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Sara Sara no Mi; Model: Doragon

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Sara Sara no Mi; Model: Doragon

Post by Guest on Wed Oct 08, 2014 9:34 am

Devil Fruit Name: Sara Sara no Mi; Model: Doragon

Translation: Salamander Salamander Fruit; Model: Dragon

Appearance of the Fruit: The fruit looks like a dark orange pineapple, complete with spines and everything. However, instead of a bunch of leaves, there is a only short, curly, green stem that sticks out of the top of the fruit. Finally, there are several lines that run from the stem down to the bottom of the fruit where they all intertwine and eventually connect in a spiral shape.

Type: Mythical Zoan

Abilities of the fruit: This fruit allows its user to change into a dragon and various hybrid forms. The user also possesses an internal fire while in any of the dragon forms, hybrid or full. The user is immune to the flames produced by his or her dragon forms, but can still be harmed by other sources of fire or extreme heat.

Weaknesses: Standard devil fruit weaknesses, water and seastone, apply. The user is also somewhat vulnerable to extreme cold and can lose the ability to produce fire if he or she is frozen, although in most cool weather, the user can use his or her internal flame to warm his or her body without any negative effects.

Devil Fruit Progression:  
Level 1 to Level 2 requires two thread.

Level 2 to Level 3 requires four threads.

Level 3 to Level 4 requires three threads.

Mastery levels
1st Level

At this stage, the user can only change into two full forms (his or her original form and a dragon form) as well as a hybrid between the two full forms. While in the full dragon form or the hybrid form, the user is capable of breathing fire.

2nd Level
At this point, the user acquires three more hybrid forms. Also, while in the full dragon form or any of the hybrids, the user can produce fire from his or her pores, igniting a specific part of his or her body. The area of this effect can only be about as big as both of the user's hands.

3rd Level
At this level, the user gains four more hybrid forms. The user can also ignite a larger portion of his or her body. The area of effect is about the size of both of the user's legs.

4th Level
At this point the user is faced with a choice of either permanently becoming an awakened Zoan or remaining as he or she is and gaining the ability to control his or her monster form. Regardless of the route the user chooses, the user gains the ability to produce enough fire to ignite his or her entire body.


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Re: Sara Sara no Mi; Model: Doragon

Post by Docile on Thu Oct 09, 2014 8:03 pm

Unless stated otherwise

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