legs. Once behind the monster he started to run as Lyceum managed to get the chandelier to its full height. Holding it in place he waited for Wynter.

Finding himself running into gunfire, Wynter dived into a roll allowing the lead to dash above him and dent the torso of the monster that was now after him.

Running beneath the chandelier Lyceum dropped it and joined Wynter running towards the open draw bridge. As they arrived the door and looked out they found Franklyn gesturing towards them.

As Franklyn escaped the tower he gave quick orders.

"Guys get ready to shut the doors!" he shouted to the big men on the winches either side of the draw bridge.

"GET OUT OF THERE NOW ALL OF YOU!" he shouted. Nodding Wynter saw that the winches were manned. Looking back towards the guards he then looked at Lyceum and Koga's Monster. The chandelier had landed on him and the weight had dragged it down around him. Koga's monster was not immobile but he couldn't move his arms and continued roaring away.

"You get the guards out I'll distract big boy."

Nodding Lyceum headed towards the guards.

"Guys, you need to get out of here now! Franklyn's going to close the door, he's got guys ready to close it up."

Looking towards the doctor Captain Dreyfuss nodded to Lyceum.

"You heard the man. Let's get out of here now. We don't need to die today."

Rushing towards the open gate Lyceum watched Wynter standing between them and the beast.

"Come on Wynter!" Lyceum shouted as he made his way over the drawbridge along with the guards.

Roaring loudly Koga's Monster had been struggling to free himself from the steel binds of the chandelier but now had weakened them. It was Wynter vs Koga's monster and the door was already beginning to close.

Franklyn had given the orders to close the door and it was already in motion rising.

"Franklyn, Wynter's still in there."

"its one life or a million."

"But you can't do that." Rudy shouted.

"Rudy he's right." feeling a little betrayed Rudy looked up at Lyceum in shock unable to believe his words. "Sometimes it takes losing one person's life to save the lives of millions."

Unsure what to say, Rudy looked onwards in horror as the draw bridge clamped shut and the light inside went out.

Looking up at the creature before him now free Wynter knew it was time he got his running shoes on. Turning he headed not for the draw bridge but the stairs.

Watching the terror on the faces of the people exiting the tower Jun caught sight of a green haired man, a large khaki coloured rabbit, a little girl and the doctor who'd climbed aboard their ship. Rolling her eyes she realized how right she'd been. Wynter Murii recognised Lyceum too and rushed trying to push through the crowds.

Following suit, Jun joined Murii as she rushed towards Lyceum. The door clamped shut after a group of soldiers who'd only just entered escaped.

Arriving at the front of the crowd Murii rushed to greet Lyceum who seemed to be unhappy. Placing arms around him Murii hugged him tightly to which Lyceum responded with a confused look. Looking back over her he gulped.

Jun simply stepped out of the crowd with her bottle of rum in hand and stood at the front looking at the rest of the group who'd exited the tower a little unimpressed.

"Where's Wynter? Did you help him?" Murii asked as she let go of Lyceum.

Looking back at her Lyceum dipped his head.

Rudy who was now sitting with his feet hanging over the edge of the street hanging over the water of the docks blurted out.

"He's in there!" pointing to the tower Rudy continued. "He's probably as good as dead now!"

"Dead?" Murii muttered quietly feeling her heart crumble a little.

Sighing Lyceum replied "Yeh, he's in the tower, but this is the guy who scheduled a war at Reverse mountain, fought through it and came crashing into the grand line down from the clouds on a ship hanging on to the edge of the ship by his finger tips. I don't think there's anything in there that's going to kill him."

Looking at the tower Murii eagerly wanted to go in and save him, but with all of the security around she knew she probably didn't stand a chance. A small tear started to stream down her face from her eye and the group just remained watching the tower along with the crowd and the guards who all hoped for the best.

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Re: The Electric City

Post by Fin~ on Mon Nov 03, 2014 10:25 am

It all was quite hectical and dramatic, and Phiola had not much of an idea what was going on, sprinting away soon Rudy had raced past her, she still reached safety close after rudy, but she didn't really know what was going on Following Rudy, she quickly reached the outsides, as she saw guards storming in she found herself among many people, roderick was still behind her.

Roderick was looking at wynter, who was in a pinch, but Lyceum was trying to save him, he had no idea if he could do anything, but he didn't want to leave to far yet. he wanted to try and help everyone out. though as guards came in to close things up, he followed after franklyn, not wanting to leave Wynter behind, but he had no choice, he had to be there for Phiola.

