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The Electric City

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Re: The Electric City

Post by Fin~ on Mon Nov 10, 2014 11:10 am

Playing her music didn't really effect the monster infront of them at all, Kind of sad it didn't Phiola had not stopped trying and only began to play faster and tried different tunes to try and affect the creature, though nothing had helped yet she wouldn't give up until she would find the right tune that might influence this weird monster they had encountered.

Ready to charge in after Lyceum, Roderick noticed how Franklyn his electrical sticks had influenced the monster quite a bit, and the others weren't sitting still either, Rudy had been placing a strange plant to launch the monster into the air, while the red haired woman created hands to slam him back into the ground, creating a big crater. As Lyceum jumped in preparing to finish the creature, his roar had stunned everyone. 

As Lyceum was about to be crushed, a saving grace came from the heavens, the creature he had fought before, but Phiola had tamed using her music. Pandora! Smiling Roderick got ready to get into the fray but decided he should stick for phiola incase she became a target, as she could control the monster assisting them.

As Lyceum told Phiola to continue playing and Rile him up, Phiola smiled and knew she could be usefull, returning to the style she played before, she plucked quite fast uptempo and loud. it was adventerous and happy at the same time, enough to hopefully get Pandora in the mood of fighting.

Continueing her playing, Roderick kept watching over Phiola, making sure everything would be fine, when Lyceum went for another attack that was dangerous, Phiola closed her eyes and quickly played some sharp tunes, Once Pandora heard them, he jumped in to Save Lyceum and Phiola returned playing normally.

As Franklynn told Lyceum he was Luckily Roderick winked at Phiola knowing she was trying to control the creature with her music.

As everyone began planning, Roderick moved closer to and discuss planning, soon he understood what was going to happen, though miss orange head decided that he should be the one putting the clips on, okay he was made of fabrics and a shock wouldn't do much to him, though well as franklyn said it could scorch him, unless he wasn't touching the ground. As lyceum adviced roderick could change in size, which was meant as forms, Roderick knew he should do it.

 '' Well I can only take shocks when I am small, I am like a human when bigger and would feel the same pain as you guys''  He said, hoping to not get too many confusing things happening. as everyone said how they could distract the creature Roderick smiled '' Your ilusions sound good, but Phiola can help too'' Raising his voice he said  '' Phiola can you play something really bashfull''   Looking suprised, she nodded and started playing a tone that angred Pandora so much that he charged full head on towards the koga monster, aiming at his legs and at his front, this could get some atention for a while.

As Murii turned Rudy invisible, Roderick quickly followed. accepting the clips, he took a deep breathe and quickly turned into his hybrid form and sprinted behind the creature, hiding behind the creature who was being attacked by Pandora, Roderick was ready for a full leap, where mid air he would change into his plushie form, and then put on the clips. before kicking himself away from the monster. It was a plan he could only do once, and if he failed he would be a scorched plushie, and probably a goner. this could not fail.


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Re: The Electric City

Post by Docile on Tue Nov 11, 2014 8:08 pm

Koga's Monster watched the creature known as Pandora charged head long towards him. Preparing himself for the impact Koga's Monster raised his tightly clenched fists and slammed them back down launching a shock wave from his fists which met the ground sending out a tremor through the ground towards Pandora.

Hoping the ground wobbling would throw Pandora off of balance, Koga's Monster drew his right fist back and readily launched a right hook towards Pandora.

Watching this creature attack Pandora, the green haired man known as Rudy made his way towards the back of Koga's Monster. He didn't feel any different to being invisible and as he made his way towards the back of the monster he could tell where Roderick was due to the battery pack.

Aiming his hands at the creature's backs, Rudy shouted.

"Roderick, get ready. I'm ready."

Sprinting towards the monster Lyceum removed his scalpels. Leaping into the air he quickly slashed towards the monster's face. Slashing diagonally from the top right of his face down through his left eye towards his nose.

Cutting the flesh open blood begun to drip forth and the skin started to peel off and became nothing more than flaps hanging from his face. A steel looking skeleton could be seen below. Landing in a crouched position on the floor, Lyceum felt agony in his spine. Getting up and hobbled away in pain.

Reaching into his satchel he looked through the bottles of pain killers till he found one with a few pills left in the bottom. Popping the lid off as he held his back with his free hand, he popped a few pain killers into his mouth.

Soon he would be just fine. Realizing he had a few left over Lyceum tossed the last few into his mouth. He shouldn't really be doing such a thing as this, but addiction always was a funny thing.

Roaring in pain the creature reached for his face with his free hand.

Murii watched in shock wandering just what she should do when an idea came to mind. Rushing up behind Pandora she quickly rubbed her hands together before she ran her hand through the air before Pandora.

Mirage: Vanish

Vanishing from sight, Pandora was no longer visible and now a ghost in the sight of Koga's Monster.

Stepping back from the creature she wanted to explain it to the creature but didn't think she could.


Reaching for Koga's Monster with a series of arms reaching up from the ground, Jun tried pulling Koga's Monster forward and pinning him to the ground torso first. Wrapping around his legs and pulling his knees down, the creature sat on the ground on his knees struggling. A set of arms gripped his right arm and pulled him down. Continuing to scream as he was pulled to the ground the creature tried frantically to tear free from the arms pulling him down.

Watching Koga's Monster falling to the ground, Franklyn removed his tazer and looked it over to check the battery on it. The tazer still needed a few minutes more to recharge, from what he was seeing, the group seemed to be succeeding and he felt a sense of relief that he didn't need to help out. Noticing Phiola pluck her harp strings trying to enrage the beast known as Pandora, he smiled.

