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Erasmus Justice

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Erasmus Justice

Post by Prizzy Kriyze on Thu Oct 16, 2014 9:44 am

General Information

Name:Erasmus Justice
Epithet: "Affordable Justice"
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Cojuun Isle, East Blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Ambidextrous

Crew: Patrol Unit 18 (WIP)(Hired as a contractor)
Ship: Generic Marine Vessel, "The Barley Mow"
Occupation: Bounty Hunter, Marine Affiliate, Acrobat, Hunter

Bounty Collected: 0
Allegiance: Bounty Hunter
Dream(s): Explore the world, get rich, get famous, get women, get might, get bigger and better than everyone else so that he doesn't have to worry about having his comfortable lifestyle compromised. Finally, once it's all over, retire and become a big game hunter.

Character Information

Generic Marine Flag (For now)

Erasmus can be counted into the upper layer of a crowd, standing at 6 feet even. His thin build tricks the eye, hiding the sinewy muscles that lie beneath his clothes. His sharp chin is covered in a trimmed stubble that reaches out to his jawbones, to his ears that are left untouched by the short undercut he insists on styling every morning through sweeping the dark wavy hair atop his head to the left. He moves with confidence, yet enough swiftness and agility to weave through most terrain, leaving it undisturbed behind him. His high cheekbones portrude just beneath his constantly open and observant bourbon-brown eyes, and lead up to his small, wrinkle-free forehead.

He usually dons a bright grey vest over a white shirt, along with a pair of white pants supposedly so that he can see every drop of blood that he manages to spill. This bad habit has costed him plenty a beli so far, but he shows no sign of giving it up. His trusty silvery revolver, complete with a built in bayonett under the barrel, never leaves his side and fit nicely next to his white katana. He's rarely seen with a small red scarf, that he's very split about whether it fits with his outfit or not. Should it happen to be cold outside, the regular suit vest that covers his torso is simply replaced with a padded vest, a larger red scarf is applied constantly, and perhaps he puts a hat on, but don't count on it.

Once upon a time, Erasmus was a spry young boy who worked as a servant for the rich noblemen of his home island... and his personality hasn't changed too drastically since then. Between his lust for adventure and his past within the circus boat of Yellow Yoru, Erasmus has an unkempt energetic side of himself, that often shows it's head and causes him to spontaneously climb the mast, or something along those lines.

He's got a very flirty side as well, and almost always refers to women as "Cutie", "Darling", "Dear", "Sugar", and the list goes on... He used to hit on anything that moved in his past, but after realizing that most of the girls he talked to were annoyed to no end with it, he slowly settled down in that manner, yet still uses the nicknames as a sort of bad habit. He's pragmatic enough to avoid using this in situations where it might lead to inconveniences, even though if presented with a situation where he's supposedly bound to die, he would be very cocky and offensive.

Erasmus, though it's calmed somewhat in the past two years, has an enormous ego. He believes that he is beautiful, and that anyone who would reject him clearly are out of their mind, and/or has an incredibly bad taste in people. Due to this enormous ego, he seldom reacts with anger, but instead automatically assumes that the other person has no clue about what they're doing, and that he should correct them. The fact that he's been told and is aware of this, along with the bridling methods of teaching loyalty and discipline brought to him at a young age, still means that he respects authority. However, his sense of authority may vary, since he is first and foremost a bounty hunter, and is technically self-employed.

Character History

The rich nobles of Isle Cajuun often select random newborns from the public to be raised in their large castles and become the perfect servants. Amongst this select few, were Erasmus. The process of kidnapping babies to become royal servants in Cajuun is publicly accepted, and seen as more of an honour than a punishment of any kind, but due to this Erasmus was never able to meet his biological parents. He spent the first period of his life within the large manors and small castles that belonged to the great noble ones, polishing silverware, screwing in light bulbs, cleaning all sorts of surfaces, presenting fancy meals, buying new furnishing, looking after the noble's pets, handling guests and sometimes hunting exotic beasts with a few of the nobles with such interests. The hunting was probably the only reason he made it through the dull days of a servant. Don't misunderstand, he didn't dislike being a servant, he still saw it as a privilege and an honour, but some days... He just wished he could go outside for longer. He wished that he could fall asleep in the grass under one of those large oak trees. He wished he could go to the sea and smell the salty air.

So he did. One day, just after he turned 11, he ran away. Servants trying to escape was not a usual thing in Cajuun, despite them technically being slaves and getting paid nothing, the culture was that you were dealt the cards in life that you should use, and fighting against your future meant that you betrayed your entire bloodline. He didn't want to disappoint the family he'd never gotten a chance to know, and he didn't want to actually run away from Cajuun, it just kind of happened.

