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Salty Ruckus

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Salty Ruckus

Post by HareDonut on Wed Jan 07, 2015 9:39 am

Berry was sent to the Salty Blues to help the Marines with the Pirate infestation. He was sent along with a few other agents to attack from the shadows and kill big bosses. Berry ran with the shadows his black scarf being camoed by it. He ran with a OJ box in his mouth killing Pirate after Pirate with a smile on his face. It wasn't the fact that he was killing people it was the fact that he knew someone strong had to be on the island. And this made Coniko excited. 

He kept killing one by one. With his smile becoming a frown from not finding the strong one. He was wondering if one of the other agents killing him or her already if so. Then that person wasn't really worth Berry's time. He slowed down slowing his pace playing with his opponent now. Ending people journeys to fame and or fortune .

He saw that there was also a ruckus going on at the large Marine base. Not being a Marine didn't really bother Coniko. But after it started to get annoying he had to check it out. Berry ran from roof to roof until he came face to face with the giant thing.

It must of been like 15 stories. The thing must of been able to hold many Marines. If so why would the Marine need help. CP Agents aint really the best guys for upfront encounters. Well some are. one of the some was Coniko. Being a brawler he loved getting up close and personal But if he could be a ranged he would. But his Devil Fruit didn't allow that. 

He ran into the base hearing Marine scramble trying to find a thief who stole some documents. It wasn't really important but the thought of someone steal them had the Marine out and about looking high and look for the guy. Berry smelled a terrible smell and followed it to the kitchen. Thats where he was met with rotting food. Berry almost threw up looking at the decaying what was once good food. Or was it? Anyway Berry walked the hallways drinking his coffee wondering where this thief had gone.

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