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Yotokasatomiyako no Miko

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Yotokasatomiyako no Miko

Post by Serious? on Mon Nov 10, 2014 3:21 pm

General Information

Name: Yotokasatomiyakomatamashitoramaruseikenhanafuuhentomuutonaraba no Miko
Epithet: N/A
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Birthplace: West Blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Ambidextrous

Occupation: Swordsman
Bounty: 7,000,000
Allegiance: Pirate
Dream(s): To kill herself and be resurrected as a saint

Character Information



Miko has very light, almost platinum blonde hair, styled like horns or ears, with bangs that cover her somewhat thick eyebrows, as well as brilliantly amethyst colored eyes. Her face is feminine with a slight touch of masculinity. A very, very slightly boyish appearance overall, yet with a facial frame that's svelte and attractively female. She looks completely sane on the outside. She weighs 61 kilograms and is a solid 5 foot tall. Miko always wears purple headgear which has been described as both headphones and earmuffs by herself. They bear the character meaning "Harmony" (和 wa). Covering her body is a fine royal violet cape with a rather wide collar that extends to just below her earlobes, and is finished off with a dazzling golden-yellow trim and resting upon her shoulders. Her clothes are a purple skirt with white frills and a light pink sleeveless garb with violet trimming. Her wrists are adorned with shiny gold alloy bracelets, and her waist is tied with a black leather belt with a pouch on her right side, and finished with a gold alloy ring that dangles somewhat loosely around her waist. Her ankles are also adorned with anklets of the same metal previously described, and upon her feet are usually fine straw sandals. This regal appearance gives off a slight sense of physical dissonance once people find out about Miko's actual personality.

Personality:To describe Miko in a handful of adjectives, she is crass, childish, uncouth, violent, short-tempered, arrogant, a braggart, morally blind, and most importantly, brain damaged and mentally insane. Despite her mental impairment, Miko is still a very studious and ambitious person; while her ambition fuels her bloodthirsty tenancies, her studious nature fuels her lust to learn about the supernatural; ghosts, in particular. She is very show-offy and very much will do what it takes to be the best, should her skills be challenged; and much too often, Miko's inability to choose words carefully (partially due to her brain damage) land her in trouble that's neck-deep. An uncouth woman like herself, however, still desires positive attention, and as a result, she shuts herself away from society from all the hate she receives. She has quite the childish attitude that plenty of people won't be able to stand for more than a day, pouting and making faces whenever she doesn't get what she wants and gloating massively whenever she defeats someone in something as minute as tic-tac-toe. Miko is also quite the bookworm, often sinking herself deep into literature, texts and scriptures alike for hours on end if she's left unattended; she even would forget to eat meals once she's submerged in a good book!

The one thing that Miko loves more than anything else in the world are ghosts. If one even mentions the word "ghost" around her, she goes into a fit of audible monologues where she drones on and on about ghosts, trivial facts, important facts, facts that probably aren't even facts to begin with, anything regarding those spooky specters. She reveres ghosts in the highest form, even going so far as to claim that she can see and communicate with them, even though that this claim originated from an incident involving venom destroying most of the reasoning left in her brain. As a result, she spends most of her time trying to summon spirits, communicate with the dead, and learn about mythology to help reach her goal of killing herself and resurrecting herself as a saint. Somehow.

Miko is also very proud of her self-made sword style, named after her and what she calls her "future legacy", well, other than herself, of course. Say anything bad about it and you'll find yourself bombarded with curse words, death threats and sometimes incoherent rage before she composes herself and feigns forgiveness to the one who insulted her. People who do that usually get marked for death by her.

Character History

Yotokasatomiyakomatamashitoramaruseikenhanafuuhentomuutonaraba no Miko was born in the West Blue and raised in a temple for roughly three quarters of her life. Her parents abandoned her as a child due to lack of funds to raise a child, so they spared a slow starvation and left her with monk and scholars, most of them happy to raise a child. Life at the temple was pretty standard, learn about Taoism, eat, sleep, repeat, and sometimes go out to fetch some groceries or clean part of the building. One incident occurred there were she fell and received quite a concussion, one that would forever change this poor girl into a sociopath. The injury didn't immediately make Miko mentally unstable, but she was now able to listen to ten conversations happen at the same time, making out each word and sentence and phrase for her ears to hear. This helped contribute to pushing her off the deep end.

When she was 12, she was stung in the head by a scorpion and the venom drove her to insanity. Miko claimed that she knew how to reach immortality and reach sainthood after being told very, very specific instructions via spectral apparitions that she encountered while she was knocked unconscious from the venom. Everyone was now convinced that the venom affected her brain more than they thought it did, so they decided not to pay much attention to her from that point. At the age of 15, Yotokasatomiyakomatamashitoru no Miko developed schizophrenia and left the temple after deluding herself to believe the voices in her head were ghosts trying to help her achieve sainthood.

