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Wata Wata no Mi

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Wata Wata no Mi

Post by Freeray on Wed Jan 08, 2014 1:52 pm

Devil Fruit Name: Wata Wata no Mi

Translation: Cotton Cotton Fruit

Appearance of the Fruit: A bunch of thick, green grapes with sky blue swirls.

Type: Paramecia

Abilities of the fruit: The wata wata no mi gives the consumer the ability to summon chibi sheep like creations similar to the way the horo horo user creates ghost. Just like how that fruit has multiple types and sizes of ghost, the same applies to the cotton fruit: White sheep that cause drowsiness and sleep, black sheep the generate electricity, and gold sheep of defense.

Weaknesses Water, Haki, Seastone

Devil Fruit Progression:
Level 1 = Default
Level 2 = 1 thread
Level 3 = 1 thread
Level 4 = 3 threads
Level 5 = 3 threads

Mastery levels
1st Level: The user gains the ability to create legless white sheep of varying sizes as well as small white baseball sized clumps of cotton. The sheep float and fly about on the user’s behalf, able to breathe a small cloud of sleeping gas that causes those that get their head covered by the gas to become drowsy for a short while (two turns). These sheep can easily slip through any crack, as long as it is just wide enough for air to blow through.
The cotton balls can be fired like bullets or simply created and left floating where they are. In either case, once created their movement does not change. These balls dissipate once they hit/are hit, releasing a small cloud of gas twice the size they are. Those whose head is in this gas are also made drowsy, albeit for a shorter period of time (one turn).
Getting affected by the drowsy gas again while already drowsy will put the person to sleep for a short period of time (one turn). While the sheep are tangible and can be touched, any direct attack will cause them to dissipate, though only the cotton balls release drowsy gas upon despawning.

2nd Level: As with the first level, the user adds black to the arsenal. These darker colored sheep and cotton balls generate electricity. The black sheep are capable of generating electricity around their body as well as fring somewhat short range bolts (5 yards/4.572 meters). These lack the “slip through any cracks” nature of the white ones, but otherwise behave identically.

3rd Level: As with the second level, the user can now summon the golden sheep. The special property of this shade is less about what it can do to others and more what others can do to it: very little. The texture of the wool is akin to steel wool and the “skin” of the sheep like metal. Unlike the others, these sheep don’t dissipate upon hit. However, these put particular strain on the user, only staying out for a brief period of time before dissipating (the turn they are created). While able to create any number of golden sheep at once, there is a two turn cooldown once they dissipate before he can make more. (i.e. spawn 2 golden sheep to block attacks, which immediately despawn once they finish blocking the attacks. Cooldown turn one. Cooldown turn two. Then repeat.)
While the small golden cotton balls do not cause any strain, their limited mass makes them poor at actually blocking attacks. Instead, they simply despawn a second or two after taking a blow or hitting something.

4th Level: As with the third level, the user gains the ability to synch himself up with all of the sheep he currently has spawned. Doing so does have the adverse effect of causing the user to go into a trance of sort, where he or she is highly susceptible to outside aggression. The user is also unable to create more sheep or cotton balls until leaving the trance and resting him or herself for a brief while (one turn). During this rest, the user can still manipulate any pre-existing sheep.

5th Level: As with the third level, the user also gains the ability to further synch with his sheep, becoming more like them similar to how the horo horo user can become more like a ghost. The user is covered in a thick coat of wool the color of the sheep whose properties he or she is donning. White allows him to release sleeping gas upon contact, black allows the generation of electricity upon contact, and gold simply allows for better resilience and harder hits. Though, the user is unable to have any sheep out while synching to this extent, and even then, it puts a strain on the user as he or she can only sustain the form for a minute or so (five turns) before forced out of and becoming powered down for some time (three turns), unable to use his or her devil fruit abilities at all.


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Re: Wata Wata no Mi

Post by Guest on Thu Jan 09, 2014 4:39 am


I've spoken with Josh about this fruit and again its denied, I admire youre creativity but you've moreor less made a Sheep Version of the Horo.

Here's something that may help in making a Paramecia devil fruit that is more likely to become approved.

Step 1 . Take a Power You'd Like to Have e.g Cut Things, Stretch

Step 2 . Find an Object which does these things e.g Scissors, Rubber

Step 3 . Theres Your Fruit.

Following this Cotton and Sheep are totally different , firstly cotton comes from a plant not a sheep, youre thinking of wool. There is no connection between the two, plus it would give you the power to summonsheep it would gives you the powers and properties of cotton, so being soft etc.

Hope this helps


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Re: Wata Wata no Mi

Post by Freeray on Thu Jan 09, 2014 8:13 am

I personally don't see the problem with making a variation or pre-existing fruit. Since that is something that's done in canon. Chop Chop and Berry Berry are variations of each other, as is cage cage and net net, spring spring and gum gum, spring spring and wheel wheel, and finally wheel wheel and spin spin.
And if we are to discount canon to canon, then I can pull from your approved fruits and compare them to canon one's as well. Like the Ash fruit being a heat variation of Sand, or the bubble fruit being a variation of the soap fruit, switching out the ability to was away power with (what I would call random) explosions.

And on the topic of the name, I'm not stupid. I know cotton doesn't come from sheep. That was to fit the naming convention that is typical of fruits in One Piece: They are two syllable. And not all names are that indicative of the power the fruit grants. Gum and rubber are different (though in that case, the japanese name does tanslate to rubber), Hana Hana's connection to lowers is thematic at best, Noro Noro barely has a connection to slowing people, the connection between "hollow" and "depression exploding ghost" is tangential at best.

I knew the chances of the evil fruit getting approved were pretty low (when I first made it ages ago, I was surprised it was accepted by that site without a question when they are more nit icky about things than here), but this?
Honestly, all of the other ideas I have would be more forced to RP with on a main character, which ruins the fun of RPing in the first place. So, as much fun as it would have been, I don't think this site is for me ._.
I'm sorry to waste your time.


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Re: Wata Wata no Mi

Post by Sponsored content

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