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Island Of The Gods

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Island Of The Gods

Post by Docile on Sat Dec 13, 2014 7:49 am

Dog Ear Pirates
"Built up of broken bones, shattered hearts and carried on by dreams"

Sailing through the strong winds aboard the beautifully crafted ship with the seal figurehead, it was clear the master shipwright who'd crafted it had a real talent. With such dedication to the craftsmanship it was a true marvel of a ship. With a large red & white stripped sail blowing in the breeze dragging the ship on its way through the stormy seas. Rocking left & right with each wave that came crashing along the ship struggled to keep itself steady but managed to push on through. Before the ship an island sat in the water. Large open with a huge mountain sticking out towards the back of the island.

Carved into the mountains there were patterns of every kind which twisted & winded all over them. Smoke billowed forth from the half way point into the air. Sailing towards this precarious island the ship quickly came into contact with the shore and drew to a slow halt whilst the clouds parted allowing sun to shine through the the breeze to gently leave and be replaced by a soothing breeze that stopped the day from being too hot.

Ever since seeing this ship Wynter had been struggling thinking of a name for it. He couldn't quite put his finger on the right name. But he liked it from the trims to the figurehead. It all made him smile and best of all. It was free. Smiling as he thought about the day he collected it which was at least a week ago now he smirked. The past week travelling with these guys had been an interesting one. He hadn't expected having to take them with him but it seems they were all pretty grateful he did.

Lying on the dinning room sofa Wynter had been napping now he lay thinking with his eyes shut until a sudden abrupt stop cast him from the seat. Rolling off and hitting the floor he sat up smacking his head on the table. Grunting and rubbing the small bump that appeared he picked himself up away from the table and made his way outside to the deck to see what was responsible for the sudden stop.

Noticing a large island directly in front he smiled.

It was time for more adventure.

Lyceum had been at the helm and unable to steer the ship properly through the rough harsh waters which had pounded the ship from side to side and into the island. Hopefully getting off the island wouldn't be too troublesome. As the ship had now come to a halt though he stepped over board and upon placing a barefoot on the wet marshy ground he quickly clambered on to the warmth of the grassy path. Looking around he got a sense of ancient tribes. The sculptures, the charms found around the structures and the carving into the mountain were all dead give aways.

Sniffing the air he caught a very faint scent of something sweet and meat. Perhaps there were still people on this island. Stepping further inland Lyceum was almost certain there was. Turning to face the ship he could see how Wynter was already eager to go exploring as he sat on the figurehead with a grin on his face. Smiling back Lyceum asked.

"Do we have enough supplies?"

Wynter simply shrugged his shoulders and hopped overboard. Attempting to run past Lyceum he was grabbed hold of by Lyceum who stopped him in his tracks.

"We need to see if we have enough supplies first. If not then we'll go get our hands on some."

Sighing Wynter turned around and faced the ship alongside Lyceum.

Sitting in her room at the desk, Murii was looking over a map of the Grand Line. She could see that there were still some islands missing, including this one they were currently at. She'd gotten used to the log pose she had. She had managed to guide them here without any trouble so she was pretty proud of herself.

Brushing her hair aside as she marked an island down on her map she rolled it up and slotted it into her pocket. Slotting it in place she made her way on to deck where she found a beautiful landscape staring back at her. She wanted to try and draw the mountain but wasn't entirely sure she could do it justice. But she did want to draw the island on the map. It would just make life a little easier whilst traversing it.

Checking her log pose to make sure this was the right island she spotted Lyceum & Wynter standing facing the ship on the island itself. Smiling at the sight of Wynter she looked at Lyceum with a grin too.

"What're you guys waiting for?" she asked.

"Well I want to go exploring but grumpy butt over here-"

Interrupting Wynter with an elbow to the gut, Lyceum continued.

"We're trying to find out if we need more supplies or not. If we do this island might be a good place to get some fresh fruits. But it might be a little bit dangerous."

"I can take a look if you want me to."

"That'd be great if you did Murii."

Nodding and turning, Murii headed into the kitchen where she found next to nothing. Looking in the pantry again she found very little. In fact she searched every square inch of the kitchen where she found next to nothing of any nutritional value. What she did find however was a very tired Jun lying on the floor snoring away with a broken cup in her hand and the stench of coffee leaving her mouth. Smiling Murii reached down and did her best to lift Jun over to the sofa so she could at least rest in comfort.

Exiting the kitchen and returning to the side of the ship she shook her head.

"No we don't have many. We could use allot more. Anything you can find really."

Nodding Lyceum looked towards Wynter.

"Alright, we can explore the island, however we need to split up into teams. We're going to need someone to look at the ship, then I'd say at least two teams to gather food from different places over the island. That sound ok to you Wynter?"

Nodding Wynter & Lyceum agreed.

Having spent the night trying to draw and come up with a masterpiece of her own that wasn't this beautiful ship they'd not named, Jun had been drinking coffee all night and this morning at 3:38AM exactly she had crashed and not woken up yet. Now resting on the sofa her body felt so much better and comfortable. However her hand was still in pain and stitched up. Thankfully she was left handed though so no problems there arose. At least not yet.

But she was on the mend all thanks to a perverted doctor who just couldn't say no to women. Depending on the answer of course. Sometimes.

Snoozing after staying up the majority of the week working on blue prints and trying not to blame Wynter. Which was almost impossible as he was to blame for everything that went wrong in the world she did manage to find one person aboard the ship who made things seem a little less stressful. The green haired romantic coward Rudy Michaels and his flower power just made her laugh and that was a nice change.

Sitting aboard the ship, Rudy sat in the crow's nest. As the ship was grounded he peered over the top and looked towards the island. He was in awe of it. he could see the smoke on the mountain and heard the commotion below. Watching Wynter below running off he still idolized him. Since Pirguru he'd been playing that moment when he beat Koga's Monster over and over again in his head and was still slightly over coming the fact that he was travelling with the man who'd brought the fight to the Marines at Reverse Mountain. However with the bounties he saw how Wynter had nailed them up on the wall of the ship so they could all see them everyday. Rudy's still sent shivers down his spine but when he looked at Wynter's 47,000,000 Beli it shook him to the core. Maybe one day he could be worth just as much.

He'd enjoyed the past week sailing with this group and enjoyed looking after Phiola & Roderick like they were his younger siblings. He'd had an awkward moment when he explained about Phiola though. But it seems everyone had understood he wasn't into children, but just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Knowing Wynter just as everyone did especially Jun they could believe that if Wynter could stumble into a war and back out again that anything was possible.

Deep within the island of Wakamono the animals thrived. Creatures were born, died, hunted and protected. They migrated towards the caves in the mountain in the colder climates and the more vicious animals revealed themselves. However it was currently the warmer season and the jungles weren't as vicious but more full of curious monkeys and docile danpas.

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Re: Island Of The Gods

Post by Fin~ on Fri Jan 02, 2015 11:27 am

After the weird turn of events in Piguru, Phiola had been sailing with wynter and his friends, where to she didn't know, but if she had not escaped with them she would have been returned home, home to where she didn't have the freedom she had been experiencing these last few days. Phiola was scared, that when the other found out they might turn her in for the reward, or atleast scold her, but none of them had happened yet, all she knew was that the horizon looked pretty as she stared over it into the deep yonder. Her close bunnybuddy was right next to her, relaxing and enjoying her company on this for now calm moment.

 '' It was a weird week wasn't it Roderick'' Phiola asked, mumbling a bit as her stare didn't move away from the horizon, as she was enchanted by it.

'' It sure was''  Roderick replyed, as gravity slowly made him slide down a little, making his position look even more lazily then before.

 '' Hey rod, do you think we will be safe with them, now they know I ran from home'' Phiola asked, worried that her adventure might come to an early ending.

Shaking his head slightly the bunny replied  '' I don't think that will be the case, they would have done so already if they planned that, I think they are just giving us a lift, we should prepare for more adventures when we arive, it will probably be just us again so lets enjoy some company while we can''  Roderick tried to keep phiola as possitive as possible so she wouldn't be too stressy about this all.

Nodding phiola continued '' Im sure happy we all came out safe, things could have ended much scarier'' 

 '' me too Phiola, me too''

Continueing their chats while staring over the ships railing the two spent quite some time enjoying their relaxed times.

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Re: Island Of The Gods

Post by Docile on Fri Jan 02, 2015 9:38 pm



"Ok Wynter, we're going to have to be careful on what we bring back so we don't bring anything that's poisonous back got that?" Lyceum asked as he turned to Wynter. Unfortunately as he turned around Lyceum's eyes fell upon nothing but the sight of forest and tracks of Wynter in the mud.

"Yea sure" he could hear in the distance as Wynter was already running off on his own in search of food. That kids gonna poison himself. he thought to himself before turning back to the ship.

Lyceum wanted to head out and search as well as maybe even study some of the fruits or plant life as it could possibly aid him in medical procedures. But a thought passed through his mind.

Looking up towards the deck Lyceum called out for Murii once more.

"Hey Murii."

Popping her head over the railings once more to see Lyceum now standing on his own she looked towards the forest and smiled. She knew by now that Wynter was one eager beaver and already run headlong into the forest and all danger that awaited him. She felt a touch of concern in her heart, but knew he would be just fine.

"Could you get hold of Roderick? I want to ask him if he wants to come with to help find some food? It'd probably be a good idea to bring someone who knows a little bit about food along with us."

Smiling & nodding as it seemed Lyceum was trying to act like a fatherly figure Murii replied with a smile.

"yea of course I can. That's a good idea actually."

Making her way towards the girl's room where Roderick seemed to be allowed to sleep too just because he was anatomically correct & as smooth as a pearl.

Pushing the door open gently and peering in Murii could see the two sitting together. They were quietly chatting. Knocking on the door Murii made herself known to the two of them and took a few small steps into the room. She'd heard them talking about Phiola not being turned in as she'd approached.

"I wouldn't worry about being turned in Phiola. Roderick's right. We would've already done it by now if we were going to turn you in."

Moving closer and slowly bending down to sit on her legs with her knees facing forwards, Murii sat beside Roderick.

"Roderick, Lyceum's out front he's asking if you want to head out & see if you can find some food. He thinks it'll be a good idea for the cook to choose his supplies."

Turning to face Phiola, Murii continued trying to comfort her after Roderick left to speak with Lyceum and find his own supplies.

"Wynter's a child of running away too Phiola. So if anyone knows about running away in search of a dream, its him."

Resting her hand down on the floor Murii glanced towards the log pose to see her arrow was still pointing toward Wakamono. She was a little curious as to why it hadn't changed to a new location yet, but she was certain she'd find out soon enough. Maybe their next island was still in that direction.

Finally opening her eyes and feeling rough as hell the red haired feisty shipwright used her hana hana no mi powers to lift her up to her feet. As she slouched tired and aching due to staying in the same position all night, Jun slowly trudged towards the kitchen side of the room and yawned. She was exhausted and more to the point starving.

Her stomach was rumbling & she needed to fill that void.

Hana Hana: Cupboard Search

Arms sprouted out from all surfaces around the kitchen and begun to open up the cupboards and searching through them for something of nutritional value that would fill Jun's void and provide her with the energy she needed.

Peering around the corner into the kitchen, Rudy could see Jun trying to find something acceptable to her stomach. He watched as she utilized her powers for such a mundane daily task.

As he continued to watch peering around the corner the mango he'd grown with increased plant growth powers made an appearance peering around the corner ever so slightly as he munched on the section of it he'd peeled with bamboo claws.

Stealing a bite from it he watched as Jun removed a bottle of rum from on top of the cupboard.

"Rum. I don't know the question, but this sure is the answer."

Handing the bottle down to Jun her arms one by one after use burst into cherry blossoms. Rudy had seen this once before but forgotten about it and this had taken him by surprise.

He fall backwards landing on his arse. Losing grip of his mango he watched as it flew from his hands into the air.

Hearing the sounds of something/one falling Jun turned to see a foot poking through the doorway and an orange fleshy based fruit hurtling towards her face.

Seconds later she felt its rich sweet juice trickling down her face as the rest of it hit the floor.

Leaves brushing past his face and twigs breaking beneath his feet Wynter was darting from side to side past trees and over debris of the branches.

It was time to find some food to get rid of that indescribable itch called hunger for his friends & only crew member as well as himself.

The sounds of the jungle were already beginning to get to him and tugged his mouth into a smile. With his hair brushing back he was enjoying himself too much in a place such as this to realize that all of the sudden there was a root from a large cooked old tree sticking out of the ground.

Catching his foot on it, Wynter was sent face first into the ground.


Rolling over and sitting up he looked back to spot the root. Scowling at it as if it actually had feelings a wife & four kids, Wynter reached for the root snapping it so it wouldn't trip himself or anyone else every again. As he held the root in hand and watched the remains he smiled.

Never again would this root trip anyone ever. Or so he thought as he witnessed the root just reform. Growing back out into the same shape to meet the root the other half of the root which was in the ground Wynter literally watched this magical tree regenerate.

"That is soo cool."

Deep within the forest of Wakamono two strangers were already suffering at the hands of their greatest threat. Or so they would think.

Two travelers lost at sea.
One betrayed & one generally lost.
Far from home the two met one another in the greatest of dark places seeking safety.

Climbing the mountain of Wakamono the two strangers to this island who'd been stuck here two weeks now seemed to be finally getting on.

Fallon Carde former pirate captain & navigator of the Black Heart Pirates

Made her way here in a barrel. Left at sea in a barrel she wasn't really fussy when she came across land. It was better than drifting aimlessly. As for the other the man who was part fish.

Lyon Tsubio dreamer & super suave clownfish he had arrived here by sheer mistake. He would've swam from the island to another like he did try eight times, but the currents were just too strong for him to try it alone. No matter how many times he'd tried it spat him back on to the shore ever single time.

What he really needed was something that could block the currents off or redirect them. As Lyon had started trekking through the forest and got his foot stuck in sinking sand he was fortunate enough to make such a fuss over it Fallon had come to his rescue.

Now the two after coming up with a half decent plan on how to escape without Fallon being captured for her bounty & Lyon being ignored for being a fishman were headed to the top of the mountain.

"I can't wait to get off of this island. Its been a nightmare."

"At least you came here by choice!" Fallon exclaimed as she quickly kicked off of two rocks to fling herself up beside Lyon. Landing beside him she looked up to look into his eyes which looked back with nothing but a serious expression.

"Do you think there will be anymore of them up here?" he asked questioning about one of the island's notorious mountain dwellers.

"I fuckin' 'ope not. They're turning my knuckles red raw."

"So, do you want me to deal with them?" Lyon asked.

"You're kidding right?" she asked as she playfully hit him in the arm. "I can 'andle meself!" she said turning to continue up the mountain.

By this point Lyon had already spaced out and was just looking up at the clouds. They were pretty. Especially the one that looked like a palm tree. Smiling as he looked up at it he started to register something of a painful nature upon his back. Turning around he caught sight of what it was when he saw a stone hurtling towards his face.

Quickly leaning to the left the stone shot past him missing.

"Don't throw rocks at me." he replied with a serious tone and lack of emotion. Clearly unhappy with her actions.

"Then don't ignore me!"

