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Island Of The Gods

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Re: Island Of The Gods

Post by Docile on Fri Mar 27, 2015 10:23 pm

As Roderick spoke both Lyon & Fallon looked at him in surprise. Fallon lowered her fists and was the first to open her mouth to say something, After knowing her for as long as he did Lyon just hoped she didn't say something stupid or offensive.

"You're a plushie."

"Thanks for stating the obvious Fallon." Lyon said as he stepped in front of her to answer Roderick's questions. "Uh yea we did make the smoke signal. We made it cause we need to get off of this island. We've been stranded here for ages."

Fallon realized what Lyon was saying and delivered a powerful punch to his lower back. Lyon did his best to ignore it and turned to face her.

"Chill out, I got this." he replied before turning back to Roderick.

"We tried escaping the island before but every time the current drew us back its too strong. It draws ships in and I think the only way to escape is if you have a strong enough force to break through the current."

Hearing a few more screeches from further down the hallway turning their heads Fallon reached forward grabbing the torch in Roderick's hand.

"Gonna need this. Got someone to save." she said as she tried to snatch it from his hand.

Lyon nodded.

"You wanted to save us you can help us save the woman who came in before us. She's either being torn to pieces by big bats right now or fending them off rather well."

Turning and fleeing towards the sound a voice was heard shouting something.

"C'mon you dirty bastards! I can take you all!"

It was an all too familiar voice for Roderick.

Lyceum on the other hand could feel the thread getting stretched more & more what frightened him the most was that he didn't know what was going on on the other end. When Roderick tugged on the string to answer him earlier he nodded and took it as a good sign.

Still waiting with eagerness to see the two who'd gone in Lyceum gripped his scalpel tightly.

"Quickly come on." Murii muttered to Rudy who quickly joined her & Wynter out of sight. No longer visible the path that they had followed in search of Phiola was covered in grass from Rudy.

Turning back around to see the path the three had followed a tribe's man spotted the grass and raised an eyebrow he didn't remember seeing the grass before but shrugged his shoulders and turned back.

Heading on to the main deck the group formed a half circle around Que Gin who was to brief them on their next actions towards finding Phiola and pleasing the god's with a pure sacrifice. It was told that a pure sacrifice not of tribe would bring eternal piece and the God's would leave them for good. No longer would they need to fear them. It was a true shame what little they knew about their so called "Gods".

Life Return: Senses: Smell

Picking up the scent of Phiola, Wynter begun sniffing the floor where her footprints ended. Murii & Rudy looked at Wynter wondered just what it was he was sniffing at.

"What're you doing Josh?"

"Phiola's scent. I'm trying to pick it up."

"You can do that?!" Rudy exclaimed in shock.


Leading the way down the path and through the woods a little Wynter had found her scent and now finding her would only be a matter of time. The cave was up ahead.

Murii & Rudy followed behind. As the group led by Wynter made their way closer & closer, Rudy looked around for any signs of danger whilst Murii was finding herself distracted by the arse which was raised high directly in front of her. She just wanted to get her hands all over it.

Smiling as she looked she couldn't help but smile.

Standing up she was distracted. Wynter's arse had gone away and she snapped back into reality. Turning to face them both Wynter stopped and looked into the sky around them.

"Ok I think I may have pin pointed their location."

"Where's that?"

"That cave just up ahead."

"Come on then lets get going."

"Can't you see the animals all on display around it?" Wynter asked pointing towards the entrance to the cave.

"What animals? There are none there."

"But I can smell them."

"So they're most likely hidden but your nose can sniff them out then."

"Yeah I guess."

"Great so we've found her but can't get to her."

"There might still be a way."

"And that is?"

"Rudy grow me a few fruits."

Nodding and firing a few seeds into the ground plants grew quickly and before anyone knew it oranges grew. Plucking them Murii snatched them up and quickly started prying them open with her fingers. Murii tossed a few into the large open walkway.

"Now we wait."

After a good fifteen oranges had bee tossed into the walkway animals slowly started climbing out of the bushes for the fruits and started licking it. Grinning Murii looked towards Wynter & Rudy.

"Alright and now how do we get into the cave with them in the way?"

Mirage: Vanish Murii took a few steps forward & muttered. "Follow me." Reluctantly following Rudy got to his feet whilst Wynter on the other hand had already started walking and was ahead of Murii.

"With the animals so focused on their food & the scent's so strong they won't even notice us as long as they don't see us." Murii whispered to Rudy. As the group made it across they slowly entered the cave.

Smiling at the sparkles which formed in Phiola's eyes the woman was happy to see that Phiola was so exited to learn it.

"Ok well dear, just try this, it'll take a little practice but try plucking a string to produce a loud note. Like really try plucking it as if your trying to launch something from it without snapping the string. Once you've done that play the softest note you can so you can see the differences between the two. Because the thing that makes Onpa style so tricky is finding a way of combining those two into one note. You need to play a soft gentle note with the strength of a harsh note behind it."

Placing her flute to her lips she started to play a few simple notes showing how she was using allot of force to blow out a dart but using a gentle exhale to send out a way for it to travel.

"It'll be tricky but you'll know it when it works. With a string instrument you'll be producing a whip like projectile or a blade like projectile once you perfect it. In fact in the future it may be worth while getting stronger & much sharper strings to actually help you use it more as a blade then getting a glove made specially for playing it. I have witnessed one man who did that. He was a knight of some sort."

Rummaging around in a bag behind her the woman removed a few scrolls. As she removed them she looked through the variety of them quickly trying to find the right ones. As suddenly found it she lifted it up from the others and handed it over to Phiola.

"Here, these are the instructions on how to perform Onpa style with stringed instruments. I have a few more scrolls for various other instruments here too if you play any others. I do not mind sharing. I'm perfectly content with my flute as it is to be perfectly honest. It gets the job I want done, done."

Picking up a circular rock and standing it up on another much larger rock the woman used as a table she sat down beside Phiola and pointed to the rock.

"Your aim is to knock that rock over with onpa style."

"You motherf-" Jun muttered as another bat swpet down into her headbutting her and knocking her on to her ass. It landed directly on top of her with feet either side and screamed in her face a horrifyingly loud screech. Fighting the urge to put her hands on her ears and let it bite her Jun crossed her arms.

Hana Hana: Kindling

Shattering the bat's spinal cord its almost as if someone hit pause on the creature's life as it just slumped over and fell backwards lifeless. Breathing heavily Jun picked herself back up and looked around to see there were still dozens of the creatures waiting to take a bite out of her.

Hana Hana: Colossal: Extension

Shooting her hand forward for a punch another fist came shooting out of her fist followed by an arm a little bigger. As the arm reach its full extension another came out a little bigger of that fist. This continued until a giant sized fist came crashing out crushing Bats against the wall beneath her giant knuckles.

As the arms burst into cherry blossoms Jun turned sweeping her arm out.

Hana Hana: Colossal: Whip

Performing a similar move to the previous one the only difference was Jun brought her arm crashing around whipping & slamming the bats into the wall breaking bones & hopefully jaws as well as their wings.

Jun was getting angry & she meant business.


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Re: Island Of The Gods

Post by Fin~ on Sun Mar 29, 2015 9:43 pm

(sorry for the delay, lost my post twice yesterday and gave up,heres for todays try))

As the Light from Rodericks torch slowly revealed the bodys and faces of those standing infront of him he took a second to inspect, A pretty normal looking young woman, and a pretty tall man, with some spots, he looked human, but maybe a bit differemt, he couldn't really make anything of it yet.

He also was a sight to behold, he was pretty sure they never seen a talking plushie before, and as far as Roderick knew there were none other then him. And this was proven as the woman said that he was a plushie.

Smiling a little, when he saw how she got corrected by the man, he said '' I am a plushie, Rodericks the name'' He took some time thinking about making a pose, but with this cave being a little on the small side, and being highly burnable himself he decided to let the spectecular entrys and introductions wait for later.

When he heard they made the signal fire, and wanted to go off the island he itched his head, '' I am not sure where we are going next, but I am sure mister captain won't mind you two aboard, I guess'' He said as sure as he could be of himself.

Then Roderick noticed that they were not planning on leaving yet, and apparently someone was down there, and they wanted to go save this person, and they needed his torch for it, at first he was a little doubtfull but then he heard a scream.

A familair voice, a way to familair voice.

It was loud and feminine and by the word choice it could be only one person.

'' Hey I think that's the ships drunk!'' 

Carefully stepping back when his torch was about to be taken, he smiled a little and said '' I'll be coming with you, better stick close''

Rushing down the temple to where the voice come from he yelled

'' JUN?''


There were many things that could describe Phiola like she was at this moment, focussed was one of these, careless was another. Her will to learn made her completely forget her suroundings. She was completely focussed on learning Onpa style, knowing everything about it, she probably never had been this excited, she could learn more about something which was one of the things most dear to her, the other being her talking plushie Roderick.

Her eyes peeled, and ears peeked, ready to pick up any word the woman would say, noting important stuff down, she was ready, ready to learn this style of music she never had heard before.

Though this was all a bit shocking for her, at first music did not seem like something to use for combat, but shooting out blade like whips from her strings, made it sound very elegant, and would make her able to protect Roderick and her other friends.

Phiola carefully had listened to the explanation, she needed to play a hard and soft note at the same time, which seemed inpossible at first, but when she gave it a little thought she thought it might be possible with practice, trying to understand the style she played many scenarios in her head, how things would go and what she could do with it.

When the woman stated it could be done with other instruments she smiled '' I also play piano and sing, but I am not sure those will work, or do they'' She asked still being the little shy girl she always was, but now added with a ton of enthousiasm and the will to learn.

The woman had placed down a rock, which she had to knock of with onpa style, which in her eyes was a pretty big task, but Phiola was going to try, Phiola knew that she could do this, There were not many people who loved music more then her, and she wanted to prove roderick she could protect herself too.

She took a deep breathe, and focussed on her breathing, making sure her body was stable and well under her control, she then  picked up her harp firmly and placed her hands on the strings, she tried to feel how much the strings could take, in the process cutting her finger a little, but that did not mather. She was going to learn this.

she started off with the softest tones she could make, and then played some harder ones, slowly changing inbetween the two, she knew she was ready she readied her finger, and plucked a string, with the tenderness of the soft pluck but with the strength of a hard one, both finesse and power, all in one string. could she do this?

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Re: Island Of The Gods

Post by Docile on Thu Apr 02, 2015 8:12 pm

Nodding to the word's that came from Roderick's mouth Fallon was quickly now sprinting ahead with Lyon just behind. Roderick mentioned something about the ship's drunk being up ahead to which she furrowed her eyebrow.

Why would a ship have a drunk?! she thought to herself questioning the point in it. Lyon on the other hand just took it as a sign that there were more of them scattered around the island and that it meant escaping meant bringing them together first.

Sighing he continued to make his way past Fallon with his extraordinarily long legs. Overtaking her with general ease and arriving to find a wall of bats lying at his feet Lyon paused. Fallon was next and standing before them was a large number of huge bats all over the floor and standing dead center of the massacre of these vile creatures was the woman responsible.

Jun stood bloody, bitten, beaten & sweaty among the bats who'd tried so badly to ravage her waiting for her next opponent. Raising her head as she breathed heavily she looked towards Roderick & the two strangers with what can only be described as death in her eyes.