"Keep it up Phiola!" he shouted with a thumbs up and a smile on his face.

Below the sounds of roaring, screaming of citizens and the thrashing around of the beast could be heard with every step it too. But this was none of Wynter's concern. He had to get to the lightning conductor.

Foot hold after foot hold he took his time in climbing the steeple. But it wouldn't be much longer before he reached his destination. Picking himself up and launching himself up to the next section of the steeple Wynter could feel the rain pounding down over him and making the steeple a little more slippery.

Refusing to fall he tightened his grip on each foothold. Feeling his fingers begin to slip, Wynter kicked off and upwards and reached for the next foothold. Gripping it firmly he looked down below as slate from the roof slid down shattering upon impact on the edges of the steeple. Sighing he reached up one more time and found his hands within reach of the tower's lightning conductor.

Wrapping his fingers around it he picked himself up and clung to it tightly with his one hand whilst he placed feet on the edge and looked down below with a smile on his face and determination in his heart.

"Don't worry guys, I'm coming."

Life Return:Body Heat :Fire Fist

Placing his hands over the bottom of the lightning conductor he quickly burnt through the large metal bar and held it in his other hand. Raising it up he waited for the shock that lightning would provide him with as he placed a hand on his heart and dipped his head focusing on his heart.

Life Return: Circulatory: Heart Beat

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Re: The Electric City

Post by Fin~ on Wed Nov 19, 2014 11:16 am

Roderick get ready, im ready! Rudy said as roderick agreed and ran around readying up to finish and put the clips on the monsters back, who was taking quite a beating from everyone around, Roderick had to wait for an opeing, wait for rudy and the others to attack and find a good moment to put them clips on. from the shadows, and still invissible he waited, and waited for the good moment to put the clips on.

As the attacks stopped, and the koga monster attacked the invisible pandora, Roderick changed after a jump in his hybrid form and placed on the two clips readying his attack, after he placed them he quickly turned into his plushie form, leaving contact as soon as he touched, and then let himself hit the ground. 

Phiola had her eyes still closed as she used her music to control pandora

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Re: The Electric City

Post by Docile on Wed Nov 19, 2014 10:13 pm

The monster was pinned down on the ground and Lyceum turned to see the monster temporarily restrained, he noticed Jun struggling to keep him down as she grunted. Murii seemed a little hesitant on what to do and uncertain as she stood with her hands at the ready. Clenched fists Lyceum nor Murii was sure what damage she could do, but it was good to see she was ready to try and help.

Looking at the monster that lay on the ground trying to get up Murii watched as the clip & Roderick once again became visible upon contact with Koga's Monster. Clipping the battery pack on she watched as Rudy hopped off.

"Now Rudy!" Murii shouted. Snapping Rudy back to attention he looked at the monster and the battery pack. Taking aim with his fingers shaped like pistols Rudy gulped.

Launching out two seeds which embedded themselves into the monster between two of the creature's compartments. The seeds begun to grow quickly and reach around the battery. Stretching around the lower torso of the monster Rudy smiled until he watched the creature quickly pick himself up ripping Jun's sprouted hands from his body.

Roaring as the hands fell from his body. Jun stopped with the hands and grunted as the arms burst into cherry blossoms.

"You guys better have that battery pack on him already." Jun shouted as she prepared herself to make another attack. Spotting Phiola still plucking the strings on her harp, Lyceum sprinted towards Phiola realizing she was alone.

Arriving in front of her Lyceum could feel the pain in his back fading away and smirked.

"Seems you've made quite the friend in Pandora. Keep playing, it seems to be doing quite a good job."

Unable to see Pandora the monster started thrashing around swinging & sweeping his arms in a wild attempt to hit the invisible creature that he could hear.

"I CAN HEAR YOU" the monster screamed with a voice of distortion.

Worrying that his vines might rip off or the battery might fall out Rudy took aim at the monste with hopes that his technique might accomplish something extrodinary.

Midori Boshi: Impact Wolf

A small red bulb came from his finger tips, but as it came out and hurtled towards the creature of such destruction, the bulb begun to quickly grow. Lyceum, Jun & Murii watched in shock as the little red bulb sprouted a large 8 foot bushy green wolf from it that sprinted towards the monster.

Captain Dreyfuss along with all of his men & the citizens who had been too scared to move watched this plant like wolf creature charge head first into the monster. Catching sight of the creature the monster thought was Pandora he turned swiftly and launched a fully fledged fist into the wolf's nose.

Shock waves were sent out from the wolf as it fell to pieces and almost seemed to vanish. The bushy wolf came to no longer be and the monster was sent spiralling back by the sheer force of the shock wave. Stumbling back the creature from Koga's lab stood on the edge of the docks struggling to keep his footing.

Lyceum could feel the sheer impact pushing him back nearly knocking him from his feet as could Murii & Jun. Rudy however simply grinned pleased with himself.

Looking back at his tazer trying to resist the waves of shock that came crashing his way, Franklyn spotted it was now full. Time to fry this sonovabitch.

Sprinting towards the monster with tazer in hand Franklyn darted between each person who'd been helping with defeating the monster. Stepping past Murii, Jun & then between Lyceum & Phiola, Franklyn reached the front of Koga's Monster.

Leaping into the air with a forward flip he quickly delivered a shocking blow to the beast face first.

Whacking the monster with his fist and pressing the button on his taser the shock was sent through the monster who howled in pain as the electricity was seen surging through him and cooking his flesh. The battery could even be seen working overtime.

Holding on to the the beast's face Franklyn wasn't about to let this monster get back to trashing his town.