"I wasn't." Looking at Fallon's feet to see two of the mountain's Girallons lying at her feet Lyon raised his eyes to Fallon's face once more. "Was I?"

Slowly nodding with a face full of frustration Fallon clenched her fist which now had gone from red raw to bleeding badly.

"You better gi'e me that neckerchief."

"Not a chance."

"Then what am I 'pposed to wrap me 'and up in?"

"Just use your hat."

"You 'avin' a laugh?"

Rolling his eyes at her response Lyon muttered back a simple.


"Ah sod it. These apes aren't that bad. I'll just deal with it."

Moving up ahead, Lyon started to follow. He paused momentarily looking over the creatures and shook his head.

The eight foot albino gorillas with four arms stood no chance against Fallon & himself.


"I'm coming!"

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Re: Island Of The Gods

Post by Fin~ on Mon Jan 05, 2015 11:39 pm

As Phiola and Roderick were sitting together, talking when the door opened and a gentle couple of knocks were heard, in the door opening was the woman with orange hair, called murii if Phiola recalled corectly, she was friendly and calm, and told her to not worry about being turned in. which made her felt relieved and smile a little.

Getting closer to Roderick, the woman got on his eye level, and told him that Lyceum wanted to go look for some food with Roderick, nodding he looked at phiola, who at first turned a bit pale, but later looked like she would be fine, in the company of these people, there was rudy, and murii as well, things would be okay wouldn't they?

'' It's okay, Roderick, ill be safe''  

Nodding and thanking her, he left after a big hug to spot lyceum there. you needed me? he aked as he itched his head and waited for a response, he had no idea where they were, but going out for goods sounded like a good plan.

Phiola was still with murii, as murii told her that Wynter was a run away child too, being slightly more comfortable and feeling a little more safe she thanked murii and smiled a little Do you think Roderick and lyceum will be safe? she asked a little worried knowing she was alone without roderick, she hoped that he would return to them soon.

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Re: Island Of The Gods

Post by Docile on Tue Jan 06, 2015 10:29 am

Spotting the khaki coloured plushie Lyceum smiled.

"I was wondering if you wanted to come with. Since your the one whose cooking aboard the ship at the moment I figured why not let the cook choose his ingredients. So you fancy it?" Lyceum asked gesturing towards the forest behind him.

With his other hand sitting in his pocket Lyceum waited for a response. Feeling a sudden surge of pain shoot through his body from his spine Lyceum reached for his bottle of pills and popped a few pain killers into his mouth. Placing the bottle back he looked back up towards Roderick.

"Might be a good idea to get a bag or a basket too, y'know for anything small like berries."

Murii could feel the slight tension between Roderick & herself it was clear he wasn't fully certain she was safe without him and Murii understood it but just hoped that he could learn to trust them even if she was a pirate. As Roderick left the room and made his way to Lyceum Murii looked at Phiola and noticed how she became much less tense at hearing how Wynter was a child of running away too.

As Phiola asked if Roderick would be safe she moved in a little closer to Phiola.

"I think he will be just fine. You saw how well they both handled that monster in Pirguru. Anyway they're just going to collect food. What's the worst that could happen."

Smiling back at Phiola, Murii noticed her harp.

"Phiola, I've got an idea. How about you grab your harp and we'll go out on to the deck and you can play your harp. Maybe you can charm some birds like you did that weird creature in Pirguru."

Looking at the man who had fallen Jun sighed.

Why're the cute ones always morons? she thought to herself. Picking up the mango and tossing it towards the bin, she landed it perfectly in the top and the mango was now good as gone. Walking over towards a petrified Rudy a little enraged Jun stood towering over Rudy with her back slightly hunched.

"What are you doing?"

Feeling too terrified to speak, Rudy simply remained silent looking up at Jun who quickly grew tired of his silence and popped the top of her rum off. As the cork popped out of the bottle and hit Rudy in the face she took a quick swig and stepped over him making her way to her room to nap. As she wandered into the room she spotted hammocks.

Scratching her head she started questioning if they'd been here all along. Shrugging her shoulders she climbed into one. After a good few minutes of struggling and falling out drinking some more rum and trying again she realized she could just climb up using her hana hana powers.

Climbing into one finally she laid back with her rum resting against her stomach happily like a baby with her bottle.

Rudy on the other hand who felt nothing more than fear after his encounter with a feisty red head who was too tired to deal with him decided it was time he got what he'd come down for. Heading into the kitchen after dusting himself off and sighing he made his way to the dinning room table and snatched up the dinning room table cloth. Folding it up he quickly made his way back up to the crow's nest with the cloth.

Before leaving Pirguru Rudy had seen Pandora in distress. It had seemed to have been something to do with the large lump that had appeared after their fight in the catacombs of Pirguru. But just before he'd been chased outta town with Phiola & Roderick he'd helped that creature out.

Arriving in the crow's nest he wrapped the green ball that Pandora had thrown up in a pile of sick. Resting it in the crow's nest wrapped up all nice & neatly he looked over it before looking in all directions to make sure no one had seen him. He wasn't sure what it was, but he had his ideas.

Grabbing hold of the root once again and pulling it free Wynter kept on snapping it laughing each time as the root repaired itself. This was turning out to be more fun than it should've been. Hearing a loud screech Wynter lost focus on the roots and jumped to his feet.

Looking around in all directions he heard a scream and started to run towards it. Something was up and someone in danger. Darting towards the danger he felt branches smack his ankles & one hit his face.

Ignoring the pain he pushed past it all and found his feet no longer on solid ground but an incline dragging him down. Sliding down it into a small enclosed area with grass and just up ahead a large muddy puddle Wynter watched as a large hippo almost the same size as Koga's Monster stood before a woman just a little taller than himself.

Wearing a grass skirt, beaded bracelets on either sleeve & holding a spear with along with a sharp curved fang like bone which sat in the middle part of her nose the woman took a few steps back.

"Terug! Terug!" the woman shouted fueled with aggression as she thrust her spear towards the hippo. The hippo took a step back lowering its hind legs into the lake. Slashing from left to right along the hippo's torso just beneath the neck Wynter watched as blood poured from the wound.

Roaring in pain the creature thrashed the ground with his front legs causing the woman to pounce back in defense.

They'd been travelling for a while now and as much as Fallon annoyed him a little by snatching him away from his day dreams, Lyon knew they had a job to do.

Standing with his back to a large boulder Lyon cupped his hands and hoisted Fallon up so she could reach the top. Watching her grab hold and pull herself up grunting along the way Lyon turned around and prepared himself to run up the wall to grab Fallon's hand.

Taking a few steps back before running against the wall and kicking off launching himself up, Lyon grabbed hold of Fallon's hand. His weight nearly dragged her over the edge until she placed her other hand on the edge. Using all of her strength to pull him up, Fallon pulled her over the edge. Landing on top of her Fallon lay there breathing heavily whilst Lyon quickly hoped off of Fallon.

Looking left, right & then straight ahead Lyon turned to offer Fallon his hand. Batting it away Fallon sat up and threw herself on to her feet.

"C'mon Lyon. You really think I need your 'elp!" she said as she started marching past him with a laugh. Following behind Lyon spoke up.

"Well ok Fallon how bout I throw you back down there and we'll see how you handle making your way up on your own."

"Nah mate. Don't wanna embarrass ya"

Both begun to chuckle as they continued along the mountain ridge.

"So Fallon, once we're off the island. What's next?"

"Well I'm gunna get the bastards who left me in this shit situation." turning to look at Lyon she replied. "What about you?"

Returning the look Lyon started to realize that he didn't know. But he wasn't going to let her know that.

"I guess I'll just continue exploring trying to become stronger. Be nice if I didn't have to travel alone though." he said hinting a little. Unfortunately Fallon being Fallon, she took it slightly differently.

"You comin' on ta me?"

"No. God no. I just thought that maybe you could use a little help."

Stopping for a moment to think about the offer Fallon started to forget she was thinking of him coming on to her and looked at Lyon from head to toe.

"I guess I could use a hand. I mean I can't swim as well as you can. So yeah sure! When we get off this island. You can 'ang wiv' me for a bit."

Smiling back at Lyon, Fallon gestured for him to continue following.

"Now c'mon on. We gotta get going."

Continuing up the mountain Fallon was ready to get off this island as soon as she could. Lyon on the other hand wanted to get off the island, but he wasn't in any rush to get stuck back at sea since he couldn't navigate to save his life and he didn't have much faith in Fallon's navigation skills without any navigational technology.

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Re: Island Of The Gods

Post by Fin~ on Sat Jan 10, 2015 12:49 am


Coming out to the deck greeted by lyceum he smiled .he and Lyceum got on quite well, they were both quite responsible people and didn't have to stand in the light either .they'd just sail the tide how it would go and live to it .nodding to his explanation Roderick smiled and stretched out  " Indeed that be a good idea .we do not have a lot of supplies and we should eat well. what would you like to eat tonight .maybe we can hunt some animals .or ill make a stew " he said as enthousiasticly as only Roderick could get about food .

Running back and forth to gather baskets. some tools like a knife to cut berrys of and a backpack the bunny changed into human form,   might be a little easier to carry everything" while itching his head and aligning his gear properly . "Lets go!" the bunny rabbit enthousiasticly said as he hopped a little . While leading the way into the forest, maybe not the best idea but he was quite enthousiasticly .


As Murii moved a little closer to her, Phiola inmediatly felt a little more comfortable, trying to smile a little when murii asked her whats the worst thing that could happen, " well we didn't actually expect a monster to be on that island either did we, they are both strong so I hope they will be fine" Phiola said trying to lower the tension for herself .

When Murii continued and told her she had an idea, Phiola could use her harp to charm some birds, but would that actually work? she had tamed a monster yes .but that was not a bird and Phiola thought it was only a one time situation "c-charm?" she asked gulping a little "w-wasn't that just a one time on that monster" she continued but then shook her head " no no no, I could always try" she said smiling as she knew she was in freedom.

Getting up and smiling at murii hoping she'd follow , Phiola saw Roderick and Lyceum were already gone . Sitting herself down on the deck she blushed a little, being not very comfortable with it and placed her harp down to play . looking at the bird filled sky she went for soft tones, catched well in the wind, closing her eyes she started playing and very, very gently singing a song, though only murii could hear

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Re: Island Of The Gods

Post by Docile on Sun Jan 11, 2015 10:36 pm

With an answer from Roderick and the sight of baskets Lyceum grinned. He surely seemed up for it. And the thought of a stew did sound delicious. From what he'd learnt in the past week, was Roderick could definitely cook, despite his clear hazard to fire. He seemed almost as excited as Wynter as he hopped over the railings and dashed into the jungle.

Picking up one of the baskets he dropped Lyceum followed after Roderick into the jungle. Making his way into the jungle, Lyceum held the basket in his right hand and looked either side left and right.

"Ok Rod, you're the culinary genius here so lead the way."

Towards the left side of the jungle among the trees and bushes there were a ton of bushes with a mixture of berrys. Above them in the trees were a few fruits. Some well know a few not so well known. Swinging through the trees above were monkeys curious of the jungle's new strangers who dared enter into their home of foliage. Slithering between trees, bushes & through holes were serpents. Snakes ranging from the deadly variation to the harmless.

Stepping on what felt like a living belt Lyceum removed his bare foot to see a grass green snake slither away quickly from beneath his foot and into the bushes. As he watched the serpent escape he looked towards Roderick.

"Keep your eyes peeled Rod, they're snakes about throughout the jungle."

Listening to Phiola refusing Murii could understand her hesitance but figured it would be a nice way to spend their time aboard the ship whilst the boys hunted down some food. They were only here for some supplies anyway and nothing else.

As Phiola finally agreed she could try, Murii smiled and led the way. Leading Phiola out on to the deck like a motherly figure she watched Phiola blush.

"Don't be shy Phiola. You're quite the talented musician. We all heard you in Pirguru and saw how much that creature enjoyed your music."

Hearing the soft tones which begun to rise into the ear and charm Murii's ears she started to watch the skies and could see the birds beginning to fly in a soft pattern. Forming into a line they started gliding in an 8 formation around in the sky. Appearing as if they were swimming through the air Murii grinned.

"See Phiola, you're an amazing musician. Those swallows are loving your lyrical tunes." Raising her hands and beginning to move them around through the air Murii started to create an illusion in front of Phiola.

A hole opened up in the air before Phiola and in the hole a mixture of colours begun to swirl around as if it was dancing to Phiola's music.

The music from Phiola's harp was nice and soothing. As Rudy curled up with the sphere he'd wrapped up in the table cloth he started to feel the heat increasing as he cuddled with it. His face quickly started to burn from the sheer volume of heat escaping the sphere. Enough to make him sit up in surprise, fear and worry. Sitting up and looking at the sphere he started to notice that the table cloth was no longer a table cloth but more closely related to ash as the cloth had started to burn. Panicking He grabbed what remained and threw it overboard.

This caught the attention of Murii as a ball of fire came crashing down and splashed into the water sending steam signalling nice and high into the sky. Rudy yelped out of shock and stepped back. This sphere wasn't right and he was really questioning why he'd even taken it from Pandora in the first place now.

Stumbling backwards he felt the wooden railing of the nest aid him in his escape via falling over it backwards. Crashing down towards the deck he saw Phiola & Murii below. Screaming he caught Murii's attention who wasn't sure how to help him especially in such shock.

Thankfully Rudy knew just how.

Midori Boshi: Beanstalk

Launching a seed into the ground a large beanstalk shot up just in reach of Rudy which he gripped tightly millimeters before hitting the ground. With his eyes tightly shut and the beanstalk sitting in his hands he slowly opened them a she heard Murii's heavy breathing closer than it should've been. Finding himself so close to the floor he placed his hand back on the beanstalk.

The plant quickly died as he sucked the nutrients from it and seconds later it fell limp and landed on the ground dead and limp already beginning to decay thanks to Rudy's mosa mosa no mi powers.

"Are you ok Rudy?" Murii asked in concern as Rudy looked on upwards to the crow's nest worried it might burst into flames. Thankfully the sphere had cooled down.

The soothing tune of Phiola's harp had helped her fall in to a nice deep sleep. Although her lack of sleep this past week was also a help. She needed more sleep and she knew it, but what was the point in sleeping when there was work to be done.

The best ideas came at night and if that meant staying up all night to work on them then that's just what she would do. If she couldn't succeed though she had her fail safe person to blame. It was never her fault and it never ever would be, because it was always Wynter's fault. Rolling over in the hammock Jun grunted as her hand hurt from the hole she had in it from the game of five finger fillet she'd miserably failed at in Pirguru. It had been healing the past week, but still hurt like a bastard. The smallest wounds usually do though. At least that's what she'd told Rudy who nearly fainted when he saw Lyceum replacing the bandage.

That would had been horrendous and it was even more shocking that it was self inflicted. But Jun couldn't say she was surprised at Rudy's arms. They were horribly scared. But that's part due to him being a little clumsy and not knowing how to use a devil fruit power. Turned out he'd scratched his own arms up previous when he was being trained and taught to use it by his foster mother.