"I need some rum." she muttered as she looked at Roderick.

Fallon's eyes widened she'd found a kindred spirit in Jun. A sassy woman who didn't take giving up for an answer. As a smile spread across her face and she held the torch higher Lyon looked at Jun with curiosity. Stepping forward he offered a hand to her.

"Are you ok?"

"I'll be fine once I get some rum in me. Roderick who're these clowns?" she asked.

Looking towards Jun as she walked past wounded & seemingly uncaring about anything or anyone else Fallon & Lyon raised their eyebrows. Fallon was loving her new best friend she'd not said a word to yet & Lyon was questioning her lifestyle.

Jun started heading down the corridor which seemed to be the exit and or maybe the entrance. As she headed into the darkness she stopped when she realized no one else was following.

"Are you guys coming then or what?!" she asked rudely. Following Fallon leapt ahead and beside her.

"What were you doing in here?" she asked.

"Beatin' up bats."

"Cool. I've been in here before, beat up a few bats meself." she said stretching trying to make herself look cool to her new best friend.

"Yeah well bastards stole my rose wood."

"What would you want Rose wood for?"

"Don't you know anything about wood!?"

"I know about Rose wood, I was just wondering why you'd care for it." Fallon replied trying to save herself from a beating.

"I'm a shipwright. Hence the tools." Jun said pointing to them. Fallon lowered the torch to look and spotted them around her waist in the belt.

Lyon on the other hand looked at Roderick.

"I think Fallon's found a new friend."

Edging closer to the cave Wynter spotted a woman who seemed to be injured with scaring across her face of the little he saw. As he watched her place something down she seemed to be talking to someone. Phiola?! he thought to himself. Turning to look at Murii & Rudy who followed behind Wynter took a deep breath and signaled for them to wait behind.

He didn't want to drag them into somewhere dangerous.

He could hear the lyrical sounds of a harp begin to play and as the tunes echoed forth Wynter was sure it was Phiola. No one else played harp like that. Smiling he hopped into the cave from around the corner with his fists at the ready.

As he revealed himself with his fists tightly clenched he grinned at the sight of Phiola but the fists which had been ever so tightly clenched sent shivers down the other lady's spine. In a moment of shock & surprise there was a sudden lyrical screech.

Onpa Style: Woodwind: Dart I

Piercing Wynter's torso the pain was incredible. Wynter remained standing however his shirt quickly became a darker red colour. Ripping through the shirt & upper right of his pectoral muscle he stood looking at the woman who sat with her flute in hand.

Murii & Rudy quickly rushed in to care for him. Murii who wrapped her arms around him & Rudy who took aim with fingers directed like a gun pointed at the lady with the flute.

Green Star/Midori Boshi: Trampolia

As a trampolinna plant appeared on the ground & the lady hopped to her feet to fired a second dart towards Rudy & then finally Murii she landed on the plant. As her naked legs met it the lady found herself being launched sky high or as high as the cave would allow.

Slamming her head into the roof of the cave she was knocked unconscious. Falling limply to the ground Rudy watched as his actions saved not only himself but Murii too.

Murii looked at the lady then Phiola whilst Wynter just stood slightly hunched over smiling. Whatever that projectile had been it had hurt, but not enough to rip through his torso. But it was close. Looking at Phiola and smiling Wynter's eyes slowly closed as he slumped over and hit the floor.

"Josh!" Murii called out as she reached for him trying to pick him up. She didn't want him to die. Not now. Rudy looked at Wynter in shock then Phiola.

None of them had any idea what was going on except for the man in the blue waistcoat who lay on the floor.

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Re: Island Of The Gods

Post by Fin~ on Sun Apr 12, 2015 9:31 pm

((sorry for the shortish post. morphine ruined my inspiration))

Roderick had not much of an idea what was going on. Jun was being her usual self just a little more grumpy and talking about booze once again. he sighed a little, atleast she was alive. " yo jun" he answered  and followed up by " apparently they came to resque you. and I came to rescue them" he said smiling a little itching his head. 

The two women got along pretty well, maybe too well. and the other man agreed, Roderick smiled and said " yeah indeed, I thought jun alone was a bit much to handle now theres two" 

" so lets get your wood back, lyceum must be worried" Roderick said getting ready to follow them 


Everything had been gone wrong really, just as her playing had knocked over the stone, and she wanted to cheer Wynter Rudy and Murii were there, entering the cave, to be attacked by the woman who had been teaching her, who had given her the scrolls to learn onpa style.

she shot Wynter making his chest all bloody, and then was attacked by Rudy who knocked the woman out cold. taking a big breathe she stood up and rushed to the woman and hoped she was okay

she then looked at Murii and Rudy " this woman was learning me to fight with music, im sorry if I got you worried. is Wynter okay?" checking if the woman was okay and wondering what was happening. she was sad her moments with this woman were not much longer.

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Re: Island Of The Gods

Post by Docile on Tue Apr 14, 2015 6:38 am


Making their way to the exit Jun had no idea she was even close to the exit but neither did Fallon. The two got on like a house on fire. It was as if they'd been bred specifically for each other. Both were feisty, individual women who took no shit from anyone.

"I've been trying to get off this island for ages."

"Well we just arrived here in search of supplies."

"You came to the wrong island. This is an island of death."

"It doesn't seem to have killed you yet so I think I can handle myself."

"You trying to say your stronger than me?" Fallon asked with a little bit of outrage in her voice.

"No I'm flat out telling you."

Pausing as Jun mentioned this Fallon watched as Jun made her way towards the entrance which light shone from. Painting the floor in light Jun smirked seeing it and stepped out through the door to find Lyceum waiting at the other end. As her eyes fell on him she stepped back and looked at him in shock.

"What're you doing all the way out here?"

Looking at Jun as she arrived Lyceum stepped aside looking at her curiously and confused. "I could ask you the same thing."

Fallon emerged behind Jun and looked at Lyceum then Jun as the two seemed to know each other. Her hands were raised ready for a fight but if they knew each other then there would be no need for a fight.

Walking alongside Roderick Lyon realized that the plushie had come with another gentleman by the name of Lyceum. He wandered where this gentleman was but wasn't about to start asking questions that might soon be answered.

Approaching the light Lyon stepped aside and gestured for Roderick to head out first.

"You go first Roderick. I'll build a quick barricade so when these creatures do get back on their feet they have more than just a simple rock & stone door to get past."

Grabbing a few larger pieces of stone and stacking them high Lyon back out of the temple. He found himself looking at Fallon, Jun, Roderick & another man in a doctor's coat.

"Seems you found them all then Roderick."

"You talk about us like we're lost travelers"

"To be honest we didn't know who you guys were but after we spotted your distress signal up there we figured we'd come help you guys."

"You can help us by giving us your ship." Fallon blurted out as she raised her hands ready for a fight.

"Fallon!" Lyon shouted hinting they weren't doing that anymore. Jun on the other hand took threats that were to separate herself from a ship that was now her baby seriously. Facing Fallon with eyes of wrath & fists of fury she raised two tightly clenched fists in front of her.

Before anyone knew what was happening two punches were thrown.

Rolling their eyes Lyon & Lyceum watched as both Fallon & Jun launched fully loaded punches at one another. Knocking each other unconscious Jun & Fallon lay on the ground. Over Fallon's right eye a bruise forming & a large bump forming on the side of Jun's head.

"So you got one too?" Lyceum asked looking up towards Lyon who nodded.


"Roderick do you want to carry Jun?"

Lyon lifted Fallon over his shoulder and shook his head at her stupidity.

"If we head back to the ship, we can try and nurse them back to good health and you guys can get settled in."

"Sounds like a good plan to me." Lyon responded as they started to walk.

Looking at Phiola as she rushed to the woman instead of Wynter sent shivers down Murii's spine. Why was she more concerned over her than a man who saved her from a monster and took her in.

Holding Wynter in her arms she looked at Wynter and how his shirt was now stained a putrid red.

"Phiola, what the hell?!" Murii shouted at her in fear of losing Wynter. Rudy on the other hand was still caught up in such shock he wasn't sure what to feel or how to feel. Sitting down he placed his head in his hands and looked towards Phiola then Wynter.

As Phiola mentioned that she was sorry they were worried and that the woman was teaching her Murii looked at Wynter then Phiola. Unable to properly believe her and understand why they'd attacked each other Murii reached down and unbuttoned Wynter's shirt. Looking at the hole she couldn't find the projectile in the wound.

Rudy had approached and looked at Phiola's notes. Reading over them he looked back at Murii.

"She's right Murii. This lady really was teaching her."

Murii could feel her eyes growing teary and heart beating faster than it had ever done so before.

"Why did she shoot him?"

"She probably thought we were dangerous. I mean we did just get past her animal guards." Rudy replied looking at Wynter.

Coughing and spluttering in the arms of Murii, Wynter spat up some blood over his lips. Opening his eyes and looking up towards her he grinned.

"Don't worry babe. I'm down for the count just yet. Sure it hurt like a bitch, but so did that punch with the frankenweirdo in Pirguru."

Smiling at the sudden movement and life of Wynter, Murii hugged him tightly kissing his neck.

"It'll take more than a simple dart to bring me down."

Sitting up and painfully making his way towards the rocks inside which were seats he sat beside Phiola.

"I'm just glad to see your safe Phiola."

"What're we going to do with her?" asked Rudy pointing to Phiola's friend.

"Wake her." Wynter replied.

"What if she attacks us again?" Murii asked concerned for Wynter's life.

"She won't."

"But how do you know?"

Smiling at Murii and easing her mind Wynter replied with the honest to God truth.

"I don't."

"Don't you want me to do something about that wound? I mean I'm no doctor like Lyceum, but I could probably patch it up with something."

"Nah I can handle myself. What do you think I spend my time alone doing?"

Murii & Rudy exchanged a look both thinking the same thing but not wanting to say it in front of Phiola as she was a minor. Pulling a face at their expression, Wynter smirked a little as he responded.

"Urgh! God no. You sick bastards!" both bursting out with laughter Rudy & Murii looked at the ground.

Looking towards Phiola, asked her. "How do we wake her up? Any songs you know that might wake her?"

Sitting beside Wynter, Murii gripped his arm and started to cares it as he used a technique of his to aid his recovery from the wound.

Life Return:Clot Band Aid :Like New

Pushing his body into the healing process to properly heal his body at an advanced rate and fix the wounds with incredible precision Wynter pulled a slight face. It was a painful procedure, especially at his amateurish state with his control of life return. But like martial arts with practice it would become like second nature.

Grabbing the lady's face Rudy started slapping her on either side gently, slowly picking up the hardness. As he noticed redness appearing on her cheeks he started to feel bad but clueless at the same time.

He placed a finger against her neck feeling for her pulse and found it. She was still in there, just proving difficult to come out.

"Try throwing water over her?"

Rudy nodded. Looking for a bowl full of water which he later found that had been her fresh water supply he tossed the entire bowl over her shaved scared head.

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Re: Island Of The Gods

Post by Fin~ on Sun Apr 19, 2015 2:21 am


This was just insane within a minute of knowing each other the two woman had become best friends, well more like quareling sisters. roderick found it both highly entertaining and slightly annoying. but decided to remain silent and continue on forwards. smiling a little as the fights got more and more like sibling fights. 

coming out of the cave and being greeted by lyceum Roderick joked " We found the two we went in for. together with our lost lamb, and apparently she found her lost sister" rodericks tone was jovial and had enjoyed how their group suddenly has grown from two to five people. jun got their wood and everyone was fine. 