Reaching the outside he hugged phiola, this was the first time in a while he was so excited and then something like this happened, Phiola knew what was happening. '' I-isnt there another way out?, or can't we go back to help him.''   Phiola was not ready to give up on wynter yet, nor were the women who joined them, they seemed to know lyceum. one red headed and one orange headed.

She and roderick lost track of who everyone were , but certainly hoped for the best, this could not be over for wynter could it?

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Re: The Electric City

Post by Docile on Mon Nov 03, 2014 11:19 am

Standing outside the large watch tower the storm raged on thunder cracked down into the lightning conductor and this sent a surge of electricity throughout the town flickering the lights before the machine the ship's had broken sparked loudly gathering people's attention.

Raising her bottle to drink from it Jun took a large gulp from her rum before wiping her lips free of the rest of it. Franklyn felt bad for leaving Wynter but he had a job to do and he would get to it.

"Look Miss, I'm sorry about Wynter, but it would be too dangerous to have that door open any longer, the creature inside could very well kill us all." Moving past Murii, Franklyn headed towards the machine. I don't like him. Murii thought to herself as she watched Franklyn march off through the crowd.

"He'll make it Murii." Lyceum said placing his hands on her shoulders trying to reassure her. Rudy didn't believe it though as he sat with his feet hanging over the edge. In his mind, Wynter was as good as dead and there wasn't a damn thing they could do but it was all Franklyn's fault.

Jun didn't much care, but she did care for her friend's feelings but also understood what the man in the overalls had been talking about. But how bad could this creature be really? She thought to herself. Part of her wanted to rip the draw bridge down and help Murii out, but she knew that she couldn't put everyone else's lives at risk. It just wasn't fair.

Looking to her right she noticed how the big khaki coloured bunny stood beside her hugging a small girl. Raising an eyebrow she looked them both up and down before nodding awkwardly and looking towards her bottle of rum. This must be some strong stuff. she thought. Raising the bottle once more she continued to drink it till the last few drops fell on to her tongue.

"Damnit!" she muttered as she tossed the empty bottle aside and into the docks. Dropping down into the waters she would have to succumb to soberness soon.


Catching sight of the old man in the overalls smoking a cigar swearing, Jun figured she could help out. She knew a little bit about mechanics, well she'd built a ship by herself.

"Murii, I'm gonna (hic), I'm gonna (hic) I'm gonna go give that guy a hand."

Nodding in response Murii returned her gaze to the tower as she stood by Lyceum, Jun however quickly made her way towards Franklyn. It was time she helped him out. Arriving beside him shortly she asked.

"Need a (hic) need a hand?"

Looking for the source of the voice Franklyn's eyes fell on a skinny lady who looked a little bit drunk. Shaking his head he continued trying to work on the machine until another bolt of lightning shot down and sparks flew over Franklyn. Leaping back he grunted.

"You look like you could use a hand." Jun replied to which Franklyn realized she was willing to help and he could use a hand.

"Fine. Take these and attach them to the clock tower, build a never ending battery out of the tower." Franklyn replied with as he handed over the two poles that were part of his weapon, two long cables with crocodile clips & a small rectangular device.

Snatching them up Jun nodded. Pushing her way back through the crowd leaving a trail of the cables she arrived back with the group again. Looking at Roderick and realizing he was still there and still 'real'? she shook her head and took another look. Nope still there.

Sprouting arms from the ground two arms grew and grabbed the poles. Sprouting more arms from those arms to reach across the docks to the watch tower the hands stabbed the poles into the watch tower lightning conductor. She then used those same hands to attach the crocodile clips to the poles. One to each pole and at the other end of the cables was Franklyn's small device which would hold the electricity.

Watching as Jun performed these acts Lyceum was in shock, he'd never seen her powers used like this before and didn't fully know of them. They surprised him as much as they did Rudy who curled up into a ball holding on to his knees.

"Whoa!" he said quietly as he watched the arms sprout out of no where and when they were done burst into cherry blossoms. Lyceum's brain went to a different place before he remembered the situation they were caught in.

Charging up the stairwell, Wynter could feel the ground behind him shaking as each step he took the monster took the equivalent of five. Beginning to leap up the stairwell Wynter could only feel the stairs behind him beginning to fall.