Shame he couldn't put it to good use in the revolutionary war he was trained for. But a life of piracy was just as good as long as Jun got her fair share of booze, redwood tools lumber & booty. She wasn't sure which booty she meant though pirate booty or Rudy booty. Why the hell am I even thinking about Rudy booty!?

Leaping back in defense holding her spear close by to avoid losing it the woman was astounded to catch sight of a surprising sight. The hippo continued to thrash around moving closer. Pulling himself from the lake and towards the tribal woman as blood streamed down its neck.

Life Return: Nervous System Shocker

A man in a blue waistcoat was now above the woman with a tightly clenched fist. Slamming into the hippo's nose a sudden shockwave was sent spiraling throughout the beast and the lake. Roaring in agony the hippo jolted as the lake begun too fizzle. Falling to the floor unconscious with blood still oozing from its neck the man in the blue waistcoat landed kneeling before the unconscious bleeding hippo.

Standing up and turning around to face the woman the man known as Wynter reached down to pull his glove back up properly and looked towards the half naked tribal woman.

Leaping forward with spear in hand and placing it against Wynter's neck the tip scratched against his Adam's apple. Gulping as he raised his hands Wynter paused whilst the woman's eyes narrowed and a voice of fury screamed Wie jij?! Wie jij?!"

Reaching the summit of the mountain Lyon wiped the sweat from his brow as he looked out over the rest of the island. It looked beautiful, reaching into his pocket he removed a small brown leather bound book and removed a small pencil strapped to the book. Writing in the book he wrote a small note as if it was a diary.

Reached the summit of Wakamono Mountain with Fallon. Next up the ambush followed by a journey with Fallon.

Closing the book whilst Fallon quickly started building a fire Lyon noticed a small stream of smoke rising into the sky from what seemed to be a ship. Grinning at the sight he started to smile. Maybe they didn't need to set this signal to be found anymore.

Turning to face Fallon with a grin Lyon watched her. She wasn't trying to build the fire anymore but holding her necklace that she kept beneath her clothing and looking into it. As she looked into the necklace her face was filled with sorrow. Lyon slowly approached silently until he stepped on a twig and the sound of a snap caught her attention.

Turning and slamming the necklace shut Fallon caught Lyon glancing trying to get a peek of the necklace.

"C'mon then, we gonna start this fire?"

Pausing Lyon thought about the necklace then about the fire and finally the ship he'd seen He wanted to ask about the necklace and mention about the ship. But the the smoke was the lure for the owners of the ship. Nodding he bit his tongue keeping quiet and kept pilling the kindling up until it was high enough.

Looking back towards the ship Lyon grinned. Soon they would be free of this tribal nightmare.

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Re: Island Of The Gods

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Roderick was very very enthousiastic as he walked around being followed by Lyceum, he was told that he had the lead and would be able to decided what he wanted for the food .Roderick spotted some trees with fruits and bushes full with berrys, some were a little unkown but Roderick turned into his hybrid form, leaping in the trees greeted by monkeys he showed them he wouldn't take all their fruits .  " hey Lyceum should we bring a monkey home for Phiola" Roderick said laughing as he filled up with lemon and limes. pears and a lot of berrys, great for some healthy smoothies and great with poultry or fish.

As he jumped down landing beneath Lyceum they continued their way to the right .the animals im this forest weren't used to people .and Roderick did not want to distrupt their natural habitat. Lyceum stepped on a snake, but it slithered away after being warned by Lyceum for snakes, " or we could eat snake, though I don't see the females being happy with that".

Enthousiastically following his way down he found some herbs .  " hey lyceum taste this" he happily said, handing over a herb that looked like simple weed but was tasting like watercrest, " this looks like weed but is actually reaally good" Roderick said as he continued his way. He really enjoyed going out for some fresh foods, they could use some proteine for the evening meal .or he would make pasta from flour and then make a mushroom sauce with it  " Lyceum I cant choose what to cook. We should maybe make a banquet what do you want to eat, what is your favourite food"  Roderick said hopping around, gathering ingredients but looking out for snakes or other animals .


smiling while playing and singing she was a very happy person, as murii had told her the birds were indeed reacting to her which was very special .maybe she could tame the birds or do something with them, she could maybe make even more friends or try it on other animals. Phiola wanted to study what tones would be effecting what animals .she had to study this and could maybe control animals or others through music .music sure was special .

Making music was sure great, she could be who she wanted through music. Smiling she followed the birds as she was pretty songs, songs about her dreams .about her future and about adventure. 

As the young girl continued the sky above her suddenly changed colour. A lot of weird colours filled the sky and they seemed to dance to her music .she wanted to see how far this would go, changing her music to a slightly depressive tones wondering of the colours would change . She had no idea this was an ilusion .to her she was completely inside her music consumed with it

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Re: Island Of The Gods

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Lyceum was happy to see Roderick in his element collecting food for them. As he climbed the tree and started to fill the baskets he had with him with lemons and limes he watched the monkeys int he tree he'd climbed move away to watch the stranger steal some of their fruit. Soon after Roderick left the tree the monekys returned to parts of the tree Roderick had been in. Clearly they were scared of the creature they'd never seen before.

As Roderick spoke about taking a monkey back for Phiola, Lyceum smirked.

"I think we've got enough crazy aboard the ship with Wynter aboard." Lyceum replied. Clearly just joking and a little not joking. Lyceum heard Roderick's comments about the snake and had to admit, he wasn't up for chewing on a floor serpent which would most likely be poisonous. Although their venom can be used for medicine.

Looking at the serpent's tail he decided against it. He wasn't going to kill a snake just steal its venom. Maybe if he came across a dead one he'd do so, but he wasn't going to take a life. Following after Roderick who thrust a weed in his face Lyceum pulled a face and gave Roderick a peculiar look.

Roderick explained about the weed and Lyceum figured you only live once, may as well give it a go. Sniffing it he couldn't smell much other than the ordinary weed smell, but once he got it in his mouth and started chewing on it the flavor was unleashed in his mouth. It was quite nice and did taste of Watercrest. Nodding to Roderick Lyceum replied.

"You're right it really does. That's quite nice. Where did you learn about things like this? I can't imagine things like this are in cookery books since this place isn't all that well known. I mean I'd never heard of it before."

Lyceum spotted some coconuts hanging from a tree just up ahead and grinned. Walking towards the tree which harnessed them he raised his right foot and launched a kick towards the base of the tree. Sending vibrations up the trunk he watched as the coconuts shook and finally fell. Leaping back to avoid the coconuts hitting him he watched three hit the ground and scooped them up and placed them into his basket.

"There we go some coconuts for later."

Pretty happy with his first pick Lyceum asked.

"Do you think you'll need coconuts for anything?"

He heard Roderick's question about his favorite food and Lyceum knew if Roderick were to cook one of his favorite foods they'd need to find an animal.

"My favorite food, well that's tricky. We should just make the best out of what we find and have back at the ship. But I like things that are meaty."

Moving further through the foliage of the jungle, Lyceum spotted a small trail of death. He could see a few smatterings of blood. Following the trail he fell upon what could only be described as a massacre by a lost mythical monster.

The bodies of monkeys were scattered around through the clearing. A large circular portion of the jungle was flattened and dead center of the monkey massacre with chewing on the inards of one of the these harmless primates was an eight foot creature with four arms and fangs protruding from its mouth. Holding the monkey at good few feet in the air and digging its face into the animal's belly Lyceum watched as this creature that he'd thought only existed in myth ate away at the monkey.

Girallon - The Girallon is an eight foot tall albino gorilla with four arms. This creature is exceptionally strong like a gorilla however double in strength and speed. The girallon has red piercing eyes and has been known to have horns in some cases. These horns are small and on either side of the head they are yellow with red tips.

"Yeah, I'm fine thanks. That fall hurt a bit, but I'm fine." Rudy replied as he sat down leaning his back against the mast.

"Good, I'm glad you're not hurt." Murii replied only to have her stomach reply too with a sudden low grumble. Placing a hand on her stomach and feeling a little embarrassed she excused herself. "Oh my. I'm terribly sorry. I guess I'm a little hungry. I hope the boys come back soon."

Looking over towards Phiola who was still playing her harp Rudy asked them both.

"Are you guys hungry? Cause y'know I can grow fruits."

Pointing his fingers shaped like a gun into the deck he launched out two seeds. Both plants quickly grew. One with mangos & the other with oranges. Bursting into life both fruit trees stood over the three of them. Rudy used his mosa mosa powers to raise himself up and cut the fruits free and catch them in a vine made fruit basket before lowering himself down and sucking up the plants nutrients by placing his hand on them. Both trees quickly become nothing more than a hollow shell of what they'd previously been.

Placing the basket down between Phiola & Murii Rudy reached in and grabbed himself a mango which he quickly peeled open with the aid of some bamboo claws he sprouted from his knuckles.

"There you go guys. Dig in."

Unable to sleep properly Jun rolled out of the hammock and decided she'd make do with collecting some more supplies should their ship come to harm. Walking out on to the deck to see Phiola, Murii & Rudy she waved to them and reached into the fruit basket to grab an orange. Peeling it open she smiled at the group avoiding eye contact with Rudy. Gosh! What was so hard about eye contact with Rudy?!

"You guys don't mind staying aboard the ship do you? I just want to go get some supplies for the ship. I think I might add a few additions. Or if the ship gets damaged it would be good to have some supplies."

Nodding Rudy said "That should be fine."

Smiling back awkwardly to Rudy, Jun was more awaiting answered from Murii & Phiola.

Murii nodded too as she tucked into an orange happy to let Jun go on her way into the jungle. She believed Jun could handle herself. Smiling back Jun hopped over the railings and started making her way into the jungle curiously looking for supplies. However within moments of entering the jungle she started to see how the animals were scared of her. Probably her natural intimidating that terrified Rudy.

Feeling a surge of pain in her hand she continued walking through the foliage. Looking at each tree and running her hand over it she felt the first to realize the trees would be useless for a ship. They were either inferior or wouldn't fair well with sea water. Typical!

Moving further along she did however allow her eyes to fall unto a beauty that she'd never thought she'd get the chance to see. She wasn't quite sure how it had managed to grow out here but she wasn't about to deny herself the chance of getting her hands on it either.

Moving in close and running her finger tips of it, a smile crept over Jun's face and filled a void in her heart. She'd heard legends of this stuff, but never know of its true existence. She'd always just thought people were talking shit when they spoke about it. A small tree stood before her with a red tint to it.

Rose Wood

Pulling a face in confusion Wynter had to be honest, he didn't understand a damn word this woman was saying to him. It was not just confusing but weird.

"I don't know what your saying."

"Domme man . Binnendringende onze heilige jungles . U niet behoort . Worden gegaan ! Worden gegaan !" She spat back violently thrusting the spear towards Wynter some more.

"I still don't know what your saying and thrusting that spear at me won't make me understand it anymore."

"Myra!" a masculine voice called out from beyond the foliage.

"Hier! Loopvlak licht intruer gevonden ."

Bursting through the trees and leaves a large man with dark skin and a similar tribal garb stepped towards Myra. He looked towards Wynter and then Myra. Placing a hand on Myra's shoulder the man tried to ease her away.

"Reiziger . Verloren ." he said pointing to Wynter.

"Niet eten ?"

Shaking his head the man watched as Myra turned around removing the spear from Wynter's neck. She seemed almost angry and seemed to stomp off towards the tree the man had come from beside. Leaning against the tree watching Wynter the man smiled at him.

"My name is Que Gin, this is my sister Myra. I'm sorry about this little misunderstanding. She doesn't like anyone else in the jungle, it puts her on edge."

"Hij nam me vermoorden!" Myra shouted pointing towards Wynter angrily.

Que Gin looked at Wynter then the hippo and his eyes widened.

"She says you took her kill. Is that true?"

"What? That's not true. I'd never." Wynter replied feeling guilty.

"Oh so you didn't kill the hippo. Shame I'd thought you had some real skills there."

"Oh that! Yeah I took down the hippo. I thought she was in trouble."

"And these fish?"

"Yeah, that was me too."

"They look like they've been electrocuted. You didn't use some sort of weird city people technology did you?"

"Just my hands."

Raising a hand up and emitting a small shock, Que Gin looked in surprise. He'd never seen something like this before but it really made him think.

"You certainly have some interesting skills my friend. Would you be so kind and help us take this feast back to our camp?"

"Yeah of course." hearing his own stomach rumble loudly Wynter placed a hand over his stomach and continued. "Although, could I get some food when we arrive?" he felt cheeky asking, but it was better to ask than just assume.

"Of course, you helped us. We'll help you." grabbing hold of part of the hippo and hoisting it up Que Gin pointed to Myra. "Kom Myra . Het verzamelen van de vis en dan helpen met nijlpaard . Naar het kamp." nodding Myra quickly tossed the fish in a basket and hoisted it on her back then joined in the lifting of the hippo whilst Wynter grabbed the middle of the hippo and all three started to lead the way back to the tribe's camp with hopes of food, songs & cheers for such a victory over the big creature.

Setting fire to the logs they'd carried up the mountain on their back, Lyon felt accomplished but their journey was far from over. They still needed to ambush the ship. As the two of them waited around the fire Fallon stood up and looked around the island. Within a matter of seconds she spotted the Playful Griffin and a smile stretched over her face.

"Lyon, we're getting off of here today."


"There's a ship just down there."

"Maybe we should wait a little bit for them to leave the ship. I mean what're the chances they will leave someone aboard when islands like this aren't exactly teeming with life."

"You & I are here. And that's bad enough news for them."

"Well there's also that mental tribe."

"Yeah but no one knows of them and if you do, you avoid them. I mean who the 'ell makes sacrifices to feed to whatever lives in that temple."

"Well clearly they do."

"Yea well I feel sorry for the next poor schmuck they lure back to their camp. He's in for a surprise."

"I'm sure we can probably sneak aboard the ship and take it without them even knowing."

"What's a matter wv' you? Afraid of a little fight?"

"just don't see the point in continuing this blood bath when it can just be so much easier."

"Well ain't that just a shame you're partnered up wiv me then?"

Beginning the journey down the mountain towards the ship Fallon couldn't wait to get off of this island and out on to the open sea once more and to get her own back on the fuckers who were responsible for her being stuck here.

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Re: Island Of The Gods

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This time with Lyceum was quit good, Lyceum appreciated his skills and knowledge, which made him feel pretty good. normally when Roderick would cook, or even offer to cook people wouldn't trust him and just make him out for a weird plushie, even if he just liked sharing his fine culinarian arts, Roderick smiled a little, '' This isn't the stuff from books, it's from traveling and cooking a long long time, an old lady once showed me which herbs have really good flavour and are barely used, makes for some suprises'' Roderick said smiling as he loved being around Lyceum and gathering food.

As Lyceum ventured on further and stumbled upon coconuts and got a few out. he wondered if they could use it for anything, Roderick smiled and said '' Coconut milk goes very wel in currys, or we can use it for the dessert with fresh fruit''

The little bunny was in his element

maybe a little too much in his Element 

It took him a while to notice what Lyceum had stumbled up on,

As his mouth dropped he checked up on the masacre, Little monkeys, dead on the floor towered over by a giant white gorilla with four arms, gulping down, as the creature devoured a monkey, Roderick looked at Lyceum and whispered, '' Hey either we should get away, or try and cook that oversized monkey for lunch'' Wondering Lyceum's reply, Roderick didn't really look forward to downing it, but seeing a massacre like this made him quite angry, and ready for a brawl. But the decision was lyceums.