Until the two woman knocked each other out, sighing he grabbed up jun while Lyon lifted up Fallon and smiled " kids these days" 

with a jun over his shoulder and a basket of ingredients in his hand he followed Lyceum to the ship. 


Things all went for the wrong so quickly. She had rushed to the woman because murii and Rudy rushed to Wynter, Phiola looked at the woman and back at Murii who was yelling at her, she never saw murii this angry and Phiola looked at the ground and mumbled " I-I am sorry" she stuttered a little as she took a deep breathe and looked at Rudy, who had discovered that she was being taught by the woman. when the question arose why she attacked Winter " She always lived alone I think she got startled, she lead me here with music  when I fell of the ship" she said still shaking and trying to not break down. 

When Wynter spoke and said he was glad she was okay Phiola was relieved. " I am so sorry this happened" she said as she saw how the others went on to laugh about something she didn't understand. 

When she was asked if she knew any songs she nodded " I think I can try" as she plucked strings on her harp that were both soothing and kind of sharp stimulating the brain to wake up but not panicking the person, before she knew it the woman was already helped by rudy aswell with some cold water to the face.

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Re: Island Of The Gods

Post by Docile on Mon Apr 20, 2015 8:35 am


Heading through the jungle Lyceum leading the way, Jun & Fallon were following at the rear chatting away still seeming like the best of friends in a weird sort of way. Lyon walked along side Roderick looking towards Lyceum.

"You better put me down Lyon!" Fallon said as she hung over his shoulder.

"Just enjoy the walk back to the ship Fallon."

"I will deck you. I swear to God!"

"Fallon just chill!"

As Jun was snatched up by Roderick she started kicking and screaming hitting him like a child throwing a tantrum.

"Roderick you better put me down. If you don't I swear to god you're gonna get it bad!"

Crossing her arms a sudden foot shot out from a rock in front of Roderick attempting to trip him up.

"You two best be quiet and start to get along or I'm going to throw all of the alcohol over board!" Lyceum shouted as he continued leading the way.

Realizing what he'd just said Jun & Fallon's eyes widened and both screamed.



Exchanging looks with Roderick, Lyon couldn't help but laugh. Jun looked towards Fallon and then at the ground.

"Don't test me girls. I will do it."

Laughing Lyon stepped through the large horrendous jungle. He looked at the basket Roderick was carrying and couldn't help but question what was in it.

"What's with the basket?"

Heading their way just a few feet away was the tribe. Armed with spears, bows & arrows & the occasional hand made axe the tribe were attempting to stay quiet. However their hunting dogs wouldn't keep so quiet.

Sniffing the floor and making a shit ton of noise with each step as if howling to others.

This was a small search party looking for Phiola the pure innocent girl on the island who bring pace from the Gods in the temple and praise the tribe for their sacrifice.

"Anything yet?" one of the tribe's men holding a hunting dog's leash asked. Shaking his head in response he looked at the hunting dog he continued sniffing the floor. The tribe were closing in on Lyceum, Lyon, Roderick, Jun & Fallon.

Opening her eyes to Rudy's face looking over her and soothing harp music the lady panicked. Her eyes widened and hands reached in terror for her flute to find nothing but a rock. Swinging it towards Rudy's head out of fear she was met with a clothed hand gripping her wrist.

Rudy moved away and standing beside her body was a man in a blue waist coat with brow hair.

"You're not gonna want to do that. Trust me."

"Who are you?!"

The woman was panicked and terrified of these intruders who'd gotten past her animals with such ease.

"We're friends of Phiola."

"Friends?" she asked as she sat up pulling away from Wynter who released her wrist. She pulled her legs in towards her in fear and looked at the new faces.

"Yes friends!" Rudy shouted.

"We mean you no harm."

Looking at Phiola then Murii, Rudy & finally Wynter the lady spotted Wynter's wound and felt her guilt settle in.

"I am so sorry. I thought you were from the tribe coming to attack me."

"No, course not." Wynter replied as he sat down beside Murii.

"Wait why would the tribe come to attack you? Aren't you one of them? You're wearing the similar type of garb." Murii asked looking at the woman.

"I was one of the them until the day of sacrifices came about. I was to be sacrificed."

"Why do they sacrifice people?"

"They believe it pleases the Gods."

"There are gods on this island?!"

"In the temple by the mountain. Its where they used to sacrifice people until the God's came in the form of large bats."

"Bats?" Murii asked curiously.

"BATS?!" Rudy exclaimed in a terrified tone of voice. He didn't want to see this nor experience it. This would be terrifying!

"Yeah. I was to be sacrificed, but I ran away. I killed the guy and ran far from the temple. After that I tried to save the next few who were to be sacrificed the next times but all I saw was the tribe's folk running from the gods."

"So these gods are chasing after people?"

"No they're just claiming the land more and more with each sacrifice. I think that the only way to stop the Gods is by starving them."

"What if these bats are just big bats?"

"There's no explanation for that though. How would these bats have even gotten here or where from?" Realizing she'd made a good point the group all shrugged their shoulders and looked towards Phiola.

"Before you all turned up I was teaching your friend Phiola how to use Onpa style. Its a musical fighting style."

"That sounds nice. How's it going Phiola?" Murii asked curiously whilst Wynter smiled. Rudy on the other hand couldn't help staring at the lady's heavily scared face. It was like nothing he'd ever seen before.

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Re: Island Of The Gods

Post by Fin~ on Sat May 02, 2015 11:03 pm


Walking with a heavy jun on his back and looking at fallon on Lyons back who had already woken up and started protesting, Roderick knew that it wouldn't take long for Jun to start protesting, and ofcourse that happened, she started yelling and screaming and he would have it bad if she didn't let her go. She even attempted to make him trip but sprouting an arm out of the rock but Roderick just stomped on it smiling. 

When he was asked what was with the basket he smiled and his eyes started twinkling like they always would do when he could talk about his cooking. " well you see, I am a chef and we picked some ingredients for tonights meal, everyone was pretty hungry" he almost wanted to start telling them what he was going to cook, but with Jun being a pain he decided against it and continued his way. 


Phiola saw how the woman waked up, and became hostile but the others managed to calm her down, they said they were her friends, and the woman explained that she thought they were from her tribe, her tribe that she actually ran from and wanted to sacrafice her, gulping and shaking a little phiola her eyes teared up from the idea, but she managed to control her tears.

The conversation went on and there was something about bats, which scared Rudy but her aswel, she saw bats sometimes at night out of her window but giant ones were a step too far for the young Phiola.

As the conversation went on about the onpa style and that you could use music to fight with her somewhat sad face turned into a very enthousiastic one, and as Murii asked how things were going she smiled " it is really hard but just before you guys came I managed to knock the stone off there using my harps sounds, the woman told me its usable in a lot of different instruments and she even would lend me her scrolls so I can learn the " she said in one breathe and half probably wasn't understandable due to her fast way of talking.

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Re: Island Of The Gods

Post by Docile on Thu May 07, 2015 8:33 pm


Lyon could see the excitement in Roderick's eyes at the basket. He seemed properly and truly excited as he spoke about being a chef Lyon couldn't help but smile. He seemed like a genuinely enthusiastic cook. That was definitely a good thing to have aboard the ship. Not just someone who could cook, but wanted to.

"I bet your crew love having you aboard. I kinda miss having proper food since I've been stuck on this island for so long."

The sound of barking in the distance could be heard and whilst it echoed through the jungle Lyceum who was leading the way back to the ship turned to raise a hand signalling for everyone to be quiet. Lyon did so and whilst Jun & Fallon argued on his and Roderick's back Lyon relayed the message.

"Quiet you two. Someone's coming!"

"You can't tell me to be quiet!" Fallon blurted out outraged he'd told her to shut up. Jun was even more so annoyed that she wasn't shutting up she felt compelled to tell her to keep quiet as well raising her own voice.

"He said be quiet because someone's coming for us. How dumb are you?!"

"DUMB!?" With the two quarreling once more something had to be done to shut these two up. An angered figure of Lyceum appeared before them both and with a quick sweep of his fists he smacked the two around the back of the head knocking them both unconscious.

"I thought they'd never shut up."

Gesturing towards a near by shrubbery Lyceum and Lyon made their way into it and hoped Roderick would follow suit as the tribe's men were coming with hunting dogs in hand. As the first dog burst through the bushes, he dragged a tribe's man with him. The two came walking in followed by a few other tribe's men. Before they got the chance to make a move through the area one of the tribe's men giggled a little catching the attention of the others.

Bidi bidi bidi Bidi bidi bidi

Reaching for a den den mushi her removed it from his satchel. Seems the vibrations had sent tingling through his body. Answering it in his native tongue he reported to the other two tribe's folk. Reporting that they other group had found evidence of someone or something terrifying that had mutilated a series of animals the tribe quickly turned and started to run as if someone was in danger.

Looking towards the other two Lyceum raised an eyebrow.

"I don't know about you guys, but that doesn't look good."

"Maybe the others of your group have been captured?"

"Maybe. I can't be sure though. Roderick, what do you think?"

Lyceum was uncertain but at the same time had an annoyingly niggling feeling that Wynter was in trouble. But when wasn't he in trouble. With the dark night sky clouding everything in a horrible darkness Lyceum got to his feet and looked towards the trail that the tribe's men had left behind them he felt the pain in his back return. Reaching for a bottle of pain killers he quickly popped a few into his mouth and swallowed them.

"If we go and there is a full scale war going on what're we going to do with Jun and Fallon?"

"I guess we'll have to just put them down somewhere we can be sure is safe."

As Fallon and Jun jung over Roderick and Lyon's shoulders their unconscious bodies were screaming go after the tribe's men, but their mouths in reality were as motionless as the mountain and the dozens of bats Jun left behind.

Right now there was one big question which needed to be answered. Were they going to follow the tribe to possibly find Wynter or where they going to head back to the ship and hope Wynter found them?

Outside the cave the tribe's folk who had been looking for Wynter, Phiola, Murii and Rudy had discovered the wild animals and using their keen intellect and advanced skills they brought the animals down silently. Slicing their necks after gassing them the creatures lay slaughtered never to rise again. Leading this small group was Que Gin. As he'd killed the animals with a small knife of his own he'd ran his hands through their blood and painted himself with it as if it were war paint. With two red lines across either side of his face and a hand print in the dead center of his chest he grinned.

He ordered another tribe's folk to make a quick call to the others as he felt he now knew just what and who was up ahead. Grinning he gripped his weaponry tightly. He'd only ever witnessed a set up like this once before. And it was at the hands of a young girl by the name of Beatrix.

" . . . Beatrix . . . " he whispered quietly. As the call was made Que Gin gave the order to wait and remove the dead animal bodies. If this really was the home of Beatrix then they would need the upper hand or they would be n trouble. She was a quick witted, smart and fast opponent and not someone you wanted to be against. Que Gin could remember in his younger years the day they were to sacrifice her. During her escape she'd fired a dart into his shoulder and torn it up pretty badly and then taken down a legion of the tribe.

Party after party had been out searching for her. Some of their best hunters and each had never returned being brought down by her. She'd become one with the animals. Al l she'd ever needed before hand was just one thing t tip her off that someone was coming. She'd been a very powerful girl in her days but as she got on she was only getting weaker as was Que Gin.

