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Post by Kitsune-me on Tue Oct 21, 2014 12:04 am

General Information

Name:  Kitsune-me
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Birthplace: East Blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Left Handed

Crew: Nemesis Pirates
Ship: Jōshō Taiteki (Archenemy Rising)
Occupation: Blacksmith/Warrior
Bounty: 0
Crimes Committed: None(Yet)

Allegiance: Pirate

*Find a place for his clan to live
* Find a material to forge a weapon that is fit for true legends
* Ensure the safety of his clan by forcing the World Government to recognize his power
*Find a legendary forge for the forging of a mighty weapon

Character Information

A blindfolded skull, with scales on either side, both weighing weapons both melee and ranged. This indicates that the crew cares not who you are, and that anything you do will be met with the same treatment it is given. Blood for blood, eye for an eye, kindness for kindness.


The first thing that is usually noticed about Kitsune-me, is the Bisento he carries. It towers over him by at least two heads of his own, making it a very large weapon. The other is that, seemingly no matter what, he always has ash on him in one way or another, though its usually just on his blacksmiths apron. When he is not fighting, or planning on it, he is usually wearing a blacksmiths apron, heavy thick gloves, long pants and boots, with a white, ash and sweat stained shirt. When he ready for battle, he sheds the gloves, boots, and apron, sometimes getting rid of the shirt, but its often destroyed in the fight anyway. The only thing he adds to his attire when fighting is pure black bandana on his head.

He himself has lightly tanned skin, more so around his unguarded arms and face from the heat of forges, and light blue hair cut short. He is muscular, and fairly tall, standing at just over 6 Feet. His hands and feet, most of his skin really, is not smooth and soft, but calloused and tough from his training and constant work.

Usually quiet, he does not often speak unless spoken to, more so out of habit than out of respect, though he will start a conversation every so often if he feels necessary.  When he does, he introduces himself as whatever guise he is using at the time, before explaining why he interrupted their day. He has a bit of a soft side for children, and will let his guard down when speaking to them, often going as far as entertaining them with wild stories of heroes and monsters, though rarely will he let on that he is the hero of the story if he tells of one of his past adventures. In battle, he focus's on his target, or targets be that the case, and releases all his rage upon them, often yelling when striking, whether its the name of that particular technique, or just a war cry.  When he does lose, and lives, he one large cut for every fight lost on the outside of his arms, to remind himself that there are those better, and that he must surpass them. When he finally defeats them, he gets a tattoo over the scar that was made for them, usually kanji or a symbol representing what he felt in the victory over them.

In his free time, he can often be found training and going through his fighting routines, though he may be working a forge somewhere for some extra money. During celebrations, he is quiet, and likes to stay out of the scene, though will partake in drinking. His drinking never lasts long though, for despite how strong of a man he is, booze makes him especially sleepy, and often passes out after only a few drinks. This is the only time in which he snores, otherwise he is almost soundless when sleeping.

Character History


Growing up on almost nothing but ships and boats, he had his sea legs young, and much discipline in his years of training. He was born into the little known flotilla that wanders the four blues, housing an exiled ninja clan. This clan was originally from the Grand Line, but were exiled for reasons unknown to Kitsune-me, even to this day. He was trained in his particular families chosen weapon, the Bisento, a weapon similar, but much larger than, a naginata. It took him many years to even be able to lift such a weapon, but in the meantime his training, unlike most of the rest of the flotillas children, was focused on strength and endurance, rather than speed and agility.

As with most, he was also trained in a more common trade so that he could make his way or pass as needed, in the outside world. He trained in becoming a blacksmith, which was difficult while on ships, but one ship was large enough and actually housed a forge for him to practice. It took him many years, but he was determined, and forged many useful things for the ships and many fine weapons and tools. He would often stay and work the forge long into the night when others had gone to sleep, working on some tool or something as a gift, to prove he was skilled and could do so.

By his mid teens, he was more than strong enough to hold the Bisento, but it took him years to learn to properly use it in battle. Many of his first bouts when learning he lost miserably,  due to his not knowing how to properly use his weapon. Years of training and practice have made him as powerful as any of the others who were leaving the ships on their trials.

It was not till some years later when he would be sent on his. Being an only child, he was passed down his families weapon, still not retired after so many generations, and still strong enough to fight. This was a day of great honor to him, but also great responsibility. He would take that weapon and sweep across the oceans to find some way to make life for his clan to be better, easier, and if he had to take an island from the world government to do so, then so be it.


Ninja Training - Kitsune-me has been trained rigorously his whole life, and in many different aspects, but when it is called upon, even with his heavy weapon and smiths boots, he could walk across egg shells unheard. As apart of Kitsune-me's training, he has learned how to blend into crowds and become difficult to find in public places, unless he wants to be found.

Smithing - There are few things Kitsune/me can not craft with his forge. No heat is too intense for him, and if its metal, he can make it, reshape it, and make it stronger.


Weapon: Gaisen Senshi (Bisento)

Weapon Description:  A long polearm, with a heavy curved blade on one end. Red wood makes up the handle, the pommel being made of iron, the heavy blade being made of solid steel. There are no decorations to be noted of, it being simple in design, though the wooden pole has twisting grooves all along it, making it easier to grip for the user.