She suddenly stopped playing by the crashing down of Rudy and checked if he was okay, Murii had done the same and he seemed fine, Rudy always had a hand for little things like this, but that made Rudy who he was, and Phiola was glad he wasn't hurt, being all relieved, she couldn't stop shaking for a little as this all had really suprised her, trying to take a few big breaths of air she regained herself. 

When Murii and Rudy were talking about being hungry, she felt her own belly growl a little, she blushed and nodded, to see Rudy grow them some fruits, there were oranges and Mangos, and soon in a basket between her and Murii, smiling she grabbed an orange and peeled it slowly, which was quite hard, as she had never peeled fruit before, bits of orange juice dripped down but slowly she managed.

She looked at Murii and rudy, and wondered what they were going to do, Murii had already joined Wynters crew, but she wondered about Rudy, they had traveled a bit before this and Phiola enjoyed his company '' Hey rudy, Murii, what are you guys planning to do on the future, I myself just want to see the world, and learn a lot of music, and share that with Roderick and friends, why do you two travel, if I may ask'' she said while trying to eat some more of her orange

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Re: Island Of The Gods

Post by Docile on Mon Jan 26, 2015 11:19 pm


Watching the large girallon standing over the gruesome remains of the creature Lyceum heard Roderick join him and speak about cooking the ape or running from it, Lyceum was surprised at the gusto of Roderick and gave him a slightly surprised look. 

However before the two could make a decision Lyceum spotted something in the distance far off. The large mountain of Wakamono was smoking. From the tip there was a large thick black smoke escaping from it. It seemed to be a signal for something, the question was what? 

Smoke signal? he thought to himself as he watched it billow away. As he opened his mouth to tell Roderick about the smoke signal and how they should head towards it and find out what the signal was about the large hulking creature sniffed. 

Following the stench of fresh fruits the red eyes of the girallon fell upon Roderick & Lyceum. 

"Rod we should probably take a look at th-" 

Lyceum was interrupted by the girallon roaring in their general direction beating his large leathery chest with all four arms. Standing tall and screaming at them the girallon charged towards the two of them with a blood crazed rage. Planning on shoulder barging the two of them the ground shook as it took another step. 

Lyceum reached for his scalpels and as he removed a single one in his right hand he quickly twirled it as was now more of an instinctive trait. With the creature closing in and vanishing the distance Lyceum wanted to wait till he was close enough. He could either attempt to leap over the monster and risk getting caught by his spare arms, dive out of the way or attempt to take on the beast with a blade no bigger than his finger. 

As the monster came closer Lyceum dived towards his left out of the way and into a roll. Hitting the ground he felt a sudden surge of pain rattle through his torso but shook it off. His spine started to ache to which he reached for his bottle of pills and popped a few into his mouth. Picking himself up with his spare hand he waited for Roderick's response then took another quick look towards the mountain where the black smoke leaked from. 

"Lets beat this thing quick Rod. There's a smoke signal up there, I think someone may be in trouble."

He was half right, but he didn't know that. Being the doctor that he was, Lyceum cared to help whoever no matter what. He didn't want to leave his supplies on the floor where he'd been standing but the creature was looking for food and if he had it on him it would just be a matter of begging for the monster to chase him. Watching as the basket of fruit was crushed beneath his feet Lyceum sighed & shook his head. 

"Greedy bastard." Lyceum muttered quietly. 


Enjoying their food Rudy was glad to see that he'd been helpful. He enjoyed spending time with these people even if he had no idea why. They made him feel comfortable and it had been a pretty long time since he'd felt this comfortable around people. 

As Phiola inquired about what they were planning on doing, Rudy stopped chewing and felt a bit panicked. Reluctant to answer first he looked Phiola in the eye and before they made contact started looking towards the floor trying to avoid eye contact as he felt his goals in comparison to Phiola's were much more dangerous and he couldn't travel with her wanting what he wanted. Nor did he even feel it was even something he could accomplish. 

Murii smiled at them both and replied to Phiola's question with a smile on her face after she swallowed her mango. 

"That's pretty sweet Phiola. I'm guessing Roderick & you have been travelling together for quite a while then." Murii reached for another mango and as she started trying to peel it she continued. Her brain had started calculating the chances of her accomplishing her goal but she shouldn't in a world like this anything can happen. "Why do I travel? Well, I kinda want to figure out the meaning of life. I get the feeling its a mathematical question with only one right answer, but who knows. Maybe. But I also kinda want to see the world & travel all over it. I mean I know how to navigate and like doing it. What about you Rudy?"

"Well. M-my parents are revolutionaries. I. I kinda wanna join them."

"Then why didn't you join them?"

"I was going."


"I ran away. I was terrified about being thrown into the middle of a war. I figured I could return once I became brave. But. Now I've got a bounty on my head and it was only an accident though!"

"Who is your dad?"

"Tayuki Michaels"

Murii's eyes widened as Rudy spoke the words and she suddenly realized just who Rudy really was. 

"Your that man's son?" Rudy nodded feeling ashamed of himself for not joining his father. "Wow. colour me impressed. He's a notorious revolutionary. I heard the occasional stories about him way over in the North Blue and how he was a real trouble for the Marines in Tequila Wolf."

"Yeah, that's my father." Rudy said quietly before continuing. "But I also want to learn how to use my devil fruit to its best too. I mean I barely know what I'm doing with it half the time."

"Wanneer gaan we toeslaan ?" asked a voice quietly in the trees beside the shore.

Watching the Playful Griffin & the three aboard the Wakamizu tribe sat in the trees. Two of them remaining silent. Unable to be seen, unable to be heard unable to be smelt. They waited in silence watching and waiting.

"Je hebt gevraagd dat voor de laatste 20 minuten"

"Ja, ik wil nu al aan te vallen . Ik heb tak uitslag."

"Dat is walgelijk . U kunt wrijven sommigen Gold Shrike op het toen we terug naar het kamp ."

"Maar goud klauwier stinkt ."

"Jij ook"

"Ik heb een prikkelbare kom !"

"U hoeft niet een kom nodig prikkelbaar te zijn"

"Laten we maar vallen nu ."

Reaching for their tribal made bombs both of the tribesmen tossed their bombs aboard the Playful Griffin. These bombs were small round brown balls with vines wrapped all around them. These small bombs were all natural made from plants in the jungle.

Two large bombs hit the deck. One rolled towards the mast whilst the other rolled towards Rudy, Phiola & Murii. Thankfully these weren't actual bombs but sleeping bombs.

As the bombs hit the deck nothing happened. Rudy noticed them straight away and looked towards them in horror. Murii on the other hand looked towards the trees where they couldn't see anything or anyone. Standing up she continued to observe feeling a little threatened.

"Please tell me that was just something that fell off the trees."

Both bombs started to secrete an odorless scent. Despite it being odorless it did have a small tint of green to it. The vision before Murii & Rudy started to change ever so slightly to that of green as they inhaled the gas. Rudy begun to shiver & fidget preparing his hands for whatever came his way whilst Murii remained vigilant keeping watch not feeling so safe anymore. She'd thought the island uninhabited. But now something seemed wrong.

Hana Hana: Snap!

using her hana hana no mi powers to break the tree down Jun held the tree in her arms. It was barely bigger than her but just as beautiful as ever. Within the tree there was said to be a seed so one could plant the seed and grow another rose wood tree. However it was hard to have one grow so big due to the requirements. She had wanted to ask Rudy about making one for her, but he wasn't the most skilled even with his fruit. One of the myths Jun had been told about these trees was mainly about their resilience.

Rumor has it that rose wood is fire proof & immortal. The wood never rots nor does it ever die. Even if it is removed from the ground it will never die but remain as it is. She started to wonder what she could make out of it and had so many thoughts. Unfortunately it wasn't much but it was enough. Laying it down and standing over it she started to try and visualise what she could make out of it.

Watching the branch from afar so she could picture it she watched as the branch was snatched up by a monster of a creature with large leathery wings a screech that sounded painful & a hairy back. Standing in shock and a little in anger Jun started to give chase after the creature that seemed in such pain.

Watching it run ahead as if it were limping she shouted after the creature.


She continuously tried to attack the monster with her hana hana no mi powers sprouting arms & legs out from all surfaces to try & catch it but each grasp the creature wriggled free from & each attack which landed the creature took it on the chin and powered through with out a worry in the world.

"SLOW DOWN! I'm GOING TO-" running out of breath as the creature made its escape Jun started to pant and finally as she stopped to catch her breath she looked towards the trail of destruction it had left.

I will find you & I will kill you. she thought to herself as she caught her breath.

Upon arrival at the camp all eyes fell on to Wynter. Not that he much cared he was just happy to help.

"Thank you for your help, you will have to wait here while I speak to the rest of the tribe. I just need to let them know who you are & why we have brought you."

Nodding Wynter watched as Que Gin & Myra entered the tribe. It looked like a simple place where people lived in harmony but were ready for any form of attack should there be one. He could see a camp fire burning away with four large pillars around it each wither unique and different carvings on them and atop each one a different person carved out of wood.

Returning shortly Que Gin approached Wynter.

"Our leader says you are welcome for aiding us in collecting one of the biggest creatures we have ever seen. Tonight we shall feast like kings."

Leading Wynter into the tribe he explained the pillars were in memory of their four founders. The four original men who founded their tribe and discovered this place. Approaching Wynter before he fully entered the tribe however Myra accompanied by two other woman held their arms crossed not entering him entrance.

Myra spat out some vicious words towards Wynter which he didn't understand and simply pulled a face at. Obviously their native language whilst Que Gin nodded understanding and turned to Wynter.

"I forgot there is a condition."

"On me coming into your village?" Wynter asked & Que Gin nodded. "Ok what's the condition?"



"You have to wear traditional garb and not that clothing."

"But where do I get traditional garb from?"

"We have some spares you come with me and we'll fold your clothes away in my hut then you can have one of my spares."

"O-k-a-y" Wynter said reluctantly as he followed Que Gin to his hut. After a few moments of shyness & a couple more minutes of trying to figure out how to get the thing on and stay on Wynter exited Que Gin's hut in the traditional garb. Around the waist a large leafy belt which stuck out in all directions hanging down. The leaves looked like large thick leathery fern. Then beneath covering his genitals another large thick leathery leaf which acted like underwear. Then acting like a belt buckle holding everything in place half a coconut with the tribes symbol carved into it. A small chunk of the coconut had been taken and it curved just enough to be comfortable instead of the entire cup. Acting as a belt was a long thick hide from a girallon. Around his torso Wynter was wearing another strap made out of girallon hide and hanging from this strap was a satchel made from the same hide.

Totally rocking the look or so he thought Wynter sat down around the campfire with Que Gin to speak with him. He felt it would be worth getting to know more about the tribe and their ways if he was going to feast with them and more importantly he wanted to know if he could bring everyone else to feast too. They were in need of a good meal.

Lyon followed Fallon with thoughts of how they would take the ship running through his brain whilst Fallon seemed to be rushing off the mountain anyway she could. Hopping over Girallon's she'd taken down with her bare fists she was clearly excited to be finally getting off the island.

"C'mon Lyon. Can't 'ang about." she shouted snapping Lyon from his day dream. His damn absent mindedness was going to be the death of him. He just knew it. Leaping from the edge he was stood on he landed in front of Fallon and smiled at her.

"I'm not hanging about."

"Then why don't you race me." Fallon asked as she started to run and leap from parts of the mountain side in an effort to get to the bottom before Lyon.

"No lets not race- and she's gone." Lyon replied only to watch her leap off an edge and slip just as she leapt. Falling and landing on her back 10 feet lower on a ledge Lyon shook his head. He'd seen her take worse and come back from it so he knew she'd be fine. But he wanted to make sure she wasn't badly injured.

Leaping down the same way she had but landing it he met the ground beside her with a thud and crouched down beside her.

"You ok Fallon?"

"Yeah I'm fine. Just catching my breath."

Offering Fallon a hand Lyon wanted to help her. She batted his hand away and pounced on to her feet as she landed with her other hand she pushed Lyon and started running again. Smirking Lyon realized she was just fine and he should be focusing on winning this race to the bottom.

Turning as he watched her run and quickly climb Lyon calculated his neck precision jump. Leaping he flipped through the air and kicked his right foot into a large chunk of the mountain. As he landed on it and the chunk was met with such force it started to slide down the side awfully quick with Lyon riding atop it. Sliding down past Fallon he saluted her and watched as she quickly tried to scramble to get aboard.

"I'll see you at the bottom." Lyon said smugly as Fallon fought so hard to get aboard and avoid slipping on the debris she caused with each leap towards Lyon & his sliding boulder.

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Re: Island Of The Gods

Post by Fin~ on Fri Feb 20, 2015 10:31 pm

((sorry for the lack of colouring. on ipad))


Focussing on the big creature with four arms that had them for a pray. It took a while for the khaki bunny in his human form to catch eye of smoke coming from over yonder.  Knowing that it probably be a good idea to investigate it, he watched and studied the monsters movements as it went for Lyceum, who made a narrow escape, and by the look of it hurt himself as he popped a few pills into his mouth. Lyceum his interest was piqued by the smoke, smiling a little, and in a loud voice roderick said " Oi lyceum. lets get this beast first before we look at where to roast it" knowing Lyceum had different plans but Roderick couldn't help and joke in nervous situations. " hey lyceum together we have more limbs then him. if you know what i mean" Roderick said with a grin on his face. 

walking back a few steps he changed into hys hybrid form, becoming more nimble. and after a small run he leaped in the air to land a bit over the oversized monkey. changing into human form once again aiming his hands at the creatures upper two and his legs at the lower two. so he would have to catch using all of his limbs. " Lyceum now" roderick yelled as he closed in on the creature. 


hearing Murii her story made her start thinking. what would be the meaning of life. for her it was simple acomplish her goals. she was to young to worry about meaning anyways or so she convinced herself. smiling a little she told murii she hoped she could find what she was looking for. when Rudy started talking about his dreams and storys she listened for a bit. but felt left out Murii her reaction was so serious, Phiola had heard of revolutionary's but had no idea what they did or who they were. and Murii her reaction frightened her a little. It all looked so serious. 

"I'll be in my room a little " Phiola answered as she stood up, Just a few steps away from Rudy and Murii she heard Rudy move, and when she looked back she saw fear in his eyes. Murii was also quite shocked. what was going on? she thought to herself. as she stared at Rudy and Murii while slowly backing off. maybe it was just their imagination. but she had no idea what was going on.

When she heard yelling coming over from Yun she looked up and got startled. forgetting she was walking backwards she tripped over the railing and landed in the water. she only just managed to keep her harp dry. as she was looking for a way back on the ship. as she definetly could not climb this. She remained positionary hoping Rudy would throw a vine or something.

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Re: Island Of The Gods

Post by Docile on Sat Feb 21, 2015 10:33 pm

Roderick was right about beating the beast. The two of them did have more limbs. Nodding towards him as Roderick charged and pounced into the air Lyceum removed his scalpels one in each hand. Twirling them he figured he knew just what to do. It was time this primate of myth met his maker.