"Leave me alone you big ugly bastard!" he shouted only to hear a response that was another putrid roar. The scent travelled up the stairs quickly, turning to avoid it Wynter heard the sound of concrete cracking.

The stairs before him shattered as a large marble fist crashed through it. Pausing as this fist rise and the creature pulled itself up and through the hole, Wynter clenched his fists tightly.

"SMASH!" the distorted voice shouted as it brought both fists down towards Wynter with the hopes of pulverising him.

Life Return: Nervous System Shocker

Charging up his body and feeling the the electricity coursing through his veins, Wynter dived towards Koga's Monster's feet allowing the stairs behind him to crack. With electricity built up in his body he reached for the monster's foot sending volts of electricity up the creature.

He could feel the volts leaving his body and the jolting screams from the creature as the electricity searched for earth from the monster's body. Grinning, Wynter Leapt up from beneath the monster behind it and started to sprint to the roof. Looking back he noticed how the creature was momentarily stunned.

Reaching the top of the tower, Wynter could see the large bell and the inner cogs that worked the clock. Seems that Professor Koga had worked up here on the clock itself as there were a series of mechanical gadgets attached to the clock itself.

Ticking away Wynter reached into his pocket removing his own pocket watch to check the time against the large clock.

"Seems Pirguru is five minutes fast." he muttered. Looking up above the large square clock face, Wynter could see three large windows with wooden shutters on each side of the tower.

This was his escape.

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Re: The Electric City

Post by Fin~ on Mon Nov 03, 2014 12:23 pm

Phiola and roderick were watching the situation unfold, and knew that everyone was tense, one woman seemed drunk, and Roderick wasn't all comfortable leaving her with Phiola, but well there was no other option, they had to see if they could do anything for wynter, and if he was safe in any way, Phiola had not much idea of what was going on and hoped Wynter would return savely, he had bravely offered to help them acompany franklyn, and without him they might had not made it.

She looked at the orange haired woman, being comforted by lyceum, was she a friend of wynter? Many questions filled Phiola's head, as Roderick realised it might be a bit weird to stand here in his big form. Untill he saw loads of arms sprouting along the clocktower, as if we were talking about weird He itched his head, and wondered where all this strong and weird powered people came from. First rudy, then Lyceum with his speed and strength, Wynter who breathed fire like it was nothing, Franklyn with weird gadgets, and now this woman who spouted hands on a wall, this day sure was weird. Atleast phiola was safe.

Looking for a moment when no one watched, Roderick turned back into his plushie form and Phiola catched him. Phiola smiled and walked over to Lyceum, '' Do you think he will make it out?'' she asked still a bit shy but with more guts then ever.

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Re: The Electric City

Post by Docile on Mon Nov 03, 2014 9:41 pm

With the storm still raging on around them lyceum begun to mutter to himself. "Come on, come on, you can do it Wynter." that is when he felt Phiola's presence beside him and turned to towards her.

She looked upset as she clung to her friend Roderick who now sat nestled in her arms comfortably in plushie form. Asking if he thought Wynter would make it out Lyceum could see Murii had moved to sit beside Rudy dangling her feet over the edge. Crouching down to her height to comfort Phiola, Lyceum placed his hands on Phiola's shoulders.

"Of course he will. That man in there survived a drop into darkness and you saw it with your own eyes. That monster's no match for him."

Whilst Rudy sat beside Murii and the two of them dangled their feet over the edge they both looked onwards into the water below with a face of disappointment.

"I hope he makes it out."

"Me too." Rudy continued. Looking up towards the sky as another bolt of lightning struck down Rudy didn't shriek or panic but simply watched as the bolt shot down and the device which Jun had attached took the shock. It sparked a little before the device stopped and seemed to shake a little before returning to its previous stationary state.

Swirling her hand in front of her Murii started creating illusions and the one she created for herself was Wynter smiling at her. It was the memory of when they first met. Sighing as she ran her hand through it realizing it was making her sad she looked back towards the water below.

Jun stood watching the tower beside the soldiers who'd exited the tower and beside her stood Captain Dreyfuss who removed his helmet. Jun & the Captain looked at each other.

"Do you know the man in their by any chance?"

"Yeh, he's a little shit."

"Maybe you should change your views, he saved our lives."

"Yeah well, he endangered mine."

Climbing up the cogs and moving like a monkey throughout the mechanisms, Wynter quickly, hopped, jumped & swung from bar to pole to cog and onwards trying to reach the windows up above.

