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Zippel B. Harley (WIP)

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Zippel B. Harley (WIP)

Post by Maxwell on Wed Oct 15, 2014 5:48 am

General Information

Name:  Zippel Birgitta Harley
Epithet: Wicked Witch
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Houma Island, North Blue (still in progress)
Species: Human
Orientation: Right Handed

Crew: Patrol Unit 18
Ship: Generic Marine Vessel, "The Barley Mow"
Occupation: Commissioned Officer of the Marines, Cook
Rank: Lieutenant
Bounty Collected: 0
Allegiance: Marine
Dream(s): Become a great Marine, end world hunger

Character Information

Generic Marine flag.

As far as women of the Blues go, Harley is fairly unassuming, aside from her baroque sense of fashion. She is roughly hourglass-shaped and has a pale skin and dark yellow eyes. Her hair is pitch black, and while she usually lets it hang straigh down, reaching just past her ribcage, she is quite skilled at hairdressing, and will wear it up on special occasions. At 5'5'' and 108lbs, she does not stand out much in a crowd of average people, though she walks with the bold and confident bearing of a warrior of justice. As a marine officer, she is of course deceptively strong and tough for her physical appearance, and she never leaves home without her weapon - a dark-hued broom with a bristle of steel. Typically upbeat, her expression is usually some form of a smile, even as she threatens to flog her subordinates for not buffing their boots bright enough.

The proud owner of a vast wardrobe of black clothes, Harley is loath to wear her Marine uniform, and avoids it whenever she can. Instead, she prefers dresses, aprons, frills and big hats with buckles. She will gladly display her rank insignia at all times, though, and whether it's a dress or a uniform, she keeps everything immaculately clean and pressed at all times. When she laughs, she lets loose a shrill, wicked cackle along the lines of "Eeee-hee-hee-hee!", which, along with her style of dress, has earned her the nickname of "Wicked Witch", which she hates.

Simply becoming a member of the Marines was once a distant dream, but even having joined them, seen the truth of it all and made it all the way to lieutenant, Harley is almost as giddy about the whole situation as she was back then, and looks back on the journey with no regrets. She was more than used to hard work, harsh words and pain even before her enlisting, and considers the violent life of a Marine to be a great relief from the merciless bridal training she had to undergo since her early childhood. In fact, she is so traumatized by the experience that the idea of death in the course of her duty doesn't scare her one bit next to the idea of marriage.

So far, Harley adventures more for the sake of her own personal freedom than anything else. She is fiercely loyal toward the Marines for saving her from her previous life, granting her freedom, independence, a goal in life and something to be proud about. Harley has not had much of a taste of power yet, but the idea of commanding a major ship - or a fleet of ships - as well as all the good she could do with that fleet, has crossed her mind on occasion. Her ambition, however, is not to gain authority, but to live up to the symbols emblazoned on her back. Cooking was her only source of joy in her youth, and she was shocked to find that so many people go hungry out there in the world. If it weren't for all these pirates unforgivably hogging all the wealth and depleting Marine resources, the world government could improve the quality of life for everyone.

In formal situations, and whenever she forgets to deliberately ignore them, she compulsively follows the oppressive rules of etiquette by which she was raised. By way of compensation, she sheds all manners in private, belching loudly, wiping up spills with her socks and putting her feet on tables. Paradoxically, while she considers it of the utmost important that her troops be presentable at all times when on duty, she hardly cares at all about their attitudes and behaviour, as long as they do their jobs.

Harley's greatest weaknesses are criticism of her cooking, and the mention of marriage. She has been thoroughly traumatized by her experiences at the bridal academy, and can barely pass by a church without making a sign of ward off evil. Asking for more salt at her table is generally not recommended. Finally, she hates chores and housework, and will delegate like mad when such tasks are necessary, even though she usually leads from the front and by example. She will occasionally reminisce about the life threatening training regimens she underwent at the bridal academy, much to the horror of the seamen under her command.