Hearing the story of the lady Wynter felt sorry for her. Standing up and offering her his hand he smirked.

"I'm sorry you had to suffer, but I promise you one thing. We will never let you come to harm. You can come with us and we will take you to a new island or we can take you back to your tribe and get them to listen to you. There must be an explanation for this. A logical explanation."

"Thank you kindly, but I'm not so sure about that. The tribe all follows Que Gin. He is their leader. He tries to deny himself and make out it is other people. But its him really. He only appoints others as the leader as a way to protect himself. He feels if anyone else were to know it was him they would try to kill him. Not even the tribe knows it is him."

"So how do you know it is him?"

"Because I overheard him giving orders to the leader one day when I was a child."

"So Que Gin" Wynter muttered thinking about how he'd been so nice to him earlier. Now it seemed the truth about him was really coming out and he wasn't as nice a man as he'd made out before hand. He was a nasty piece of work.

When Phiola said how the teach was going well Murii smiled. She moved closer to her and wrapped her arms around her hugging her.

"Well c'mon on Phiola show us what you can do with that thing. I'm really excited to see." turning to the lady Murii continued. "Thank you for showing our friend here a way to defend herself. She needs to be able to look after herself and we can't unfortunately. But it should only be until we return her home to her family."

Rudy on the other hand still sat down thinking about those big bats. They terrified him.

"Yeah when we drop Phiola off I think I might stay with her. I'm not a criminal and I don't like running. Maybe your dad can employ me as your personal body guard or something. I mean I doubt many people come looking to kidnap you. So y'know. Could just hang out with you and Roderick all the time." Rudy was just looking for a way out of this life he'd gotten himself caught up in to. He was scared and everyone could see it. His dreams were only that. Dreams. He never actually considered achieving them only dreaming about them.

Turning around and looking at Rudy with a slight look of disappointment Wynter shook his head.

"Rudy, what's your dream?"

"To live a simple peaceful life?"

"No you're actual dream. What do you want more than anything else in the whole world?"

Looking around in slight fear and uncertainty Rudy sat forward and repeated himself.

"To live, a simple-"

Unleashing a slap around Rudy's face Wynter looked at Rudy and the shock on his face. He seemed a little angry and jumped to his feet level with Wynter.

"What was that for?!"

"Why're you lying to me!?"



"FINE! I WANT TO BECOME A FEARED NOTORIOUS REVOLUTIONARY JUST LIKE MY PARENTS, I WANT TO GIVE THE WORLD GOVERNMENT THE FINGER AND MASTER MY DEVIL FRUIT POWERS SO I CAN SHOW EVERYONE I'M NOT JUST SOME SCARED LITTLE COWARD!" as Rudy finished his scream at Wynter he turned away breathing heavily unable to control himself and stood shaking leaning against the wall.

Wynter on the other hand smiled and turned to look at Murii. Murii and the lady seemed shocked by the whole incident that had just gone underway. It threw them big time.

"What about your dream?"

Seeming a little reluctant after what Wynter went through with Rudy, Murii coughed and pushed her glasses up on to the nose of her bridge and continued.

"I want to punish the marines for what they did to my family and see the world and everything it has to offer."

Turning to Phiola with a smile on his face Wynter asked the same question.

"And what about you Phiola? What do you want more than anything else in the world?"

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Re: Island Of The Gods

Post by EnglishDubsDuff on Wed Jul 01, 2015 8:42 am

At this moment a few blocks away of the cave there was...a bunch of sticky goo everywhere. connected to tree's general vegetation, all over the place. With closer inspection you could see this had been there for quite a while the scorn of a young, bored little girl in a sticky situation. Looking farther back down the road the girl was walking you could see the same trail of mucus. It seemed to never run out. This girl had been on this island, hiding for as long as she could remember, so long she could barely remember how she got here from where she originally had been. 

She looked as if she were wearing pajamas with a hat to match, the mucus she left behind seemed to match the same stuff dripping off of her clothing and from her nostril. she walked weirdly lifting her entire knee as she walked as if she was a stubby legged person but her physique was far too thin for her to have needed to do that. she had a funny looking smile on her face and a Koro-sensei doll in her possession. From where she was walking whatever it was she had been doing with her mucus she stopped doing it and had been nearing the location of where Wynter had been. As she closed in on the area there had been and has seen a group, they looked like they were searching for something...Shoru should probably go greet them! a friendly sign is a good one. She waddled over to where they stood and approached the closest few near her. she sniffled her snot up before raising the hand that had not been holding her doll "Heso!" she said as if she were skypean...which she wasn't, but she had learned a lot since she left home, not enough apparently since she seemed to be unfamiliar with who these people were. After a short amount of time her snot droplet returned to were it was, dripping from her nose. She kept her funny expression as she waved to the group.

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Re: Island Of The Gods

Post by Docile on Thu Jul 02, 2015 9:26 pm


With answers resting on him Roderick made a quick snappy decision to follow the tribe to where ever it was they were headed. It didn't matter where they were headed at least they would be able to help someone out. But at the time being it seemed something bigger was happening.

"I think we should follow them."

Looking at Lyon then at Roderick Lyceum agreed and nodded.

"Sounds like a good idea. Lets go then."

All in agreement Lyon started leading the way holding Fallon on his shoulder whilst Jun was carried along on Roderick's.

Following the tribe Lyceum muttered to Roderick.

"We're going to tie Jun & Fallon up right?"

"Are we?"

"Are now."

Following the tribe through trees among trees and over rocks, streams & the occasional corpse Lyceum looked past it all and had his mind set on their job at hand. Find Phiola, Wynter, Rudy & Murii as all of them currently had gone missing and they couldn't deal with this for much longer. They needed to find one another. Badly!

"As far as I can see they're heading towards the shore."

"Our ship's down this way."

"Why don't we drop these two off on the ship then?"

Roderick asked gesturing towards Jun & Fallon.

Nodding Lyceum opened his arms.

"Pass them here and I'll take them back."

Handing them both over to Lyceum he struggled to place them over his shoulders and finally got them up properly. Looking to both Lyon & Roderick Lyceum smirked.

"You two best get goin' I'll find you guys."

"You better."

Running off towards the tribe Lyon & Roderick clenched their fists tightly.

"You ready for this Lyon?"

"I was born ready my dear friend."

Watching the two run after the tribe who were closing in on the cave and the other tribe who'd found the slaughtered animals Lyceum looked towards the great open blue. Walking towards the large blue with two drunks on his shoulders Lyceum grunted a little feeling sweat beginning to form.

Pushing past the trees and much more he made it to the ship quickly and placed the two aboard. Leaving them both in bed aboard the ship, Lyceum grinned as he tucked them in. Heading towards the edge of the ship he took a deep breath and looked at his medicine in the bottles he had on him. Realizing he had none left, he headed for some more from his room.

Topped up and ready for a fight Lyceum took a deep breath and pounced from the edge of the ship.

"I want to see the whole world and draw it! I want to share my music with the entire world and just enjoy myself living the life I never could if I stayed at home!"

Smiling back at Phiola, Wynter could feel his heart beating like mad. He couldn't have been happier.

"Good. All of us have dreams to accomplish in this world and things we want so badly we would give anything for them and never back down. I am going to help you guys do exactly what you want in the same way I know you'll help me. Phiola I am going to help keep you safe and take you to see the entire world. I promise you and you. Lady! We are going to help you too. You want to be part of that tribe again don't you?"

"Its no use, everyone's against me because I doomed them."

"Well after this they won't be!"

Charging out of the cave Wynter was adamant he'd find the tribe and kick their asses. he thought he remembered the way back to them but felt he must've been mistaken when he arrived outside of the cave to find himself looking at two small armies of tribal folk.

"I swear you guys never lived this close before."

Upon hearing this small confrontation Rudy & Murii rushed out join Wynter only to find themselves staring at a tribe. Clenching his fists tightly Wynter was ready for a fight, Rudy begun to shiver in fear whilst Murii swept a hand over her torso ready to use her mirage abilities to her best ability.

"One of you two should get hold of the lady she might want to see this."

Being the curious creature Phiola was however she made her way out to see what was going on and found herself staring at an army and Wynter, Rudy & Murii who would be struggling to fight them. Or at least she imagined they would be.

Spotting the young girl who spoke to them the small tribe stopped and looked at her. One of the men who was rather tall made his way towards her and stopped directly in front curious about her nose and the snot that came out so quickly.

"Have you seen some other people running around jungle?" he asked sounding very primitive and struggling to speak.

The rest of the tribe were whispering to one another wondering if this was the Phiola girl they were looking for or not. Sure they were looking for a young girl but uncertain if they were looking for this one. They just needed someone to feed to the gods in the temple.

So adamant in their pursuit of the tribe they found them coming to a halt before a young girl.

"Another one of your crew mates?" Lyon asked looking at Roderick.

"Never seen her before."

As the two crouched in the bushes watching and waiting quietly Roderick whispered across to Lyon.

"What do we do?"

"Jump in and save her or wait to see what happens. I'll leave it up to you."

As one of the tribes folk stepped forward and whispered into the leader's ear he whispered back and looked at Sticky with a grin.

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Re: Island Of The Gods

Post by EnglishDubsDuff on Fri Jul 03, 2015 6:09 am

Shoru sniffled up her little snot droplet again only for it to fall back down. 


She laughed before putting her hand under her chin, she pondered a moment, squishing her doll in her arm she thought very hard about what the man asked the Doll in her hand also seemed to have a pondered expression on its face. After a bit of silence Shoru pointed her index finger to the sky with a smile on her face 

"Ahhh yes...I did! not to long ago actually!" 

She said before pausing. She lifted on of her legs like a ballerina and began slowly...very slowly twirling around while her arm was still in the air. After twirling around about 3 times she pointed to the group that had been asking her questions 

"There! these people here! Melalalalalalala..." 

She said with a smirk. she stayed in that pose with one leg upward and bent and her hand pointing at the group with her wide smile. she stayed like that ready to dodge an attempt to grab or attack, waiting for the group to respond.

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Re: Island Of The Gods

Post by Docile on Sat Jul 04, 2015 11:50 pm

With his feet in the soggy muddy shore of the island of Wakamono Lyceum took a few steps further inland looking for any signs of footprints and a trail leading to the tribe Roderick & Lyon had been following. With his eyes quickly assessing the ground he fell on to a clear set of tracks which seemed like someone had tried to cover them up. Following the foot steps and making his way further along the path he could smell something rotten and hear a few sounds up ahead. 

Possibly the sounds of a fight breaking out and a war under way. Whatever it was, it didn't sound good, nor did it sound delightful. Rushing towards the sounds he discovered disposed animal corpses which had been torn to pieces. With blood splattered all over the place and what seemed to be the footprints of an army treking through it Lyceum picked up his pace leaping over the branches & through the trees until finally he found himself where he'd planned on heading originally. There was a tribal army just up ahead and beyond them a cave. A fight seemed to have broken out already and at the entrance to the cave was Phiola & some strange looking woman with a hood. Then between them & the army Wynter with a steaming fist, Rudy beside him with his fingers shaped like guns & Murii with her hands ready for a vanishing act. 

Reaching for his own scalpels he was ready to get into this fight and bring victory to his crew. 

