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Raiden Hikaru

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Raiden Hikaru

Post by Okamiro on Mon Dec 29, 2014 10:58 pm

General Information

Name:  Raiden Hikaru
Epithet: The Phantom
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Drum island
Species: Human
Orientation: Left handed?

Crew: N/A
Ship: N/A
Occupation: Burglar, Assassin
Rank: N/A
Bounty:   N/A
Crimes Committed:

Killed Tetra Fang but was never caught.

Bounty Collected:   N/A
Allegiance: N/A
Dream(s): To find alot of treasures

Character Information


Raiden is about 1.7 meters high, has blue eyes, and white hair
Raiden wears two types of outfit, Normal and work.
His normal outfit is black tuxedo, a black bowler hat, a pair of black patent leather shoes, a cane with a number 8 pool ball, a pair of
white gloves and finally a monocle. He can usually be found in casinos, spending money.
His work outfit is somewhat different from what you would expect a guy like him wear. His work outfit is a pair of black shoes, a black ninja suit with a hood, a pair of night vision goggles. Along with that he has several small items used for picking locks, cutting wires and so on.


Raiden is a real nutcase. Around normal people he acts like a rich person, smug, arrogant and so on. But during the night, like a werewolf, his personality changes to a criminal master mind, with a little hint of Kleptomania. He has the urge to steal from wealthy rich men he see at the casino during the day. Then in the night he robs them for all they got. He is also very paranoid; he is very scared of being caught. This has made him very careful when robbing people, very careful not to leave anything that can trace back to him. He has a third more concealed side too his personality. Raiden isn't just a normal burglar either he is an assassin, and a sadomasochistic assassin at that. When he has some time to kill with his victims, he torture them to the cruelest, causing them so much pain that they are the brink of death, and when they finally beg to be killed he makes sure they will, but slowly.

Character History


Raiden was born on Drum Island a cold snowy day. He was born into a very poor family; they had little food, and almost no money. And to raise Raiden well enough for him to survive, his mother had to prostitute herself. It went good for a period, but then his mother got pregnant again. His father being furious over this went rampage one night he was drunk and in an accident he killed Raiden's mother. His father was arrested and put to jail the very next day. And with no other relatives to take care of him, he was send to the local orphanage. The orphanage was run by a greedy and cruel man, who went under the nick name Tetra Fang. Every day, Tetra took around 10-15 children away from the orphanage to a mine very far from the town, there they were set to mine after gold diamonds and so on. Raiden, who was still too young at that time to work, was put into the dungeon, along with the other children who were unable to work for several reasons. Down there he befriended a boy named Marco. Marco told him stories from his travels around the blues; his parents had owned a merchant ship before they passed away. Marco also told Raiden about the most valuable he had, a treasure sort of speak, something he had been able to hide from Tetra, when he was brought here. Marco took out from a hole in the dungeon wall a loose stone, and inside it laid a bag. Marco took out the bag and took out what was inside, it was a fruit, the funniest fruit Raiden had ever seen. But there was something about this fruit, that made Raiden want it. But as soon as Raiden reached out to touch the fruit, Marco quickly put it back in the bag and put the stone back where it had been.

Years passed, and Raiden finally became old enough to work in the mines, but unlike the other children who lived there, he didn't want his own room, he wanted to sleep down in the dungeon. The reason for this that he was developing a plan to steal the fruit from Marco. It hadn't passed a day without him thinking of the fruit. His plan was simple but difficult to execute no matter how he looked at it. The plan was to sneak out some high value minerals from the mining, go to the town, buy a knife, and then kill Marco to get the fruit. He had memorized what stone was loose and at what times Marco went to sleep. And then one day, Tetra arranged a field trip to the town, Raiden took the chance and went along, Marco stayed behind. The first thing Raiden did when he came to the town was to enter a weapon shop and asked for a sharp knife, when the store keeper was about to argue with the kid Raiden simply dropped a big gold nugget on the counter, and so the corupted shop keeper just handed him a knife.

It was the same night, Raiden was sleeping in the dungeon as usual, next to Marco as usual, he had carried the knife under his shirt the entire day, it was now or never. He got up as silent as he could, pulled the knife from under his shirt. He also picked up his pillow, and as silent as he could, he put the pillow over Marco's face before quickly slicing his throat, as the knife cut in the flesh and blood started to pour out. He felt a jolt go through his body, he was feeling alive for the first time in his life, he felt truly alive.

After the death cramps had ended, he got up on his feet and quickly walked over to the loose stone, and soon he was sitting there caressing the fruit, looking at its unique details. Suddenly a loud sound came from upstairs, this scared Raiden so much, that he on instinct put the fruit in his mouth and ate it whole.