Realizing this large hulking bunny was crashing down through the air towards him the girallon extended all of his arms with a foul smelling roar which engulfed the jungle. The stench like a projectile launched in Roderick's direction. As the bunny came into his grip the Girallon quickly reached to wrap his arms around Roderick tightly. Attempting to grant him with the excessive force required for a bear hug the girallon started squeezing with such strength he wanted to squeeze the sheer stuffing from Roderick's body.

Using the abnormally super human strength that the creature had been granted upon birth it roared in Rod's face pulling as tight as possible to crush the very creature in his arms.

Taking advantage of this situation as Roderick was caught up in the girallon's arms he sped towards the creature with his scalpels in hand.

Epinephrine jabbing himself with a syringe of artificial adrenaline. Lyceum noticed a raging erection arrive and his eyes suddenly widened. Looking at the creature with a grin and feeling the sudden surge of adrenaline shooting through his body he darted off towards the girallon & Roderick. It was time this creature let go of Rod. It wasn't often Lyceum needed a shot of adrenaline but when he did it was bad news for the receiving end.

Surgery Style: Duoclaw slotting blades in between fingers on each hand Lyceum quickly slashed the creature's left thigh with one hand. As he got behind the monster Lyceum leapt up into the air towards the monster's head. A shower of blood red rain spurted out over Lyceum in a perfect line from the wound he'd given the monster up his back as he'd leapt into the air. Screaming in pain and howling with agony at the base of this scream the monster balanced itself on one foot leaning forwards attempting to kick backwards and knock Lyceum aside.

Missing however Lyceum took this chance to release Surgery Style: Carotid Stinger digging the scalpel in his right deep into the monster's neck and tear it free ripping a gaping wound in its neck Lyceum watched blood dye his white fur a deeper crimson and the monster begin to feel weak.

Hitting the floor he watched the monster's grip on Roderick loosen as he begun to stumble around slowly letting his hold on Roderick weaken until he was ready to drop.

"That was the carotid artery I just sliced. It'll bleed continuously until the body is entirely drained of blood. Depending on how big the wound is depends on quickly the blood'll drain out. A wound that big though. It'll be seconds before the recipient feels woozy and passes out, sheer minutes before death."

Hitting the floor with a thud that shook the island the girallon was down for the count flat on its back with its arms spread out. Looking how the creature lay unconscious bleeding out Lyceum looked towards Roderick.

"Its time we find out who or what made that smoke signal."

Blurred vision, loss of motor skills & balance.

These were the first three things Murii & Rudy felt as their bodies felt limp and clumped into the deck. Their eyes struggling to stay open and bodies failing on them. The sound of someone approaching could be heard and finally a bare foot was seen appearing before Murii's eyes. Her glasses had fallen from her face.

Reaching down to pick them up one of the two tribesmen slotted them into his satchel to hold on to them. And crouched down to look into her eyes. The two of them were in trouble.

As their eyes closed and a sleep swarmed over them, the two were gone down for the count. The two men who'd taken down the two reached down and hoisted Rudy & Murii up on to their shoulders. Carrying them over towards the shore the men used their impressive strength to climb down the ship's side whilst holding on to Murii & Rudy.

Once the two arrived on the shore they looked at each other.

"Waar kleine meisje ?"

"Die de zorg ? Ze niet goed offer toch."

Shrugging this off the two men hoisted their sacrifices and begun to carry them off to their camp. It was time they fed the gods what they owed them.

Whilst Phiola hung in the water around her bubbles begun to pop around her. Each bubble that erupted released a small soft quiet lyrical tune that was pleasant to the ear. As the bubbles grew more and more violent around her the bubbles started to leave a small trail leading to the shore. Each new refreshing sound that came from the bubbles worked in sync with the other sounds. Before Phiola knew it a small tune was erupting and rising to her ears.

The Mysterious Music

Leading a trail to the shore it was clear where the sound was coming from and that the person responsible wanted to be followed. Arriving on the shore the leaves danced slightly in the air just above the ground spiraling in place. This trail led into the jungle which was full of the sounds of wild roars from creatures from all over and wild monsters from nightmares.

The question was would Phiola be brave enough to enter?

Making her way through the horrible jungle and following the trail of destruction that the girallon had left behind of broken trees and large footprints embedded in the ground Jun finally reached a small stream which ran along in front of her. Climbing up the stones on one side of it she looked down at the stream then before her where she could see a large mountain. At the foot of the mountain however there was a large building that looked to be carved into the mountain.

Using her hana hana no mi powers to propel her up into the air and over the stream she landed with a small thud on the other side and followed the footprints towards the door of this large temple. Looking up at the stone doors which had been pulled open just enough for the girallon to enter Jun took a quick peek inside to discover nothing but darkness.

Shrugging her shoulders she figured she'd be fine making her way in. As she took her first few steps in a loud shriek was heard. Pausing she took a deep breath and screamed back. Whatever screamed at her wasn't going to scare her. She was the scary one. Taking a few more steps in she felt something hard beneath her foot and as she lifted it up and made her way back to the door the light showed her it was a torch. She just needed to light it.

Using a flint she started trying to create a spark just outside the temple. As she worked tirelessly trying to light the thing she finally found herself smiling with a torch in hand. It was time to make her way into the temple of the damned.

The creature she'd been looking for was in here somewhere and she was going to find it. One way or another.

"You will not get away with this you stupid fucking primate!" she shouted into the temple's darkness sending a threat to the creature to let it know she was coming for her tree.

After exchanging details about one another Wynter had discovered this tribe lived on an island where the god's were said to reside in a temple beneath the mountains. They were nocturnal and would slaughter the island if they did not receive their sacrifices. It sounded harsh but when were God's ever nice. Wynter had explained how he was a pirate and seeking crew mates. He'd even offered the tribes people places aboard his ship but they'd declined.

News of sacrifices had reached the camp. Wynter wondered what kind they would be and waited eagerly to see just what they would be feeding to the gods.

Que Gin led Wynter to the table where their food had been laid down.

"Here, this is for you. We have a wide selection of food and since you are our guest of honor we wish for you to partake in our bounty."

Loading his little wooden plate up with a variety of different things Wynter made a point of trying a bit of everything. Sitting around the camp fire as the ladies begun to dance and people who'd finished eating banged on the drums Wynter could see he would be in for a fun filled night.

The sky had turned dark and stars had started to reveal themselves. The night was arriving and so were the sacrifices. Dancing in front of the campfire waving their arses and allowing their skirts to slowly dance among the flames Wynter started to feel captivated by the tribal way of life and how it was so relaxed and wonderful.

As the beat took hold of him he couldn't help but leap into action and join the dancing to which various other men joined in. A mixture of men & women dancing among the flames enjoying the rhythm all of the tribe were engaged in the wondrous sound of the music that played.

Arriving at the foot of the mountain with a clash the large piece of rock Lyon had been riding on landed in front of the large temple doors blocking it off. He had stumbled a little but been fine. He was also happy to have the temple door locked. There was no way he was going back in there not after what they'd encountered before hand.

Looking up Lyon could hear grunting sounds from Fallon. She was quickly making her way down climbing as quickly as she could manage. Falling from a good 25 feet she was headed for Lyon.

Stretching out his arms he caught her to which she grunted as her eyes opened she saw Lyon smiling at her and cast herself out of his arms landing on her feet.

"I don't need your 'elp Lyon!"

"I'm sure you don't. But you know what this means right?"

"Yeh, yeh. You won the race good for you." Fallon blurted as she started making her way into the jungle. Climbing over the stream and looking on wards she turned to Lyon.

"Its time we get off of this godforsaken island. I'm sick & tired of the shit this place has to offer us."

"You & me both Fallon."

Following Fallon as she led the way, Lyon stepped into a large muddy foot print. Looking down he noticed a girallon foot print. It was fresh, but what lay at the bottom was much more worrying. An ever fresher foot print of a shoe. It was the size of an ordinary person's foot. Looking at the foot print and behind him his eyes started to see how these foot prints led into the temple.

Pausing he looked towards Fallon then the temple.

"Fallon wait!"

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Re: Island Of The Gods

Post by Fin~ on Sun Feb 22, 2015 7:37 am


As he was caught and pushed together. Roderick slowly changed to his plushie form and waited for the grip to loosen, after a while Lyceum had done his job. even though some blood shot towards rodericks ear he sighed a little. getting the dirty job done and getting dirty aswell, were just a little too much. getting up climbing out of the beasts arms he then changed into human form and grabbed up the basket of food he had. 

when Lyceum explained about the cut and blood running out till he was out of blood, Rod nodded and pointed at his ear" sure is effective" roderick said laughing a little as he nodded. on to the location of the smoke it is. Leading infront of Lyceum he wondered what the smoke would be. 


Phiola gulped as around her as a lot of bubbles formed. sounds came out as they popped. the longer she stayed around the ship, the more the sounds changed into more bassy sounds. like they did not want her around the ship anymore. infront of her a trail of bubbles formed. it was like the music was calling out to her. the heavy sounds around her scared her so much she slowly followed the trail of bubbles

the closer she came to the land, the more cheerfull the tones has become. the pure excitement of these sounds made Phiola become feel very adventerous, for this moment she did not care about Rudy, about Murii or Jun. all she wanted was to find out where these magical sounds came from. the music was literally leading her path. 

Once she came on land, a sudden chill enveloped Phiola. the music wanted to lead her in to the forest. the jungle. full of roars and scary sounds. 

She did not want to enter. 

But she could not resist, her burning passion for music made her follow the sound. 

Slowly, step for step she followed the trail, pushinside leafs, small branches, and looking at her feet every other step, to make sure she didn't step on any snakes she continued. 

She was shaking, scared very scared, but her mind was filled with questions. someone or something could do so much with music, this inspired her to move on and slowly follow the trail. 

Full of fear but driven by sheer curiosity she became the bravest Phiola she ever been.

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Re: Island Of The Gods

Post by Docile on Mon Feb 23, 2015 12:38 pm

With the girallon lying on the ground draining of blood Lyceum wondered if they were going to bring it back to the ship with them but they would be carrying it all over the place for a while. As the skies had turned dark Roderick & Lyceum made their way through the trees Lyceum spoke up.

"We best move quickly. The night is settling quickly."

The sounds of destruction could be heard up ahead and as the ground shook, Lyceum paused momentarily, he could feel worry & fear settling in and looked in all directions before returning his gaze to Roderick.

"Did you just hear that?" he asked Rod curiously. With his scalpels in place in his holsters he hopped atop a broken down tree stump and looked towards the source of the sound.

"We should investigate. It might be those people who set the smoke signal." Being the doctor that he was Lyceum wasn't a man who would let others die. People didn't die around him because he was a man with a moral code that he would not break. If he wanted someone to die they would do it by their own hand and not his. Despite knowing full well how to dispatch someone with ease it wasn't in his nature. Everyone had a right to life no matter how horrid you are.

Being carried through the jungle Rudy begun to stir. His eyes opening up to find a torso rubbing against his face. Shrieking in fear he woke up Murii who too glared at the back in surprise. Although she didn't scream. Rudy on the other hand caught their attention and looked around trying to figure out a way to avoid this situation and free themselves.

With the powers of her illusion fruit she could master mind an escape for the two of them, however it would be a little tricky without a great view but she could manage something. With her hands tied up behind her back she twisted her hands a bit trying to create the perfect illusion to terrify the two tribe's men.

Mirage: Sound

With the sounds of a grizzly bear growing louder & louder the two looked for the source and stopped. They seemed a little eager to engage in combat with the creature and this sent shivers down Murii's spine. Her little trick might just not work. As she allowed the sound to die down she started to picture a scarier creature in mind.

Mirage: Sight

From the trees large silhouettes came dashing out & crashed into the ground before the two men. Each creature of the three in total that had landed landed on all fours. Pausing the two tribes men reached for their spears tightly in their hands still holding Rudy & Murii on their shoulders.

Feeling fear surging through his body like crazy, Rudy just wanted the night to be over with. He was getting even more terrified as the entire situation seemed to get worse and worse. Pushing out a few small bits of pointed bamboo from his wrists he managed to rip the thread that bound his hands together. However as much as he wanted to run he couldn't bring himself to doing so.

Rearing up from the ground three large creatures towered over the tribe's men who held their spears in both hands and dropped Murii & Rudy to the floor. Grinning Rudy hopped to his head and started running before he realized Murii was still there struggling to break free. Helping her up whilst the trolls that had been created by Murii stood their ground and the tribes men engaged with them Rudy lifted Murii on to his shoulder and started to run.

"I don't know where those things came from, but they couldn't have come soon enough!" Rudy shouted with fear oozing from his body in the form of sweat, frustration & a little bit of wee.

"It was me Rudy." Murii said with a smile smile on her face. As the first spear had gone through the troll they'd vanished exploding into dust which quickly blew away in the light breeze.

The trail lead into a small cave. With leaves still leading the way like the sides of a road a small bird with purple feathers & a small yellow beak swooped down. Landing on Phiola's shoulder the bird had black stripes towards the base of its beak the close to the base the thicker.

Opening its mouth the bird spoke.

"Head inside! Head inside!"

Like a parrot the bird seemed to know something Phiola didn't. Despite how scary & creepy the creature would seem it didn't understand emotions as well as Phiola who was probably petrified by the eerie looking cave and sudden statement of the bird that arrived.

Further in the cave there was a small fire and sitting behind it towards the back of the cave a figure in a thick brown cloak which seemed to cover him. Plucking the remaining pieces of meat from the bone the figure was holding all that could be seen was the final piece of meat torn from it and the bone was dropped.

Making her way further into the temple in search of the bat & her rose wood tree, Jun delved in deeper. She hadn't run into any thing yet other than the occasional bone or skull which she attributed down to being bodies of the old people who used to worship this temple. How wrong she was however. Moving towards the walls she could see the carvings and moved on taking no interest in them.

Feeling something crack beneath her she gulped and looked down to see a skull now in pieces. She felt so horribly uncomfortable but continued. That was Rose wood and she was getting it back. Raising the torch Jun realized all she could hear was the sounds of the burning torch and slight heavy breathing. Noticing that the breathing wasn't coming from her, she raised her head and gazed skywards.

Catching sight of the source of the breathing Jun gulped. She hadn't expected to see what she saw, but knew that what she was looking for wasn't there.

Hanging from the ceiling was the largest bat she'd ever seen. eight of them covered with their wings around them shielding them from any light they hung by their feet with a single large eye.

Taking a few quick steps to get away quickly making as little noise as she could manage, Jun made a point of avoiding waking these creatures. However the doors suddenly slammed shut and the temple started to feel more like a coffin.

No light, no exit and now large bats.

The doors were now closed and blocked off.

Hana Hana: Pry

Sprouting arms by the doors and trying to pry them open she struggled grunting a little as the numerous arms tried pushing them open. Struggling she could only feel herself failing miserably and even worked up a little sweat. As the doors refused to budge she sighed. Feeling the walls slightly beginning to close in on her due to the fear of the darkness she took a few deep breaths before continuing to make her way further into the temple with the torch in hand looking for the rose wood with the hopes it was still in tact.