The battery however wasn't as determined. Exploding and setting fire to the vines the shock was now minimal and the beast was more concerned about a fire on his lower back reaching around his torso than the tiny shock from the tiny man on his face.

Reaching for Franklyn and pulling him free, the monster tossed him aside like an old used up news paper and roared once more.

"I don't thinkk the battery worked." Rudy gulped.

Watching Franklyn fly into one of the walls of a near by building, Murii felt her heart sink. Their plan was failing and people were getting hurt. Running past Lyceum & Phiola she rushed to greet Franklyn. Arriving at his side she placed a hand on his shoulder and crouched down beside him.

"Are you ok?" she asked hoping he was. Looking up at catching sight of her marvellous bust he grinned with a small trail of blood leaving his mouth and slinking down his chin.

"I am now."

Smiling whilst also feeling slightly awkward, Murii helped him to his feet with his arm around her shoulders. Jun looked over watching the perverted Franklyn being helped by Murii and grunted. She didn't like pervy men with her friend. Nor did she like monster's interrupting her drinking session. But there was one thing she didn't like even more than both of those things put together, and that was Wynter.

Clenching his fists tightly looked at the monster and decided to show him just why people didn't get between her & her drink.

Hana Hana Footlocker: Barrage

From the ground below in front of the monster a large series of feet came shooting out aiming for the beast's upper body. Each one landing and releasing a torrent of pain unto the monster and even causing some of his fleshy exterior to slide off all Jun was doing was keeping the creature unbalanced and at bay.

Lyceum watched her as she continuously battered the beast with what he would mistake as blood lust. Smirking he grinned. She was one hell of a woman and he liked what he was seeing. Rudy on the other hand felt intimidated watching how bad the beating was she gave the creature. Even more so when flesh slide from his body revealing a mechanical heart infused with a human one that seemed to still be beating.

"wow." Rudy whispered in shock of the beating and the sudden expose of the creature's innards.

Thanks to the constant beating from Jun the monster fell backwards over the edge into the docks. Falling into the waters of the harbour and vanishing gave a momentary calm. Lyceum sighed feeling it was over and they'd won. Jun took a breather from her constant battering upon the creature, but felt victorious. Murii smiled as she raised an arm cheering for Jun. Franklyn however didn't seem too pleased and Murii wondered why. Something just wasn't making sense.

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Re: The Electric City

Post by Fin~ on Fri Nov 28, 2014 12:06 am

After Roderick had suceeded in placing the clips on he quickly made himself fall back, bouncing on the floor in his plushie form he remained lying there for a few seconds as he quickly changed to hybrid form and began to scan the enviroment, first Phiola, he saw she was in the open but before he could sprint there Lyceum had gotten at her to protect her, smiling roderick just remained in his place ready to launch an attack whenever needed.

Phiola was continuing to play up tempo, tiring her down a little, as she plucked like 10 maybe 20 strings a second, the tempo got to pandora, who went for another full charge at the koga monster, with Phiolas music, and pandora love for it, the damage he had didn't mather as much, because he was kind of in a trance.

Phiola saw how lyceum appeared and said that she made quite the friend in pandora, '' He just likes my music, and well It revitalizes him aswell, i think'' She said blushing a little as she began to play a more quicker tune, making the pandora who was first charging in directly, circle around the koga monster and strike it in his back.

Everyone here was fighting. the drunk woman was and she did quite some damage with her giant feet, Rudy was doing what he could aswell, his powers were as weird as the womans but things seemed to go okay. then there was this woman who made Roderick invisible, she looked kind but Phiola had no idea what she could do or not, it was kind of scary, but for now she had to focus on playing, she could use pandora to help everyone out. and it probably would attack them if she stopped playing.

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Re: The Electric City

Post by Docile on Fri Nov 28, 2014 2:14 am

Spotting the creature in the drink who had come to such a beating from Pandora & Jun, the old perverted doctor Lyceum felt a surge of relief as did Rudy which was made clear by his legs buckling and his arse meeting ground.

Pandora curled up in a ball on the ground hugging the ball that seemed to be a new addition to her mutation and she started to run her paws over it curiously murmuring making sounds similar a person snoring only in a higher register.

Murii smiled. Franklyn & her made their way over to join the rest who had seemed to have taken on a much more relaxed state. Sighing Franklyn joined Rudy & placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Good job there boyo." Franklyn said to Rudy who looked up in surprise to see Franklyn. Clutching his ribs he seemed to be in pain, but still alright. Rudy nodded in response as he got to his feet and looked towards Jun who was breathing heavily and then Roderick, Phiola & finally Lyceum.

Turning to Phiola, Lyceum smiled.

"Good job there Phiola. Seems we did it. We brought that monster down."

Raising his hand up he offered Phiola a high five. Lyceum wanted to try and cheer her up and make her feel proud of their victory over the creature from below.

"Well I guess it looks like we've done you guys a service by getting rid of that monster."

"That you have. I personally think you guys have deserved a rest or at least a pardon for the crimes of destruction or some sort of reward." coughing and spluttering Franklyn turned from Lyceum before returning to continue. "Sorry about that. But I guess that's up to the Mayor to decide."

Nodding Lyceum looked up towards the building that he'd spotted to be the mayor's earlier when they'd arrived where he could see two armed guards standing on the balcony with rifles in hand.

Lyceum wasn't so sure this guy would reward them.

Joining Murii who was at Franklyn's side, Jun felt tired & pissed off. She just wanted a drink.

"Murii I think we both need a drink after this shit storm." Jun said as she removed the bandanna from her arm and used it to dab the sweat from her brow and around her neck. Tying it back tightly Murii nodded. She wasn't much of a drinker but in this situation she had to agree even she needed a little something to take the edge off. But there was one small thing that was plaguing her mind.