As he sat on the shore, next to the small town about a mile away from the rich estate, a stout woman approached him and sat down by him on the beach. Something about the way that she moved, something about the way that she smiled, something about her plump shape and the way that she talked told Erasmus that she wasn't there to hurt or return him to the estates. They looked out over the ocean together for a while, and the woman revealed to him that she was a captain of her own ship. She told him the craziest stories of what she'd seen out there, of the treasures she made by managing her own circus, and of the freedom of a sailor's life. After an evening of watching the sunset and hearing the most amazing stories he'd ever heard, Erasmus got tired, and decided that it was about time that he'd head back to the estate, hoping that they'd take him back, and that's when she offered him to join her.

"Yellow Yoru's Jolly Circus." That's what it was called. He was very tempted, and Yoru convinced him to at least come meet the crew, which he agreed upon. The members of the Circus were all kind people, and didn't show a hint of aggression towards him, but instead immediately accepted him, and shared their short stories about wonderous things as well. In the end, Erasmus' years of brainwashing made him decline the offer, and he stood at the pier as they took off. When the ship was just beneath him, Yoru finally shouted "It's not too late to come with us, you know!". Erasmus stood there in tears, not sure what to do anymore. Do what he'd been convinced he should be doing for his entire life, or do what he really felt like? As he stood there, he heard voices behind him, and recognized the faces of his fellow servants, along with one of the lower nobles. They saw the situation, and quickly shouted to him "It's not too late! We'll still accept you back! Don't do anything you'll regret!". It was the hardest decision of his life, but he is still happy with the choice he made. He jumped of the pier, and fell down only to be caught by strong hands on the ship's deck. Yoru picked him up and hugged him, telling him that she would make sure he'd never have to regret his decision.

Life aboard the Jolly Circus wasn't exactly all it was promised to be, but very close. He hadn't realized at first that he was expected to carry his own weight and help out in the circus somehow, but he wasn't a stranger to hard work, and under the supervision of the members of the circus he turned out to become a great acrobat. The years passed, and he had the time of his life, travelling the world and making people happy, but when he turned 15, things grew sour. Yoru's obesity was catching up with her age, and into the very end she refused to do anything about it. If she was going to be the fat lady, she was going to be the fat lady, and she was riding that ship until it sank. She perished, that spring. Erasmus grew quite depressed for a while, almost thinking of the woman as his own mother. It didn't help that most of the crew disbanded after she went under, and that the circus was more or less in ruins.

One of the crew members who stayed was an ex-marine, who'd left the marines due to personal reasons. He managed to slowly convince and poison the minds of the formerly honourable circus members, turning them into a band of pirates. Erasmus, due to his current existential crisis, allowed himself to get swayed by the convincing voices around him, and was trained extensively in combat, simply because the crew member, who'd now grown to become the captain of their marry little pirate band, claimed he saw promise in the boy. Erasmus didn't reject the additional training of course, since it still kept him from the battlefield where he really didn't want to be. He wasn't afraid to draw a little blood, he just didn't want to injure anyone innocent. In the ex-marines apprenticeship, Erasmus developed his acrobat arts fighting techniques, and though he barely uses most of them anymore, Hawk Fall and Twister are both close to his heart. The new captain also taught him how to use a sword properly, and taught him all of his Ichitoryu attacks, which he now uses personal variations of.

Once he grew up a little, and got past his depressions, Erasmus realized how bullshit this was. He tried to stand up for himself, holding a brief speech on deck about how they'd strayed from their original idea, but was disappointed to find out that what was left of his former comrades had been flushed away with the wave of blood they'd caused. He was thrown into a cell of the ship, that they'd spent the money to bar with seastone, since they'd already had unfortunate encounters with devil's fruit users that had escaped their prison. In this room of solitude, he sat alone without food for two days, until he heard the sounds of a battle outside. As a matter of fact, it woke him up from the slumber that might've been his last. He sat up in on the floor just in time to hear the sounds of battle dying down, afraid that his vision of the greatest people in the world had finished slaughtering the inhabitants of another civil ship. What happened next wasn't what he'd ever thought though.

Two men kicked open the door leading down to his small cell and slowly walking down the stairs, all the while joking about how easy it was to kill those lousy pirates, and how they hoped there would be a few escort girls in their dungeon. Needless to say, they were pretty disappointed by the starved boy who sat in the corner of the cell. One of them loudly spewed a bit of profanity and finally kicked the bars, only to fall down on the floor, drained of his powers. The other man quickly looked between the bars and his friend, immediately concluding that it was in fact seastone. An evil grin spread across the mans face as he jumped to the conclusion that Erasmus was a devil's fruit eater, and that he could at least have some fun watching the fear on his face as they killed him. It was known to them that devil's fruit eaters were unable to swim, and they were not afraid to abuse it. They marched up on deck with him, and got the clear from their captain to execute him in the water.