As the dancing begun to wind down, Wynter couldn't help but mention how much he'd enjoyed himself. The entire time he'd spent on the island as of yet had been such great fun. As the tribes folk all made their ways back to their small huts which were scattered throughout the local area, he got to his feet.

"You may sleep in my hut tonight Wynter." Que Gin offered with nothing but good intentions in mind. Smiling Wynter wanted to accept this offer but had other things to say.

"I'd love to, but I should get back to my friends. They're probably worried about me."

"Right you are. It was nice meeting you & we are grateful for your help."

"Not a problem Que Gin." he replied.

Turning with his clothes packed away in his satchel, Wynter made his way from the tribe into the woodland. As he did so he could hear the sounds of heavy breathing and footsteps. These sounds sent shivers down Wynter's body. Clenching his fists he started to slowly heat his fists up ready for what was coming his way.

However what surprised him the most was the sudden realization of what he saw heading his way.

Joining Lyon by the temple doors Fallon watched as Lyon dug his hands deep behind the large mounds of rubble and tossed them aside. Waiting and watching Fallon sighed.

"Why're you trying so hard to unblock the doors?"

"Because I think there's someone in here."

"Why does that matter?"

"Because I'm not the type of person who'll trap someone in somewhere like here via my own actions."

"How do you even know someone's in there anyway?"

"The footprints. They're fresh. There's a girallon footprint and inside there's a person's foot print. Then there's muddy footprints leading in here."

"They're probably dead now anyway."

"Well I'd rather give them a fighting chance at least."

Kicking aside a large boulder which started to crack Lyon was quickly showing his strength & prowess off to Fallon who was feeling a little uncomfortable watching him do all the work. Leaping into action she flipped over and slammed her heel down on to another large boulder. Within seconds she shattered the boulder and smiled at Lyon.

"Very nice."

By the door now all that remained was the rubble of the previous boulders.

"Thanks Fallon, now come on. I think we should at least try to see if this person's alive."

"Wait what-? I'm not heading in there."

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Re: Island Of The Gods

Post by Fin~ on Wed Feb 25, 2015 1:38 am


As Lyceum and Roderick ran through the woods towards the smoke, lyceum stated that night was almost setting. and they had to hurry,  nodding Rod was preparing for all sorts of scenarios, more creatures, wounded people. maybe just campers. there could be so much going on and rod had to be prepared for the worse. 

Suddenly the ground began to shake as tons of nouses were heard by the two, another four armed monkey? rod wondered. As Lyceum wanted to investigate the scource of the spunds first, agreeing and understanding rod followed him. 


After following the signs given, Phiola had slowly but steadily arived at a dark and eerie looking cave giving her chills down her spine, goosebumps and making her shiver. gulping down she closed her eyes a little to refind her courage. 

just as she was about to peek inside a shiloutte flew towards her and then landed on her shoulder, after inspecting the bird, painted in weird colours but having a gracefull look to it, she could not help but smile a little and pat its head carefully. 

go inside, go inside. the bird would tell her, phiola wasn't sure if she was more suprised about the bird talking or wanting her to go in to the cave.

gulping a little she tried to regain her courage and took a deep breathe. as she stumbled inside the cave, slowly making her way to the end of it. beung startled by a lot of small things. but soonly reaching the end

Where she saw the shiloutte of a man eating something by the fire. more and more chills jumped up her spine as she stared at this man. what was he doing. what was she doing here. taking a deep breathe she said "h-hello" as she firmly held her harp

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Re: Island Of The Gods

Post by Docile on Thu Feb 26, 2015 8:19 pm

Sprinting through the trees and leaping over broken branches leaving little to no traces of footprints in the murky ground Lyceum leapt from one tree trunk to another and quickly swung around the trunk throwing himself on to a large boulder which sat towards the edge of the trees. Looking back towards Roderick he smiled.

"I can see just up ahead Roderick."

Turning to look ahead Lyceum could see a large astonishing temple. The craftsman ship was astounding. It had clearly been built to last and stood the test of time. However what he did notice was two people standing by what seemed to be the large gigantic doors throwing a series of boulders aside.

It seemed these boulders were what came crashing down whilst the two seemed to be arguing about something. Turning to Roderick, Lyceum wondered what his thoughts were on dealing with this situation.

"How do you think we should handle this?" Lyceum asked curiously.

Charging through the trees Rudy just wanted to get out of this nightmare. He'd jut been drugged and carried through the jungle to who knows what sort of ending and escaped now he was on the run in a strange & scary place.

Looking ahead he felt fear radiate through his body. The creature standing dead in front of him sent him into shock. Murii looked up to see Wynter smiling before them. Laughing a little at his attire she could feel another small part of her feeling something stronger than laughter that made her loins stir. Biting her lip to stop her from speaking she then saw what Rudy saw as she was dropped.

"Guys what're you doing here?" Wynter asked thinking they were aboard the ship.

Rudy had become paralyzed with fear and couldn't even connect with Wynter's eyes whilst Murii struggled to pick herself up from the ground with her limbs still tired up.

"Behind you!" Murii shouted out to which Wynter turned.

Discovering a girallon behind them staring down at them with piercing red eyes breathing heavily drooling Wynter smirked.

"Leave it to me"

Slamming down towards Wynter, the girallon crashed all four fists into the ground sending quakes through the island. Rudy fell over backwards Murii could feel her entire body shaking due to the quakes and Wynter managed to just leap out of the way vaulting backwards over Rudy.

Still in shock Rudy felt a hand grip him as did Murii. These belonged to Wynter as he quickly dragged them out of the radius of the girallon. Roaring at Wynter for his actions of removing his food the creature leaned on his fists hunched over screaming.

Standing nin front of body Rudy & Murii, Wynter looked at the girallon with a disgusted expression.

"I can play that game too."

Life Return: Howl: Wolf Pack

Sending out a loud horrifyingly powerful howl the girallon stumbled backwards on to its hind legs feeling the pain as the intensity pierced his ear drums. Clamping hands down over his head the creature started screaming in agony thrashing around.

Smiling Wynter clenched his fists ready to finish the beast when a sudden surprise revealed itself.

Midori Boshi: Devil

Vines started to wrap around the creature drawing his limbs together and away from his head. Struggling furiously the monster had no chance. A venus fly trap type head bite down over his right hip sending pain into throughout his body and before the monster knew it he was entangled on the ground by a series of strong vines with a head which wouldn't let go as it bit down violently on his hip.

Midori Boshi: Bamboo Javelin

Shooting up from the ground a series of pointed bamboo sticks tore through the girallon. Ripping him to pieces the bamboo sticks left a large meaty carcass left on the ground with bamboo sticks piercing his fleshy body.

Turning to catch sight of Rudy, Wynter smiled at him. Impressed and pleased with him Wynter approached him as Rudy started cutting through the restraints around Murii's wrists & ankles.

Placing a hand on his shoulder Wynter held a large grin plastered over his face.

"That was amazing Rudy. Great job."

As Phiola approached with the bird on her shoulder & the stranger heard her say hello the stranger raised a hand.

"No need to be so scared child."

Clicking their fingers the bird that had landed on Phiola's shoulder shot out from the shadows behind the stranger with a small wooden bowl full of ground up girallon meat & pita bread. Placing it before Phiola the bird returned to the shoulder of the stranger.

"Please. Sit & eat." the stranger gestured towards the bowl.

Removing the hood the stranger revealed herself to Phiola as a woman. However across her face the wounds were powerful and horrifying. It looked as if she'd been slashed to pieces and had her body sewn up again. With very short hair almost similar to a man's she looked towards Phiola and smiled.

"I'm sorry if my appearance repulses you, I noticed you & your friends arrived on this island earlier. You shouldn't have come here. It is dangerous for travelers & woman. Especially pure children sure as yourself."

Sitting beside the woman was a flute carved by hand with beautiful clear symbols darted all over it. The bird that was sitting on her shoulder quickly started climbing down her arm and started pushing the flute towards her with its beak hinting another song.

The woman placed a hand down over the bird's back slowly stroking it with a smile.

"Only one more, Paugo, but you have to promise to go to sleep then." nodding the bird seemed to understand the woman and she lifted the flute to her lips.

"Sorry I hope you don't mind."

Paugo's Lullaby

Continuing down the long drawn out corridors of the temple Jun started to find herself crossing paths she was almost certain she'd been along before, they all seemed identical. The only differences were the cravings on the wall she couldn't see all too well and the occasional thing to trip over.

As she entered what felt like a large room a sudden strong breeze became apparent. In the roof there was a single hole which a bright light shone through dousing the entire room in a very dim light. Making her way towards it Jun started to understand a little more what this place used to be and was now.

The stench was overwhelming. Two long drains ran from the top of a pyramid with steps to a large trough where it seemed people drank from. These drains & trough seemed stained with something red though. Shuddering at the passing thought Jun tried not to think about it. She climbing the pyramid to find a skeleton with the flesh picked clean from it. The skeleton had a dagger looking thing stabbed through the back of his skull.

Resting her hands on it and pulling it free Jun coughed a little as the dust rose into the air around her. Holding it in her hand she looked over it. The craftsmen ship and material was beautiful. Solid gold with the occasional ruby & sapphire buried deep within it.

Placing the dagger into her tool belt Jun took a quick look around her at the ceremonial sacrificial altar and started to piece together what had happened here. The skeleton was wearing various pieces of tribal jewelry. It looked like she had been sacrificed and then her blood ran down the drains to the trough where it was drank from. Then whatever had lived in the temple possibly the bats had eaten the flesh.

She started to wonder why this temple was no longer used though as it looked as if it hadn't been entered in almost 25 years. Something wasn't adding up. Maybe it had been the arrival of the large bats.

Looking up through the temple's large hole Jun realized it was a large hole that led through the top of the mountain. Sighing she realized she couldn't escape through the hole. But she wanted to get her hands on that rose wood. That was what was important to her.

"Fine then you wait out here. I'm heading in." Lyon replied as he pushed his way into the temple. Fallon didn't like the feeling that had seemed to have arrived. She felt as if someone was watching her. Looking all around and finding no one she followed after Lyon.

"You are such a dick. I'm not staying out there. It feels like someone's watching me."

Pushing further into the temple blinded Lyon took a deep breath whilst Fallon gulped. She'd been in here once before and wasn't too keen after the first time.

"We need a torch or something cause we're just going to get lost like last time."

"No we won't I remember the surroundings."

Holding his eyes closed & listening to the surroundings Lyon did his best to assure Fallon that he could remember the corridors and if they went too far his way back.

"Take a big step there Fallon."

Extending her leg further than she had originally planned Fallon stepped over a fallen pillar. As she stepped her feet together she turned and kicked it to see what had really been there. Surprised at Lyon's memory she smiled a little impressed, but she'd never let Lyon know that.

"Alright, so you do have a pretty good memory."

"I told you."

Pushing further Lyon stopped. He could sense something above moving and it unnerved him.

Raising a hand and trying to stop Fallon, Lyon turned to her.


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Re: Island Of The Gods

Post by Fin~ on Fri Feb 27, 2015 7:54 am


As he was a rabbit plushie. he still had some characteresrics of a rabbit. especially in his hybrid form, Roderick could easily follow lyceums acrobatic manouvers and keep up with his suprisingly athleticness and quick speed. He was faster then you would expect for someone his age atleast. 

Once Lyceum found out what was going on, and saw two people throwing rocks away from a door as they were arguing, Roderick jumped into hiding next to Lyceum, who asked him what his thoughts were on what to do. " they can be dangerous. and that door makes me curious, we could follow them in. or maybe strike conversation. or just knock them out" he said cracking his knuckles smiling a little, which he'd always do when boasting. 


Carefully observing the person in front of her Phiola calmed down a little once she heared a feminine voice, the woman seemed to be able to order the bird on her shoulder and within a little while it returned with a yummy looking bread and stew, when the woman told her to sit down and there was no reason to be so afraid she nodded and sat down just before the stew. 

" thank you. it looks good" phiola said still very nervous

when the woman revealed her face, Phiola saw it was full with scars and wounds. the woman looked heavily tortured but it didn't scare her much. maybe being used to roderick helped her get used to things like this maybe. " it doesn't scare me, i hope it doesn't hurt though"

When the woman told her that she had seen them arive, and it was no place here for them especially not for a young girl like phiola, she nodded " I am not sure why we are here, I am glad you led me here though" phiola said being a bit more relaxed 

Phiola started eating " yum" she exclaimed happily as she dipped the naan in the stew and took a bite

When the bird started asking for the womans atention the woman got her flute and would play one more song for the bird, smiling at the little creature phiola watched how the woman started playing

she hoped Phiola didn't mind, and indeed Phiola did not, she was actually very happy to hear this woman play, smiling when hearing all these nice tunes phiola could not help but humm on this tone and plucked some strings around the rythm of the song she played supporting role to make the womans flute came out, Phiola had a perfect pitch and could easily understand music and join in.  she had forgotten about the ship for a bit and was completely consumed by music

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Re: Island Of The Gods

Post by Docile on Fri Feb 27, 2015 10:07 am

Listening to Roderick's reply Lyceum looked at him cracking his knuckles and shook his head. Always quick to a fight this one.

"I'm gonna suggest we don't beat them. I think we should find out if they're responsible for the smoke signal. If they are it'll save us going up the mountain."

Quickly making a move and leaping over the small steam Lyceum rolled landing back on his feet. Looking back to Rod he gestured for him to follow. Approaching the temple Lyceum stepped up the stairs to the door. As he arrived and peeked inside he couldn't see a single thing.

"We're going to need a torch or something. Its pitch black in there."

A loud shriek shot through the corridors and out of the door. Catching Lyceum's attention he looked into the darkness with a look of distress on his face. The doctor in him wanted to dive in and make sure they were safe, the friend in him wanted to keep Roderick safe from harm.

"We should make sure they're ok, but its so dark in there for all we know we could wind up just hurting ourselves." Lyceum started to look around the ruins of the front of the temple. Towards the bottom of the stairs there was a large open bowl with kindling which had been used in the years this temple was used by the tribe.

Feeling his thread on his waist Lyceum realized he knew a way they could avoid getting lost in the darkened temple.

"Roderick if we go in there I suggest one of us stays out here whilst the other goes in. But to avoid getting lost the one who goes in will have to take this thread with them whilst the other holds on to it out here."

Hoping it was a half decent idea that Roderick would go with Lyceum looked towards him waiting for a response. The question was who would go in & who would stay out here? Wondering how they could figure this out Lyceum decided rock, paper scissors was the best way to figure it out.

"How about rock, paper scissors to decide who goes in & who stays out. Winner stays out here, loser goes in?"

Noticing Rudy breaking bonds free from Murii's wrists & ankles Wynter started to question why they were both running, where from, who was aboard the ship & where the bonds came from.

"What's with the bonds?" Wynter asked curiously.

"We were kidnapped." Murii blurted out as she got to her feet.

"Yeah, some tribe guys. They gassed us and were carrying us somewhere."

"Do you know where?"

"No idea. But I used my illusions on them and we both ran away."

Rudy nodded agreeing with Murii's story.

"Tribal guys? I was hanging out with these tribal guys too."

