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Professor Koga's Gases

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Professor Koga's Gases

Post by Docile on Fri Oct 24, 2014 7:27 am

Weapon Name:
Professor Koga's Gases
• After Hours
• Sand Man
• Disable
• Part Time Corpse

• After Hours - After Hours comes in an orange canister.
• Sand Man - Sand Man comes in a purple canister and the gas itself has a slight purple tint to it.
• Disable - Disable comes in a red canister with a flammable label plastered on the side of it indicating that it is flammable.
• Part Time Corpse - Part Time Corpse comes in a pale green canister and even has a pale green tint to it.

Weapon History:
All of these gases were created by the infamous professor Koga of Pirguru a man described as a mad man by some and genius by others. He created them for the purposes of his experiments mainly to aid him when he performed operations or even surgery on his patients and sometimes on himself. The gases were used as an aid and forgotten about once he was banished due to his horrific experiments going too far. Koga's lab was left untouched due to the dangers which lurked around it and thus the lab still contains all of the content Koga was unable to take with him. Due to numerous visits down to the lab for whatever reasons the contents are so confusing to so many others that no one touched upon it and the only interest Franklyn Pirguru's chief mechanic has had has only been in his few contraptions has been mainly observation focused as opposed to actually meddling with it out of fear for becoming like Professor Koga by discovering his curiosity.

These gases however have been discovered by Doctor Lyceum Tate of the Dog Ear Pirates during his detour into the lab to fix the machines alongside Franklyn. Whilst looking through papers mentioning Koga's monster and its creation he discovered the gases with a small booklet mentioning all about them. Realizing how useful these gases would be in surgery Lyceum has decided to take them with him and even learn how to reverse engineer them to create his own to use in the future.

Special Weapon Abilities:
• After Hours - The After Hours gas has an odorless scent so garlic has been placed within the canister to give it a garlic scent. So if there is a leak sniff for garlic. The After Hours gas was created for the purpose of delaying any sensations the human body may go through from pain to feelings of pleasure. This gas may even delay death for an entire day.

• Sand Man - The Sand Man gas has a pungent odor similar to citrus fruits and even has a very slight purple tint to it. The gas is a heavy duty sleeping agent which puts people to sleep within seconds making it seem almost instantaneous. The gas is perfectly safe for human consumption and one dosage of this can put a person to sleep for 2 hours. However waking up anyone who has inhaled the gas can be as easy as waking up someone from a deep sleep. If it is constantly being inhaled then the person will not wake up until the connection is broken.

• Disable - This gas again has no scent and has been infused with the scent of banana for safety reasons of not having this gas confused with the after hours gas, it is incredible flammable and causes people to lose their sense of smell and if too much is inhaled their sight.

• Part Time Corpse - This gas has a very faint pale green tint to it and smells of petrol. Once inhale it causes the person to appear like a corpse. Stops their heart beat, pulse and even turns their skin a horrible colour giving them the appearance of a dead man. It last for 12 hours. However afterwards the person will feel more energized for the next 24 hours. However if this gas is over used the person's skin will become permanently like that of a dead person and they will constantly be energized the entire time.

Devil Fruit:


Character or Crew specific: Lyceum Tate

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Re: Professor Koga's Gases

Post by Vaetric on Fri Oct 24, 2014 7:35 am


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