Where was he?


Lyceum looked towards Roderick who was still in the perfect position for a fight and smirked.

"Roderick, you can relax now. I think we've done all we can to get rid of him. Good job on attaching that battery to him though. You too Rudy."

Jun had her arms crossed as the group were all congratulating one another, but she didn't care for congratulations, she just wanted to drink herself silly. This mess of strangers were exactly that to her strangers and her one friend didn't want to seem to leave.

"Murii?" Jun called to her wondering why she was still stood among the crowd staring at the clock tower. Approaching her, Jun grabbed hold of Murii's smooth arm and shook her gently.

"Murii?" she asked again, this time snapping her back into reality.

"Sorry, yeh?"

"Are you ok?"

"I-I'm fine."

"Ok that's great. Can we head off now then? I'm really thirsty."

"What about Wynter?"

Just hearing that damn name sent chills down her spine.

"What about him?" Jun asked in a slightly aggressive tone.

"Where is he? Is he ok? Is he even still alive?"

Jun sighed realizing where this conversation was headed. Opening her mouth to speak she was quickly cut off.

"I'm sure he's fine. We saw him take quite a beating from that monster a little earlier on and he came off of it perfectly fine. Like Lyceum said to us earlier, it's going to take allot more than a 70 foot drop to kill that kid."

Dear God I hope your wrong. Jun thought to herself as Murii curled up in a ball sitting on the ground holding her knees in resting her chin on her knees. Well this situation took a turn for the worse. Somehow we went from celebration of beating a monster to pretty much mourning Wynter. Just great!

"GUYS!" Rudy shouted.

Earlier he'd noticed the ground shaking and something reaching up from the harbour and no one had acknowledged him, but now he was certain Koga's Monster was not down for the count and was making his way back up.

Not only was he now on the pavement once more, but he was standing over them with a tightly clenched fist. Each finger individually closed turn his hand into a steely fist and his eyes were now a horrible red colour. The skin all slashed & torn whilst the rest of him just seemed to be covered in sea weed.

The guards in the vicinity all opened fire on the monster only to see how useless they were.

Turning to catch sight of the monster the group were caught off guard. Lyceum was the first to react reaching for his scalpels, Jun was second who only responded with a string of curse words, Rudy frantically tried but as he raised his fingers up and pointed them towards the creature instead of bamboo shooting free like he'd hoped a daisy came trailing from his finger tips. Franklyn reached for his tazer only to find it out of battery and Murii didn't move an inch. Staring at the floor drenched in depression she didn't much care for anything else any more.

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Re: The Electric City

Post by Fin~ on Mon Dec 01, 2014 11:51 am

It was over? was it really over, phiola thought as she saw the monster hit the ground, sighing in relievement she slowly stopped playing and let herself fall back a little to sigh in exhaustion she had been playing intensively a lot, more intensively then she would when composing or even playing for others, she'd been plucking strings at extreme speeds and precision. her fingers were sore almost bleeding, and she was glad pandora seemed all cuddly and not wanting to attack them even though she relaxed for a little. As she had recieved praise by Lyceum, she fell much better, he wanted to high five her, and she blushed a little as she got up for the high five, '' ow ow ow, guess i played a little too rough'' she said as her hand hurt from just high fiving Lyceum after playing this long.

As Lyceum went over to talk to Franklyn, she looked at roderick and smiled. they had survived this, and that was a major achievement for the two.

Walking towards phiola, after being told by Lyceum that he could relax now he jumped in her arms, in his plushie form and smiled '' you did great Phiola'' he set putting his thumb up and smiling, making phiola lose some more tension. they just chit chatted a bit when the others were talking about wynter, not really knowing what their conversation was going on about.

Not much later a lot of sound was heard, and everything eveloped in just mere seconds, the creature came up, and guards from town fired at it doing next to nothing, lyceum prepared for a next round of fighting, as did the drunk woman, rudy looked down, and the orange haired woman looked totally not moving, roderick was thinking what to do, could he ask phiola to control pandora once again, no that was possibly to much to ask. '' Phiola please be carefull '' Roderick said as he got up and stood next to lyceum, readying his fists as he turned into his human form. Phiola was very flustered, shakingly she tried to play some tunes but it took her a while to get started, every pick her fingers hurt, she could not control pandora much like this, who in his turn got up and closer to phiola looking at her very suprised, no idea what to do

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Re: The Electric City

Post by Docile on Mon Dec 01, 2014 12:50 pm

It was said that the Grand Line was one of the world's toughest oceans in all the world. Each island had its own atmosphere regardless of season and wild creatures which roamed within them. Different species roamed the lands and pirates fro the incredible fearless to the most notorious and dangerous Marine soldiers lived.

The oceans were littered with seakings, the islands with death around every corner and the skies with thunderous doom.

Maybe they weren't ready for the Grand Line.

Jun with her abandonment issues & the loss of her foster family.
Murii with fears of loss.
Lyceum with a life of regrets.
Phiola with a long life lived indoors.
Roderick with his past of rejection.
And Rudy with his frightful nature, destiny to be great and lack of blood relations in his life.

As the large creature of the Grand Line island Pirguru loomed over them with a fist held high ready to bring about their doom and an ending for them all there was one man who regardless of being ready for the Grand Line was more than willing to throw himself into the line of fire.

With the creature's stood over them Rudy expected death to be welcoming to him and as he closed his eyes with his head hanging he waited for a simple few seconds for his end to come.