Miko wandered into the nearby village and was granted work there for food and shelter; neither of those jobs lasted more than two months. She read plenty of books in the library and walked around the museum in her time when she didn't need to go to work. Strangely enough, she deeply studied swordsmanship and various swordplay techniques rather than on ghosts and spirits during that time frame, and practiced it using the straightest, longest tree branch she could find, as she was too poor to afford a real sword.. One day, when Miko was taking another tour of the museum, she spotted one of the new exhibits there; The Seven Star Sword. It looked absolutely amazing, perfect to fully utilize her studying on various sword arts. So she broke the case and stole the sword, and retreated to the forest to become a hermit with the Marines tailing behind her. She managed to elude the Marines for once and successfully steal a prized artifact, but ended up hiding up in the wilderness for nine years as a hermit. Plenty of time to practice, and more than enough silence to make the insane become something more than that.


  • Able to clearly listen to ten conversations simultaneously


Weapon: Taoist Tridominium

Weapon Description:

The Taoist Tridominium is an elegant and expensive blade adorned with precious stones and crafted by the finest craftsmen of the past. The entire sword, sheath and all, is 50 inches long and weighs 2 lb 7 oz. The handle is covered in a cream coloured animal leather to provide solid and comfortable grip, so the wielder won't have to worry about it slipping from your hands while in battle. It has some fine metal attached near the bottom and top of the handle for decoration as well. The sheath itself is made of ivory painted to a darker, wood-like color and also decorated with plenty of stones and metal decor to make it look extra fancy for the deceased royal family. The blade is made of expertly tempered steel, straight as an arrow and curves magnificently at the tip. The two-point scabbard suspension allowed for a stable attachment to the belt. The pair of connecting points also meant that the weapon could be hung at a pre-determined angle, which was helpful in making it more comfortable to wear and easier to reach when on horseback.

Weapon Special Abilities: N/A

Weapon History: Forged by a master blacksmith, guilded with gold by talented artisans, and passed down through generations of royal blood, it is said that this blade gives the wielder the ability to command any living creature, and grant good fortune to them and their descendants. Although the legend was wrong when the kingdom went into a deficit and the peasants started rebelling. The angry horde raided the castle and killed the royal family, thus the blade was lost in the raid yet recovered mysteriously in pristine condition centuries later, like it was never touched to begin with. Formerly in the hands of a ruler of royal blood, then in the hands of a museum, now in the hands of a crazy woman who wants to become a saint. The sword was formerly named the Seven Star Sword until Yotokasatomiya picked it up and named it Taoist Tridominium.

Power Level Information

Character Strength: Proficient
Character Speed: Dangerous
Character Resilience: Proficient
Character Dexterity: Dangerous

8+4 For porting

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat:

Weapon Based Combat:

Miko Sword Art

This self-taught sword style is basically one big mixture of many different sword styles, such fencing, Iajutsu, Kenjutsu, Chinese Jian Swordsmanship, and plenty more sword styles that Miko read up and gained a basic understanding of them, then threw into her custom sword style. When mastered, the user will be able to attack with the speed and agility of fencing, the striking power of Kenjutsu, the dexterity of Jian Swordsmanship, and then some. The most notable thing from this sword style is that the user slashes Chinese calligraphy onto their opponent. The basic stance is rather sloppy, with the user being in a half horse stance position while holding the sword with two hands, with the blade pointing behind the user. Other stances basically are the stances from the other sword fighting styles, but mixing in the attack styles of other sword fighting styles. However, this self-made style is still quite sloppy and amateurish because Miko only gained a basic understanding of the sword styles she threw in. But it can also be very unpredictable, such as the user suddenly switching from Kenjutsu to Fencing as they attack.

Devil Fruit Based Combat:

Combo Combat:

Heaven Sign -『Ascent to Heaven』 - Miko slashes the Chinese word meaning "Heaven" (霄 Xiāo) onto her opponent's chest, then strikes their chin with the pommel of her sword.
Heaven Sign -『Rainy Deity』 - Miko slashes the Chinese word meaning "Rain" (雨 Yǔ) onto her opponent's chest, then jumps up in the air to perform a downwards slash.
Desire Sign -『Hunger Game』 Miko slashes the Chinese word "Hunger" (餓 È) onto her opponents chest, stabs her sword into her opponent to complete the word, then shoves her fingers into the cut and forcefully rip out a chunk of flesh to consume it.
Nirvana Sign -『Eight-fold Path』 Taking a horse stance while her sword is at her side sheathed, Miko anticipates for an attack from her opponent. Then she takes out her sword and slashes them four times, with all the lines meeting on one focal point, then cutting a circle so that the points of the lines protrude out of the circle, forming a wheel with eight folds.

Haki: N/A

RP Sample:

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Re: Yotokasatomiyako no Miko

Post by Docile on Mon Nov 10, 2014 7:14 pm

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