Exchanging looks Rudy & Murii raised their eyebrows curiously.

"They were probably trying to capture you too!" Rudy exclaimed in shock.

"Where are these people?!" Murii questioned.

"They're not far. I can show you where they are."

Leading the way to the camp Wynter was nearly there when suddenly he felt Murii grip his arm and pull him behind some bushes. Pulling Rudy too both of them were pulled into a crouch.

Looking through the bushes towards the tribal folk who were relaxing after the dancing & feast, Rudy & Wynter were curious as to why Murii was holding them in place.

"What's this about Murii?"

"Shh" she said as she looked on wards.

Watching the tribal people conversing she watched as two men walked out of one of the huts over to the campsite. Sitting down beside the man who Wynter knew as Que Gin Murii recognized them.

"Look! Those were the ones who kidnapped us!"

Realizing she was right, Rudy replied.

"You're right. It is them."

"but they're talking to Que Gin."

"Que Gin?"

"Yeah, his name's Que Gin."

"Well whatever his name is, I don't trust him."

"Why do you think they kidnapped us?"

"No idea, but I'm sure it can't have been for a good reason."

As Phiola mentioned about her scars and saying that she hoped it didn't hurt. The woman smirked and replied.

"Not anymore it doesn't, but at the time. That was a different story. But you should see the other guy." chuckling a little. As Phiola made mention of how nice it was the woman smiled.

"I'm glad you enjoy it. Its girallon meat. Not sure if you've seen those creatures, kinda hope you haven't those beasts are dangerous."

When she noticed Phiola plucking the strings on her harp as she played the flute for Paugo the lady watched her little bird fall asleep on a single leg. Then turning her gaze to Phiola she smiled.

"Another musician. Its nice to see another. I like your harp. May I?" she asked reaching for Phiola's harp. She wanted to pluck the strings & examine the beautiful instrument.

"I used to play a harp, I just wonder if I'm just as good as I used to be."

With the incredible full ability to not only play musical instruments of all kinds but also use them and their vibrations as a form of weaponry, the woman wanted to see if she possessed all of her prior abilities in terms of Onpa Style. If she did, she'd be pretty chuffed with herself. As far as she could tell currently, she still possessed her flute skills as she used it on a daily basis via hunting. With her flute and begin able to use the sound projected as darts she was pleased with herself and pretty happy, but an instrument such as a harp could possibly be her next instrument.

She was perfectly capable of creating one so maybe it was time to train herself and grant herself a large variety of offensive & defensive tools and allow herself to play music of a different variety like her previous years instead of just settling for the flute. Different songs & sounds suited different animals and maybe they could aid her in her future living in the jungle.

Making her way down the stairs & back to the entrance to this large room Jun sighed. She was getting sick & tired of this endless search. She just wanted her goddamn Rose Wood.

Why did that stupid bat take my freaking wood?! she thought to herself angrily. Hearing a crunch followed by the sound of something cracking Following the sound Jun raised her head. As she looked up towards the ceiling she found a chunk of Rose Wood crashing into her face.

Smacking into her nose and screaming in pain, Jun dropped her torch and reached for her nose which now had begun to bleed. As blood oozed from her nostrils down her top staining it a deep crimson, Jun looked up only to see one of the bats hanging from the roof chewing away on the Rose Wood.


The sudden scream which echoed throughout the temples sent shivers down Lyon's spine. As he remained still Fallon shivered also remaining in place.

"What the fuck was that?"

"I'm not entirely sure, but if its what I think it was she's in trouble and we need to get to her. Quick!"

"Look I just want to get off of this island, I don't care about saving some stranger whose stupid enough to run into a dark temple."

"Alright Fallon then you turn around and walk out that door. I'm going to help a damsel in distress."

Charging on into the darkness Lyon wanted to make a point of displaying himself as a decent person who wouldn't let another come to harm if he could avoid it whilst Fallon clearly wasn't too into helping people and just wanted freedom or something other than the scenery of this island. As she made her way towards the door Fallon did't realize what she'd been walking into.

Tripping over the pillar she'd stepped over moments ago she landed face first on a pile of debris from the pillar which had shattered. Feeling her cheek begin to ooze a crimson red she picked herself up quickly wiping it away grimacing in pain.

"Fucksake Lyon"

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Re: Island Of The Gods

Post by Fin~ on Thu Mar 05, 2015 9:23 pm

following lyceum and listening to his way of doing things he could not help but agree, it maybe was better to find out who they were before resulting to good old violence, they could indeed be in need of help but why go in a pitch dark cave when in need of help it made rod wonder and not feel very good about it. 

Lyceum stated that they would need a torch, and should brung a thread so they would find the way back, nodding Roderick put down his backpack and started looking for some magnesium sticks he could use for making a fire, gathering some small leaves and branches roderick used it to make a small fire. using a napkin he had in his backpack and tieing it on a big branch he then drenched it in some olive oil, " this will last for a while," roderick stated. 

" rock paper scissors, okay!" he said always being in for a game. striking a pose in his human form and then choosing scissors


Feeling pretty comfortable around this woman and her music, Phiola could relax a little, sitting back slowly eating she listened to her talking ahout the scars and then about the stew, it was from a weird creature called a giralli-something, who were pretty dangerous, shaking her head " no, I haven't seem them, they sound scary" she said with her usual gentle tone.

Smiling upon how the bird fell asleep, and how the woman liked her being a musician as well, Phiola smiled and stared at the bird for a while, it was a great sight.

When the woman told Phiola, that she used to play harp too and then asked if she could play because she wondered how good she still was, Phiola nodded. " I like to hear how good you are" the young girl said smilingly handing over her small but very well made harp

Enjoying her food she was waiting for the woman to start playing

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Re: Island Of The Gods

Post by Docile on Sat Mar 07, 2015 10:58 am


As the fire was lit and Roderick threw down a pair of scissors to pick who was going into the temple Lyceum's hands revealed a tightly clenched fist resting on the end of his wrist and directly before Roderick's fingers shaped like a pair of scissors. 

"Looks like you're headed in Rod. Here take the string with you so you can use it to find your way back out." Lyceum handed Roderick the end tied on to the fish hook. "I'll keep this end attached to my belt and keep an eye on it so you don't go too far. If I pull back on it, that'll mean come back."

Looking into the dark temple then stepping back and gesturing towards the door for Roderick, Lyceum felt bad having him head in whilst he was going to wait, but this was what they'd agreed upon and Lyceum didn't want to have themselves both locked deep within this hellish dark temple. 

"You best take care in there Rod. God knows Phiola won't be happy if you don't come back."

Leaning against the wall beside the door and looking out at the jungle all around them, Lyceum just wanted Rod to get in & out again with those people. He had a strong feeling they were the two who'd made the smoke signal but if not he might be able to run into them out here and try to stop them. 


"We should get back to the ship and get out of here quick." Murii said realizing this place wasn't safe for them. 

"What about Phiola?" Rudy asked feeling concerned that she was out there in the jungle somewhere. 

"Phiola's out there somewhere?"

"She was there when we were ambushed."

Feeling guilty about this Rudy & Murii looked into one another's eyes feeling sorry that she wasn't safe anymore and now could be in horrible danger. As the two turned to face Wynter curious of the Captain's plans they caught sight of a large lack of absence. 

"Hey Que Gin, you haven't heard or seen anything of a little girl in these jungles have you?"

Turning their eyes to catch sight of Wynter speaking to Que Gin the little man in Murii & Rudy's head begun to scream. What the fuck was he doing?! 

Murii wanted to hit Wynter & Rudy just started to shiver.

"Little girl?" he asked as his face lit up. 

"Yeah, we had one aboard our ship and she's gone missing."

"No we haven't but we will get right on it searching for her." Que Gin replied as he quickly turned and gave orders to large groups of the tribes people who all quickly splint up into groups. 

"Ok thanks. Just we're worried she'll get lost or hurt. Thanks Que Gin." 

Making his way from the tribe's people and toward Rudy & Murii they looked at him in shock. 

"They said they've not seen her but will let us know if they do." he replied sitting down beside Murii who due to her infuriating anger brought a hardened tightly clenched fist crashing down into the back of his head. 

Face planting the ground Wynter slowly raised it back up and smiled at Murii. 

"What''d I do wrong?"

"If we find that little girl she'll be perfect for our sacrifice. A soul full of genuine purity.]"

Overhearing these words from Que Gin sent shivers down their spines. He had been talking to himself out loud without realizing. 

"Sacrifice?!" Rudy gasped in shock & horror as two large groups ran past him. Freezing in fear he slowly turned a sweating face to look Wynter & Murii in the eyes. 

"We need to find Phiola first." Wynter replied as he got to his feet and started to move out. Phiola's life was in danger. The tribe's folk wanted her to sacrifice and that wasn't going to happen on Josh's watch. Phiola was going to be safe and they were going to leave this island as a group just the way they'd come here. Leading the way from the tribe Murii & Rudy got to their feet and quickly started to follow. 

"Do you think we can find her before they find her?"

"I know we can."

As the lady was allowed to play the harp she quickly plucked the strings and proved her ability hadn't remained in tact. 

"I'm terribly sorry, I don't think I can play harp anymore. Such a shame if I could still play it I could use onpa style to tame the animals around her." feeling slightly stupid about it she sighed & shook her head. 

Onpa style would've been fantastic to tame them and keep them at bay or cleanse them of  their natrual violent nature. 

But without her gift of string instruments it was never to be. 

"Can you play onpa style?" the lady asked curiously as she looked over towards Phiola. She wasn't sure if she was too young for it or had never heard of it among the Grand Line. She was curious to find out if she knew about it, but more so curious to find out if she knew it. If she did then it would be fantastic and the two of them could head into the jungle and tame the animals maybe even get revenge on the tribe who'd attacked her and given her the scars that littered her face. 

But that was possibly too ambitious or sinister. Phiola was just a little girl and this wasn't her fight. 

Shocked & appalled at the vile creature as it chewed her away at her materials. Jun crossed her arms as the powers of her hana hana no mi fruit took control along with her anger of being too sober on this horrible island all alone in a dark temple. There were too many shit things happening today and Jun was in no mood for any of them. 

Hana Hana: Spiral Slap

A series of arms reached out & quickly slapped the bat who dropped the wood which crashed into the ground splintering. Ready for the material that would crash down Jun quickly rolled to the left and landed in the same position on one knee.

Dropping and throwing itself into a flip landing on its feet Jun's eyes met the creatures. It was time a fucking foul villainously vile creature was not only taken down a notch but destroyed.

Towering over her the bat screeched horrendously louder sending pain into her ears. Clamping her hands shut over her ears Jun stumbled back in agony. The screams were horrid and as she clutched tightly she felt the claws of the beast dig into her arms as it tried picking her up as the monster took flight.

Hana Hana: Shadow Strike

Launching a quick hana hana shot from the ground behind her a large arm shot out of the ground upon various other limbs, the fist of which met with the monster's jaw sending him off course.

Letting go of Jun's arms she turned to see the monster standing behind her with the same devious bit in its eyes. Smirking as she quickly looked at her arms she could see where the bird had dug in far too deeply.[/b

Picking herself up Fallon could hear the sounds of something or someone entering the temple from the opening they'd come in through. As she stood in place waiting she felt fear in her body. She hated the fact that someone else was coming in along with the idea that she was in complete darkness. But clenching her fists tightly & ignoring the blood on her cheek from her fall moments ago she was ready for a fight no matter who it was.

Whilst Lyon pushed on further through the darkness of the temple but using his talents to figure out a safe way wasn't the greatest way of traversing the temple as it had proved to be very time consuming. Still able to hear him only 3 feet away Fallon was waiting for her opponent. She could already taste the blood in the air but there was a little confusion as to if it was her own or not.

As Lyon slammed his foot down into the ground and the sounds echoed all around he muttered.

"I thought you were leaving Fallon."

"Someone's coming" she muttered back to avoid waking the bats which hung throughout the temples.

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Re: Island Of The Gods

Post by Fin~ on Wed Mar 25, 2015 4:54 am

Nodding to Lyceum, Roderick smiled," I'll be fine" he said confident as he accepted the string. and then got his torch up. " Phiola does not have to worry. maybe I even can bring her some shiny treasure" he said while posing a bit, sometimes Rod had a hard time to be serious but he was just like that afterall. 

Slowly making his way inside as he gave Lyceum a confident nod, Rodericks journey into the damp temple cavern began, his torch enlightend the area around him but in only a small area the pitch blackness of this place would take more then a torch to light up. 

Atleast he could see walls up close and had some idea of where he was. which was not perfect but atleast something. 

This place gave him the chills and the thought of treasures and souvenirs slowly left him as he tried to map the place in his head while looking for signs of the men that had went inside before him. 


Excited to see what the woman would play on her harp, she slowly realised that the woman was not as good with a harp as she was with a flute, but there was no need to appologize, Phiola looked at the woman who looked a bit sad and said " I could teach you, after a while it gets easier" she said hopimg to motivate this woman. the woman had also talked about something called onpa style. and that she could use it to tame animals. Phiola knew music could let you communicate with animals. but control them was new. 

When the woman asked if she knew Onpa style Phiola shook her head. 

" Sometimes animals dance to my music, or like it but I don't know what Onpa style is" 

Phiola answered a little shy, she had hoped to be able to repay this woman but she did not know what onpa style was. so she hoped she could repay the favours by teaching her a little harp instead.

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Re: Island Of The Gods

Post by Docile on Thu Mar 26, 2015 9:43 pm

Watching Roderick venture inwards Lyceum remained outside covering his exit. He felt bad having Roderick lead the way but he drew the short straw. Hold one end of the string in one hand & a scalpel in the other he just hoped that things went well for Roderick & no one tried their luck.

Looking out over the jungle they stood right in the middle of Lyeum could see monkeys sitting in trees watching whilst other creatures ran rampant deeper. Snakes slithered from bush to bush & occasionally climbed the trees by coiling themselves around the bark & branches.

Lyceum enjoyed watching this as it made him feel a little more calm and serene. Turning to face the darkness of the temple he shouted to Roderick.

"Everything ok in there Roderick?" he needed to make sure he was safe. Phiola would be distraught if he didn't return.

However deep within the cave there were a large number of trip hazards from bones to fallen pillars & even the occasional odd sticky or slippery surfaces of which no one wanted to know what they were to avoid feeling or being sick.

The walls were slimy & from the ceiling the occasional bit of something wet, slimy & a tiny bit foamy would drip down. This was saliva from the putrid creatures that made this temple home.

As the tribe's folk called them the chupacabra.

Just up ahead in the wall on the right there was a large hole which allot of hissing came from that was home to a series of 9 ft rattle snakes with yellow eyes & large fangs.

Just beyond that was a crack in the left hand side of the wall on the ground where cockroaches had made a home. Their crunchy exteriors made moving beyond that point creepy for anyone without a spot of bravery in their body as the creatures had managed to explore the entire temple.

As the three of them arrived back at the ship they'd climbed aboard and found no traces of Phiola.

"Right from what I remember when we were abducted Phiola wasn't there." Murii said trying to think back.

"Yeah I think she fell over board." Rudy exclaimed.

