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Aku Aku no Mi WIP~esque

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Aku Aku no Mi WIP~esque

Post by Freeray on Tue Jan 07, 2014 4:31 pm

Devil Fruit Name: Aku Aku no Mi

Translation: Evil Evil Fruit

Appearance of the Fruit: A slightly malformed pear, curved some what to vaguely resemble a heart. Blood red with vibrant purple swirls.

Type: Paramecia

Abilities of the fruit: The aku aku no mi has a simple ability, yet vastly impressive ability: granting the consumer the ability to manipulate and even generate the very essence of evil and “aspects” of evil, such as fear, anger, and hatred on both a physical and metaphysical level. Different aspects of evil have different physical properties, but they always eventually revert back to the original form.

Weaknesses Water
*Four Leaf Clovers
*White Feathers

*While water and seastone only have an effect on the user, the clover and feather are the opposite. When placed on someone/thing altered by the users powers or one of the physical aspects of evil, it causes the effect or substance to dissipate

Devil Fruit Progression: Help wanted here >.<;;;

Mastery levels
1st Level: The user is able to generate an infinite amount of a black, highly viscous substance: the essence of evil. Aside from its tar-like appearance, it’s only notable physical properties are its severe unconductivity, to both heat and electricity, and being insoluble in water as well as floating in it. The substance only has an effect on people once they either ingest it or it enters their blood (by either injection or wound is not important). Once that barrier has been crossed, the victim will begin experiencing feelings of euphoria and a strong desire to do things they would normally consider morally irreconcilable.
While the desires only last for a brief period of time (three turns), the sense of euphoria remains for a little while longer (five turns). It is this euphoria that creates the danger inherent to the substance: those frequently subjected to it are at high risk of becoming addicted to the drug. With each dose within a day (one thread), the amount of time the immoral desires remains increases (one turn). Once the desires last for double the amount of time as the euphoria (seven doses), the victim becomes addicted to the substance, gaining an apprehension of harming the user. This addiction, while typically permanent, is known to wear off on particular individuals (PC) after a certain period of time (one thread).
The taste of the substance is different from person to person, though it seems to taste better the more doses he or she has had.

2nd Level: As with 1st level, he also gains the ability to create the physical manifestation of the three most basic aspects of evil as well as force the evil base to become one of these three aspects, or vice versa: hate, anger, and fear. All of them share two properties with one another, that being that once three turns have passed without contact with the user, they will revert back to their evil base as well as lacking the drug like qualities of the base.
Hate takes the form of a cold, metallic stone. Despite the lowered temperature of the solid and metal nature, it retains its unconductivity to electricity and heat. While black in color, it has an aural second-skin coating it, tinted blue.
Anger is a steaming hot oil. Hot enough to boil water, it can easily be used to burn or cauterize wounds. Has a yellow aura surrounding it.
Fear is an extremely sticky tar like liquid. It can practically cement people in place for those who step in it. Has a green aura stuck to it.

3rd Level: As with the 2nd level the user also gains the ability to freely manipulate the substances he creates, finer control of the shapes and forms he makes.

4th Level: As with the 3rd level, the user also gains access to more aspects of evil: Despair, Rage, and Fright. Like the original three, they revert back into the base evil after a period of time, though they do so quicker (one turn).
Despair, close to water in consistency, it is a result of combining the aspect fear with hate. While it has no outstanding physical traits, it does have the property of numbing the the area of the body it comes in contact with. Has a pale blue aura coating it.
Rage is the combination of anger and hate, taking the appearance of a moderately opaque smoke cloud. Those who breathe in the smoke go into a berserker-esque rage, attacking anything living within range, regardless of normal alignments. Those that are raging have Strength and Speed upped one stage while Resilience and Dexterity are both lowered by one.  This frame of mind only lasts a short while, though (three turns) Has an orange aura surrounding it.
Fright has chemical properties that render the time limit on its existence quite moot: highly volatile, when it comes in contact with anything that’s not the user. Outside of that, it is identical to the base form of evil, just with a red aura.

5th Level: As with the 4th level, the user can bypass the middle man and directly infuse people with evil. And not just people, objects as well!
Humans and other creatures infused with evil are almost overwhelmed by the strong despicable desires, all the while experiencing high euphoria for the time the effects last (three turns). Those under the effects have their Strength, Speed, and Resilience increased by one stage, while their Dexterity is lowered by two. This has equally addictive properties as the physical substance, and counts as three doses for tallying up addiction.
Non-living things infected go through a physical change to something with more lethal properties. Blades become serrated or like that of a flamberge. Blunt objects become covered in spikes. Liquids gain acidic properties. And gases, well, they can’t be affected. In any case, the amount of area that can be affected in one instant is roughly one cubic yard (.91 cubic meters)/ seven yards (6.4 meters). If the object in question remains in contact with him, it will retain these properties. Otherwise they only remain for a short time (two turns).


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Re: Aku Aku no Mi WIP~esque

Post by Docile on Wed Jan 08, 2014 2:19 am


Main reason this fruit is denied is because its incredibly over powered as well as the fact that its powers are way too random.

The idea of fruits is that they follow a certain theme such as the Zoan fruits follow the theme of turning the user into a specific animal, logia fruits follow the theme of turning users into specific elements and paramecias such as the gomu gomu follow the theme that the user gains properties of rubber. This fruit allows far too big a spectrum of powers which mainly consist of mind control to an extent.

Honestly I'd say I don't think there is anything you can do to this fruit that will allow it to become passable and even if there is, by that point the fruit will be useless in terms of power.

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Re: Aku Aku no Mi WIP~esque

Post by Freeray on Wed Jan 08, 2014 7:47 am

Ah. Figured as much. It does follow a theme, but I can see why one would say it's bit stretched. Oh well. On to the next one.


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Re: Aku Aku no Mi WIP~esque

Post by Sponsored content

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