Leaping up through the floor and shattering it was Koga's Monster as he landed on the other half of the floor which hadn't fallen to pieces the glass on the front of the watch tower shattered and pieces of the clock fell downwards.

Below Rudy spotted these as he heard the sound of glass smashing. Watching the shards shoot down towards everyone he quickly got to his feet.

"GUYS YOU GOTTA MOVE!" he shouted.

Directing his fingers towards the ground he quickly launched two seeds which embedded themselves between the paving stones. Clenching his fist tightly Rudy summoned a large tree which caught the shards in its trunk. Sighing as the tree was now at full height and people around were confused as to how any of this was even possible Rudy realized people around him were looking towards him confused and puzzled.



The crowd all now returned their gaze towards the top of the tower where they could see the monster roaring skyward as Wynter tried to reach the windows above. Grabbing one of the cogs with both hands Koga's Monster tore it free.

Knocking the rest of the mechanisms off balance they each came crashing down around Koga's Monster. Falling himself Wynter knew the landing would be painful.

Life Return: Pain Release: Sleep Defence

Hitting a few bars on the way down and landing back first on a cog, Wynter's body easily bent over it and slid down the side landing on his torso Wynter woke himself up fully and picked himself up. The technique had worked, but his body still ached a little from the impact.

Shooting a large fist his way the monster grunted heavily as machinery worked away and exhumed steam, placing both hands up to stop the fist Wynter stopped the fist in its tracks and delivered a quick assault by directing the fist downwards. Slamming into the ground Wynter watched as the creature stumbled forwards. With his gnarly face coming closer he dealt out a fist full of pain to the creature's left.

Giving the creature a right hook he smiled till brought his body winding back and fist swinging his way. Ducking the fist shot over head and Wynter swung a fist up into the monster's jaw granting him an uppercut.

There was now an escape for him via the broken watch, but Wynter wanted to make sure the creature wouldn't follow him first. From what he'd figured out the creature didn't like electricity, but the amount he could build up in his body wasn't anywhere near enough to stop it.

Bringing both fists down atop him Wynter fell feeling the marble fists crushing his back pinning him against the ground. Grunting in pain Wynter heard the lightning just outside. A smirk escaped and now he had an idea.

Life Return: Howl

The howling was difficult, but attempting to turn up the volume and ignore the pain Wynter could feel Koga's monster struggling to stay in contact, the nuts & bolts throughout him were beginning to fall apart and most importantly the creature seemed to be panicking. Removing his hands from Wynter, he picked himself up and positioned himself ready to deliver one last winding punch to keep the creature from following him.

However the monster still felt the sting of Wynter's howl echoing through his head. Thrashing around he finally swept his hands Wynter's way and whacked him through the glass of the watch tower shatter the watch face on the north side.

With Wynter now gone from his sight, the monster breathed heavily.

Roaring whilst beating its chest Koga's Monster stepped towards the shattered watch and peered through. The town's folk below looked on in horror and shock. They'd seen th entire fight as if it were silhouettes and were scared for their lives.

Leaping from the tower towards the town square Koga's Monster was ready to cause more trouble. Allot more trouble.

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Re: The Electric City

Post by Fin~ on Fri Nov 07, 2014 11:17 pm

From in Phiola her arms, Roderick saw a lot of things happen in the tower, shillouettes of Wynter and shillouettes of the weird monster were seen, some noises were heard and the skys were filled with thunder striking down, Roderick wanted to go and help Wynter, but had no way to. He watched the battle unfold as Lyceum crouched down next to phiola, he smiled at Lyceum who was a responsible man and comforted Phiola a bit.

Holding Roderick tight, Phiola relaxed a little when Lyceum got down to her eye level and placed his hand on her shoulder, saying that Wynter would make it just fine, feeling a little more sure of herself she thanked him and smiled a bit. She really hoped that Lyceum was right, and things would be better, it was a scary situation and the thunder didn't help at all either.

Hearing the loud Howl from the tower, Roderick couldn't help but wonder what was going on, he looked at the tower as he suddenly saw the monster jumping down, looking at lyceum, Roderick wurmed himself out of phiola her hands and said '' Lyceum lets go, Phiola get to safety .and play your harp might calm the monster down"

roderick moved up front a bit changing into hybrid for,  ready for a battle as Phiola started playing the same tunes that calmed pandora down .