Thankfully the monster of Professor Koga paused and forgot about the threat that the small group at his feet had once been. Turning around with what seemed a new found anger the monster revealed the lightning conductor from the top of the watch tower sticking out of his back buried deep within.

Smiling ever so slightly Lyceum knew the question & the answer, looking over towards Murii he caught sight of Franklyn smiling too. He seemed to know as well. No one else seemed to have caught on yet. But they would soon.

Whilst atop the tower with lighting crashing down and thunder clapping all around Wynter felt a sudden surge of lightning smash into the lightning conductor. Tightening his grip he grunted in pain. Electricity ran through his body and the conductor begun to bend as Wynter started to exude some heat without realising or even meaning to.

Breaking the conductor clean off Wynter and taking the full brunt of the shock Wynter was fully charged up with electricity & as was his heart thanks to his circulatory heart beat technique.

Looking down through the eyes of a charred man with smoke billowing from him, Wynter took aim and cast the pointed conductor with all of his strength. He wasn't about to let harm come to them from the marble fisted beast of Professor Koga.

Watching the conductor hit its target and the face of a vile creature lock on to him atop the tower he smiled.

It was time he ended this.

The monster of Koga roared an unholy distorted voice and using the powerful hydraulic pumps in his legs leapt towards Wynter towards the top of the tower and in retaliation for the acts of violence upon his friends, the town & himself indulged the creature by leaping from the tower towards the beast.

Life Return: Circulatory: Heart Beat with his heart beating at such a speed Wynter's reaction time was increased and as he sailed through the air towards the beast he became a blue blur with a single fist raised and an expression of determination. Life Return: Nervous System Shocker charged like a battery, Wynter shot towards the large marble fist of Koga's Monster like a death charge ready to bring unto him a life time of pain along with a positively shocking end to his day.

Watching the man known as Josh Wynter crash down from the tower Jun shook her head thinking how stupid or brave he was. Stupid. walking over towards Murii and placing a hand on her shoulder Jun thought it was best she know.

"Murii look." Jun said as she pointed towards the blur that was Wynter. Raising her head and looking she spotted him shooting through the air towards the beast and her face lit up. A show of concern and joy filled her face. Please don't die! was her initial thought followed by He can't die.

Joining Murii, Lyceum placed a hand on Murii's other shoulder and watched with a smile on his face.

"That man of yours is one hell of a tough bastard."

Not fully registering what Lyceum had said Murii simply stood up and nodded.

"Yes, yes he is."

Jun on the other hand had heard everything and looked at Murii then Lyceum before figuring it was best to just let things go and not correct either of them. But in her head she was thinking something entirely different.

Her man? Oh shit. I'm gonna be stuck with this lunatic forever.

Realizing that death hadn't come, at least not today Rudy looked around in relief before spotting the monster & a blur above them all coming from the tower. Everyone in the town square had their eyes on the same thing and leaping to his feet he joined Lyceum. Standing at his side he watched the spectacle unfold with his jaw on the floor.

Franklyn watched from afar with a smile on his face whilst he scratched his itchy beard. He'd already done all the maths in his head. He knew the outcome and knew that after this there was going to be one body down for the count.

Fist met fist.

The marble fingers of Koga's Monster started to crack thanks to the overpowering strength & speed behind Wynter's punch. Shattering the marble fingers into a million pieces which started to rain down his skeletal steel fist was left.

Koga's Monster's eyes widened as his voice begun to scream. As Wynter's fist connected with the steel skeletal hand it sent shock waves of electricity through the creature.

In the mid air clash Koga's Monster spun around and clamped his hand over Wynter's back. pulling him into to his chest koga's Monster attempted to give Wynter a bear hug as the two came crashing back down towards the paved town square.

Crashing down in a spiralling mess the two crashed into the edge of the docks. Dust rose into the air and vibrations shook the ground. Rudy gulped watching in horror as did Murii. Lyceum even felt concern overwhelm his body. Jun on the other hand really didn't care. But she was curious to see the result to his act.

With dust swarming the entire area and shards of marble scattered over the entire pavement and now littering the docks a single silhouette could be seen standing up. Getting to his feet and walking from the debris was a man with hazel eyes, a freckled face and a torn up blue waistcoat.

A smile started to appear over the face of Rudy, Murii & Lyceum.

With the realisation of the victor as the dust settled an unconscious one handed monster created by the infamous Professor Koga lay in a large dent in the paving.

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Re: The Electric City

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Was this the end, Was this their last time together, looking at phiola regrettingly to bring her into this, Roderick knew Phiola hadnt realised this might be the end yet, she had no sense of danger, no sense of that this was the end, that they couldnt win that they were to weak, was this the end. hoping to protect phiola Roderick rushed over, but knew they couldn't escape this.

Everyone knew, this was the end.

or was it not?

The monster suddenly stopped and face after face their expression changed.

Someone was here to rescue them and who else could it be then Wynter, he had been alive afterall. What happened after the thunder struck, Roderick couldnt remember or even grasp. it was all so fast, all he knew was his eyes were following all the movements, all the movements till everything was over, till the creature was down, till they were victorius. how could they have beaten such a monster. well only by cooperation and a bit of wynters madness.

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Re: The Electric City

Post by Docile on Fri Dec 12, 2014 11:58 pm

Koga's Monster had been defeated and in the ground it lay with an over loaded battery. Now the town was saved and it had the madness of the people who'd only just arrived 36 hours ago to thank. Well of course them and their local town mechanic. As the crew had successfully rescued the town the town's guards quickly begun getting ready to dispose of Koga's Monster. Under the rule of Captain Dreyfuss the guards had quickly begun to wrap chains around the beast and struggled to lift him on to a large platform so they could carry him off.