"Can she swim?" Wynter asked feeling a moment of panic. Before an answer was found he had already dived over the edge and into the water. Swimming down and looking out for Phiola he couldn't find anything.

Rudy looked out over the sea & Murii climbed higher on the ship to see what she could find. Climbing up on top of the rooms she spotted a spot on the shore further along that was covered in foot prints and it looked like someone had struggled scrambling up it.

"I've got an idea where she might've gone. Its not a great clue but its something."

Turning to see Murii, Rudy joined her atop the rooms.

"Just over there." Murii pointed towards the shore with the footprints.

Wynter arrived on the surface of the water feeling flustered that he couldn't find Phiola at the bottom but also relieved.

"She wasn't down there!"

"That's ok we think we've found her."


"J-just over there on the shore." Rudy said pointing to which Wynter had already started swimming. Murii & Rudy quickly climbed down off of the ship and started making their way towards the shore.

Arriving at the shore Wynter looked at the footprints & then started to notice how they seemed to grow a little fainter the further they went on but there was still enough to follow.

Closing his eyes he attempted to try & focus on his senses.

"Well come on then we should follow them shouldn't we?" Rudy asked as he started leading the way.

Life Return: Senses: Hear

Suddenly discovering that his hearing had increased Wynter opened his eyes and looked around. It was ridiculous what he could hear. Rudy & Murii sounded so much louder but so did the sound of the tribe's folk.

"Guys you won't believe this but I think I just increased my hearing and I can hear the tribe's folk!" he said with laughter.

Turning around to look at the ship Murii spotted them aboard the Playful Griffin. Grabbing hold of both Rudy & Wynter she used her fruit powers once more.

Mirage: Sight

Creating an illusion that looked like nothing had been changed on the shore the tribe;s folk looked directly at the group and saw the shore with no footprints of Phiola & more importantly no Murii, no Rudy & no Wynter.

Murii raised a finger to her lips signalling to be quiet.

Both Rudy & Wynter nodded.

"Rudy I want you to quickly & quietly cover up our tracks. Plant something there or something. Just make it look like there was nothing there at all." Murii whispered as Murii & Wynter moved away from the shore and further inland following the little remains of footprints they could see.

Rudy on the other hand started firing seeds of small plants into the shore and increased the growth speed of it. Growing into dozens of little flowers the footprints were quickly concealed.

The woman was grateful that she offered to teach her how to play the harp but she gratefully declined shaking her head.

"No its fine. Thank you for the offer, but I shall stick to my flute."

Gently stroking her pet bird the woman was surprised Phiola hadn't learnt of Onpa style. It had been a well known and favored fighting style in her youth. However that may have just been among her people. As Phiola made mention of animals sometimes dancing to her music the woman smiled.

"Onpa style is an old style where you use the vibrations & rhythms of the music to manipulate the enviroment around you. You can do it with any musical instrument but it depends on what it is the desired effect you get."

Picking up her flute & placing it to her lips the woman took a deep breath.

Onpa Style: Woodwind: Dart I

Firing this blast of concentrated air towards a portion of the wall of her cave a piece chipped off.

"You can learn to do things like that."

The woman smiled as she showed she was still capable of great things.

"So if you like I can teach you. I remember the principals of doing it but I may not be able to do it myself. In the tribe I was one of the practitioners."

The shriek the bat had let out had awakened various other bats and this meant bad news for Jun she was outnumbered in a dark temple with bats only her devil fruit powers to protect her.

In from all of the many many entrances to the grand square she was outnumbered as more bats than she could've expected came flooding in. Each shrieking louder than the last.

It was time she brought her A game.

Clenching her fists tightly she looked all around her to see that she could barely see the creatures. Night had settled in & Jun was stuck in the dark.

Hana Hana: Colossal: Crusher

Watching as a series of bats were lifted up & limbs of her own rose up the ground all around her Jun grinned. These bats were all being crushed against the roof.

A few escaped leaping down to bite Jun to which she happily delivered a few more Hana Hana: Footlocker: Barrage techniques.

All around her feet launched up kicking these creatures in the torso or mouths.

Still feeling terrified as the bats kept coming Jun started to get angry.

"C'mon you dirty bastards! I can take you all!"

Hana Hana: Colossal: Pummel

As a series of large hands came crashing out of the ground she could feel the vibrations as they slammed into the ground pounding down various bats in the darkness. Her arm may have been bleeding but she wasn't going to let that get her down she was pumped full of adrenaline.

Spotting a light coming closer Fallon paused waiting for the new person. Her fists were clenched tightly and her body ready for a fight. No matter who it was she'd happily attack them if she needed especially if it meant getting her own hands on her own torch.

The loud shriek of bats had sent shivers down Fallon's spine but thankfully none came her way. Lyon on the other hand had stopped feeling guilty leaving Fallon alone. Waiting behind her to see who was coming especially cause they had a light he held his own fists tightly clenched.

"We can move ahead together when we get ahold of this torch. That shriek of bats doesn't fill me with confidence."

Fallon nodded gulping. She didn't want to face off against those fucking things again.

"You owe me big for this Lyon. You know that right?"

"Yeah, I know. I appreciate your help though."

"You bloody well better do."

As the owner of the torch came into sight from down the long dark hallway Fallon's eyes widened and her lips pulled into a smile. She had to admit she'd never seen what stood before her holding a torch. Neither had Lyon though.

Standing directly before them down the long dark hallway was a khaki coloured rabbit plushie with stitching & stars. The real cream on the cake however was the torch with fire eating away at it that he was holding in his hands.

This was too perfect.

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Re: Island Of The Gods

Post by Fin~ on Fri Mar 27, 2015 9:03 am


This place was insane, it was damp, kind of smelly and a not nice enviroment, the walls were close to each other and the floor was filled with things to trip over, the walls were a little sticky and the whole place seemed to be over run by a big amount of insects, especially cocroaches, whom were disliked by roderick. This place was hell, and he was pretty bummed that he had chosen the wrong thing and lost the game of rock paper scissors.

But Roderick was very brave he had been through worse, or atleast he was telling himself this to survive, to keep going on, and find out if those inside were in need of help. Walking close to a wall he heard hissing, up on closer inspection this was a nest of snakes, making roderick take a few steps backwards, and carefully make his way around this, they did not seem friendly, especially because he was the one interupting their teritory.

Making his way down he heard Lyceum yell, but decided to only answer by giving a slight pull on the string twice, he did not want to risk yelling, and waking up more creatures in this weird temple of smelly and crawly things. He could seriously use a nice wash up, to get this smell from his plushie body.

Once the bunny continued his way he heard chatter of the two he had been following, he could not make up the words yet but it was a mather of seconds before he was face to face with the two, standing infront of them, he could spot one had readied their fists for battle.

Gulping and taking a deep breathe, not wanting to fight in a situation like this, or causing any issues at all he exhaled, and inhaled again and looked at the the two infront of him, he only saw shilouttes with basic forms, but could not see facial details of sorts. '' Hey, did you two make the smoke signal, we were worried something might be wrong, so I followed you in here just to make sure everything is okay, the doctor guy was pretty worried'' Roderick said as casual as possible itching his head with his free hand, but also a bit cautious here and there.


As the woman refused her offer on learning harp Phiola was a little dissapointed, truth be told she actually had liked teaching the harp to others, but if the woman was more comfortable with her flute then she would respect that, the woman was really good at using the flute and had charmed the bird, and maybe a bit of phiola herself earlier with it.

When the woman began explaining about Onpa style, Phiola had her eyes and ears peeled, was this all possible with music? She wondered, it all sounded to good to be true. She knew that music made small vibrations in the air, but to use those was something completely new to her and Phiola was very interested in this.

As the woman used her flute to shoot a small air projectile and chip of a piece of the rock wall, Phiola was shocked, Music could do this? it was a suprise, it was something that had her interest a lot. maybe she could be usefull using her music if she learned that, maybe she could protect Roderick.

When the woman offered Phiola to teach her, milions tiny sparkles appeared her in her eyes, like a kid in a candy store, well even though she was still a kid, this was more of a candy store to her, then an actual candy store was. 

The woman explained that even though she couldn't use it on the harp, she could teach it to Phiola. Smiling from ear to ear she bowed a little and said '' I would love to learn it, I really do'' SHe was so excited that she was totally absorbed by her love for music and really forgot the outside world.

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Re: Island Of The Gods

Post by Docile on Fri Mar 27, 2015 10:23 pm

As Roderick spoke both Lyon & Fallon looked at him in surprise. Fallon lowered her fists and was the first to open her mouth to say something, After knowing her for as long as he did Lyon just hoped she didn't say something stupid or offensive.

"You're a plushie."

"Thanks for stating the obvious Fallon." Lyon said as he stepped in front of her to answer Roderick's questions. "Uh yea we did make the smoke signal. We made it cause we need to get off of this island. We've been stranded here for ages."

Fallon realized what Lyon was saying and delivered a powerful punch to his lower back. Lyon did his best to ignore it and turned to face her.

"Chill out, I got this." he replied before turning back to Roderick.

"We tried escaping the island before but every time the current drew us back its too strong. It draws ships in and I think the only way to escape is if you have a strong enough force to break through the current."

Hearing a few more screeches from further down the hallway turning their heads Fallon reached forward grabbing the torch in Roderick's hand.

"Gonna need this. Got someone to save." she said as she tried to snatch it from his hand.

Lyon nodded.

"You wanted to save us you can help us save the woman who came in before us. She's either being torn to pieces by big bats right now or fending them off rather well."

Turning and fleeing towards the sound a voice was heard shouting something.

"C'mon you dirty bastards! I can take you all!"

It was an all too familiar voice for Roderick.

Lyceum on the other hand could feel the thread getting stretched more & more what frightened him the most was that he didn't know what was going on on the other end. When Roderick tugged on the string to answer him earlier he nodded and took it as a good sign.

Still waiting with eagerness to see the two who'd gone in Lyceum gripped his scalpel tightly.

"Quickly come on." Murii muttered to Rudy who quickly joined her & Wynter out of sight. No longer visible the path that they had followed in search of Phiola was covered in grass from Rudy.

Turning back around to see the path the three had followed a tribe's man spotted the grass and raised an eyebrow he didn't remember seeing the grass before but shrugged his shoulders and turned back.

Heading on to the main deck the group formed a half circle around Que Gin who was to brief them on their next actions towards finding Phiola and pleasing the god's with a pure sacrifice. It was told that a pure sacrifice not of tribe would bring eternal piece and the God's would leave them for good. No longer would they need to fear them. It was a true shame what little they knew about their so called "Gods".

Life Return: Senses: Smell

Picking up the scent of Phiola, Wynter begun sniffing the floor where her footprints ended. Murii & Rudy looked at Wynter wondered just what it was he was sniffing at.

"What're you doing Josh?"

"Phiola's scent. I'm trying to pick it up."

"You can do that?!" Rudy exclaimed in shock.


Leading the way down the path and through the woods a little Wynter had found her scent and now finding her would only be a matter of time. The cave was up ahead.

Murii & Rudy followed behind. As the group led by Wynter made their way closer & closer, Rudy looked around for any signs of danger whilst Murii was finding herself distracted by the arse which was raised high directly in front of her. She just wanted to get her hands all over it.

Smiling as she looked she couldn't help but smile.

Standing up she was distracted. Wynter's arse had gone away and she snapped back into reality. Turning to face them both Wynter stopped and looked into the sky around them.

"Ok I think I may have pin pointed their location."

"Where's that?"

"That cave just up ahead."

"Come on then lets get going."

"Can't you see the animals all on display around it?" Wynter asked pointing towards the entrance to the cave.

"What animals? There are none there."

"But I can smell them."

"So they're most likely hidden but your nose can sniff them out then."

"Yeah I guess."

"Great so we've found her but can't get to her."

"There might still be a way."

"And that is?"

"Rudy grow me a few fruits."

Nodding and firing a few seeds into the ground plants grew quickly and before anyone knew it oranges grew. Plucking them Murii snatched them up and quickly started prying them open with her fingers. Murii tossed a few into the large open walkway.

"Now we wait."

After a good fifteen oranges had bee tossed into the walkway animals slowly started climbing out of the bushes for the fruits and started licking it. Grinning Murii looked towards Wynter & Rudy.

"Alright and now how do we get into the cave with them in the way?"

Mirage: Vanish Murii took a few steps forward & muttered. "Follow me." Reluctantly following Rudy got to his feet whilst Wynter on the other hand had already started walking and was ahead of Murii.

"With the animals so focused on their food & the scent's so strong they won't even notice us as long as they don't see us." Murii whispered to Rudy. As the group made it across they slowly entered the cave.

Smiling at the sparkles which formed in Phiola's eyes the woman was happy to see that Phiola was so exited to learn it.

"Ok well dear, just try this, it'll take a little practice but try plucking a string to produce a loud note. Like really try plucking it as if your trying to launch something from it without snapping the string. Once you've done that play the softest note you can so you can see the differences between the two. Because the thing that makes Onpa style so tricky is finding a way of combining those two into one note. You need to play a soft gentle note with the strength of a harsh note behind it."

Placing her flute to her lips she started to play a few simple notes showing how she was using allot of force to blow out a dart but using a gentle exhale to send out a way for it to travel.

"It'll be tricky but you'll know it when it works. With a string instrument you'll be producing a whip like projectile or a blade like projectile once you perfect it. In fact in the future it may be worth while getting stronger & much sharper strings to actually help you use it more as a blade then getting a glove made specially for playing it. I have witnessed one man who did that. He was a knight of some sort."

Rummaging around in a bag behind her the woman removed a few scrolls. As she removed them she looked through the variety of them quickly trying to find the right ones. As suddenly found it she lifted it up from the others and handed it over to Phiola.

"Here, these are the instructions on how to perform Onpa style with stringed instruments. I have a few more scrolls for various other instruments here too if you play any others. I do not mind sharing. I'm perfectly content with my flute as it is to be perfectly honest. It gets the job I want done, done."

Picking up a circular rock and standing it up on another much larger rock the woman used as a table she sat down beside Phiola and pointed to the rock.

"Your aim is to knock that rock over with onpa style."

"You motherf-" Jun muttered as another bat swpet down into her headbutting her and knocking her on to her ass. It landed directly on top of her with feet either side and screamed in her face a horrifyingly loud screech. Fighting the urge to put her hands on her ears and let it bite her Jun crossed her arms.

Hana Hana: Kindling

Shattering the bat's spinal cord its almost as if someone hit pause on the creature's life as it just slumped over and fell backwards lifeless. Breathing heavily Jun picked herself back up and looked around to see there were still dozens of the creatures waiting to take a bite out of her.

Hana Hana: Colossal: Extension

Shooting her hand forward for a punch another fist came shooting out of her fist followed by an arm a little bigger. As the arm reach its full extension another came out a little bigger of that fist. This continued until a giant sized fist came crashing out crushing Bats against the wall beneath her giant knuckles.

As the arms burst into cherry blossoms Jun turned sweeping her arm out.

Hana Hana: Colossal: Whip

Performing a similar move to the previous one the only difference was Jun brought her arm crashing around whipping & slamming the bats into the wall breaking bones & hopefully jaws as well as their wings.

Jun was getting angry & she meant business.

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Re: Island Of The Gods

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