Little to their knowledge, Erasmus was an excellent swimmer. If by chance or divine intervention, the battle hadn't been far from shore either. He took a deep breath before diving beneath the surface, escaping the rain of bullets that followed him into the depths. He managed to pull himself onto the shore and crawled into the forest, hiding amongst the green bushes from the dangerous searchlights. His escape proved to have been successful, he realized as he woke up in broad daylight, not even remembering when he'd fallen asleep. He managed to scrounge together a rather boring meal of fruits that tasted better than the most luxurious dishes to the starved boy.

The was a small village on the island, where the people lived in peace with nature. Their calm demeanours and warm hospitality was very welcome with him, and he managed to get his strength back shortly. Even a small village like this one wasn't entirely self sufficient however, and there was a trader who'd set up a makeshift port on one side of the island, where a merchant's ship came by once every month. In exchange for doing some pretty messy jobs aboard the ship, Erasmus managed to get a ride off the island to the closest large inhabited island. Erasmus was only 16 at this point, and was utterly lost on what to do when he came to the city. He couldn't start a job as a servant anywhere the way he looked now, and he couldn't start a circus with himself as the only number, so he ended up using the only skill he had left. Fighting.

Now, it was more by chance than an actual decision. He soon realized that he had no money and that the easiest way he could see to get more money was to collect bounties, and the island had no lack of criminals. It turned out that a trained body and a bare grasp on how to fight made bounty collecting very simple on a low level. Erasmus made more than a living off of it, and got better and more secure about it by the day. He eventually invented his own little way of fighting with a gun and a katana at the same time, and started travelling beyond the island to collect bounties. For 5 more years he kept this up, growing up to be a very confident guy as he'd never even faced anyone close to being able to hurt him. Over the years he developed more techniques for his arsenal, like his Gun Gale techniques, his Bounty Arts, and his Dual blade combos. The most recent addition to these techniques is Hunter Combo techniques, and so far he's only developed one. He based it off of fighting styles he saw from the more primitive tribes that lived on islands in the blue, and named them after his old passion, hunting.

One day, as he was sitting on the pier of the city that had now become his home, he remembered that day with Yoru. He still remembered the stories she had told him, and that's when it hit him. In these ten years of adventures, he hadn't once experienced anything as amazing as the things she had described. He jumped up from his seat on the pier and immediately started going through the different options he had. He wasn't a half-bad warrior, getting recruited by someone shouldn't be that hard. Becoming a pirate was out of the question. He remembered what the last months aboard the Jolly Circus had been like, and he never wanted to go back to that. He was pretty sure he had to apply to become a marine at a much younger age, and to be honest, he didn't want to be a marine. That's when he met her though, Zippel Harley.

The most impressive Marine Lieutenant he'd ever met. She lived up to the symbols on her back, and if he'd meet her 10 years ago, he might've wanted to join the marines... Except, well, she is younger than him, but you get the concept. At least she shared his opinion on justice. After a bit of convincing, he managed to get her to agree on hiring as a contractor for her marine ship, and so his adventure to discover the world - and hopefully make tons of money in the process - began.

Erasmus is both naturally agile, and a good acrobat. He never gave up his training on the subject out of respect for Yoru, and he sticks to it.

He realized when he started out bounty hunting that the art of tracking was stuck somewhere deep inside him from those early days of his life when he followed the nobles. His faint memories of how to hunt slowly came back as he trained.

As a direct biproduct of being an acrobat, he's very good at sneaking, and the like. He can fit items where they're not really as visible, and all that jazz.

General servant-y knowledge; How to polish silverware, how to act properly against higher-ups(though rarely used), on and on and on and on...

Weapon: Katana "Lotus"

Weapon Description: A rather high-quality weapon, and one of the most expensive things Erasmus owns. The entire blade, handle and sheath are as white as a lotus flower, therefore the nickname. The blade is very featureless except for the characteristic white colour, but for a small lotus flower symbol engraved into the bottom of the hilt. White bandages are tightly wrapped around the hilt itself, put there by Erasmus to protect the hilt from bloodstains in case a battle breaks out. The katana seems to be the only thing he actually minds getting bloody.

Weapon Special Abilities: None.