Surgery Style: Duoclaw

Aboard the ship resting calmly in bed, Jun lay unconscious as did Fallon. Neither ready to wake up to discover the lumps on their heads nor to feel the rest of the pain that ran through their bodies from the previous fights from large bats & girallons which plagued this awful island. With their wounds given time to heal the duo would be back on their feet in no time at all and throw themselves back in a fight ready for anyone who dared come their way.

This time to think on the island whilst she'd been alone had given her time to think properly and wonder if she really wanted to continue this life among the pirates and a captain called Josh Wynter. He'd proven not just to be a handful but a bit of a nightmare all round. Not just dumb, but clumsy and pathetic at times. Like a love sick puppy he'd just continued to put his heart on the line and Jun didn't like this anymore. She knew she'd put everything into pushing Wynter & Murii together but now it felt like a bad idea. She needed to get out of here and bring Murii with her. It wasn't right. 

This man was going to get them killed at this rate and this wasn't something Jun nor Murii could handle. With her decision made Jun was ready to take Murii by the hand and take her from this life and the sociopath known as Wynter. Mean while Fallon who had long since been a pirate was still up for more adventures and wasn't about to back down. In her unconscious state she'd found herself angry with Jun and no longer wanting to be around the self absorbed psycho bitch who could keep her mouth shut or her fists down. But she'd taken a liking to Lyceum & Roderick. She even felt that Lyon had too in between bouts of arguments and she was even considering hanging out with them a little longer after leaving this island. Not many people were this helpful, but when they were it was a most gracious thing. 

With the tribe before them and Wynter's fist tightly clenched a war was about to begin. Following the orders of Wynter both Rudy & Murii turned and fled into the cave to grab Beatrix. Leaving Wynter on his own standing against the tribe he allowed a small smirk to begin creeping over his face. He hadn't expected them both run like cowards, but it didn't worry him. 

Stepping forward from the tribe was Que Gin with a spear in his hands and helmet on his head which sat comfortably he approached Wynter with a steely gaze. 

"My friend, Wynter. What are you doing here?"

"I could ask you the same question."

Looking into his eyes and seeing nothing but rage Que Gin had a feeling he knew the answer. 

Grabbing hold of Beatrix and dragging her to the entrance of the cave where Phiola was hiding peering out Que GIn caught sight of not just Beatrix but Phiola too. Rudy rushed towards Wynter to join him but held back for two reasons. He was a marksman and a coward, Murii remained back looking for anything she could use as a weapon. 

Spotting this Rudy launched a seed into the ground by her feet. Sprouting up from the ground quickly was a bamboo. 

"Use this. Bamboo staff." 

Looking towards Rudy with a smile Murii happily accepted this and snapped the staff out of the ground gripping it tightly. 

"Thank you Rudy."

Facing the tribe who looked meaner than mean Rudy gulped and took aim with both hands shaped like pistols and a worst case scenario in mind. Murii looked on wards in fear wondering what would come next. 

"You have behind you a virgin sacrifice and a fugitive. Leave them unto us and we shall leave you in peace."

"Why don't you come get them?" Wynter asked. 

Life Return: Body Heat: Fire Fist

Pausing for a moment Que Gin took a deep breath before heading on wards to collect the fugitive Beatrix & sacrifice Phiola. Within the moments from that first step towards Wynter Que Gin was met with a most disheartening soul crushing feeling. When a scorching hot fist met his gut sending him shooting backwards like a shooting star with flames to match. 

Crashing into the other members of the tribe Wynter stood with a right fist extended and anger in his eyes. 

"I told you, you want them. Come get them!"

A roar erupted into the sky which shook the ground and Rudy's spine. 

Leaping into the fight Wynter was ready to lose his life to rescue these two. 

Murii quickly charged into the war with the staff and quickly swept it under two women wiping their legs from beneath them and slamming the other end into their faces knocking them out cold. With his seeds Rudy followed suit and fired out a large variety of seeds into the ground beneath the tribe's folk. 

Green Star/Midori Boshi: Humandrake

As the plants quickly sprouted and leapt towards tribal members he would charge in and sprout a set of three sharpened bamboo claws from his knuckles.

Green Thumb/Engei no sai: Panda Claws

Before he knew it he was slashing up tribe's folk in a matter of seconds. Stabbing one in the thigh he pulled them out and turned kicking another man in the groin before slashing his face and what seemed to be his wife who hit the ground hard. Feeling bad Rudy remembered why he was doing this when a fist met the back of his head and he saw Phiola cowering in fear.

Even though a large man had smacked him he looked up at Phiola and shouted.

"Phiola don't be scared!"

As another fist met his head Rudy's head begun spinning he rolled over on to his back and pointed his hands at the large man who was hulking in size.

Shooting out a barrage of bamboo spikes which littered his tordo Rudy rolled to the right out of the way of the falling body and looked at Phiola.

"Fight with us Phiola!"

She'd been watching in fear, not of getting hurt, but her friends losing their lives and getting seriously wounded. Rudy's words had made her feel slightly more confident but when she saw Beatrix attempting to find a way to run Phiola stood up and stepped out of hiding.

"Where are you going?"

"I'm leaving."

"You can't. They're fighting to save you! To save me!"

"What's going to happen if they lose? Do you know what'll happen to us?"

"Its time to stop thinking about ifs and buts, nothing good can come about if we run and hide."

Phiola could remember her previous days at her manor house when they were attacked by people trying to rob them. Hiding had done nothing to help her. In fact, it prolonged her suffering. So why should she run and hide?

"Running and hiding will only prolong our suffering!"

"Its only suffering if you're caught."

Phiola could feel her body beginning to grow angrier and her fists begun to clench tighter. She'd thought she'd found someone good but now she was beginning to question it. Beatrix had seemed nicer before, but now she was proving to be far from it.

"Fine, if you want to run, you can, but I'll be here fighting with my friends trying to stop the not so inevitable from happening. At least if I try and help there's a better chance in beating them."

With a steady aim trained on Phiola a large net was thrown her direction from the tribe under Que Gin's order who was still very much alive and strong and headed for Wynter to exact revenge on him. As the net shot towards Phiola she turned to catch sight of it hurtling towards her ready to pin her to the ground. With no time to move or even react properly she froze.

The net wrapped around an arm and begun wrapping it up tightly as well as the owner of the arm, Rudy saw this and watched in shock as did Murii who was currently holding back a much larger gentleman with a spear with her bamboo staff. As the net hit the ground and three holes had been burnt in it due to a searing hot fist their face's returned to relief at the sight of Mr Josh Wynter climbing free from the net that had been intended for Phiola.

Smiling Phiola raised her harp and she stood tall ready to help out.

Onpa Style: Hellish Harp

Unleashing a few slicing projectiles downwards they sliced up a series of the tribe's folk quickly. Leaving sprays of blood to splatter over Rudy's face, Murii's tank top & finally over Que Gin this battlefield was quickly turning into a blood bath. It only got better when Lyceum leapt in from a tree behind the bunch.

Crashing in with a scalpel in each hand he quickly cut up two tribal soldiers leaving them on the floor clutching their Achiles tendants. He was quickly making work of the tribe and bringing them to their knees, however they were putting up a good fight leaving him with not just cuts over his torso, back & arms but bruising over his back which sent agony of a different magnitude entirely rippling throughout his body. 

Screaming in agony Lyceum hit the ground beside Wynter as two soldiers threw him towards Wynter as a sign they were winning. 

"Good to see you again Captain."

"You two, now get up and fight!"

The two soldiers quickly lifted a spear each and prepared to stab them through Lyceum's back. 

"Just taking a breather captain."

Screaming both soldiers had a spiked bamboo poke through their chests. As the two fell towards Lyceum, Wynter looked towards the man responsible to see Rudy. 

"C'mon Lyceum!" he said offering him a hand. Wynter continued his struggle against the soldier who had grabbed his arms despite burning them with his fist it didn't seem to be doing much good against a steel shield. 

With five members of the crew in a deep heated battle the tribal army was quickly coming to an end and Beatrix who sat watching just out of the distance was beginning to see why Phiola had such hope in her friends. 

The leader of this tribe who'd seen Shoru crack a little joke rolled his eyes. They decided not to indulge this girl's stupidity and just take her with them. Turning to face his men the leader gestured towards them to employ a capture technique to which they agreed.

With a large net launching Sticky's direction, it was clear that they wanted to capture her. Shame the team had surrounded her with spears all pointed in her general direction. Of course Roderick and Lyon who hid in the bushes and had face palmed after such a shockingly immature joke noticed this net as a means of attack.

"Save her" Roderick muttered before leaping out of the bushes without warning Lyon towards the large net.

"Thank you so much for the warning." Lyon muttered slightly annoyed and unimpressed at Roderick and his haste to leap into action. As he leapt towards the net Roderick felt it begin to wrap around him, this clearly was a plan he hadn't thought about properly and that had back fired on him massively. Attempting to attack whilst the net wrapped around him Roderick came crashing down towards the tribal soldiers.

Brawler's Hammer

Bringing both of his hands together and swinging downwards with them as he came crashing down his fists met the face of the leader who had looked up in surprise. The spear he'd been holding however sliced up through the back of the net barely missing Roderick's soft back and fluffy exterior.

As he hit the ground on top of the leader Roderick fell to his right still feel trapped in the next as he tried struggling to get out. Lyon who had by this point face palmed twice after the joke and Roderick's attempted assault dealt out a much stronger attack to aid both Sticky & Roderick in their escape.

Fishman Karate: 100 Ton Tsunami

Sending this fist into the gut of a soldier Lyon watched as he was sent backwards into another soldier. Another guy removed his sword and lunged for Lyon which sliced his left side open slightly to which Lyon quickly delivered an elbow into their face knocking them backwards. Grabbing the hilt of the sword Lyon removed it from their grip and tossed it aside where it landed beside Roderick. Looking towards Shoru and backing up towards her as the tribal soldiers all spread out around them Lyon thought it was time he introduce himself.

"Sorry about this dear, but to cut things short, I'm Lyon & that bunny rabbit over there is Roderick."

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Re: Island Of The Gods

Post by EnglishDubsDuff on Sun Jul 05, 2015 1:31 am

Shoru hadn't expected that turn of events, though she was absent minded toward it as a whole. She had been interested on entering that cave but something else came up. She had been visited by A fishman and a bunny rabbit person. between the two of them she couldn't decide which cooler, though the fishman had obviously won the cute award of the two. She kept her smile on her face for the two of them, very grateful for the rescue she attempted to leap onto Lyon arm. 

"Lyyooon..." she said with a smile she then went to latch onto  Rodericks arm with her free hand, just letting her Doll stick to her clothing. if she had been successful in grabbing them both she would snicker attempting to sniffle up her snot droplet only to let it swing back down.

"Thank you for saving meeee!" she'd shout "Melalalalalalala!" at this point the two would most likely notice that their arms were stuck to this girl, no matter of struggling to let them free. She'd laugh at this if she had managed to get a hold of them to begin with. Though now probably was not the best time as they were still fighting, but Shoru had that covered right? she had started to blow air through her nose which went into the snot droplet on her nose, making a...snot bubble it grew in size as she continued to blow air out of her nose, when she though it was big enough she stopped.