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Re: The Electric City

Post by Docile on Sat Nov 08, 2014 10:31 am

Removing his scalpels as the creature landed near them, Lyceum prepared himself to attack the beast. Rearing up to his full height the creature roared towards the skies. Raising both fists into the air he slammed them down sending vibrations through the pavement.

Feeling the shock vibrate beneath him, Franklyn stopped working and turned to look at the creature. He started to look over the creature then watched how it approached the group. They weren't his responsibility but he wasn't about to let them die.

Removing the two bars from his pockets he quickly tossed them towards the monster's back.

The crowd around all fled to the closest shelter they could find. As Roderick commanded Phiola to play her music it fell upon deaf ears. Not a single note went through the beast's head.

With one bar digging into the monster's left shoulder blade and the right stabbing into the creature's arse cheek. Raising his tazer, Franklyn watched as the creature turned to face him with an enraged expression. Roaring at Franklyn, Koga's monster begun to charge.

The approach of the creature had sent shivers down Murii, Jun & Rudy's spines. Lyceum had been ready to slash the bastard up or die trying. With the creature's attention now focused on Franklyn they all felt their hearts leap into their throats.

Until he applied just enough pressure on to his tazer's button.

Bright blue electric shocks were seen shooting from either side of Franklyn's tazer to the tips of the poles sticking out. Screaming as electricity enveloped his body, the monster begun to glitch.

Unable to keep still, but unable to control itself the creature hit the ground breathing heavily as Franklyn's tazer ran out of juice. Pressing the button two more times he realized that it needed time to charge.

"Shit" Franklyn muttered.

"We need to bring this bastard down!" Lyceum shouted as he charged towards Koga's Monster alongside Roderick. Getting to his feet and looking at the monster as it picked itself up it charged towards Franklyn who refused to move.

Midori Boshi: Trampolia

Launching a pop green before Koga's Monster he never saw it coming. With one of his large monstrous feet stepping on to the pop green which opened up the creature was launched into the air by Rudy's Trampolia.

Crying out with a distorted voice the monster hit a height of 30 feet. Watching in shock as well as hilarity, Lyceum couldn't help but laugh until all of them Murii included witnessed a series of hands rising up and wrapping around Koga's Monster's torso.

Hana Hana: Trampoline: Crash Down

Slamming Koga's Monster into the ground head first the group watched as the concrete below became a crater. Smirking Jun stood with a grin on her face as did Murii.

Looking behind him, Lyceum was starting to realize this group of misfits who'd been travelling with Wynter, were a circus.

"Ok I think its pretty safe to say, you guys are damn terrifying. But you ain't seen what I can do yet."

Turning to take on Koga's Monster head on Lyceum watched as the monster roared drawing his fists down to crush Lyceum. Flinching, Jun, Rudy & Murii all felt panic surge through their bodies.

Even Lyceum flinched out of fear.

The sound of a loud bang was heard followed by roaring and grunting and finally the sound of a distorted voice shouting.


Raising his head to look up Lyceum smiled and begun to step backwards joining Jun, Murii & Rudy. Rudy looked on with a smile on his face whilst Jun & Murii really were worried. Just what the hell was this thing they were looking at and why had it rescued Lyceum?!

"Oh my god!"

"What the hell is that thing?! Should we kill it?!" Jun asked as she crossed her arms ready to pin it to the ground.

Raising his hands Lyceum looked her in the eye.

"N n n no. No. No." facing Pandora once more Lyceum smiled as he placed his scalpels back into his holsters. "That's a friend of ours. Phiola keep playing, really rile him up."

Joining the group and abandoning his mission Franklyn tapped Rudy on the shoulder as he smiled and gave him a thumbs up.

"Its your mate." reluctantly nodding Rudy looked at Jun & Murii. Jun was kinda cute in a weird way, but she did seem a bit unusual. Although that probably had something to do with the intoxicating amount of alcohol he was assuming she'd had from her breath.

"Thank you so much for saving us mister." Murii said looking at Franklyn whose eyes had fallen to her beautiful assets. Jun who had noticed this and how he wasn't stopping spawned a hand from his chest which reached up and slapped the old pervert. Snapping out of the trance he shot Jun a look and she only gave him back an evil.

"Its not a problem, little lady."

"Any idea how to stop him?!" Ridy screeched.

