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Crow Hazuyaki

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Crow Hazuyaki

Post by Sweet Dreams on Thu Nov 06, 2014 7:27 am

size=18]General Information[/size]

Name:  Crow Hazuyaki
Epithet: Ragdoll/Birdie/Scarecrow
Age: 25
Gender: Female but often mistaken for Male
Birthplace: Hakaba Island-West Blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Ambidextrous 

Crew: None as of yet but isn't against joining one.
Ship: A simple dingy with a makeshift mast and sail to catch the winds.
Occupation: Doctor and a damn good one at that
Bounty: 70,000
Crimes Committed:
Murder of multiple marine officers
Murder of Dr.Seto Hazuyaki and his daughter (Framed)

Allegiance: Pirate
Dream(s): Find a way for her and her people to have children.
Find the person who killed the man she loved and make him regret ever thinking of doing it.
Enjoy life again
Be told she is beautiful

Character Information

Flag: None!


Standing at only 4'1" and little in the chest and curves area only contributes to her boyish looks, most even thinking she is just a child. But with her green cat like eyes and body full of surgical like scars she almost looks like a rag doll that's been fixed up a few too many times. It is because of this that most seem to avoid her. 

But the creepiest thing about her would have to be the stitch like scars that go from the edges of her mouth to her cheek bones like a permanent smile.

Her messy back hair and ripped and tattered clothes might make you think that Crow doesn't care about her Appearance. This is simply not true,her hair is just simply untameable even after hours of brushing and she just finds the clothes she wear very comfortable even if they are a tad old She wears a skull shaped bell in her hair.

Personality: Crow is a strange soul, she can often be excited by new things, be it food,plants,or even people being seen as a bit happy go lucky sometimes to the point of being creepy. But after she becomes bored or used to things she calms down.As she is a doctor she gets rather serious when it comes to injuries getting visually upset by untreated wounds, often bugging the person until they let her treat them. 

Not one to anger easily taking jokes about her shortness and boyish looks and sometimes making jokes of her own. Though thinking little of her skills as a doctor and waking her suddenly are easy ways to her wanting to rip your throat out.

 Being one who cant sit still her has to be doing something at all times be it somersaults cartwheels or other tricks in her free time and has even said she thinks the best while in a handstand.
She is truly happy when around things that sparkle or shine her eyes lighting up like a child in a candy store,and all the candy is free!
Character History


Crow and her older brother of 5 years Leo can recall very little of their childhood they both awoke laying in the beds. They were in a small hospital located on an Island by the name of Hakaba, literately known as Boneyard Island. Crow easily had more injuries then her elder brother but no matter how hard they tried they could not recall what happened before they woke up. They quickly learn that this Island was one of death and danger. 

But as they had no know family anywhere nearby they were placed in the care of the blacksmith, a half giant named Bar who they quickly came to love. They would often spend their days jumping and dodging his large hands. they grew up happy...well almost always happy due to the injuries crow had turned into scars one of the worse was the scars on her face making it seem like a permanent smile on her face. 

Causing many of the children to tease her or run from her calling her a freak,a monster bullying her causing her to often come home with injures and bruises. As the years went by the torment getting worse to the point that Crow was at her breaking point. 

Then one faithful day as she was playing outside the village with her makeshift doll when her bullies came around teasing her and ripping her doll limb from limb. Later while she sat in the mud holding her dismembered doll in her arms as a voice called out to her. Turning to see who it was fearing her bullies had returned sh saw instead a young boy she had never seen before. He walked over to her and seeing the dismembered doll in her arms. 

While out a word he took a needle and thread and the doll and went to work fixing it. Crow watched him silently shocked as he was the first child other then her brother to not run from her or bully her,this sparked her love for him. She later found out the boy's name was Seto the son of a doctor who had moved to the Island days before.She was amazed by the skill he had with a needle and thread. 

The fixed dolls limbs almost looked as if they had never been taken apart in the first place. This is what sparks her dream of becoming a doctor and from that day on she studied under the boys father learning everything from cleaning wounds to medicinal uses of plants.

 It was these teaching that Crow and Seto found the cause of why many of the villagers couldn't have children.Pure Lantern Blossom nectar that came from a plant only found on the Island was the cause, the plant itself used to filter and clean the toxic water of the Island and the nectar was used to treat everything from colds to burns. 

With this new discovery they found by diluting the nectar and mixing it with the petal of Silver lilies they could prevent the damage to future generations but at the cost as the nectar could only be used to treat burns and sore throats when pored in tea like honey.

But this wasn't enough for Crow she wanted to fix the damage that many of the villages suffered..and that she herself suffered. So once her training was done she set out into West Blue hoping to find a way to reverse the damage. While on her search she meet an old man,who strangely always wore a skull mask. He gave her a gift the weapon she now uses, a strange red steel scythe. When she looked back up from the blade to tell him she couldn't accept it only to find she was alone the man gone without a trace.  