Weapon Special Abilities: N/A

Weapon History: Passed down from Generation to Generation, Gaisen Senshi has been used much in its life, and the life of the  family of which it resides. Hand made many generations ago, it is kept well, though it grows old, but not weak. It has been passed down to Kitsune-me so that he may bring honor to his family.

Power Level Information

Character Strength:  Advanced
Character Speed:  Proficient
Character Resilience:  Advanced
Character Dexterity:  Proficient

Devil Fruit Information

Devil Fruit Name: N/A
Devil Fruit Type: N/A
Fruit Progression
: N/A
Devil fruit Level
: N/A
Fruit Mastery Level
: N/A
Devil Fruit Abilities: N/A

Devil Fruit Weaknesses: N/A

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat: Niku no Jitensha (Unarmed Fighting Style)

Weapon Based Combat: Norowa no Kōshō (Bisento Based Fighting Style)


Fighting Style Name: Norowa no Kōshō
Origin: Originating on an island long lost in name, it was often used by peasants or strong warriors. Some of these peasants left to join the ninja clan and brought their art with them. It is one of the lesser known styles of fighting upon the flotilla.

The island of which this practice has its origins was razed the the ground with few survivors. Those who survived where the ones who drove off the invaders, but too little too late. Few stayed once the ninja clan arrived, many providing them with what little they had left over, picking through the ruins, and many of the able bodied warriors decided to continue the practice of the Bisento, though the old ways were changed over time. Bitterness at the lose of their home changed this style from the more defensive style it was, into this aggressive, devastating style it has become today.

Overview: The style consists of wide arcing sweeps of the blade, but may also be used for straight forward stabs. A versatile weapon, the style has two starting positions. The first is holding the weapon with one hand near the pommel, and the other hand as far forward as comfortably possible, with the blade tip pointing up and being held at waist level. The second involves holding it above the users head in a similar position, but with the tip facing down, with the forward hand being flat rather than gripping the shaft. There are a few variations, but those all depend on individual techniques and the users personal preference.

~Zero State~
Strong arcing swings, and quick thrusts of the Bisento define the basic form of this fighting style, Nothing truly exceptional, but devastating with the long range the Bisento grants,especially against the less experienced and larger groups.

Technique Name: Norowa no Kōshō : Rending Arc
State: Zero
Type: Bisento(Blade)
Description & After effect:Starting from the higher of the two formal starting stances, the user with the back right hand swings the bisento around him, swinging it left to build momentum, then out in front of him to cleave all that stand before him, catching the bisento with his left hand so it does not fly away from the user.
Side Effect(s):N/A
Stat Requirement(s): Advanced Strength

Technique Name: Norowa no Kōshō : Skull Crusher
State: Zero
Description & After effect: The user takes the pommel and smashes it into the face of head of the enemy, and drives it home, often with a crunching sound being heard. The target if hit, is often disoriented after the strike.
Side Effect(s): N/A
Stat Requirement(s): Any

Technique Name: Norowa no Kōshō : Titans Fangs
State: Zero
Type: Bisento (Blade)
Description & After effect: The user brings the Bisento up high with both hands, and brings it down hard on one shoulder of the target, then quickly brings it around for another swing at the other shoulder, aiming to cleave off the arms of the enemy.
Side Effect(s): N/A
Stat Requirement(s): Any

~First State~
Jigoku e no kōka
Kitsune-me takes a few moments to meditate on all his failings, all he has done wrong, and all that he will lose if he falls here. He reaches into his own inner hell, and uses it to fuel him on to destroy whatever it is he faces, as he shows his enemies what hell truly is.

Technique Name: Norowa no Kōshō : Impaler
State: First State
Type: Bisento (Blade)
Description & After effect: The user slams his Bisento pommel down into the ground, grabs his target, and flips them onto blade, impaling through their chest.
Side Effect(s): Temporarily disarms the user.
Stat Requirement(s): Strength : Lethal-Profesional

~Second State~
State is equivalent to Luffy's Gear Third and It can only be used after
extensive training and once reaching certain stats which require the

Technique Name: Norowa no Kōshō :
Description & After effect:
Side Effect(s): N/A
Stat Requirement(s):

~Third State~
Third State is gaining mastery over the fighting style and being able to do everything with the fighting style.

Technique Name: Norowa no Kōshō :
Description & After effect:
Side Effect(s): N/A
Stat Requirement(s):

Devil Fruit Based Combat: N/A

Combo Combat: N/A for the moment

Haki: N/A

RP Sample:

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In the night, when all is calm,
Quiet and peaceful, till the break of dawn,
In the Darkness Death awaits,
A fragile soul, he may take.


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Re: Kitsune-me

Post by Vaetric on Tue Oct 21, 2014 6:56 pm

Uh, everything is fine except for the abilities thing, you should put something about your blacksmithing and any other peculiar stuff about him, for instance, Deviant's character, Heartly Haynes has survivability, the wilds have nuffin on him!

Oh, and another thing, your attacks should either be named or if you don't have the naff to do it now, just stick on a (WIll make up on the spot) sort of thing, then add them later :>

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Re: Kitsune-me

Post by Vaetric on Wed Oct 22, 2014 12:47 am


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Re: Kitsune-me

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