Rejoining the group the man in the blue waistcoat known as Josh Wynter to some and idiot to others mainly Jun Murii leapt up wrapping her arms around his neck tightly. It caught Wynter off guard slightly but it was nice to feel a loving pair of arms clutching at him tightly. He hadn't felt any for a long time. Not since his mother before his life was twisted upside down and his dreams took a hold. Wrapping his arms around Murii he held her close and firmly.

"I'm so happy you're safe!"

Feeling like she was a little happier than a friend Wynter smiled ass he rested his head on her shoulder. He wanted to say something but felt it was simply better to keep quiet. Looking out across the paving to see Jun Wynter smiled. Jun scowled back. She'd done her duty to get these two together, but at what cost? She still didn't like Wynter, but she did like Murii and she liked him. Crossing her arms and sighing Jun rolled her eyes. Lyceum watched with a smile on his face happy to see the two reunited once again. Rudy was more interested in Koga's Monster. Standing near it he started poking it with a devil fruit made stick. As he poked at its face the creature groaned quietly and this sent shivers down Rudy's spine. Panicking he recoiled in terror.

Franklyn placed a hand on Rudy's shoulder smirking.

"Don't worry kid. Its down for the count."

"A-are you sure?"

Removing his tazer and sending a shock of 9,000,000 volts through the creature which gave no response Franklyn looked back at Rudy with a smile.

"Yeah, pretty sure."

Gesturing towards Captain Dreyfuss, Franklyn gave the order to remove Koga's Monster. The crowd who'd remained in the vicinity of such a terrifying situation all begun to slowly come in closer to see the situation around them and the debris scattered all around. As they closed in on the group who'd rescued them they saw Wynter hugging Murii, Lyceum drinking one of the bottles of beer that had been left aside by a citizen and Jun rifling through bottle after bottle for any remains. She deserved to get drunk.

As the crowd closed in and a single gentleman hopped on to a table he shouted at the top of his lungs.

"I think its time we show our saviors how grateful we are." gesturing towards the group everyone reached for their drinks and raised them in the air cheering.

"Hip Hip!" the gentleman in the middle would say.


As the crowd begun to chant cheering for them Murii slowly let go and turned to see the crowd cheering for them. Her face lit up and she couldn't help but smile just a little bit. Wynter with an arm still around Murii's waist looked around with a grin plastered over his face. Lyceum seemed less bothered about applause and simply took a few steps aside with his beer. Jun seemed to be getting right into the spirit as she reached for people's drinks hinting I'm a hero you owe me a drink. Snatching up drink after drink she quickly got into the spirit of things.

Rudy however started to feel a little more frightened until a young blonde flower girl stepped in front of him and handed him a flower.

"Thank you for saving our town." she said with a basket full of flowers resting on her forearm and a gleeful smile. Smiling back Rudy nervously replied.

"T-that's okay. "

Reaching for the lever to finish his job Franklyn flipped down a large metal switch and seconds later a loud clunk was heard throughout the town. The lights all burst into life and music filled the air once again. The town was back to its former glory and filled with lights of all colours, from neon to general lighting, music of every kind polluting the air and giving people something to dance to and last but not least drinks were flowing. The party was back in full swing and this time they had a bloody good reason too.

Quickly throwing herself into the party environment, Jun was found a midst the waves of drunken people placing bets on how much she could handle, arm wrestling & even playing five finger fillet. Sitting at a table with a large serrated blade she sat opposite Billy Brusier. If you needed a job in town done, Billy was your man. Sitting opposite the hulking beast of a man with tattoos spiraling up his right arm his large platted beard Jun smiled as she took a long swig of Whiskey.

Wiping the excess from her lips she dug the knife from the table easily and placed her hand down. Spreading the fingers she locked eyes with Billy and set out to amaze him.

Lyceum got to setting his eyes on all the sights he'd wanted to see when he first arrived. The women despite nearly losing their lives due to the monster looked surprisingly good. Short skirts, tight tops & best of all flirtatious. With a single drink in hand he made his way over to the bar and slid between them. Placing his back against the bar he quickly caught their attention as they were separated. Looking at him a little surprised at his rudeness he replied with a smile.

"Sorry I don't wanna come between you. Or maybe I do." winking he reached for them attempting to place a girl under each arm and possibly cop a feel of something. As his arms wrapped around their shoulders the two exchanged looks and both made their way on to the dance floor. Leaving Lyceum a little down trodden he watched them leave.

"I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave." he muttered quietly to himself as he watched their cheeks wiggle vanishing on to the dance floor that was the town square filled with a million more chances for Lyceum to try his luck with.

Rudy by this point had been so caught up in all of the excitement the little flower girl's mother had slid her fingers between his and started to dance with him among the mass of people. She was cute in a weird way. With curly long blonde hair and an ever so slightly freckled face the two spun in circles both holding smiles on their faces. The one thing that made Rudy smile more than anything was her smile. That and the blossom in her hair that sat so perfectly.

"I'm not usually a dancer." Rudy said to her as the two moved among the crowds with their eyes locked on one another sliding between various other couples in the crowd.

"No one here's a dancer. But we're all fun and grateful for each day we live, especially when there's specific special people responsible."

Blushing, Rudy looked at the ground and dropped his shoulders and head. The lady with the flower her hair slid her bum against Rudy and slid her fingers between Rudy's and raised his arms. Pushing him to dance with her Rudy went bright red and started to dance awkwardly with the lady feeling a little aroused and awkward at the same time. Lyceum watched with a smile on his face proud of Rudy but at the same time a little jealous.