As the years pass Crow travels the West blue but with no luck of finding the cure for her people,so she decides to return to her home to visit before moving on to the next. Once back home many things surprised her. Her Guardian Bar had left the Island to chase his dreams,he had started his own crew. Leo had trained over the years and had become the villages top hunter and its protector, great honor. Then there was new that broke Crows heart, Seto the man she loved since childhood had married and had a daughter. 

Heartbroken Crow decided to just gather the things she had come for and leave the next morning. But that night something told her she should go see him,so with a heavy heart she approached the house that so many years ago she had played in studied in. As she waited for the door to open she thought about if her life had been different but suddenly her thoughts were interrupted when a crash was heard inside the house. 

Crow sprang into action going to break down the door only to find that the lock was broken on it already. She rushed inside only to hear the sound of fighting from upstairs.

 Rushing up the stairs as fast as she could just them two,three at a time she ran down the hallway to the room at the end blood leading to it. The site that met her still haunts her memories even today. The man she loved laid on the floor covered in blood gashes covered his body,his child laid nearby in the same state. 

Standing over them a large man his face and hair silver as the stars were stained in blood. In one hand he held a bloodied carving knife in the other a leather bounded journal,which she suspected was the goal of the killer. She looked from the bodies to the man as he turned to her his blue eyes dead and cold seem to stare into her very soul. She steps back as his mouth turns into a wide smile that seemed to take up his entire face. It was easy to tell this man was crazy. She had to duck into the hall once he threw the knife at her. 

When she looks back the nearby window was open and the man was gone. She rushed over to check on Seto and the child seeing if she could help them but in the end she couldn't save them. Heartbroken she stood up blood covering her hands and clothes and as she fought to hold back tears she turns looking up suddenly when she hears a scream. Standing in the doorway was Seto's wife. When crow reached out to her to explain she stepped back terror on her face "Stay away you...You monster!" Crow stepped back those words bring the harsh memories of her childhood all to quickly.

 "I..I'm not a monster.." She says but wasn't heard over the women do to her now screaming for help. Crow in a panic quickly jumped out the same window the real killer had escaped from. As she ran through the village tears flowing from her eyes she knew she would be blamed in these deaths and she knew she would only be able to clear her name by finding the true killer and bring him in. So a year later Crow wonders from Blue to Blue looking for information on this mystery man but who knows maybe her search will even take her to the Grand Line.


Its only a child..:Due to Crow's shortness and lack of...curves she is often mistaken for a child allowing her to blend in with other children. This sometimes allows her to gain info about the place shes in or about people in the area.

Acrobatics: From years of playing duck and dodge with her guardian has made her nimble and quick that combine with the years of self training have made her quite the acrobat

Medicinal Remedies: Due to her teachings Crow has learned of many ways plants can hinder or help you. Do to this Crow often turns to Traditional medicine turning to plants and herbs more often then not.

Lock-On: Due to her strange cat like eyes Crow is given better sight making spotting weak spots and injuries easier.
A doctors bag containing
2 Doctors masks
3 scalpels
10 sewing needles
3 spools of thread
two bottle of pain pills-one half full
One tube of numbing ointment.
Two small vials of Lantern Blossom nectar-one use each

A journal on medicinal plants

Two small plant pots
One contains a small Lantern Blossom the other a small Silver Lilly
A red bladed scythe

Weapon Description:

Death's Rebirth:

Weapon History:
Given to her by her by an strange old man in a skull mask, she was told it would one day save the ones she came to truly love but who it would be would surprise her. 

Power Level Information

Character Strength: Proficient
Character Speed:  Trained
Character Resilience: Trained
Character Dexterity:Expert 

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat:
She will use her Scythe before going unarmed into battle as she isn't the strongest of hitters.

Weapon Based Combat:
Death’s call :Putting her weight on her heels, her scythe out in front of her she will spin faster and faster the momentum of the scythe before stopping suddenly unleash countless tiny wind blades capable of ripping flash to shreds. Caution: Wind Blades unleashed in multiple directions. Crow becomes dazed temporarily and will become slower until she snaps out of it.

Shattered Mind: Crows movements become unpredictable and her attacks wild and even more dangerous than before. She also starts laughing insanely often intimidating enemies. Caution: Will possibly attack allies while in this state. Once the state is broken any injures while in this state become worse then they appear bleeding heavily at even a shallow cut.

Madness’s song:  Swaying back and forth the bell in her hair will start ringing causing Crow to go into a trance. Attacks become more carefully aimed and precise. Crow will often sing a childlike song until the trance is broken only lasts for two posts.

Reaper’s Cross: Running the Scythe along the ground before swiping upwards and then sideways creating a large cross shaped wound on the enemy The enemy often being burned from the blade becoming hot from running upon the ground.

Heaven falls: Crow will jump high above an enemy swing her scythe at them quickly as she falls slashing them deeply. Most die of blood loss.
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Re: Crow Hazuyaki

Post by Sweet Dreams on Mon Nov 17, 2014 4:45 pm

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Re: Crow Hazuyaki

Post by Vaetric on Tue Nov 18, 2014 2:13 am

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Re: Crow Hazuyaki

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