Character History

Houma Island, also known as the Island of Witches, is a large, cold island in the farthest corner of the North Blue sea. It is a dark and dreary place, covered in looming pine forests and foreboding bogs, and is home to a large variety of horrifying beasts. Giant spiders, bats and toads litter the forests, harmless to humans, but intimidating none the less. Pumpkin patches grow in the wild, and mushrooms flourish everywhere. It is rumoured to be an island of black magic, whose women perform dark magic, invoke the powers of the netherworld and consort with the devil on a regular basis. None of this is true, of course, but the island does host a bridal training academy that has been likened to hell on many occasions. Harley, having been born into a noble family with their eyes set on greater glory, was sent there as a young child in preparation for a marriage that had been arranged since before her birth. She was no stranger to studying under strict tutors even back then, but nothing could have prepared her for the demonic training courses offered at Madame Bishop Bonanno's Bridal Academy. 

The Madame herself was widely known as the "Wicked Witch of the North", and was an ancient hag of a woman, herself carved out of rock and her heart out of ice. She knew all the rules of etiquette throughout the four Blues, and drilled her students mercilessly in everything from ballroom dancing to handwriting to food tasting - if you could not smell the poison beforehand, it was your own fault if you got sick. Practising dinner etiquette while suspended upside-down from the ceiling, balancing books on your head while being chased by wolves, and feeding the entire dorm on what you could carry from the store on the other side of the island - all of these were common training methods at the academy that was considered one of the best in the world. The girls practised fighting styles especially noted for their elegance and domestic utility, in case they suffered home invasions or needed to discipline unruly servants, and even the social atmosphere was poisonous. In order to prepare them for their future lives of noble intrigue, the Madame and the teaching staff encouraged the students to gossip, spread vicious rumours about one another, compete for glory and view each other with nothing but cold spite. The younger students often resisted, but in the end they all broke down.

Fortunately for young Harley, she made her escape long before the end. Truth be told, it was an easy and quick escape - she lucked out, and the ship of an unscrupulous and hungry Marine captain happened to be at port the same day Harley had been sent out to buy food. The Marines were on a recruitment drive, and when Harley saw the line of brave young men and women applying for enlistment, she simply joined them. She was quickly identified as a student from the academy, and as being too young to enlist. Not so easily deterred, Harley proceeded to scrub all three decks of the vessel in a little over two minutes. The captain, figuring he could always feign ignorance if any nobles tracked the girl down, took her in as the ship's mascot and official potato peeler. Over the next several years, Harley worked herself half to death keep the Marine ship clean and stocked with food, never regretting her choice for an instant. She worked until she was old enough to enlist - at which point she was made their official cook and kept performing the same duties for another couple of years. Her noble family never came for her. They had plenty more daughters, and one less dowry to pay.

By the time she became a full-fledged Marine, Harley had already proven herself in combat time and time again. The captain, as lovable and dutiful as he was selfish, had become something of a mentor for Harley at this point. Though he kept her on for a few years longer than necessary, he eventually - though regretfully - wrote her a letter of recommendation and sponsored her entry into formal officer training. She passed it uneventfully, with hard work and dedication, and became one of many commissioned officers rising through the ranks on the tide of pirates and petty criminals brought forth by the "Great" Pirate Era.

Abilities: Prodigious skill at cooking and all kinds of housekeeping, flower arrangement, calligraphy and such. General Marine skills. Questionable leadership skills.


Weapon: Oak Broomstick

Weapon Description: A sturdy broomstick with a heavy oaken shaft, a grip wrapped in leather and the sorghum replaced with sharpened steel. Clearly an instrument of war rather than an instrument of housekeeping, it is actually completely useless for sweeping up dust, as the business end would irreparably scratch even the hardiest floors. In Harley's hands, it functions more like a spear or halberd than a broom.

Weapon Special Abilities: N/A

Weapon History: As brooms carved from Houma island's rare oak trees are a staple of the bridal academy's Hanayama Kenpo technique, this particular tool has been a steadfast companion of Harley's ever since her childhood. Over the course of her career, she has modified the broom with a wrapped grip and steel bristles for greater combat efficiency.

Power Level Information

Character Strength:Average
Character Speed: Average
Character Resilience: Expert
Character Dexterity: Expert

Combat Information

Weapon Based Combat: Hanayome Kenpo (still in progress)

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