Jun on the other hand was moving at a blisteringly fast pace with the blade missing each finger until she stupid took her eyes off the prize and cast them into the crowd. This is where she locked eyes with an awkward uncomfortable seeming Rudy. Blushing even more Rudy turned away and felt limp, Jun on the other hand, felt blood. As it splashed on her face she looked down and noticed that the pain in her hand wasn't that noticeable. Possibly all the booze in her system. Removing the knife as the others around her cheered she got up with a gash in her right hand.


Mistake number 3 and Lyceum was doing pretty well leaning against the bar the young brunette lady with an incredibly tight dress on and what appeared to be no underwear he slid an arm around her and she cuddled up beside him cooing like a pigeon. SCORE! he thought to himself.

"Y'know. I don't live far from town if you wanna, I don't know. Maybe get out of here." she suggested raising an eyebrow.

"Well I've got no where to be and nothing else to do." Lyceum replied hinting he was more than happy to go anywhere with her.

Feeling a hand clamp on his shoulder Lyceum turned to see a red stain appearing on his jacket and the face of a slightly as Lyceum would call it heart broken Jun. Sighing he placed a hand to his head and then looked at the lady beside him. Really!?

"Oh my god! You're a doctor right? You should help her!" the lady exclaimed. Reluctantly removing his arm he reached down for his tools and grabbed Jun's hand. Placing it on the bar he started cleaning it and finally stitching it up not taking as great care with it as he normally would other surgery's of this kind. "Thanks Doc."

"Its fine. Just avoid games like five finger fillet." Lyceum said as Jun hopped on to the bar stool beside him and ordered another bottle of whiskey that was on the house due to the rescue from the monster. Turning to the lady who was no longer there but in the arms of some young muscular tosser, Lyceum sighed and turned to the bar keep.

"Can I get an Igluu?"

Nodding the bar keep handed the little blue bottle over and Lyceum started getting to work on it.

Whilst the group were busy enjoying the party Wynter had wanted to surprise Murii with a little something. As the cheering was going on, Wynter had grabbed Murii's hand and dragged her from the crowd into an alleyway. In the alleyway he smiled at her.

"Its really great to see you again Murii."

"Its really great to see you again Josh. I thought you were a goner when you & that monster."

"Nah. I'm not that easy to get rid of."

Wrapping his hand tightly around Murii's Wynter started to lead the way further down the alley along the canal with was the entrance to the island. The expression on Wynter's face seemed to be one of determination and focus which said something for how important this was to him.

"Where are we going?" Murii asked curiously.

"There's something I saw up here on the right earlier on when we made our way into the town."

Spotting the sign, Wynter smirked.

"Here it is."

Letting go of Murii's hand, Wynter rushed over to it. Waiting in front of the shop Murii joined him slightly after to see Wynter standing out the front of a log pose stall.

"You're a navigator and I figured. Well there's probably some places you've always wanted to travel to. There's some log poses here and even some eternal poses."

"Eternal poses?"

"Yeah, they're just like log poses except they're fixed on one island only and give you a direct path."

"How do you-"

"I read allot when I was little."

Murii giggled slightly as she looked over each log pose.

"Well where would you want to go?"

"Me?" Wynter questioned confused.


"I'm planning on heading to Raftel for the One Piece."

"Shame they don't have one here for Raftel."

"Wait are you saying you want to come with me?"

Biting her lip Murii faced Wynter and nodded ever so shyly. To which Wynter couldn't stop smiling. Placing a hand over Murii's Wynter reached for one eternal pose and pointed to it with Murii's finger.

"How about this one?"

Reading the name of it the Eternal Pose was a direct lead to Drum Kingdom.

"Why there?"

"I don't know. I just like the name of it."

"OK then Drum Kingdom it is." both of them smiled at each other before breaking into a slight laughter. Wynter placed a hand on the glass over the poses and started to heat it up. If the stall had been open he'd happily have paid, but this was the next best thing. Melting through the glass he snatched the eternal pose for Drum Kingdom out and then knealt on the ground before Murii with it.

"Murii, would you please do me the honor becoming my first official crew mate & navigator?"

Laughing a little Murii nodded and raised up her wrist so Wynter could place the eternal pose on her. Slipping it on and accepting his invitation Murii became the first official Dog Ear Pirate and their navigator.

As the sun rose on the following day over the grand island of Pirguru the clean up crew had already gotten to work clearing the bottles up and picking the streets clean off the litter which had been discarded. With Koga's Monster now chained up down below still unconscious and attempting to be taken to pieces the creature wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. Rudy found himself waking up on the sofa in the house of the flower girl. Waking up to the smell of bacon & eggs he smiled. It was a good smell. Making his way into the kitchen after accidentally walking in to the bathroom whilst the woman's daughter was using it, Rudy was pushed into helping himself which he did. Now he wasn't sure what to do next. He had no reason to stay here but no reason to leave other than his desire to become a revolutionary, but who was he kidding himself. He wasn't some notorious criminal who could make a difference was he?

Jun woke up on the bar where Lyceum & her had been drinking the previous night. Waking up she spotted Lyceum lying on the floor already awake popping pills into his mouth. Raising an eyebrow she started chuckling as she sat up hungover to high hell.

"That bad?" she asked.

"These aren't because I'm hungover. They're for my scoliosis."

"But you are hungover?"

"Not as bad as you."

"I'm not that bad."

"You standing at an angle."

"It hurts when I stand up straight." Jun lied.

Wynter & Murii however had spent the entire night in each other's company lying beneath a bridge. It had been perfect though, Wynter had been warm enough to keep both of them toasty the entire night and they'd cuddled watching the full moon in the distance from where they were. It had been romantic too. Especially when Wynter proposed to her with the log pose.