"Beta Beta no...WEB!" she shouted the bubble would pop, creating a large web that would extend several feet forward to try and catch the men that the three had been fighting. 
"Melalalalalalala! if this works, I can finally explore that cave!" she'd say still holding the two in her hands.

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Re: Island Of The Gods

Post by Docile on Sun Jul 05, 2015 1:54 am

Dealing out flaming punches left right and center Wynter managed to floor a few soldiers and a few others retreated especially thanks to a quick attack from his lips.

Life Return: Methane Breath: Hellfire

Spitting flames from his mouth like a dragon he set a series of them on fire who retreated in fear to seek some for of extinguisher. As they ran away Murii dealt a quick sweep with her staff knocking some more off of their feet and Rudy kicked someone into a tree face first.

Lyceum finished up slicing a person's carotid artery and now as the group stood together they looked towards Que Gin who had a few men left waiting to be dealt with.

"Well, isn't this jut lovely."

Wynter exchanged glances with Que Gin, they both knew what was coming their way and how it would be dealt with just neither knew who would win or who would lose as both would say themselves their victor.

Lyceum made eyes at the female witch doctor who stood beside Que Gin with a staff and several markings and skulls hanging from it of small birds.

Rudy kept his eyes trained on the bird which sat on a broken down log beside Que Gin, turning from a sparrow into a human Rudy's eyes widened and he did a double take looking between the bird & Wynter. He couldn't believe what he'd just witnessed.

"Murii, protect Phiola & the lady."

Nodding she turned to run towards Phiola only to find herself face to face with a girallon with a few tribal bracelets & pieces of clothing hanging around him.

"We must've forgot to mention. We have a girallon."

Smiling Wynter replied.

"That's fine we have a giant rabbit."

"We don't have him with us right now." Lyceum whispered into Wynter's ear which led his eyes to widening.

"I though he was with you!"

"I thought he was here with you!"

Smirking Que GIn gave the order.


When the little girl spoke his name Lyon felt a little weird before he realized the reason was to do with her hanging from his arm and something sticky and horrible hanging from his arm. As she launched herself towards Roderick it was a perfect failure as Roderick was still struggling with the net.

As she muttered something and the mucus coming out of her nose exploded Lyon ducked to cover himself whilst Roderick continued struggling with the net. As the soldiers tried to take cover but found themselves mostly stuck to one another. Looking at Shoru they all shouted angrily.

"What the hell was that?" Lyon would ask.

As Shoru tried running off he could feel how she was still connected to his arm and rolled his eye. Roderick had finally managed to climb out of the net through the small gap by changing into his plushie form and then his human form. Standing at hiss original height of 6 ft he looked down over Shoru then at Lyon.

"Who're you?"

Lyon looked down at Shoru alongside Roderick just as confused.

"Yeah, you never said your name."

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Re: Island Of The Gods

Post by EnglishDubsDuff on Wed Jul 08, 2015 2:16 pm

Shoru stopped in her tracks, looking back Lyon as she was still stuck to him.  Her smile seemed to Widen as she looked to the look on Lyon's face, as she did this the snot droplet returned from her nostril and her cheeks turned red.

"Melalalalalalala..." she let out before letting go of Lyon, she positioned herself where she would be facing both Lyon and Roderick, holding her Doll in both her hands

"Shoru Mushi is my name, I am a girl who ate the Beta Beta no mi and became a mucus human!"

she then lifted her Doll with both her hands positioning it so that it would be in front of her face, but the dolls front would be facing the two "And this...is Koro-Sensei! Melalalalalalala..." she said returning the doll into her arms. she then let out a light gasp before leaning forward with an excited expression "Oi! would you two happen to be part of a pirate crew! if so I'd like to meet your captain! Melalalalalalala!..but first..."

The sticky little girl turned her head to the Cave entrance, pointing her hand in its direction "I must explore this cave!"

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Re: Island Of The Gods

Post by Docile on Wed Jul 08, 2015 10:22 pm

Wynter Vs Que Gin

Between Wynter a Que Gin a fight had revealed itself. The two would charge at one another, Que Gin armed with a spear which he held tightly with both hands whilst Wynter clenched his fists tightly allowing his body to grow in heat. As it heated up and fists became more dangerous to come into contact with his body started working away in an attempt to keep everything else cooled down. 

Life Return: Circulatory

With his body working over drive and picking up the speed along with strength he leapt into the air throwing himself into a flip. As Wynter came crashing down through the air with a right foot extended Que Gin launched his spear skyward aiming towards Wynter. 

Passing the heat from his hands to his feet Wynter quickly took on a much hotter sensation which burnt through his feet. 

Crashing down towards Que Gin he grinned. The spear shot past Wynter's leg skimming it a little tearing the fabric covering his leg. Meeting Que Gin's face he hit the ground with a hell of a thud and Wynter rolled past him over his back and landed on his feet. Stopping in a crouch he turned to see Que gin getting to his feet. 

"Little fucker!"

Grinning back at Gin, Wynter awaited his next move, he wanted more.

Lyceum vs Solomon

Tall, skinny & athletic looking she was pretty attractive but creepy as all hell. Stepping towards him seductively Lyceum was drawn in and pocketed his scalpels. Shame he thought with his meat & two veg above all else. When the witch doctor Solomon removed a wriggly blade from a holster on her thigh Lyceum didn't notice due to his gobsmacked expression of her famed beautiful assets he should've been paying less attention to. 

"I think you could teach me a thing or two." Lyceum muttered quietly as Solomon placed her right foot on Lyceum's right shoulder and his eyes traveled down looking elsewhere. Holding the blade above herself she dragged it down through the air towards Lyceum's neck | shoulder. 

Spotting her movements in the shadows below his brain started screaming. 


Lyceum's heart was feelin' a little broken as of now but he wasn't about to let himself get stabbed because his little friend liked what he saw. 

As blood begun to pour from the wound Lyceum realized it was too late. Turning to look at the wound he gritted his teeth and looked towards Solomon's face. 

"Not gonna lie, that really hurt! I wasn't even gonna attack you, but now. Well you leave me no choice."

Removing a scalpel Lyceum quickly ducked down out of the reach of her blade. 

Surgery Style: Blood Fountain

Attempting to slice her waist she quickly reached backwards lifting her body into a flip and off of Lyceum's. landing back on her feet, Lyceum missed and picked himself back up slowly in time to feel her shoulder slamming into his stomach knocking him back a few steps.

"You men, all the same!" she spat out in disgust at his type. 

Rudy Vs Roko

Looking at Roko the sparrow Rudy licked his lips as he took aim at the bird. Not entirely sure how to defeat a bird Rudy waited watching Roko expecting him to make the first move. Unfortunately this would never come. Rudy would soon discover both were as pathetic than the other. 

After a good few moments of waiting, watching & staring Rudy charged towards Roko with fingers at the ready. When he got close enough that he didn't want to risk getting closer he unleashed a storm of sharpened bamboo towards Roko which he quickly avoided with a quickly change and sweep into the air. With arms of feathers and a beak instead of a nose he was soaring above. 

Sweeping down to claw Rudy's eyes he was met with a hungry vicious venus fly trap reaching up to eat him from Rudy's pop greens. 

Green Star | Midori Boshi: Sargasso

Murii & Phiola Vs Griallon Agrial

Turning to face the large creature Phiola stood on one side Murii the other. Both would struggle dearly to bring such a creature to its knees. As Murii charged the monster she happily threw a hand around to provide her with the cover she would require or at least she would feel she'd require.

Mirage: Vanish

Slamming the staff in her hands square in the monster's jaw she was met with a roar in her face which sent shivers down her spine.

Ballad One: Touch a tamer

Playing a quick tune on her harp Phiola attempted frantically to tame the girallon to no avail as it held one set of hands to its ears and thrashed around with the other set. Slamming into the ground beside Murii and then against the cave Phiola stood before. As the top ridge of the cave was knocked off and came hurtling toward Phiola she froze in fear to finally feel the shoulder of Murii slamming into her back.

Knocking her aside and saving her Phiola & Murii lay on the floor cowering in fear of this strange and monstrous creature which roared again into the sky so violently.

Looking at the little girl in shock and surprise Roderick scratched his head and Lyon tried to get the hang of how to talk to this little girl or even understand her. She spoke in what seemed to be riddles. Not confusing but didn't seem to care much for answers more just questions.

"Pleasure to meet you Shoru." Lyon replied as he looked towards Roderick who seemed more concerned with the nose of what could only be a battle in the distant. It didn't fill him with comfort knowing there was one near by especially when it may be the people he was attempting to aid as friend's of Roderick's.

When Shoru spoke about a pirate crew Roderick took notice and then returned to the fight.

"Yea, I am he ain't. But at the moment all of us are just trying to get off this island alive!"

"Yeah, I'm hitching a ride with these guys, if you want you probably could do too."

As Shoru pointed towards a cave she wanted to explore, Lyon rolled his eyes. This girl was really quick to hop on to the next thing without much care it seemed.

"Good cause that's where we're headed!" Roderick chipped in quickly before sprinting off in the direction of not just the cave but what seemed to be a conflict which was breaking out.

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Re: Island Of The Gods

Post by EnglishDubsDuff on Thu Jul 09, 2015 3:57 pm

"Melalalalalala! Bunny man can run!" she said pointing at Roderick as he spirinted off, she looked back to Lyon and gave him a warm smile before running past him, it seemed that she had been heading off but that was not the case. She had went behind him only to hop onto his back, should she had been successful she'd stick to him like glue to paper. She raised an arm before pointing in the caves direction! 

"Lets go Lyon! there could be secrets in that cave! the Bunny man will beat us to it! Melalalalalalala!"

she laughed, holding her hands onto Lyons shoulders and her legs around his waist, awaiting him to sprint off into the cave if he would 

"I think you and I will be good friends Lyon! Melalalalalala! if we're lucky, maybe the Bunny mans captain will be in that cave!...I wonder what he's like..." the curious girl spoke, ready to meet possibly new friends in this place, she would also be able to show these people a thing or two about the power of  Beta Beta no user!

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Re: Island Of The Gods

Post by Docile on Fri Jul 10, 2015 7:56 pm

Wynter Vs Que Gin

Looking at Wynter with anger in his eyes and a spear in his hand he launched it towards Wynter who thanks to his Circulatory technique had managed to increase his speed was shooting his way. As the spear came towards Wynter he ducked down avoiding the spear and allowed it to pass over head.

Closing the distance between himself and Gin, Wynter launched a punch Gin's way. As the fist ripped through the air towards his face, Gin ducked down and swept a tightly clenched darkened fist into Wynter's gut following through with a second fist upwards knocking Wynter into the sky and backwards grunting. Hitting his chin had sent his head spinning. Gin was stronger than he looked. Allot stronger!

Hitting the ground arse first Wynter shook his head and took a look at Gin who was sprinting towards him. Raising a pair of hands Wynter caught Gin's foot as it came for his face. Grabbing hold of it with what was now a searing hot pair of hands Gin screamed in agony pulling his foot free.

"You picked the wrong man to turn on."

"You came to the wrong island!" Gin shouted angrily at Wynter as he dusted his burning foot on the ground hoping it would soon cool down.

Lyceum Vs Solomon

She's sooooo flexible! Lyceum's brain was screaming at the sheer sight of Solomon's movements. She's also tryin' to kill ya!

sweeping her left arm diagonally downwards Lyceum tried not to focus on Solomon's body as much and more on her arm which he struggled with doing until he caught sight of the three throwing knives hurtling towards him.