Weapon History: The katana has no history beyond what Erasmus has used it for, as he's the one who ordered it from the blacksmith who made it. He specifically wanted it white to fit with the rest of his outfit. He's used it to slay dozens of criminals, but nothing noteworthy as of yet.

Weapon: .375 Revolver /w Bayonet "Silver"

Weapon Description: A semi-large revolver with a bayonet directly built-in. The bayonet is made out of excess metal attached to the bottom of the barrel itself, and is not removeable. The entire gun, much like the sword, is very silvery, borderlining white, and it's holster is equally much so. Due to the nature of the bayonet, Erasmus has cut himself on it multiple times in the past, but has gotten better at avoiding that.

Weapon Special Abilities: It fires BULLETS. Wait, that's what guns are supposed to do...

Weapon History: Once again, no history beyond Erasmus, at least not that Erasmus knows. The revolver itself was looted from one of his bounties, and he decided to keep it because he liked the shade. The bayonet was later added by the same blacksmith who made "Lotus", and the holster was also manufactured by him so that he'd actually have a way of transporting it.

Power Level Information

Character Strength: Proficient
Character Speed:  Expert
Character Resilience:  Average
Character Dexterity:  Advanced

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat:

Acrobat Arts: Twister
Erasmus quickly moves from his feet to his hands, doing a quick spinning kick in the air.

Acrobat Arts: Hawk Fall
Erasmus jumps towards his target and deals a single hard kick towards them, pushing his entire body weight and moment towards them.

Bounty Arts: Felling Strike
Erasmus deals a heavy open palm punch towards his target, only aimed to knock them unconscious. Used for bounties taken alive.

Weapon Based Combat:

Gun Gale: Fanning
Erasmus fires his ranged weapon as rapidly as he can at his target.

Gun Gale: Snipe
Erasmus fires a single powerful aimed shot at his opponent.

Gun Gale: Ballistic Barrage
Erasmus enter into close combat with his opponent, and unleashes a flurry of of slashes, turning his gun so that he can fire a bullet at his opponent in-between every attack.

Ichitoryu: Death Run
Erasmus' mandatory sword charge ability. A single dash forward, epically finishing of an opponent, or settling a swordfight.

Ichitoryu: Windmill
Quickly spinning his weapon in front of him, Erasmus can deflect slow projectiles, or make mincemeat out of weak opponents.

Ichitoryu: Sonic Slash
Erasmus concentrates deeply, and then sends a single slash at his opponent.

Combo Combat:

Dual Blades: Cross
Second mandatory sword charge ability. A single dash forward, dealing a cross shaped cut with the gun and the sword together.

Dual Blades: Whirlwind
Erasmus quickly spins with his two blades at an arm's distance, cutting up his opponents with elegance.

Hunter Combo: Feral Fighting
Erasmus attacks his opponent with a grand combo of punches, kicks, and slashes from his katana, occasionally drawing his gun and firing of a bullet at his opponent when the opportunity presents itself.

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Re: Erasmus Justice

Post by Fin~ on Fri Oct 17, 2014 4:07 am

I dont want to be mean though i see a few little problems with your history and with some techniques

Some parts of your history are quite random. Like meeting a captain who takes her time to just sit with a kid and then takes him along.

Many of your techniques are not explained in history how they learned these. 

On this site your allowed to add weapons and techniques to liking and strength to please eleborate in history where you learned them and how. 

You say your character is a marine. But he hasnt joined them yet. Please add this in your history. 


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Re: Erasmus Justice

Post by Prizzy Kriyze on Fri Oct 17, 2014 4:45 am

Of course, let's see..

1. Well, worse things have been heard of in One Piece itself, so could it possibly be passed off as something out of sheer coincidence? If you need me to I'll change it, though. (Please confirm, it's a pretty big part of his background I might have to rewrite.)

2. Alright, will do.

3. He isn't a marine though. He's a bounty hunter who's been hired as a sort of contractor for the marines. We've already asked Dev about that though, and he said it was fine, but idk. Tell me if you want something changed regarding this.
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Re: Erasmus Justice

Post by Fin~ on Fri Oct 17, 2014 9:26 am

You won't need to change the whole history, just add reasoning and reasons for the npc, as in why did the captain decide to sit down with him and take him in? did she always want a son? or was she looking for someone to sell later on as slave? because you wouldn't pick someone up randomly. random events are okay, aslong as there are reasons.

as for the crew it is fine, though remember, a bounty hunter would only be called in if marines couldn't do it on their own, or if specifical skills were needed, the owner of the marine crew should keep this in mind when going through plots. 

please let me know when you've changed this all

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Re: Erasmus Justice

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