The ground shook and Pandora hit the ground landing on her back. As she hit the ground Lyceum turned along with the rest of the group to see that Koga's Monster had slammed his fist into Pandora's face. Lying on her back Pandora was seen to have a large ball looking growth hanging from her neck. It looked like she'd swallowed something radioactive as it glowed green in her neck with a thin blue tint around it.

If this was how the creature bruised then this was truly a hell of a creation that Koga had invented. Rolling to the right as Koga's Monster slammed his fist down he missed. Lyceum let go of the hurdle and removed his scalpels.

Stepping closer to the monster the huddle broke apart watching Lyceum feeling fear for him. Rudy readied his hands & Jun crossed her arms ready to attack the creature as it approached Pandora seeking to finish her off.

Sprinting up behind the creature Lyceum gave a hearty battle cry. Slicing clean through the tubes of coolant on its back Lyceum ran up his back and flipped over the monster's head as it howled in agony.

Surgery Style: Roman Suicide

Slicing the monster's midriff clean open pints of blood poured forth unto the paving. But the creature did not fall nor did the blood spurt out like a fountain, but simply drip down. Looking onwards a little shocked Lyceum gulped.

Above him however the creature was once again stopped mid action when Pandora met the monster's rising fists with a head butt which sent the monster spiralling. Rolling Koga's Monster hit the buildings which were to the right of the watch tower.

"You're pretty lucky y'know Lyceum." Nodding the old perverted doctor rejoined the group. "Alright, guys look I've got a plan. I think I know how to defeat the creature."

Rudy's face was no filed with relief. Murii couldn't help but feel sorry for the creature fighting the monster but knew she needed to listen.

"I noticed that my tazer really sent that thing loopy. It looked as if it was about to shut down because it was over loaded. So what we need to do is strap that battery to the beast and hook him up. All you need to do is get that battery strapped to him then you can hook the crocodile clips on to my poles in his back. Once they're in place he'll get the shock of his life. But you need to be careful, the second those things are clipped on that shock will go to whoever's touching them too unless they're not grounded or touching them straight."

Nodding Jun sprouted a series of arms and disconnected the battery. Holding it in her hands she looked towards Murii, Lyceum, Rudy & Roderick.

"So how're we going to strap this thing to that guy? Got a plan for that?" Jun asked Franklyn feeling a little irritated. She hadn't wanted to fight a monster, she'd just wanted a lift to the next island, but no. Here she stood now dealing with a big ass piece of shit which wouldn't go down.

"I can strap it to him with my vines."


"Yeh, I-I can make plants and stuff." Rudy replied with his voice growing increasingly quiet.

"That's a good idea, yeah. Rudy's vines will be strong enough to hold it in place." realizing Franklyn's eyes were once again caught on Murii's assets. Jun felt inclined to send him a threat he'd remember.

When a series of hands arrived between his legs and his testicles found themselves a little smaller than previously Rudy & Lyceum cringed reaching for their own whilst Franklyn lay on the ground in agonising pain.

"Stare one more time. I dare you."

"Alright! Geez woman!" Franklyn exclaimed as Jun released his manhood. "If you just wanted a feel all you had to do was ask." he replied picking himself up as he wiped a tear from his eye. Jun shot him a dirty look and crossed her arms once more. "Okay. Okay. I get it."

Looking at Roderick Murii had an idea.

"If we need someone to clip the clips on why not the big bunny? He won't get a shock will he?"

"No, but he will set on fire, cause he's made of fabric. Unless he can hang off the monster's back and clip them on he's be fried."

"So he just needs to shrink down then right?" Lyceum replied with a smile.

Jun & Murii had seen Roderick grow in size and realized Roderick would be perfect.

" Ok so if Rudy straps the battery on Jun can keep him still, I can distract him-"

"How can you distract him?"

"Oh! I can. create illusions." Murii mentioned realizing she hadn't really showcased her power yet.

"Illusions like what?"

Sweeping her hand from right to left Murii vanished from sight. Over Lyceum, Rudy & Franklyn's faces a look of shock had arrived.

"if she makes us invisible!"

"You guys can get that battery on him easier!"

"I don't like it when I can't see you." Rudy replied. Murii giggled as she swept her hand from left to right revealing herself.

"Ok so I'm going to turn, Rudy & Roderick invisible so they can attach the battery properly the rest of us can keep the monster busy."

