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??? (W.I.P.)

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??? (W.I.P.)

Post by Kitsune-me on Wed Nov 19, 2014 6:23 pm

General Information

Epithet: Undead
Age: 40(20 before death)
Gender: Female
Birthplace: South Blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Ambidextrous

Occupation: Musician(Singer), Dancer, Navigator
Crimes Committed:
Allegiance: Pirate

Character Information

Describe or put an image of the crew's flag here.


Personality: Write in here what your character is like. Are they hot headed, A hopeless romantic or a bit of a push over? This will need to be at least 10 lines. There is allot you can write for a personality so please do so. We want to know hat your character is like in various situations and why too.

Character History

Put the background of your character in here. Explain why they are the way they are and where they got their views thoughts & beliefs from. This must be at least 3 paragraphs. Remember age also plays a part in the size of their history old guys do allot with long lives.




Weapon Description:

Weapon Special Abilities:

Weapon History:

Power Level Information

Character Strength: Average
Character Speed: Advanced
Character Resilience: Trained
Character Dexterity: Advanced

Devil Fruit Information

Devil Fruit Name: Yomi Yomi no Mi (Revive Revive Fruit)
Devil Fruit Type: Paramecia
Devil Fruit Progression:
Level 1 : Revival after death. The soul returns to the body from the netherworld, unless the users body is a. submerged in the ocean or b. completely destroyed.
Level 2 : Soul Projection. The user is able to let their soul leave their body, usually through the mouth. They are surrounded by spectral flames, and appear almost gaseous in form. This form can pass through solid objects without issue, but can not interact with the world, other than speaking to and seeing things. The users body, however, falls limp and can not be used until the soul returns to the body.
level 3 : Power of the Underworld. The user now has a full understanding of the life they have, and what keeps them there. They can utilize the power of the underworld, bringing forth the chill of death into objects or others, as well as feel the souls of others, and with that, the user can manipulate others with song and dance.
Current Devil fruit Level: 1
Devil Fruit Mastery Level: If using a cannon devil fruit then please write up the powers of said fruit from levels 1 - the last Level like you would if you were creating a devil fruit. other wise just list the level your character is currently at.
Devil Fruit Abilities:

Unlife : No matter what happens to the body tissue that still remains on the person, their five senses will remain as sharp as they were in life, even if the eyes are removed, or some other maiming occurs, so long as the bones remain in tact.

Dead Nerves : The user can still feel pain, but hot and cold don't seem to register with the individual as much as a true living person would feel them.

Broken Organs : The user has died at some point, and the body no longer functions on its own, however because of the devil fruits power, the user still stands, talks, walks, and doe living things, except for eating, sleeping, drinking, or even breathing. The users organs no longer work, and the user doesn't require sustenance to continue living.

Devil Fruit Weaknesses:

Sea Water : Sea water, the bane of all devil fruit users. immobilizes the user, and negates their powers. Yomi Yomi no Mi users do not die again, but just grow weak and cant move or do anything except maybe mumble and pass out.

Sea Stone : Same as Sea Water

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat:

Weapon Based Combat:

Devil Fruit Based Combat:

Combo Combat:


RP Sample:

In the night, when all is calm,
Quiet and peaceful, till the break of dawn,
In the Darkness Death awaits,
A fragile soul, he may take.


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