Smirking Lyceum watched as Solomon removed a smooth long sword from its sheath as the throwing knives came his way with a matter of moments to react Lyceum threw himself to the floor and allowed the throwing knives to shoot over him. Leaping back to his feet he was just in time for Solomon's swing with her sword.

With a scalpel in each hand he leant backwards allowing the sword to slide over him. Jabbing forwards into her chest Lyceum missed and felt the blade slide along his forearm. As red begun to appear he grunted and drew his arms away from her.

Surgery Style: Carotid Stinger

Stabbing towards her carotid artery on either side Lyceum revealed blood leaking from the left side of her neck. Grinning he felt her foot slam into his chest almost fracturing his rib cage with a foot like that and kick performed in the way Solomon had.

Slamming back first into the ground Lyceum still had a smile on his face.

"I bet a carotid artery is a little more advanced than your knowledge of the body."

Rudy Vs Roko

"A coward! That's what you are!"

Knowing full well Roko was right Rudy gritted his teeth. He never had done well with insults before and now this really wasn't helping him. As he directed his fingers towards Roko he started unleashing a storm of sharpened bamboo sticks.

Each shot came hurtling towards Roko who soared through the air shooting towards Rudy. The bamboo almost seemed to miss him in more ways than one and as each one vanished from sight Rudy started to realize why when Roko came closer.

Each bamboo stick had been caught in his talons. Shrieking a little Rudy wanted to scramble away only to find his foot caught up by the flytrap he'd launched down.

As Roko closed in he quickly launched the bamboo sticks in his direction. As dozens of sharpened sticks rained down towards Rudy he panicked, his shriek which could wake a bear from hibernation rung out through the jungle loud and clear.

A smile over Roko's face said everything. Despite him being a coward, he was about to have won this fight triumph over the foolish plant man who tugged desperately at his leg.

Green Thumb/Engei no sai: Amber Armour

Around himself Rudy formed a sticky shield of the amber that comes from trees of which the bamboo stuck into and slowly stopped moving. As the bamboo ceased movement he sat in the amber looking outwards in relief. It was time to bring an end to Roko.

Murii & Phiola Vs Girallon Agrial

Phiola failed miserably to tame the girallon and when a series of fists had slammed down to hurt her she was left in Murii's arms shaking in fear. Murii stood before Phiola looking at Agrial shivering in fear. Phiola picked herself up slowly making sure she was ok. Her heart beating wildly she couldn't believe how fast it was going. She hadn't ever felt it beat this fast or hard in a long time.

"Murii what do we do?"

Onpa Style: Woodwind: Distortion Dart

Gripping its head the Girallon howled in anger unable to relief himself of the pain which radiated through his head. In a moment when the tune subsided and the pain left the Girallon momentarily Beatrix arrived landing down beside Phiola & Murii having leapt from a tree top she'd fled to.

"We us Onpa style Phiola!"

Looking at Beatrix Phiola grinned.

"You came back!"

"A friend once told me I should stand and fight to at least try and stop an impending threat."

Smiling Phiola picked up her harp and stood beside Beatrix. Taking a deep breath she started to play her harp.

Murii looked at the two as Beatrix played her flute.

Onpa Style: Woodwind: Dart II

Firing dart after dart Beatrix would leap from location to location around the girallon firing dart after dart at the girallon. As one slammed into hi neck Agrial slammed his fists down in rage shaking the earth. Phiola backed away and tried to run around the girallon plucking the strips on her harp.

Hellish Harp: Criss Cross

Twisting the harp after each note played skin flaps on the girallon begun forming showing a slice had appeared. Turning from Beatrix to Phiola, Agrial screamed slamming his fists down before Phiola to which Murii took the reins and leapt into the air swinging the bambooo staff into his face. Breaking the bamboo around his face Agrial turned to face Beatrix again who shot him in the face with another dart.

Phiola continued playing her harp revealing a second flap of skin crossing the previous one leaving a thick painful looking X shaped scar on his back.

Lyon watched as the two trailed off towards the fight. Roderick clearly seeking to save Phiola if she were in any danger and god knows why with the little girl they'd just met. Lyon face palmed before joining the duo. He had to at least make sure they were safe. If they weren't they'd be in a shit ton of trouble as he'd be held responsible for not making sure they were safe. He was that kinda guy. Even if they didn't hold him responsible he'd hold himself responsible.

As Roderick ran ahead and felt something sticky meet his back he paused and his eyes widened. Almost in an exorcist type way Roderick's head turned all the way around to see Shoru sticking to his back. Pulling a face and turning back to the direction he was headed he tried to ignore this the best he could Phiola was up ahead and probably in danger unfortunately she was more important than a sticky matted body thanks to this stupid little girl!

Bursting through the leaves and over a wounded body of a tribal soldier Roderick found himself in what had been turned into a battle ground. Probably previously a nice simple entrance to the cave was no longer a cave but now a war zone.

Lyon leapt through the bushes as well and spotted terror everywhere he looked.

There were a series of one on one fights under way seeming they wanted to murder on another and a monster attacking three women.

Not knowing who these people were Lyon didn't know what to do or where to place a foot.

"Who of these are your friends if any?" Lyon questioned looking to Roderick who quickly replied with a simple answer.

"The ones who aren't tribal!"

"Fair enough, I'll get the monster!" headint towards the girallon, Murii, Phiola & Beatrix an arm stretched out before Lyon and Roderick's angry face grew even more so.

"You help them with their fights. I'll deal with the monster."

Lyon normally would've questioned this but shrugged his shoulders. He wasn't one to get in the way of a personal vendetta.

Roderick reached behind him to grab hold of Shoru and remove her from his back. The cave she had wanted to explore was no longer accessible due to the girallon's anger and having smashed the bridge above blocked the entrance. No longer was Beatrix's little homestead accessible but all was lost among the rubble and debris.

Its time to beat down some monkey monster ass!

Charging towards the girallon who was swinging his fists down towards Phiola Roderick who was almost the same size minus two feet pounced into the air.

With his right drawn back Roderick unleashed a fist of fluffy fury unto the girallon's face knocking him temporarily off of his feet sending him crashing into the ground face first screaming all the way. As Roderick landed in a crouch he stood before the downed girallon and raised his head slowly allowing his ears to flop down.

"Nobody touches Miss Phiola" he said with only her best interests at heart.

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Re: Island Of The Gods

Post by EnglishDubsDuff on Tue Jul 14, 2015 1:03 pm

Shoru hopped off of Rods back, she slowly walked to where the rubble and debris was seeing as he adventure would not happen. Though it would take more than that to get her down, right now she had an opportunity to find the captain of Rods crew and possibly join him, thus her quest would finally begin.

"I smell a mystery...

She said squinting her eyes she moved within the crowd of the battle field squinting around as if she were looking for something she looked around to see  if she could find a specific person. Someone who looked the part. Someone she would be able to tell was in charge of most of these people...She was looking for the captain! she managed to walk into the area Rudy was in, she couldn't even see him. She assumed the plants in the cave were merely going crazy.

She went and ventured more to see who else she could examine too see if they had the spark she was looking for. Shoru would soon come to see Lyceum and remembered Rodericks words. He sure didn't seem tribal to her.

"Are you in need of assistance mister?" she shouted.

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Re: Island Of The Gods

Post by Docile on Fri Jul 24, 2015 8:03 pm

((OCC: Sorry for the wait. Been quite busy and found it difficult to continue the posting as quick.))

Wynter Vs Que Gin

Sweeping his spear through the foliage upon the ground of the battlefield they were currently in Gin begun to spin his spear before him in a vast circle. It drew in a large selection of the foliage from leaves to twigs and so on. All of it was sucked up and brought into a swirl in front of him. Wynter however was keeping his eyes trained on Gin so he could bring him to his knees. 

Charging towards him Wynter held his fists tightly clenched and could feel the charge of his circulatory system had worked. Pushing his speed up till it was on par with his strength Wynter took a deep breath. 

"Jungle Storm!" unleashing the foliage towards Wynter it quickly shot towards him like a barrage. Leaves, dust, twigs and much more all shot towards him with a strong gust of wind. A simple trick to knock an opponent off of their game Wynter wasn't having any of this. 

Charging strain on into the barrage he felt the breeze smack into his chest, but wasn't about to slow down. With a twig shooting into his eye a small tear slipped out along with the tear. Gin had taken this minor distraction to vanish and attack Wynter. 

Crashing down from the sky above armed with his swear Gin was spinning it with such speed he drew all of the foliage back in his direction once more. 

"Jungle Storm: Knightmare Beast"

The foliage picked up the pace, moving quicker this time around and staying close to Gin it was clear he had a skill for making use out of anything. 

As the foliage shot downwards cutting Wynter's body up and his clothing he raised his arms up to cover himself up and stop the blades that were merely foliage from causing too much damage. 

This is ridiculous! he thought to himself. 

Life Return: Methane Breath: Hellfire

Incinerating all of the foliage Gin found himself exposed standing behind Wynter with his spear still spinning but drawing in nothing.

"You are a creature straight the depths of Hell. You breath fire like a monster and fight like a demon but do you scream and howl like one too?"

Sprinting towards Wynter with his spear in hand Gin was ready to see just how strong this fool was. How strong this man who was disgusted at their customs was.

Monkey Bite

Leaping into the air and jabbing downwards towards Wynter over a dozen times Gin hopped to send off slicing projectiles into Wynter which were only met with an astounding sound which not only disrupted the waves that would cut him up but Gin's own ear drums.

Life Return: Howl: Wolf Pack

Assaulting them with the roar of a beast Wynter would deliver a final blow to Gin that would be the monster he was looking for.

Life Return: Stomach Acid

Spitting from his lips a liquid that would scold his skin leaving horrible marks Gin screamed as he fell to his knees covered in the acid from Wynter's stomach. Standing before the tribal leader who was just a coward on his knees, Wynter watched as he removed his hands from his ears and gazed over him with furious eyes.

"Not that you can hear me, but what you're doing here on this island, it's wrong. You can't sacrifice people to God's you don't even know exist. I can't explain it, but I'm sure there is a logical explanation. The longer you choose to do this for, the more you will lose your tribe. You can fight the monsters that demand a sacrifice instead of bow to them."

Lyceum Vs Solomon

Clutching at her neck Solomon seemed panicked. Reaching for her satchel of medicine she couldn't find anything that seemed good enough. Grabbing a simple needle and thread she started trying to sew it up quickly.

Lyceum got to his feet and watched her in a wild frantic panic try to patch herself up.

"That was your carotid artery, if it continues to bleed, you'll bleed to death. If you panic you'll die quicker as more blood will be shed. The way you're going, you'll be dead in about fifteen minutes. So you better sew that thing up pretty quick."

Turning to hiss at Lyceum with eyes of fury Solomon wasn't having any of his shit.

As she pushed the thread through the needle she dug the needle in and quickly started sewing up. It hurt but not enough that she would make it known. Paying so much attention to her wound which was quickly growing messier with each passing second and liter of blood that oozed forth she didn't notice the bare footed doctor Lyceum Tate approach from behind to deliver a heel unto her head knocking her unconscious.