Nodding in agreement they all moved into position. Handing the battery to Rudy, Jun turned to look towards the fight breaking out between Pandora & Koga's Monster. Murii swept her hand from right to left and Rudy vanished from sight.

Pain surged through his fingertips and blood ran down his arm from the glass he'd landed on earlier. Even though Lyceum had bandaged it up, the blood always found a way out and the stitches it seemed still needed more time to heal.

Reaching up with his other hand, Wynter pulled himself up struggling he reached the top floor. Peering down he looked at Koga's Monster and the situations unfolding. He just hoped they could handle it. Smiling as he saw Pandora arrive on the scene he shouted a cheer.

"I knew freeing her was the right thing to do."

A strike of lighting crashed down and sent the shock through the lighting conductor and with that Wynter had an idea. Climbing back out on to the ledge he reached up and leapt grabbing hold of the next portion of the outside of the watch tower. Looking up ahead he could see a large lighting conductor.

Fitted to the top of the watch tower he grinned. Koga's Monster hadn't handled electricity earlier on. And he was certain the monster couldn't handle a fully loaded shot of lightning. Reaching for the next indentation he looked back down to see Koga's Monster shooting up past him. Feeling fear as he worried the monster might reach for him, Wynter watched as a series of arms wrapped around him and slammed him into the ground.

"What the-?" he muttered. He hadn't expected to see that. Realizing what he was doing as another strike of lightning crashed down, Wynter continued his journey towards the top of the watch tower. It was time he brought Koga's Monster to an end.

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Re: The Electric City

Post by Fin~ on Mon Nov 10, 2014 11:10 am

Playing her music didn't really effect the monster infront of them at all, Kind of sad it didn't Phiola had not stopped trying and only began to play faster and tried different tunes to try and affect the creature, though nothing had helped yet she wouldn't give up until she would find the right tune that might influence this weird monster they had encountered.

Ready to charge in after Lyceum, Roderick noticed how Franklyn his electrical sticks had influenced the monster quite a bit, and the others weren't sitting still either, Rudy had been placing a strange plant to launch the monster into the air, while the red haired woman created hands to slam him back into the ground, creating a big crater. As Lyceum jumped in preparing to finish the creature, his roar had stunned everyone. 

As Lyceum was about to be crushed, a saving grace came from the heavens, the creature he had fought before, but Phiola had tamed using her music. Pandora! Smiling Roderick got ready to get into the fray but decided he should stick for phiola incase she became a target, as she could control the monster assisting them.

As Lyceum told Phiola to continue playing and Rile him up, Phiola smiled and knew she could be usefull, returning to the style she played before, she plucked quite fast uptempo and loud. it was adventerous and happy at the same time, enough to hopefully get Pandora in the mood of fighting.

Continueing her playing, Roderick kept watching over Phiola, making sure everything would be fine, when Lyceum went for another attack that was dangerous, Phiola closed her eyes and quickly played some sharp tunes, Once Pandora heard them, he jumped in to Save Lyceum and Phiola returned playing normally.

As Franklynn told Lyceum he was Luckily Roderick winked at Phiola knowing she was trying to control the creature with her music.

As everyone began planning, Roderick moved closer to and discuss planning, soon he understood what was going to happen, though miss orange head decided that he should be the one putting the clips on, okay he was made of fabrics and a shock wouldn't do much to him, though well as franklyn said it could scorch him, unless he wasn't touching the ground. As lyceum adviced roderick could change in size, which was meant as forms, Roderick knew he should do it.

 '' Well I can only take shocks when I am small, I am like a human when bigger and would feel the same pain as you guys''  He said, hoping to not get too many confusing things happening. as everyone said how they could distract the creature Roderick smiled '' Your ilusions sound good, but Phiola can help too'' Raising his voice he said  '' Phiola can you play something really bashfull''   Looking suprised, she nodded and started playing a tone that angred Pandora so much that he charged full head on towards the koga monster, aiming at his legs and at his front, this could get some atention for a while.

As Murii turned Rudy invisible, Roderick quickly followed. accepting the clips, he took a deep breathe and quickly turned into his hybrid form and sprinted behind the creature, hiding behind the creature who was being attacked by Pandora, Roderick was ready for a full leap, where mid air he would change into his plushie form, and then put on the clips. before kicking himself away from the monster. It was a plan he could only do once, and if he failed he would be a scorched plushie, and probably a goner. this could not fail.

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Re: The Electric City

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