Getting to his feet & stretching Wynter offered Murii his hand.

"Well I guess if we're going to be heading out we best get ourselves a ship."

Smiling Murii had the perfect answer.

"You're going to love me." she said turning and making her back into town gesturing for Wynter to follow her. In Wynter's head he was thinking. NOW I'm going to love you? following anyway he was really going to love her more than he thought he already did.

Running into Jun & Lyceum Murii & Wynter explained what was happening. Much to Jun's dismay and as much as she loved this island and the party she agreed to helping getting her hands on a ship for Wynter & Murii.

Arriving back at Hank's Jun & Murii had a few words with Hank whilst Harley looked at Jun with a scowl. She hadn't wanted to see her face back here again. But after some negotiations and explaining from Wynter to Hank about his dreams the ship with the seal figurehead was given to Mr Wynter & Murii. Jun did the honors of steering the nice little ship from the shipyard to the docks.

As she arrived and did an expert job despite the hangover she disembarked and allowed Wynter & Murii to climb aboard.

Standing beside Lyceum Jun looked up at Murii & Wynter who seemed to be awfully happy. Jun really didn't want to know why.

"I guess this is where we part ways."

"Yeah. I guess so."

Thank God. No more dealing with Wynter! Jun thought to herself.

"I'll miss you Jun."

"You'll be fine. You've got him now." Jun said feeling a little choked up. She was losing a friend, but also an idiot. Also she had a new drinking buddy .

"Thanks for the op too Lyceum. I really appreciate it."

"Not a problem. Just don't go dying out there."

"I won't and Jun thank you so much for the ship."


"Well I guess its time we be off now. Bye guys." Wynter turned to get the ship ready to leave as Jun & Lyceum turned to head off back into the town.

In the distance there seemed to be another sort of ruckus already going on. A large crowd of guards chasing what seemed to be a large bunny rabbit holding a small girl in his arms along with Rudy? Smirking Lyceum couldn't help but want to burst into laughter but waited to see just what mess he'd gotten himself into now. As Rudy & Roderick arrived with Phiola in Roderick's arms the guards surrounded the lot of them.

All rifles were pointed at all of them and Captain Dreyfuss stepped forward with a stern look on his face.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here?"

"I don't know Captain, what do we have here?" Lyceum asked cockily.

"Well as it seems we have a serious fugitive problem here."

"I'm sorry Lyceum, but they found out about me!" Rudy cried feeling his heart racing and tears begging to steam down his face.

"You got nothing to be sorry about Rudy."

"Well it appears Mr Michaels here & the big bunny rabbit you call Roderick are kidnappers. You both kidnapped little Ms May here and her parents have got a cash reward out for the safe return of her."

Looking at Rudy a little surprised that he'd kidnapped her Lyceum & Jun started to think things through and really hoped the answer wasn't what it seemed.

"They didn't kidnap me!" Phiola blurted out from just below Dreyfuss's field of vision.

Facing Dreyfuss and towering over him in human form Roderick continued.

"She wanted to leave of her own accord if that makes her friends kidnappers then so be it."

"Look as far as we've been informed Ms Phiola May was seen being taken away and arriving here in Pirguru by a man with green hair Mr Rudy Michaels & a large khaki coloured rabbit who I am assuming is you Mr Roderick. This is a crime and we do not harbor fugitives!"

"Well maybe you don't have to harbor us. Maybe we were just leaving."

"Yeah. Maybe they were."

"You can't say so much either Mr Tate."

"And why is that?"

Reaching for a slip of papers Captain Dreyfuss removed a series of bounty posters.

"Now as far as we are concerned you are all criminals and as of now. Under arrest."

Returning from the winch Wynter arrived to see the bounty posters in Dreyfuss's hands. At the sight of this and the dozens of armed guards he raised an eyebrow.

"What's going on?"

"Turns out we're all wanted criminals." Murii said with a slightly worried tone. Whispering into Murii's ear Wynter leapt from the ship. Murii understood what she'd been asked to do and watched Wynter approach Dreyfuss.

"Alright we understand. But first things first. Don't you guys even care that we helped you with your monster problem?"

"As much as we and the mayor appreciate your help. We cannot bend the rules and must abide by the law."

Nodding Wynter understood that these guys were just as two faced as so many other people in the world.

"Ok. That's fair enough."

Snatching the bounty posters from Dreyfuss's hands Wynter turned to Murii nodding.

Mirage: Vanish

Vanishing from sight right in front of Dreyfuss, Wynter placed his finger to his lips indicating to be quiet. Dreyfuss paused looking at the dead space in front of him and begun to panic.

"WHAT THE HELL?! WHERE ARE YOU? SHOW YOURSELVES!" his brain panicked his heart raced and the other guards lowered their rifles in confusion.

what sorcery is this?! he thought to himself.

In the moments of confusion Wynter gestured towards Rudy, Phiola, Roderick, Lyceum & Jun to climb aboard the ship. In doing so the group looked back at Dreyfuss and his confusion as he walked into the dead space that they were no longer in. Arriving beside Murii Wynter whispered into her ear once more.

"Make the ship vanish and lets get out of here."

Nodding Murii complied. Making the ship invisible the Captain & his men watched in disbelief as the fugitives were no more.

Sailing from the island into the big blue that was the Grand Line Murii stopped the cloaking act and and group all sighed in relief.

"I guess its on to the next island."

"I guess we're even now eh Wynter."

"Yeah I guess we are." Jun wasn't so happy about it, but knew that it was this or prison and she wasn't going to prison.


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Re: The Electric City

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