Hitting the floor hard and having the needle stick through her neck to sew up a little more Lyceum sat down beside Solomon and rolled her over. Quickly analyzing the wound and Solomon's pain threshold Lyceum looked around himself to the others. He could see that out of the other people who were part of Gin's tribe there were still some conscious. Grabbing hold of the needle and thread he continued sewing Solomon's neck.

He could hear Wynter had finished his battle with Gin and could hear him speaking to Gin about the creatures which they sacrificed people to.

"Those creatures, aren't from this island! They've somehow managed to get here by mistake and taken up refugee!" Lyceum announced to Wynter. Despite Gin being deafened thanks to Wynter's howl, his tribe weren't and beginning to learn the rule Gin had over them. The tribe would soon turn and people like Beatrix would be no longer shunned.

Hearing a few words from what sounded like a little girl, Lyceum's ears were pretty sure it wasn't Phiola. Turning to spot a girl in her teens barely with a large piece of mucus hanging he smiled. She didn't look tribal and he was almost certain she wouldn't be of much harm. Reaching for a hanker chief from his satchel he handed one over to her.

"No thank you. All the fight here is done. But you might want this. Y'know to keep your nose clean." Lyceum could've said how shocked he was to have seen a normalish looking girl out here, but he'd seen stranger things throughout his short journey in the Grand Line and to find something like this was actually starting to seem allot more normal than any rational person would think.

Rudy Vs Roko

Taking aim at Roko through the amber shield Rudy unleashed an explosive seed his way with just enough force to shatter the amber and send Roko on to his arse.

Green Star/Midori Boshi: Impact Wolf

Amber was sent in all directions and as it flew through the air breaking apart Roko was knocked back by a large shard. His wings failed him and upon turning into human form once more the bulb that came from Rudy's fingers expanded in size. A large wolf like shrubbery came from the bulb and charged towards Roko.

Meeting his chest he was drawn back by the wolf whose bulb like nose was in his chest. As the wolf carried him into a tree Roko screamed out loud in agony. The wolf had leapt over other tribal members and with Roko placed against a large tree howling in such pain he felt the sudden shock wave that started to radiate through his body from the wolf.

His eyes turned white, his skeleton shook and seconds later his consciousness was gone too.

Sighing in relief Rudy wiped the sweat from his brow and took a deep breath. He could hear Wynter speaking and passed a glance towards him then over to the strange girl he'd never seen before who was wandering the battlefield and made her approach towards Lyceum.

"Urm . . . " Rudy opened his mouth to speak when he saw a tall fishman step into the picture and gulped. Not only had he never seen a fishman before, but neither had he been brave enough to do allot of things. Gulping he took a few steps back and waited watching the two interact with Lyceum, keeping guard in case anything went wrong.

Murii, Phiola and Roderick Vs Girallon Agrial

"RODERICK!" Phiola shouted as she looked at him. she wanted to rush in and hug him, but now wasn't the time especially with the monster getting to his feet. Beatrix looked upon Roderick in shock and begun to shake in fear.

Murii made her way over towards her quickly.

"Don't worry we know this goliath!"

"This monster be he man or something else entirely?"

"Urm . . . "

"He's my best friend and my plushie!"

As the girallon swept its lower hands from left to right attempting to knock Roderick's feet from beneath, Roderick cast himself into the air and rolled into a flip. Crashing down feet first into Agrial Roderick managed to knock the creature back. Stumbling backwards Agrial charged into Roderick.

Thrashing around Agrial crashed his fists into the ground twice before launching himself into Roderick's. Knocking him back, Roderick came tumbling backwards and Agrial caught hold of the rubble of the cave stopping him. Standing atop the rubble he looked down over Roderick with anger.

"Sonova!" Roderick started muttering. Phiola watched this and could feel fear for the pain Roderick was going through. Standing beneath Agrial she took aim with her harp.

"C'mon guys we need to help Roderick!"

Onpa Style: Whiplash: Beanstalk

Reading over the notes quickly for the Onpa Style strings Phiola quickly landed on the perfect technique to use. Launching these deadly strings out towards Agrial above, Phiola took a deep breath.

Unleashing each finger one by one with two second intervals Agrial was kept distracted for a full ten seconds. This was when he decide to swing for them.

Beatrix with her flute fired out five quick shots towards his face one hitting his eye blinding him.

"We can't hold him off forever!"

Agrial was met with a foot to the face from a crimson figure. Slamming into the ground Agrial was brought down with his face slamming through a few large trees.

Landing at the top of the rubble was a 9 foot fishman with reddish skin. Looking down over Roderick and the ladies Lyon Tsubio stood looking at Agrial.

"[colour=Crimson]You don't attack the ladies.[/color]"

Looking across at Roderick Lyon smiled.

"How would you like to get these ladies somewhere safe Rod, I'll deal with this monster."

Sitting up Roderick looked at Lyon and gritted his teeth. He had wanted to be the one to save them. Getting to his feet he shouted angrily at Lyon.


"Can't save those who aren't in danger." A roar from the creature erupted and Lyon turned his attention back towards Agrial. "Duty calls."

Charging towards Agrial Lyon was ready to deal out a few more punches to beat the beast into submission. Roderick rushed over towards Phiola, Beatrix and Murii to make sure each of them were safe.

"Thanks Roderick."

"Who's that orange guy?"

"Oh him, we're giving him and his friend a lift off of the island. They've been stuck here for a while."

"Might wanna run it past Wynter?"

Looking towards Wynter as he finished up with Gin Murii continued.

"Actually I think he'll be pretty cool with it."

Moving the girls down to Lyceum who finished stitching up Solomon Roderick turned back into his plushie form and sat beside Phiola whilst Beatrix gazed in wonder at Roderick and how quickly he could change in size.

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Re: Island Of The Gods

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Shoru put a hand forward to reject the essential tissue shaking her head. 

"That won't do anything for me melalalalalala!

She puts her hand back to her side holding her doll closer to her, she looked around and who she thought to be her allies, although she barely knew the lot of them seemed to be winning. She looked around at the similar enemies falling. She specifically looked at the victors, scanning each and every one of them with her eyes,what was she doing? she was of course trying to see how had that captain feel to them before she stopped her eyes on Wynter. Something about him seemed special, could it be him? it had to be, he had that vigor she was looking for, that sparkle...that was the captain.
Shoru looked to the man in front of her with a wide smile. 

"Melalalala...say, mister" She said looking up at him before pointing to Wynter 

"Who is that man?"

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Re: Island Of The Gods

Post by Docile on Thu Aug 27, 2015 7:10 pm

Turning to see Lyceum sewing up the neck of Solomon Wynter smiled he could see him stood beside a little girl and the two were talking. In fact as he turned he saw allot of things. Not just a massacre of tribal warriors the group had beaten up because they'd been fooled by this man Que Gin who'd lead the tribe but a series of new people who he questioned the whereabouts of.

There was a tribal woman with scars over her face who'd been helping Phiola out of free will a large red man who looked a little fishy and some girl with snot hanging from her nose and from what he could see she was pointing at him whilst talking to Lyceum. Scratching his head a little confused by happy Wynter started questioning himself and what he'd do next. He couldn't wait to get off of the island, but a bigger part of him still said that he should stay. Not out of desire but to help these people rebuild their lives again.

This wasn't how it was meant to be.

As he heard Lyceum speak to the little girl Wynter took a deep breath and closed his eyes. His body ached a bit from the wounds he'd received from Gin but it wasn't anything that wouldn't heal or that Lyceum couldn't patch up.

"Ok if you say so kiddo. I'll take your word on that. But keep it just in case." Lyceum replied to Shoru. As Shoru had watched Wynter Lyceum had seen her staring out of the corner of his eye and didn't want to say anything to distract himself from the sewing he was currently midway through.

As the question came about Wynter he stopped and raised hi head to see Shoru pointing.

"I'm surprised you've not heard of him. He's pretty big news at the moment." this sent Lyceum's brain thinking about Wynter and the adventures he'd endured with him so far. He hadn't done much with him nor had he exactly been invited into the crew as an actual crew mate nor had he even really thought about why he was travelling with the kid other than to help him for Murii's sake.

"That's Josh Wynter. I'd say he's captain of a pirate crew, but to be honest I don't think he has a crew. Just a bunch of people he's giving a lift to. Cause I doubt all these people are gonna stay with him on his journey to become the pirate king. But so far he's doing pretty well for himself. He's caught the eye of the Marines with a 47,000,000 beli bounty."

Hearing his name Wynter looked Lyceum's way and headed over curiously.

"I heard my name."

"Yeah, this girl here was asking who you are. Although I do have a question myself. Where are you from? How did you even end up here?" Lyceum asked Shoru. A jungle like this wasn't exactly a normal place to just wake up one day or find yourself getting lost. Maybe if you were ship wrecked it'd make more sense but otherwise it made very little.

Joining the little group of ladies and plushie Rudy was questioning himself who the hell Wynter and Lyceum were talking to. Murii was having some reservations about her current situation and Phiola was overjoyed with her new skill thanks to Beatrix.

Cuddled up in Roderick's arms as he watched Lyon take down the monster that was Agrial he listened to Phiola.

"I now can look after myself! I don't have to worry about getting hurt anymore or having you to protect me as I can fight, the best thing is its with music. I love it!"

Feeling a little unwated and out of use now Roderick didn't want to say anything but his face told all. It told so much that even Murii could see it and replied for him.

"Yeah, you're new skill is pretty amazing Phiola, but I bet it can't give as great cuddles as Roderick."

"Nu-uh!" Phiola replied with as she wrapped her arms around Roderick whilst he was in human form and he hugged back just as tightly looking at Murii as he mouthed the words 'Thank you'.

Nodding to Roderick she thought about her own life and looked towards Wynter. She liked allot. She really did, but he wasn't going to be able to ensure her safety and she wasn't even sure this was the life she wanted anymore. Keeping a smile on her face she figured she'd break it to him at a later date. As Rudy stood among the group he looked at Phiola and Roderick then at Murii then at Beatrix.

"I think Wynter wants to stay and help you guys re-build." he said to Beatrix.

"Don't be silly. You guys don't have to do that."

"Oh we know. But that look on Wynter's face says different. He may be a pirate but he's weirdly got a heart of gold."

"Look I really appreciate everything you guys did for me, but you really shouldn't worry, you should go enjoy yourselves and get on with your lives. You don't want to be stuck back in the shadows you entire life."

Realizing that she was right Rudy agreed.

"Neither should you. You were once a valued member of this tribe so maybe that's how you should be treated."

Understanding that Rudy was right Beatrix got to her feet and made her way down to her tribe's people who were in such bad shape at the hands of Gin's rule.

With Agrial on the verge of life and death Lyons dealt a series of kicks to his abdomen and finally his chin which leveled the creature for good. Hitting the ground and smiling as he watched the creature lie unconscious he made his way down to Roderick who he saw cuddling Phiola.

"Forgive the intrusion, but I would like to ask if I may have a word with your captain."

"Sure, he's the guy over there in the blue waistcoat." Murii replied pointing to Wynter.

"Right you are m'lady. Thank you."

Hopping down from the small ridge towards Wynter, Lyons approached quickly and knelt down beside the small group where he proceeded to ask Wynter a few simple questions.

"It's lovely to meet you, but I'd like to ask if it would be possible for myself and my friend Fallon who I believe is resting aboard you ship currently could travel with you for a little until we find ourselves in a better position to make it on our own?"

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Re: Island Of The Gods

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