Angry over what he had done, he started to cry. Not very loud. He was furious over that he had eaten the beautiful fruit and now it was gone. "Well" he thought to himself "if I can't have the fruit, my life isn't worth living anymore" and then he went to straight up cut his own throat. What happened afterwards was very stranger, he didn't feel any pain, neither could he feel any blood splashing onto his hand, neither was he dead. He looked down, and that motion of the head made it spin around up into the air, before Raiden knew it, he was looking at his own body with no head on it.  As the 12 Raided looked upon this situation one would assume he would start to scream, but Raiden was on the other hand fascinated by what had happened, then his head on its own started to move against his body and popped right back where it was before, and no wound were to be found on the boys neck. Baffled by this Raiden saw an opportunity, and opportunity to escape this prison and work place for kids. So he walked up to the iron bar door that lead to the entrance hall. And with one swift movement of the knife, his right hand was off and with the use of his mind Raiden made the hand fly to the top of the stairs where the keys where, pick them up and bring them back. Raiden quickly unlocked the door, and walked quietly up to the entrance hall.
Just before he reached the entrance door, a thought came to his mind, "hm, what a pity, leaving all those diamonds, gold and gems at Tetra's, maybe I'll borrow some" and with that he walked up the stairs too Tetra's bedroom. And with the keys he unlocked the door, and went inside. There in a big king size bed was Tetra sleeping, with bags of money, gold and gems surrounding him. Raiden studied the situation, and found out that the safest way to get the gold and gems without getting caught would be to kill Tetra. But Raiden didn't want to just simply kill him. After all the children’s suffering he needed a little more punishment. So using what he found of rope in the room he securely tied Tetra to the bed, gagged him, and with a slap to the face, woke him up. "Hello there Mr. Tetra, how are you this evening?" Raiden said with a sadistic smile on his face. Tetra muffled through the gag. "oh so your big toes hurt huh, no worries I will fix that for you" he said and walked over to Tetra's feet, once there he grabbed hold of one of the big toes and slowly started to cut into the flesh, he could hear the muffled screams from Tetra, but he didn't care, all he wanted to see, was this man suffering for all he had done. And so this went on for 30-40 more minutes, moving from the toes up the legs, jumping over the groin, taking care of the stomach then the nose, eyes and ears, but the time Raiden started working on the arms Tetra was already dead from blood loss. The very next day Raiden used all the wealth he had acquired to buy new cloths, a house and servants. And so this new criminal life of his went on for 13 years, with being a wealth rich person in the day and a murderous burglar in the night, along with learning how to control his new powers, he learned parkour.

Abilities: Knows Parkour.


Weapon: 8 daggers

Weapon Description: 8 plain knifes, with black shaft and they are razor sharp.

Weapon Special Abilities:N/A

Weapon History: Raiden stole them from a warehouse in his youth.

Power Level Information

Character Strength: Trained
Character Speed:  Advanced
Character Resilience:  Proficient
Character Dexterity:  Trained

Devil Fruit Information

Devil Fruit Name: Bara Bara no mi
Devil Fruit Type: Paramecia
Current Devil fruit Level: level 1
Devil Fruit Mastery Level:
Level 1: The user is able to chop his body into 10 pieces, stay chopped up for 4 posts, and levitate body parts within a 6 meter radius from the feet
Level 2: The user is able to chop his body into 15 pieces, stay chopped up for 5 posts, and levitate body parts within a 8 meter radius from the feet
Level 3: The user is able to chop his body into 20 pieces, stay chopped up for 6 posts, and levitate body parts within a 10 meter radius from the feet.
Level 4: The user is able to chop his body into 25 pieces, stay chopped up for 7 posts, and levitate body parts within a 12 meter
radius from the feet.
Devil Fruit Abilities: The user is able to chop his body up into pieces and levitate those pieces around

Devil Fruit Weaknesses: The levitation distance is limited by the users feet.

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat: N/A

Weapon Based Combat:
Assassin strike: he sneaks up behind a person and attpempts to slith their throat.

Devil Fruit Based Combat:
Chop Chop: Rocket hands: he chops of his hands and launches them towards the enemy and then brings them back
Chop Chop: Boomerang: with two knifes in his hand he throws one towards the enemy, it wil spin around like a Boomerang, The user cannot controll where the Boomerang is going.
Chop Chop: Blade Tornado: with his hands chopped off, he makes them fly around him with 4 knifes in each hand. He can occasionally send one of the flying towards an enemy

Combo Combat: N/A

Haki: N/A

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Re: Raiden Hikaru

Post by Okamiro on Tue Dec 30, 2014 7:50 am


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Re: Raiden Hikaru

Post by Okamiro on Tue Dec 30, 2014 9:02 am


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Re: Raiden Hikaru

Post by FroYo on Tue Dec 30, 2014 9:12 am


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Re: Raiden Hikaru

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